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Pakistan gives Sikh’s official dhimmi status.

Here is Jihad Watch on this critically important development Here is a link to the article.

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Pakistan Roots Seen in Moscow Plot

H/T Fjordman The Moscow Times: 21 May 2013 | Issue 5131 By Jonathan Earle and Natalya Krainova Suspected militants targeted this week in a deadly raid outside Moscow as they purportedly plotted an attack on the city, received training in the troublesome border region … Continue reading

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Chinese man held in Kashmir over ‘Koran desecration’

BBC: Desecration of the Koran is punishable with life imprisonment in Pakistan Continue reading the main story Related Stories Scores arrested after Lahore riot Pakistan holds boy for blasphemy No evidence against Pakistan girl A Chinese man in Pakistani-administered Kashmir … Continue reading

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Terrorists kidnap son of former Pakistan prime minister in middle of campaign rally, killing one and wounding five

H/T Wrath of Khan Daily Mail: Ali Haider Gilani is running for provincial assembly seat in district of Multan Gunmen pulled up in car and motorbike and opened fire during rally One of Gilani’s guards was killed and five people … Continue reading

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Hard-line Islamists to make gains in Pakistan vote

H/T EDL Buck Yahoo.Com View PhotoAssociated Press/Anjum Naveed – In this Thursday, May 2, 2013 photo, Maulana Shujaul Mulk, center, pro-Taliban Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI-F), is greeted by a supporter as he arrive to address an election campaign …more  MARDAN, Pakistan (AP) … Continue reading

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Hindu refugees in India protest Pakistani atrocities

People of Shambala: About 100 Hindu refugees in India protested atrocities committed against the minority faith in Pakistan today. The protest, arranged by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (Word Hindu Forum), was held outside the United Nations headquarters in New Delhi on … Continue reading

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Pakistan election on May 11. Youth favour the tards or the military over democracy.

The irony here is, that military rule in Pakistan is actually closer to democracy than rule by elected representatives.

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Young Pakistanis prefer sharia to democracy

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Pakistan attack: Deadly raid on Peshawar power plant

H/T Wrath of Khan BBC: At least seven people have been killed in an attack by dozens of militants on an electricity plant on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Peshawar. A policeman and a plant employee were killed … Continue reading

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Teacher at Pakistani girls school shot dead in drive by

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Eight year olds arrested for terrorist acts with bombs in Pakistan

I child killed 11 people with a bomb

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Christians protest the horror they have endured from Muslims in Pakistan

It should be obvious to all at this point that the call has gone out via the mosques to up the transition from the Mecca phase of Islam to the Medina phase. More plainly, that where Muslims enjoy the numerical … Continue reading

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160 houses and 2 churches burnt in Lahore: photos

Asia News: 03/13/2013 The Supreme Court of Pakistan has opened an investigation accusing the police of complicity within the attack. Photos of the arson attack. Lahore (AsiaNews) – The Supreme Court of Pakistan accused the Punjab police of sheltering the … Continue reading

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Heartbreaking video of the Christians in Pakistan who had their homes burned to the ground

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No home for the ‘impure’ in Pakistan

Pakistan today: ASHER JOHN 11 hrs ago | Comments (9)   LAHORE - The Lahore police just stood by on Saturday as violent mobs indiscriminately burned down at least 200 houses and 80 shops at a Christian inhabited locality in Punjab’s provincial … Continue reading

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