U.S. Gives Saudi Airlines ‘Unrestricted’ Access to American Skies

CNS News:


The Open Skies agreement means Saudi airlines may fly from any point in the kingdom to any point in the United States, and U.S. airlines may from any point here to any airport in Saudi Arabia.

(CNSNews.com) – The United States and Saudi Arabia have signed an Open Skies agreement that will “permit unrestricted air service by the airlines of both countries between and beyond the other’s territory.”

The agreement means Saudi airlines may fly from any point in the kingdom to any point in the United States, and that U.S. airlines may fly from any point here to any airport in Saudi Arabia.

The deal was signed May 28 in Jeddah by U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James B. Smith and Dr. Faisal bin Hamad Al-Sugair, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Director of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

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Saudi self-help writer urges men to molest women to make them stay home

Once again, Islam still manages to shock. This, the Tardish version of Oprah Winfrey I guess.

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Washington Times:

A Saudi writer of self-help books has urged his 97,000 Twitter followers to sexually molest women cashiers in order to dissuade them from working.

Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood, author of “The Joy of Talking,” stirred fierce debate this week with a series of tweets including the hashtag “harass_female_cashiers,” Financial Times reports.

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Saudi Arabia Executes Five Men and Hangs Bodies on Public Display


IB Times:

Saudis publicly hang group for murdering Saudi national

Saudis publicly hang group for murdering Saudi national

Saudi Arabian authorities have executed five men and hung them from cranes in full public view.

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The five Yemeni men were given the death penalty for murdering Saudi national Ahmad Haroubi, whom they allegedly beat up and strangled. The motive for the murder remains unclear.

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Lebanese man gets 300 lashes, 6 years for helping woman convert to Christianity

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Published May 13, 2013

  • saudiwomen.jpgSaudi women are pictured in this undated photo. A Lebanese man was sentenced to 300 lashes with a whip and six years in prison for his role in helping a Saudi woman convert to Christianity and flee the kingdom in the latest example of the religious intolerance that grips the region.
    A Lebanese man was sentenced to 300 lashes with a whip and six years in prison for his role in helping a Saudi woman convert to Christianity and flee the kingdom in the latest example of the religious intolerance that grips the region.The court in the Eastern Saudi city of Khobar — situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf — also sentenced a Saudi man to two years in prison and 200 lashes for helping the young woman named Maryam — who has been dubbed “the girl of Khobar” — in her escape to Sweden to secure asylum.Click to continue:

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/05/13/saudi-man-gets-300-lashes-6-years-for-helping-woman-convert-to-christianity/?test=latestnews#ixzz2TFOULhVj

Traveler from Saudi Arabia arrested at Detroit Metro with pressure cooker


Detroit News:

  • By Robert Snell
  • The Detroit News
  • Comments
  • Detroit — Federal agents arrested a Saudi Arabian traveler who arrived at Detroit Metropolitan Airport with a pressure cooker, a key component used in the Boston Marathon bombings last month.

    Hussain Al Kwawahir will be arraigned at 1 p.m. in federal court for allegedly using an altered passport and lying to a Customs and Border Protection Agent about the pressure cooker.

    Al Kwawahir arrived at the airport Saturday from Saudi Arabia, via Amsterdam, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court.

    He told agents he was visiting his nephew, who attends the University of Toledo.

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‘Saudis arrested’ over Tanzania church bombing


 Four Saudi Arabian nationals have been arrested in connection with a bomb attack on a Tanzanian church that the country’s president has called “an act of terror”.

Four Saudi Arabian nationals have been arrested in connection with a bomb attack on a Tanzanian church that the country's president has called

Wounded churchgoers lie on the ground as Roman Catholic nuns run for cover after a blast at the St. Joseph Mfanyakazi Roman Catholic Church in Arusha, Tanzania  Photo: AP

Mike Pflanz
By , Nairobi and agencies

11:42AM BST 06 May 2013

The Vatican’s ambassador to Tanzania was at the Roman Catholic church in Arusha, which had just been built and was holding its first mass, when the bomb went off.

He was unharmed, but two people died and 30 were injured in the first significant such raid on Tanzania’s Christian community at worship.

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Two removed from Saudi diplomatic mansion in McLean after human trafficking accusations

Now at last I understand this.

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Thursday – 5/2/2013, 9:23am  ET


Suspected slavery at diplomatic mansion

WTOP’s Michelle Basch reports from McLean.


slaves in saudi diplomatic mission in USA     

MCLEAN, Va. – Two domestic workers have been removed from a diplomatic mansion in McLean following accusations they were being held like slaves.

The gated compound on Orris Street is owned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Armed Forces Office, according to real estate records.

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tells WTOP agents responded to the home Tuesday night and removed the two possible victims of domestic servitude. Fairfax County police also were called in to help.

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Saudi keeps ban on churches

I think we need more multiculturalism not less. Let us take a page from the Saudi play book and not allow any mosques to exist in the western world.

Why would we allow Nazi or Shinto community centers to exist all over Canada etc. and even publicly subsidize them above and beyond even tax free status, while Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany was busy destroying any institutions other than their own as quickly as possible as a matter of sate policy. In the future, assuming liberalism survives at all, people will look back stunned that we facilitated Islam the way we do. They will think we must have been staggeringly stupid just the way most people think the Crusaders were savage, intolerant and vicious as opposed to fighting a defensive war against a manifest-destiny Islam.


The Australian:

ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE Saudi Arabia will retain its longstanding ban on non-Muslim places of worship, Justice Minister Mohammed al-Issa said in comments reported by the Saudi media.

As Saudi Arabia is “home to the Muslim holy places, it does not allow the establishment of non-Muslim places of worship”, the Al-Hayat newspaper on Wednesday quoted Issa as telling European MPs in Brussels.

Saudi Arabia, home to the holy Kaaba – the cube-shaped structure at the Grand Mosque in Mecca towards which Muslims worldwide pray – has come in for repeated criticism for its ban on non-Muslim places of worship.

Although Saudi Arabia’s citizen population is Muslim, the kingdom is also home to millions of expatriates of various beliefs.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s Gulf Arab neighbours allow the building of churches and the celebration of non-Muslim feasts.


S.Arabia: Saudi women don’t want to drive, Justice minister


Other religions allowed, but no churches on land sacred to Islam

23 April, 16:53

(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, APRIL 23 – Saudi Arabian Justice Minister Mohammed al-Isa defended the kingdom’s human rights record at a hearing on Tuesday before the European Parliament’s foreign affairs commission.

”We respect freedom of opinion and human rights, so long as they don’t infringe on public order and the rights of others”, the minister explained. Other faiths are banned from building churches and temples in Saudi Arabia because it is ”a land sacred to Islam. Other uses would be unacceptable. It would be like building a mosque in the Vatican: it’s a question of principle”, the minister said. ”But this does not mean people aren’t allowed to profess other religions”.

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If – then I doubt it

If this terrorist attack was done by Saudis, just like the last one was, I wonder if it will motivate the US gov’t to change this policy?

Investigative Project:

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Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital

NY Post:

  • Last Updated: 5:23 PM, April 15, 2013
  • Posted: 4:28 PM, April 15, 2013


Police clear the area at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.


Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Fox News reported that the suspect suffered severe burns.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston.

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Amnesty International actually looks at genuine maltreatment!

Now this is a surprise. AI has mostly become a fairly corrupt and leftist organization that, among other things, equates Canada’s cutting of finding to left wing anti-Western Islamist orgs to genuine totalitarian denial of rights. As if left wings groups had a basic right to government funding.

But here they point at the KSA although I suspect not for the most important reason. It would be interesting to know what passes for due process in a nation that has the death penalty for ‘sorcery’.