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How women are treated by muslim police in West Bengal

I would like to thank our new colleague Achintya Das, for all the excellent work he is doing translating these videos for us from some of the languages common in India and Bangladesh. In the West we simply are denied the facts … Continue reading

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Christian missionaries must leave Kashmir or suffer the consequences, says Islamic extremist

Asia News: by Nirmala Carvalho A militant from an armed group, the United Jihad Council, accuses priests of converting the poor in exchange for money. The president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) slams the rise of religious … Continue reading

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Bollywood and film dying in Muslim Kashmir as the area of India becomes more Islamic


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Reports of Rape of 5-Year-Old Set Off New Furor in India

NO idea if the perp is a muslim or not but in any case, here it is. H/T Ted L NY Times: Adnan Abidi/Reuters Protesters converged at Swami Dayanand Hospital in New Delhi on Friday as shock spread in the … Continue reading

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Teenager exposes India’s ‘one month wives’ sex tourism

Islam. The religion of selling off young people for sex with strangers for money while simultaneously claiming the moral high hand. This article is in error however. It is not forbidden in Islam at all and is encouraged in Shiia … Continue reading

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Various international stories of rape and misc. horror

Many people have been kind enough to send in multiple reports about the Swiss couple, robbed, beaten I believe, and raped in India recently. I am sure that many noticed I have posted none of them. There is a reason … Continue reading

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Cops yet to trace those who sent terror missives

India: Daily Pioneer Fri March 1 2013 Haridwar police is yet to trace the persons who had written several letters threatening to blow up major railway stations, popular religious and tourist destinations during the past few months. In all these … Continue reading

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Muslims in India step up their game against Hindus, Christians, and opposition to Islamic rule

As Stephen Coughlin explains in one of his excellent briefs, the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) seems to be calling out instructions through mosques so that Muslims in a given area know exactly who to target, how and when. Three links from … Continue reading

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Hyderabad India: Terror Attack – Begum Bazaar Now Targeted: Revenge for Execution of Muslim Terrorist?

Maggie’s Notebook: Feb 24 2013: The Caliphate is marching forward, leaving Hindus in its wake, an easier target today than Americans. The Indian Mujahideen” is suspected in two bombings in Hyderabad, one outside of a bus station and one outside … Continue reading

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Some videos from the Islamic terrorist attack today in India

Dilsukh Nagar Bomb Blast on 21st Feb 2013 – Serial Blast at Hyderabad Indian sources are telling me that a group called, ‘Indian Mujaheedin’ carried out this attack. This group is said to be the Indian branch of Al-Qaeda This … Continue reading

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“All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed…”

Anti-Hindu violence in India. H/T ICLA  BREAKING NEWS!!  “All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed. Sankar Ghosh’s stationary and sweet shop is one of them. The Hindu shopkeepers have been beaten up by the … Continue reading

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Muslims bomb theatres to protest Vishwaroopam, Kamal Haasan offers cuts

So, any nation that allows a lot of Islamic immigration has difficult choices to make. They can drastically reduce basic liberties, most critically things that are true and important but that Muslims living in your cities may find an objectionable … Continue reading

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PBS: A perfect terrorist

Watch A Perfect Terrorist on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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How to fix rape statistics in India

In the fictitious episode of South Park, priests meet to try and solve the problem of child molestation by trying to find a way to get little boys to stop reporting them. It would appear in the real life Islamic … Continue reading

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An update on the Hindu Vs. Muslim riots and killings over a restaurant bill

When Vlad first posted an article on this the term, ‘communities’ in the original article made me suspicious enough to post it as a possible Muslim Vs. everyone else issue. Clearly that was indeed the case. From The Hindu.Com  Dhule, … Continue reading

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