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Salafists face off with countner-protestors in Nuremberg Germany

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Germany: Salafists Vs. people who do not wish Islamic totalitarianism in Germany

If there is anything in this worthy of translation I hope to know soon Below, women listen to the speeches. It would appear that deutsche marks & Shpence’ had a massive sale on black cloth recently. H/T M

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Video interview with Abdel Samad

Last week, thanks to SIMONXML, we posted a translation of an article of an interview with Abdel on Islam and its general totalitarian bent. Thank you Oz-Rita for translating this for us now.

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Video: News from Islamia – Stoning and Burning in Morocco

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita From PI News: Those who live in an islamic country have to submit without any compromise to the “religious” ideology in force, otherwise their life can end very brutally. allegedly in Morocco, a … Continue reading

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“Before a battle with apocalyptic dimensions”

An original translation by SIMONXML and edited by GoV with many many thanks. Translated from Die Welt He claims Islam has “fascistic characteristics” – and that he is therefore at risk: The German-Egyptian journalist Hamed Abdel-Samad holds the religion of … Continue reading

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Asylum seeker admits vandalism in six churches

Original translation by Henrik K. H/T Yucki From Krone A 37-year-old asylum seeker, who was apprehended on Tuesday on suspicion of deliberately causing damage to several Vienna churches, has declared himself comprehensively guilty. The man admitted that in a total … Continue reading

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Salafists attack counter-demo Germany Feb 22 2014

Please click over to Gates of Vienna for the story

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German news report on Salafists in Germany, Syria and jihad.

Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this report. If I am reading it right, parts of it near the start appears to be the most honest reporting I have seen from the MSM in Europe on Islam to date.

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The role of islam in the German government.


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Germans fight back to classic provocation tactic. At last.

Muslim street prayers is now a fairly well used and documented provocation across Europe. The idea is to do a highly aggressive and threatening act in public yet make it look like an act of piety, so that any response … Continue reading

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German news piece on two young converts to islam who go to Syria to die for imaginary virgins

This is quite a surprising article from the left wing, Spiegel news station out of Germany. It details how a couple of nice young German boys from a relatively tard-free town converted to Islam and went to Syria to get … Continue reading

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CBN on ‘Brave German Woman’

A month or two ago, one of Vlad’s long suffering translators (Thank you Oz-rita and Carpe-Diem) translated a video of the defiance of one German Christian horrified of seeing her church used to advance the cause of Islamic supremacy in … Continue reading

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German Freedom party video. What the left has to pay for

Thank you Oz-Rita for this translation

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Mosque building and the islamization process in Germany

Thank you Oz-Rita

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He cut his children’s throats

Original translation by Oz-Rita from Bild.De Zilin (4) and Ilias (6) stabbed to death He cut the throat of his children at 6.50 the dentist rang the Police Dr. Fardeen A. (38) in the police car, later he will be … Continue reading

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