Heidi speaks at Hanover rally against Islamization of Europe and Germany

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For those who remember, the woman speaking in this video is the same one who stood up and spoke in the German cathedral when it was offered up in multicultural sacrifice for Islamic prayer services.

Please pay attention to what she says. Beyond the usual pep rally material, she makes an important observation about the tactics of the authorities and how they are trying to destroy the resistance to the destruction of classical European people and cultures, as they successfully did to the EDL. Her advice is sage. One example is, ‘Don’t drink till you get home’.

I believe she is the woman who spoke immediately before the man in the post earlier below in Hanover.

one of the speaker at the Hannover protest against Islam

Thank you Oz-Rita for finding this and translating it for us.

There were many other powerful and excellent speakers at this event which we hope to be able to subtitle and bring you as well, not the least of which was that fine woman who stood up in that Cathedral in Germany and did the Martin Luther protest when they consecrated the cathedral as a mosque. She, one might imagine, was the inspiration for the woman who did the same thing in Washington DC at the Episcopalian cathedral on Nov 14 this year.

With some luck and hard work, Rita may be able to get that done for us within a day or so as well!

Here are Rita’s notes on the event in the video below:

This rally was held in Hannover. The speaker, leader of the HoGeSa group East, was from Dresden. The full name of the group (who participates in the organisation of the by now weekly marches in Dresden) is: “Hooligans Gegen Salafisten” (Hooligans Against Salafists).

Links 3 for Oct. 27 – 2014

1. An interesting video from yesterday’s demonstration in Koln Germany against the salafists.

2. Torture, rape, forced marriage… and sent to fight on the front line: Survivors reveal the horrific fate of teenage girls kidnapped by Islamic extremists Boko Haram

(Funny how the Islamic State doesn’t put that in their recruitment videos)

Teenage girls who escaped Nigerian terror group Boko Haram have described how they were raped, tortured, forced into marriage and sent to fight on the front line during their captivity.

Dozens of former hostages have described the physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the Islamic militants in a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

It came as Boko Haram kidnapped a further 30 children over the weekend, including girls as young as 11, bringing the total number of captives to more than 500 since 2009.

The latest kidnappings – and continued violence in northeast Nigeria and northern Cameroon – have cast doubt on government claims of a ceasefire and agreement for the release of 219 schoolgirls held since April.

Scroll down for video 

Horrific ordeal: Some of the 219 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April. Dozens of teenagers (not pictured) who escaped the Nigerian terror group have described how they were raped, forced into marriage and forced to fight on the front line of the insurgency in a new report by Human Rights Watch

Horrific ordeal: Some of the 219 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in April. Dozens of teenagers (not pictured) who escaped the Nigerian terror group have described how they were raped, forced into marriage and forced to fight on the front line of the insurgency in a new report by Human Rights Watch

3. More on the Ottawa shooter of the honour guard

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One of the German protest videos translated and titled.

The people who sent me these titles are anything but far right. In fact they are some of the kindest classical liberals I know and are quite content that this march is not, as I had somewhat thought they were based on the MSM coverage, neo-Nazis.

German march against salafists Cologne Oct 26… by vlad43

Ongoing massive street conflict in Germany between opponents of mega mosque and Islamic norms and Muslims.

Here is a no-audio video made from stills of what seems to be taking place in the streets of Germany today

The story is detailed here in Yahoo News as well as BigStory News

German police clash with far-right protesters

German riot police Sunday clashed with far-right hooligans who rallied against Islamist extremism, with authorities using water cannons and tear gas against the rock-throwing protesters.

At least 2,500 hardline football fans from across Germany had amassed under the banner “Hooligans against Salafists” in the western city of Cologne, drawing some 500 leftist and anti-fascist counter protesters.

Tensions escalated and right-wing protesters repeatedly yelled “foreigners out!” reported national news agency DPA and witnesses sending updates on Twitter.

Police in helmets and riot gear used batons, pepper spray and water cannons against the right-wing protesters who hurled rocks, bottles and fireworks at them.

Earlier this month, Kurds in Germany clashed with radical Muslims in the northern city of Hamburg and elsewhere in street clashes fuelled by the conflict involving the jihadist group Islamic State in northern Iraq and Syria.

More videos. Waiting on the translators to tell me if there is anything here worth subtitling. The second video has chants which would be interesting to see in English perhaps.

It appears that along with Hungary and Greece, Germany’s genuine liberals dropped the ball and elected to go with hideously bad thinking and allowed liberalism and indigenous culture and sovereignty be lost to muslim soldiers-of-occupation and now, the locals may turn to a strong man for a solution.

What a shame.


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Vandalism against houses of worship in Germany. A study in contrasts

Both these stories and related videos are in German. So we will have to make do with Google translate for the moment. I hope to have a real translation of the videos and the articles soon. For the meantime though, lets make do with what we have.

First, a mosque in Germany finds a wild boar head placed on what looks like a recycle bin outside. Much ado is made about it and the camera focuses on a single fly walking around somewhere in the vicinity for several seconds like it was going to turn into Jeff Goldblum.

While it must be upsetting for muslims to find free meat outside a mosque which they cannot eat, it should be pointed out that in a very high proportion of cases of vandalism of mosques, it was the muslims themselves who did it in order to create a victim narrative or hide another crime. This can be easily determined by the lack of follow-up on so many news stories about mosque vandalism, and the odd time when they do, how often it is an Islamic name.

Here is a link to the German news story about the wild boar’s head. 

Link to video. Although its in German you can pretty much figure out what its about. Muslims find pigs head near mosque. Muslims call the media, muslims claim the moral high hand and victim status.

Now let’s compare that to this event also in Germany today.

Coptic Church in Berlin attacked by arsonist

Here is the news story

I shall refrain from saying much about this till proper translations are in.


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An Original Translation by JLH

Video translation by Oz-Rita

From PI News:

On Sunday, the peace and lazy tranquility of tourist activity in front of the Cologne Cathedral was shocked into attention by a spontaneous guerrilla-action appearance of the ”Anonymous Islamophobe.”  It earned applause and startled glances for its “Wake-Up Call to Islamization.”  Flyers were passed out and further actions are planned to jolt a paralyzed Germany into awareness of this important subject.

Anonymous Islamophobe, Cologne:  “Keep” your head–become active against Islamization!

Thank you JLH and Oz-Rita for the translation

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) – An Introduction

An original article by Carpe Diem with much thanks


Flag of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat

According to their British website, the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is a religious organization, international in its scope, with branches in over 176 countries in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australasia, and Europe. At present, its total membership estimated at around 200 million worldwide, and the numbers are increasing day by day. This is the most dynamic denomination of Islam in modern history. The Ahmadiyya Movement was established in 1889 by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) (1835-1908) in a small and remote village, Qadian, in the Punjab, India. He claimed to be the expected reformer of the latter days, the Awaited One of the world community of religions (The Mahdi and Messiah).

The current leader (2014) is the fifth Kalif, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad

Name, Beliefs, Status

In a manifesto dated 4 November 1900, Ghulam Ahmad explained that the name ‘Ahmadiyya’ did not refer to himself but to Ahmad, the alternative name of the prophet Muhammad. Accordingly, in Ghulam Ahmad’s view, the Old Testament prophesied a Messenger “like unto Moses”, which referred to Mohammad, while according to the Qur’an, Jesus foretold a messenger named Ahmad (see Quran 61:6).

Ahmadis share beliefs with Islam in general and Sunni Islam in particular. Also important to the Ahmadiyya is the belief in Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the promised Messiah and Mahdi.

Therefore, Pakistan officially declared the Ahmadis to be non-Muslims as they do not regard the Prophet Muhammad to be the final prophet. Fundamentalist Islamic groups have demanded that Ahmadis be “officially” declared to be kafirs (infidels). In many Muslim countries Ahmadiyya has become a persecuted sect.

Situation in Germany

As the first Muslim community the AMJ has the status of a corporation of public law in the German state of Hesse since 2013. Other states may follow this example.

1989, on the 100th anniversary of their foundation, AMJ announced their plan to build 100 mosques in Germany. 39 mosques had been built until 2014.

Criticism and Quotes

Although Ahmadis says it’s a peaceful reform movement and their worldwide slogan is ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’, they attracted some attention in the past:

“I have been sent to break the cross and to destroy the pig.”

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Founder of Ahmadiyya

In: Sieg des Islams. Verlag Der Islam, Frankfurt/M. 1994, p. 22. (orig: German, transl: CD)

“An Ummah can only work when there is a leadership. There is a lack of unity. A unity, in our opinion, can only be installed according to the system by our prophet, a caliphate.”

Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, Chairman (Emir) of the AMJ in Germany

Article in ’dtj’ by Hilal Akdeniz, June 22 2013 (orig: German, transl: CD)

2007 Ahmadiyya’s youth magazine: ‘Eating Pork makes You Homosexual’.

2014 Crosses not wanted on German cemetery during Muslim burials.


More interesting articles on: http://www.jihadwatch.org/category/ahmadis

Crosses not wanted on German cemetery during Muslim burials

An original translation by Oz-Rita

H/T Nicolai Sennels

From this German Language publication:

During muslim burials, crosses must be hidden

Foto: Neithan90 / wikimedia (public domain)


Massive clashes between different cultures are a near daily occurrence in Germany as well as in Austria. However, conflicts between Christians and muslims cause increasing anger among the citizens and for quite a while they have not been willing to accept just about anything. Recently there was such a case in the German town of Offenbach near Frankfurt on the Main. After an agreement had been reached between the two cultures, the Muslims demanded still more and more.

Cemetary without Crosses. 

Dying is no-one’s favorite subject, except in the following case: A muslim community had asked for a special place on the cemetery of the hessian town, Seligenstadt on the Main. So far so good.  Such a place had been found for them. But now the (muslim) community demands that during a (muslim) burial, all Christian symbols be removed from the entire cemetery grounds. 

It had taken extensive negotiations to allow the Muslims their own ceremony. On this part of the cemetery, no coffins are to be put into the ground, but the corpses are to be wrapped in cloth, and laid out pointing towards East, ie Mecca. During this procedure, while Suras from the Koran will be read out, all crosses in the mourning hall are to be taken down or hidden away. These demands are made by Bashir Kumcu from the Ahmadiyya Community with the explanation: “We are also making adjustments by following the rules of the cemetery administration.

Nobody from this German town was willing to comment. However the tones one can hear from the town hall are clearer: “The Muslims can hold their funerals ceremonies somewhere else, where there are no Crosses”.

German Policeman: We are the scapegoats of the nation

Article by Carpe Diem. (sources linked at bottom)

During police actions, suddenly, a Muslim mob shows up out of nowhere, pushes the policemen, insults them, attacks and interferes with them. This cell-phone video upsets Berlin:

But, for the 16,000 policemen in Germany’s capital, this is nothing unusual. “Insults like ‘Filthy Pig’ or ‘Dirty Bastard’ are part of the daily routine these days”, says a cop from Berlin who has been on duty for roughly 30 years. “We get spat upon and kicked.”, he continues. “No matter where we show up, we are the scapegoats of the nation.”

The policeman feels abandoned by the authorities and government. “For years we have been dismantled. Job cuts and medieval equipment.”

On Facebook, a colleague comments: “I wouldn’t recommend that anyone join the police. I hope I will reach retirement age in good health.”

Only short time after the video had been uploaded, there was the next attack: In Storkower Street in district 16 (Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg), a Molotov cocktail is thrown against a police car.

This is not the first time a police car was set on fire:

On April 11th 2011 a group of hooded people attacks the police station at Wedekind Street with Molotov cocktails and stones. Police were able save a leaving member of the cleaning personnel at the very last second. The offenders managed to escape.

On May 5th 2012 a mob of approximately 30 people attacks a police car in Skalitzer Street. The windows get smashed and a Molotov cocktail explodes on the backseat. Police were able to save themselves. The offenders escaped.

According to Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG), in Germany more than 30,000 policemen are attacked each year, and in over one third of the cases an officer is injured.

Unfortunately, the migration background of an offender is not listed in police statistics. Surprisingly Mr Wendt from the Police Union tells a camera team from RTL what everyone knows but mustn’t speak about. It is prevented by German politicians, as it could raise prejudices within the German population.

In October 2013, union’s newspaper Deutsche Polizei (German Police) published a reader’s letter from a young policewoman from the city of Bochum. Tania Kambouri describes her frustration about criminal immigrants – most of them Muslims (e.g. Turks, Arabs, Lebanese), she says. Lacking support from politicians and the courts, police become more and more helpless.

Tania Kambouri was only able to write this letter because she has Greek roots herself. Rainer Wendt from the police union is convinced that for the same letter a male German colleague would have faced disciplinary punishment.





German newspaper BZ



Writer’s letter in Deutsche Polizei (German police union newspaper of the) Nov/2013 pages 2-3



Documentary from RTL extra “Alltag deutscher Polizisten: kein Traumjob mehr”

(deleted by RTL) Full video here on YouTube (20:48 min)