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Heidi speaks at Hanover rally against Islamization of Europe and Germany

Thank you again Oz-Rita for your tireless efforts to bring us some good news. For those who remember, the woman speaking in this video is the same one who stood up and spoke in the German cathedral when it was … Continue reading

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one of the speaker at the Hannover protest against Islam

Thank you Oz-Rita for finding this and translating it for us. There were many other powerful and excellent speakers at this event which we hope to be able to subtitle and bring you as well, not the least of which was … Continue reading

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Links 3 for Oct. 27 – 2014

1. An interesting video from yesterday’s demonstration in Koln Germany against the salafists. 2. Torture, rape, forced marriage… and sent to fight on the front line: Survivors reveal the horrific fate of teenage girls kidnapped by Islamic extremists Boko Haram … Continue reading

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One of the German protest videos translated and titled.

The people who sent me these titles are anything but far right. In fact they are some of the kindest classical liberals I know and are quite content that this march is not, as I had somewhat thought they were … Continue reading

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Ongoing massive street conflict in Germany between opponents of mega mosque and Islamic norms and Muslims.

Here is a no-audio video made from stills of what seems to be taking place in the streets of Germany today The story is detailed here in Yahoo News as well as BigStory News German police clash with far-right protesters … Continue reading

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Germany: Pro-Islamic State mob attacks Kurdish protesters with MACHETES and KNIVES

More here H/T Don Laird

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Vandalism against houses of worship in Germany. A study in contrasts

Both these stories and related videos are in German. So we will have to make do with Google translate for the moment. I hope to have a real translation of the videos and the articles soon. For the meantime though, … Continue reading

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An Original Translation by JLH Video translation by Oz-Rita From PI News: On Sunday, the peace and lazy tranquility of tourist activity in front of the Cologne Cathedral was shocked into attention by a spontaneous guerrilla-action appearance of the ”Anonymous … Continue reading

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Official statement by Germany on Israel – Gaza conflict

Thank you for doing the translation Oz-Rita

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) – An Introduction

An original article by Carpe Diem with much thanks According to their British website, the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam is a religious organization, international in its scope, with branches in over 176 countries in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, … Continue reading

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Crosses not wanted on German cemetery during Muslim burials

An original translation by Oz-Rita H/T Nicolai Sennels From this German Language publication: During muslim burials, crosses must be hidden Foto: Neithan90 / wikimedia (public domain) Germany: Massive clashes between different cultures are a near daily occurrence in Germany as … Continue reading

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Bottles thrown at salafists in Germany

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German Policeman: We are the scapegoats of the nation

Article by Carpe Diem. (sources linked at bottom) During police actions, suddenly, a Muslim mob shows up out of nowhere, pushes the policemen, insults them, attacks and interferes with them. This cell-phone video upsets Berlin: But, for the 16,000 policemen in … Continue reading

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Austrian TV presenter calls Geert Wilders a “Nazi“

  Was it just a slip of the tongue, or was it an intentional defamation of Geert Wilders? On May 22nd, presenter of Austrian’s TV channel “Plus 4”, Norbert Oberhauser (picture), called Geert Wilders and other EU-sceptic politicians “National Socialists” … Continue reading

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Germany- “Southerner“* beats Women with Iron Bar

Original translation by Carpe Diem From PI News: German City of Sonneberg (State of Thuringia/Thueringen) As they were laughing, a man walking the Koeppelsdorfer Street felt provoked by two young women to such an extend that – without hesitation – … Continue reading

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