Knife attack on police officer in Hannover

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language Website

Offender (15) is ISIS follower

The bloody knife attack on a police officer in Hannover was a terror attack of a young 15 year old ISIS follower. Because she couldn’t fight in Syria with ISIS, she wanted to kill a cop. It was a malevolent attack.

On friday two federal police officers wanted to control a student with a hijab at the main train station. A speaker for the police told BILD: “Her eyes followed the police with a glaring stare. You can see that on the surveillance video. That was why our colleagues decided to control her.”

When the student was spoken to, she first silently handed over her ID to the cops.

Speaker: “When the officer then turned slightly to his side, to control her ID, she stabbed the officer with a knife in her right hand, with lightning speed. The officer had no chance to defend himself, he was specifically targeted. And now we know: an islamist attack on our police.”

The other police officer was able to thwart the attempted flight of the offender and he subdued her.

His colleague underwent emergency surgery. The six centimeters long knife penetrated his neck deeply. The speaker: “It is a miracle he survived.”

The officers immediately noted: “The offender seemed ice cold, her only worry was that her hijab was slightly askew, she immediately wanted to set her hijab straight after the arrest. Whether the officer survived, she didn’t care.”

Apparently the district attorney’s office has been investigating against the 15 year old since November 2015 for preparation of a state endangering crime. The in Germany radicalized student with moroccan roots wanted to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

She apparently spent time already in the turkish-syrian borderland. Reportedly her mother just recently brought the 15 year old back to Germany. The district attorney confirmed to BILD: “We had established an investigative team, and are now assuming an islamist base.

[Below, an early German news report on this attack which carefully avoids telling any actual information]

Four Chechens beat Vienna men (for non sharia compliance)

What this article does not say is that this is about the enforcement of the sharia in Europe. It uses a more general euphemism of ‘morality’ so that the blame can be better spread across all religious systems, as if somehow Christians or Buddhists beat up on their own members for not eating lake trout at Friday supper.

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks:

From this German News Site:

Self appointed “moral enforcers” from Chechnia severely beat two men in the Millennium City in the Vienna district Brigittenau. The religious zealots harassed a defenseless woman and her daughters. Subsequently they heavily injured the father and a witness who came to the aid of the women.

The bone of contention: A woman was on her way to a Disco after 23.00 hours with her daughters and their girlfriends. Suddenly four Chechen asylum seekers appeared, which already are known for being willing to use violence to enforce their moral views. The four Morality terrorists objected loudly that at this late hour of the night that the young women were still out, and they were physically abusive towards the women.

The shocked mother called her husband and asked him to come for help. As he arrived, he immediately was attacked and knocked to the ground. A 45-year old witness of the situation wanted to help the victim – only to also be attacked brutally and he had to be admitted to the hospital with severe wounds. “As my son lay in the ambulance, suddenly blood was gushing out of his jacket”, said the father of the computer technician to the “Krone”. The police are investigating.

[Please also see this post from a multiple murder for non-sharia compliance in Italy]



”We are coming and we will take the country”

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German news site


In the ‘Rocker Environment” (‘Rocker’ is German for “biker environment”), the Osman Germania Boxing club is the fastest growing group. The police are concerned. The club shows itself to be martial – even towards the Hells Angels.

The muscular rapper boxes into the camera and yells: “Frontal attack now, understood?” Around him stand broad shouldered, brutal looking men. They wear leather jackets with the label “Osmania Germania”. Repeatedly they direct guns into the camera.

The video was posted on Facebook, and right at the beginning the group formulates their aspirations: “We are coming and will take the whole country”, says a voice in the off, while pictures are alternating between wild hordes of horsemen in the desert and the posing rockers. “Men, who will stand their ground in the battlefield until the last drop of their blood”, the voice tells us.

The new Rocker group Osman Germania Boxing Club is causing trouble for the police nationwide. The group was formed in April of 2015 in Hessen and is now considered to be the fastest growing group in the German Rocker milieu.

“We assume that the Osman want to secure market share in the illegal businesses of Rockers”

Among the estimated 700 members are many turkish migrants. They met at a “World Meeting” in Duisburg in October 2015, and one month later they organized a “Germany Meeting” in Berlin.

Nationwide the group has already 20 locations. Among those, alone 9 Chapters are in Northrhine-Westphalia: Aachen, Bielefeld, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne and Münster.

Just how dangerous some of the members are was shown, when at the end of January in Neuss and Duisburg, 97 members of them were controlled by the police. “With a large part of these persons there is already criminal intel in the Police – mostly for brutality and narcotics trade”, it is said in a recent report of the Interior Ministry of the Northrhine-Westphalia state parliament.

Still there is a lack of precise knowledge about the Club among the police. “Concrete evidence in regards to activities of the group or of individual members is only known in a few individual locations. The locations, however, of the individual chapter’s club houses are not known. The members often meet in restaurants and hookah bars”, it says in the report directed at delegates of the home affairs select committee.

On the internet the group presents itself as martial art and combat ready. This is to be understood as a declaration of war for established biker gangs like the Hells Angels.

“We start from the premise that the Osman want to secure themselves market shares in the illegal businesses of gangs”, says Dietmar Kneib, the responsible director for organized crime in the office for criminal investigations of Northrhine-Westphalia, NRW. Continue Reading →

After Amateur Tournament in Riesa: ??Refugees beat soccer players with iron bars

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German website: Bild

Riesa – A brutal incident took place after a soccer tournament in Gröditz by Riesa. A group of roughly 20 refugees assaulted two amateur kickers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain. The men were beaten with iron bars, and had to be brought to the hospital.

Police spokeswoman Ilka Rosenkranz confirmed the incident on BILD: This incident did happen early Sunday morning around 3:45 in Gröditz.”

So far it is known that about 20 thugs, which according to witness reports live in the nearby refugee home, were chasing the two soccer players through town first. The SV Frauenhain explained in a statement: “On the night of February 7, two of our players of the SV Frauenhain were attacked by a mob of 20 or so North-africans who were armed with iron bars, they chased them through the town and beat them so badly they had to be hospitalized.”

[Translator: By the way, In the press-release of the Dresden Police from Sunday not one word was mentioned about the attack. When BILD asked Sunday, there were no information about the attack given forth also]


Boy Raped in Pool: “He screams and cries every night”

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German website:

Dunja R. will never be able to get the phone call that she received from her son out of her head, because he was uncontrollably sobbing. But she felt it right away: Something terrible had happened to him.

It was only last week that police made it public: It was back on December 2nd, a child molester had been arrested at the Wiener Theresienbad, Vienna public pool. A refugee (20) from Iraq jerked the ten year old Goran R. (all names changed) in a toilet cabin and raped him there. The boy suffered such heavy injuries, that he had to be treated at the AKH (General Hospital).

During the interrogation the perpetrator admitted, he came to Austria via the Balkan route, and he hadn’t had any sex for four months. At the pool he “submitted to his lust”. In an interview with “Heute”, Goran’s Mother Dunja R. (43) tells of the suffering of the small victim.

Heute: How did you learn of the crime perpetrated on your small son Goran?
Dunja R.:* I am a single mother of five children. Money is always short. But Goran loves to go swimming. So I gave him three Euros pocket money on December 2nd for Theresienbad near where we live. After school he could go and use the pool. Three hours later he called me and he sobbed and cried so hard that I couldn’t understand a word. Then someone from the pool personnel took his cell phone and said: “Please come here, your child has been sexually attacked!

”??Heute:* Your son confided to the pool supervisor??*Dunja R.:* Yes – and he immediately called the police. As I arrived at the pool I saw my crying child through a glass door, and a man in swimming trunks with his hands cuffed. My sister who came with me, immediately wanted to jump on the man. But the cops pulled him away and surrounded him.”

Heute:  How did the offender get into contact with your son? ?Dunja R.:* Goran was playing with a 15 year old in the pool, the Iraqi was the 15 year old’s companion. As my son went to take a shower, the man motioned him to come to him. Goran thought he needed something – but he was immediately pulled into the cabin. I raised my children to be helpful. Today I have to say: Unfortunately.

Heute:* Who is helping your son cope with this experience now?? Dunja R.:* The Children’s Protection Center “Die Möwe” is supporting us a lot, they’ve found us a lawyer and are providing therapy.

*Heute:* You are not just concerned about the physical injuries of your son?
*Dunja R.:* Absolutely. Because the scars left on his soul may never heal. The boy can only sleep when I give him Trittico-pills. He screams and cries every night. And when he sees my desperation, he turns away from me. It is as if he is erecting a wall around himself. At school Goran has talked of killing himself. His pain is literally pulling the floor out from underneath our entire family.

*Heute:* Have you heard how the offender is justifying his crime in his interrogation?
*Dunja R.:* yes, with “a state of sexual necessity”, and it makes my blood boil. I come from Serbia, I have lived for five years in a Caritas home and I have gotten along with many different people from many different nations. I am certainly not a racist. But this self-serving declaration of the Iraqi is egregious. Or is anyone going to have sympathy for me if tomorrow I rob a bank and then I’ll say, I just didn’t have enough money for my children?

Heute:* Do you wish that the man who raped your son gets deported?? Dunja R.:* Yes – but only after he has served his prison sentence here. Because I have heard what all can happen to child molesters in prison.


Migrants are hunting Homosexuals

Original translation by Nash Montana from Youtube

Berlin, January 22, 2016

Brutal hunt at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin

Two homosexual men were chased by a bunch of migrants at the Kottbusser Tor. Two days ago, the Tagesspiegel did report about the escalating situation at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin, but they left out essential details.

Only now it’s been discovered through a single remark in the Tagesspiegel, that three weeks ago at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg two gay men were chased and beaten with belts by an angry mob of arabic speaking men. On the video one can hear how the two men scream in panic.

In the Tagesspiegel it was reported that, “in the past months it has become a daily occurrence that people are being surrounded, during which wallets, cell phones and hand bags are being stolen. If that won’t work, people are being beaten, sprayed with irritant gas, or knives are brandished. Several women are groped on their private parts, or beaten in the face – as happened two weeks ago. Or the victims would be chased hundreds of meters – as happened three weeks ago as an angry mob chased and beat two gay men with belts and kicking them as the two men were screaming in panic. There is a video of the incident.”

The voices in the video of the person filming are commenting the event in turkish and they’re speaking of arabic men participating in the incident. That is why one can assume the offenders all have a migrant background.

The most remarkable thing about this: just at the beginning of the new year, the speaker for the “Gay Museum” in Berlin just remarked in an interview with the „Süddeutschen“ how the scene around the Kottbusser Tor an especially great example is for the integration of queer people in a multicultural society.

Sexual Harassment: School under Police Protection

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German Website:

Wilhelmsburg – After St. Pauli there is apparently a second location in Hamburg, where multiple young women fall victim to groping and harassment. The target are female students of the vocational school W4 at the Dratelnstraße, where about 2000 mostly female students are trained to become medical, dental or veterinary professionals.

The truth has only become known after the headmistress reported several cases where students were hassled and sexually harassed. Apparently they were sexually solicited on their way to the Train station in Wilhelmsburg by individual men and small groups of men. They were sexually harassed in different ways or prompted to kiss. To put it plainly: The path to the vocational school became a gauntlet for the young women.

The police so far speaks of at least eight cases. But that seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. Inquiries by the responsible police officer for the school has shown that additional numerous similar incidents have taken place, even though only a small part of the students had been surveyed so far.

One student described how she was followed by a group of men all the way to the main train station, where they pushed her up against the wall while other men stood watch and laughed. ”Many other such incidents were described”, according to Chief Inspector Andreas Schöpflin. Almost all incidents took place surrounding the school property. The descriptions of the perpetrators are all nearly identical. They speak little to no german at all, apparently originating from the Middle East or North Africa. It is examined if these men come from the nearby Initial Reception Center at Dratelnstrasse. About 1,400 refugees are placed there.

As for the school, because of the harassment and attacks, it is now under police protection. It has been announced that an increased police presence will take place which includes the deployment of riot police.

H/T Nicolai Sennels

His own children thrown out the window: Father admits brutal act

An original Translation by Nash Montana

From this German website:

The family drama in Lohmar has been cleared up: The children’s fall out of the window was not an accident, but a crime. The 35 year old father of the three was arrested under the suspicion of having committed the crime, he has confessed to it.


“Yes, it’s true. The father of the children has confessed to having committed this”, a speaker of the Police in Bonn on tuesday had confirmed to FOCUS Online. But it is unclear yet as to what motivated the 35 year old to do such a thing. “The motivation for the act is probably a family dispute”, says the speaker.

A seven year old girl and her 5 year old brother received heavy injuries when they fell out of the window on the first floor. A one year old child seems to have received no injuries, but has nonetheless been admitted to the children’s clinic. At first it was unclear, if the children were pushed or if they fell out when they were playing.

The children were pushed

A witness alerted the police, after having seen that the children were pushed by a man. The Bonn homicide division immediately picked up the investigation and had arrested the father of the three children. The accused at first had denied having anything to do with it. But the prosecution and the police have in the meantime, gathered insight that the children were indeed pushed out of the window.

Already back in Januarey, the father of the children was reported for attacking his wife. He was reported for domestic abuse, and a ten day restraining order against him was in effect. He later moved back into the apartment with the agreement of his wife.

Attempted murder

In accordance with the prosecution, the man has been charged with murder coupled with inflicting serious bodily harm in three cases and has been arraigned before the magistrate.