Germany: Crimes in “refugee“ camps are concealed systematically

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From this German news site

“ We’re not honest enough to the general public“, says Kai Christ, regional head of the Police Union (GdP). Police forces were called to “refugee“ camps almost on a daily basis, said Christ. “I mean every accommadation, at almost every day. […] Those crimes are concealed systematically.“

The interior ministry Thuringia reacts annoyed. “Police in Thuringia has nothing to hide or to conceal“, said Minister Holger Poppenhäger (SPD). There were no instructions for the police to conceal crimes in “refugee“ camps.

„I wasn’t talking about written instructions“, the police unionist answered and repeated his criticism whereupon the regional government (social democrats, socialists and green party) wants to avoid that tensions and fears within the general public could rise. Keeping silent would mainly destroy trust in the police. “I want the state government to stand up and say that these things happen here every day and that we will prosecute crimes in “refugee“ camps in cooperation with the police- just as any other crime“, he demanded.

Germany: 45-year-old “refugee“ rapes 12-year-old African boy

An original translation by Carpe Diem with much thanks

From De Bild

Das Flüchtlings-Camp in Otterndorf

On Wednesday evening a 45-year-old “refugee“ raped a 12-year-old African boy, also a “refugee“, in a camp in Otterndorf near Cuxhaven (Lower Saxony). BILD newspaper reports, the offender is an asylumn-seeker from Pakistan or Syria (probably a Pakistani who claims he’s Syrian). According to the newspaper there has been an attempted rape of a child, also a boy, in the same “refugee“ camp only ten days ago. Police confirmed both incidents.

In the current case, a group of 20 “refugees“ had already surrounded the 45-year-old offender near the washing rooms, when security took note of the situation. Police then took the man into custody.
The 12-year-old boy has been taken to hospital.

In case of the attempted rape ten days ago, the offender is already been released from custody.

Hamburgs Capacity for Refugee Housing is Exhausted

An original translation by Nash Montana

From De Welt

The city can’t take in any more refugees at the time, 500 have to sleep under the open sky. The citizenry decided to confiscate empty properties.

“In Hamburg-Bergedorf, refugees were sleeping on the street to protest conditions, whereas in Hambur-Harburg refugees are sleeping on the street because they have no other choice.”

Hamburg can at this time not take in any more refugees. For the first time since the beginning of the refugee crisis, they have exhausted their capacities, says Bjorn Domroese, the office manager of the Senator of the Interior Michael Neumann (SPD), on Wednesday.

500 people couldn’t be accommodated last tuesday. So they had to spend the night in front of the registration center at Harburger Poststrasse, in open air. And on Wednesday there still was not enough room for new refugees. “At this point in time we do not see an easing on this situation”, Domroese adds. The Hamburger Abendblatt also reported on this:

We are doing everything we can to create new accommodations. Domroese tells the newspaper, “It could be as early as tomorrow everything will be better.” On Tuesday they registered 600 refugees, but only 100 could be housed at the registration center in containers and tents.

Thursday night bore similar concerns to the municipal office of the interior. Employees were asked to bring in sleeping bags and serve hot drinks. At the beginning of the week, there were between 400 and 500 new refugees arriving daily in the city, and at the moment there are about 30,000 registered refugees in Hamburg.

Using Properties Even Against the Will of the Owners?

The Hamburg citizenry made a first step towards the confiscation of empty properties and use them for the refugees. In a first session the parliament decided on Wednesday with a majority on the “Law for the security of refugee accommodations in camps”.

The final send off of the new bill happened on Thursday, because the CDU, AfD and FDP had impeded a second session in the Parliament. The final voting resulted in 81 yay and 37 nay. It is therefore the will of the SPD, the Green Party and the Left, that Hamburg has the green light to confiscate properties even against the will of the owners of said properties. This is to prevent that refugees have to live in tents during winter. The FDP has said they will take legal action against this decision.

The Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) states that throughout Germany, there were more than 270,000 refugees coming into the country just alone in the month of September 2015 – widely surpassing the amount of refugees of the entire year of 2014.


Freedom of Expression is so yesterday! If you post hate,your children can be taken away

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From this German website

Article 5 GG in the Constitution
(The right to freedom of expression)

Born: 5.23.1949 Died: 9.27.2015

The Pack of the Federal Republic of Germany”

“Until the last day you fought, and in the end you lost the war anyway.

If you speak the truth in today’s age, or if you point your finger at the disgraceful way the refugee crisis is handled, you’re not only facing contempt from your family and friends, no, you hazard the possibility of losing your place of work. But that isn’t good enough by a long shot. The drunk on tolerance Gutmenschen in this country come up with the craziest ideas to forbid a citizen his right to utter his opinion. For instance, the German Police Union (DPolG) demands you to turn in your drivers license, should you post so-called hate comments on Facebook. But the bounty hunters of political correctness think that doesn’t go far enough. There has to be something new and something even more harsh. And so, the self proclaimed “hate speech investigators” have put their sights on: Parents!

From a report in DIE WELT:

“Whoever posts xenophobic paroles and slogans on Facebook, is essentially gambling with their own children. There doesn’t even have to be a concrete criminal offense for a court to judge the welfare of the child as endangered.
In that sense it is of course irrelevant if a parent is committing a criminal offense. “The ‘Umgangsrecht’, (right access law), is for the welfare of the child, and parents have a duty, according to paragraph 1684 Absatz 2 BGB, to see to that welfare”, says the Ulm Attorney-at-law Viola Lachenmann.

If it is determined that there is an existing endangerment to the welfare of a child, the ‘Umgangsrecht’ (right of access law), will first be severely restricted. As in, organized chaperoned visits with the child for instance, where a child care worker will be present, and can intervene should there be a need to.

In straight talk, this means that if someone is agitating against “minorities” (refugees, foreigners, muslims, homosexuals etc), then said person has to expect the consequence that at some point, child protective services will knock on their door, and they will remove the children from the house, or how else is that to be understood?

Most of all: Who gets to decide when a comment is a hate comment?

In the internet there are plenty of self appointed ‘detectives’ who have made it their sanctimonious duty to seek out hate comments on the internet and to hunt down the writers of said comments and eliminate them! Continue Reading →

Bundeswehr: Asylum Seekers Are Urinating on Female Refugees

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From this German Website

ERFURT. The Bundeswehr has filed complaints about unsustainable conditions for asylum seekers in Erfurt. They write of repeated sexual harassment and men urinating on the floors, in an internal report by the leading sanitation officers of the Territorial Task Commando that has been labeled ‘classified’.

In the document the appointed custodial sanitation medic of the Bundeswehr reports that “the halls are being cleaned twice a day. Yet the condition of the floors is not OK in my view, because garbage is being thrown on the floors over and over again. It is routine for men to urinate in whatever corner they find. In the sleeping accommodations it has become a daily occurrence that single women are being urinated on by male persons from other countries, even as the women are sleeping. Sexual harassment occurs daily.”

Bundeswehr Confirms Report

The Bundeswehr has confirmed the authenticity of the report to Junge Freiheit. “This report exists,” says the leading authority of the Territorial Task Commando of the Bundeswehr, Lieutenant-Colonel, Ingo Kunze. At this time there is an investigation into who reported these conditions.

“Should the conditions in this facility indeed be as alleged in the report, then the responsibility for such conditions lies with the operators of the facility under their healthcare system.”

State Administration Does Not Know of Such Incidents

Within the Thüringer State Administration that is responsible for the facility in Erfurt, such conditions are a surprise. “Up until now we have not heard of any such incidents,” says the spokeswoman for the Administration when Junge Freiheit asked her. However, on location it is the Red Cross that is caring for the Asylum seekers. “They are the ones running that operation,” says the spokeswoman.

The Mass hall was converted two weeks ago into a refugee facility. At the moment, according to the Thüringer State Administration, it holds 760 asylum seekers. “But this is only temporary, because the hall will be needed for Mass again,” says the spokeswoman.

14 injured during a mass brawl among refugees.

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From Welt.De

In a tent city in Kassel-Calden hundreds of refugees attacked each other with sticks and tear gas, resulting in  14 wounded, including three policemen. It took hours before the  situation came  under control.

(Video in German at site)


On Sunday 14 people  including three policemen were injured during mass brawls in a  refugee camp in  Kassel-Calden. Several hundred people of different nationalities took part in the fights that lasted several hours according to police reports tonight. The refugees attacked each, other among other things, with sticks and teargas.
During the evening, the police tried  to find a temporary home for one of the two ethnic groups involved in order to pacify the situation in the tent city. Up to 50 police officers were deployed  on the site of the old airport Calden.
According to a police spokesman, it started at noon with a tussle between  two residents during the food distribution at the meal counter .This dispute then  triggered a confrontation between two groups of two nationalities in the early afternoon. Around 60 people from each side attacked each other. Eight people were injured. Initially, the police managed to  calm the situation.
1500 refugees from about 20 nations:
During the  evening, the violence escalated once again. This time, 70 on one side and 300 people on the opposite side confronted each other, according to the police spokesman. Tear gas was sprayed by both groups.Three residents and three police officers were injured.
Only after several hours did the police manage to bring the situation under control. There were no arrests. Several people who tried  to escape  the violence and were seeking protection, fled to the outside and remained there until the evening.
 According to the police, around 1,500 refugees from approximately 20 nations  are housed in the accommodation in Calden . Just two weeks ago several  refugees had attacked each other  with tear gas. Then, around 60 of them, including children, were injured.
Admission controls do not exist in Kassel-Calden as they do in other refugee camps. The contracted security company has not yet  commented on the incidents.

 Refugees canot sleep for fear of Islamic State members among them

At the Reception Center in Giessen lives a young Syrian Christian man by the name of Bashar Baroma. He is afraid and he can’t sleep at night anymore. He worries that there are supporters of the Islamic State (IS) amongst the many refugees in camp.

He reports that they repeat loudly certain verses of the Koran, which awaken terrible memories in his mind. They are verses and words that IS fighters chant, before they cut the heads off their victims.

“I can’t remain here, with the IS and everything, I am a Christian and I am afraid.”

Cops shoot dead Islamic extremist in Berlin after he stabs policewoman in the street

The Iraqi man – believed to be a member of a terrorist organisation – seriously injured a female officer before another officer shot and killed him

(German vid at site. Translation may be underway)

Police in Germany have shot dead an Islamic extremist in Berlin, according to reports.

Cops said on Thursday that they had shot dead a man known to be a member of a “terrorist” organisation after he attacked a policewoman in
western Berlin with a knife.

“He had been convicted of being a member of a terrorist association and of being involved in a plot to murder the Iraqi prime minister,” Berlin police said on Twitter.

The unnamed man is believed to be an Iraqi immigrant and a member of a terrorist organisation.

BBC report here with additional pictures and history

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(I’m sure Merkel will explain how its somehow the fault of the Germans)