Women and Children Come Last

An original translation by Nash Montana

(Read this one to the end)

From this German publication Spiegel

The average refugee coming from Syria, is under the age of 30, and male. Genders play an underestimated role. Where are all the mothers and daughters from the crisis regions?

Do you still have the pictures in your head? The masses of refugees at the train stations of Budapest and Vienna, the asylum seekers laying on narrow cots in tent cities, the worn down survivors sitting on mediterranean beaches in Europe: Fathers, sons and brothers on almost every picture. A few brought their families along, but most of them came alone.

Female refugees on the other hand: a rarity. As if there were no females suffering and distressed, as if the civil wars in Syria and Eritrea were a purely male matter. Why are mostly men traveling through the Balkan and over the mediterranean? Where are the women from the crisis regions?

The crisis in Europe looks like a mass stampede of young men: alone last year, 2014, two-thirds of asylum seekers in Germany were males, and more than 70% of them were under the age of 30. Europe wide the statistics look pretty much the same, and in the group of 14 to 34-year-old refugees, even three-quarters of them were male.

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Migrant Crisis: The Arabian Peninsula Shuts Itself Off

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German website

The arabian gulf states are rich, they are fully muslim, and they have shut themselves off completely to Syria with a kind of coldness that seems to grow to scandalous proportions.
They build the biggest mosques, they build the highest sky scrapers and the most expensive palaces. But refugees flee North, to Europe. Not South, to the arabian peninsula. 
While 350,000 Syrian and Middle Eastern migrants have fled to Europe since the beginning of 2015, the wealthiest Muslim nations, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait continue to deny acceptance to any Syrian refugees.

There are two reasons for that: 

Reason number one would be that Syrian refugees don’t want to live in an unfree, very restricted country like Saudi Arabia. After everything they have experienced, they long to be free.
Reason number two would be that the refugees are also absolutely not welcome in those States. 
Ever since the start of the crisis it has become increasingly difficult for Syrians to even acquire expensive travel Visas. Because Syrians, speaking the same language as the Saudis, might feel inclined to talk about what is really happening in Syria, and share this information with the Saudi citizenry, which might then have an undesired politicizing effect on Saudi society. So in order to avoid any kind of contact with Syrian people and what they might have to say, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have increasingly denied Visas and have altogether quit their guest worker programs with Syrians.
Whoever flees from the war in Syria, only has to utter the word ‘Asylum’ and they will be given asylum. But when Syrians want to flee into an arabic ‘brotherland’, they will be sent back at the border. With the exception of Algeria, Jemen, Mauretania and Sudan, they are not welcome. 

That’s what Arabian (muslim) Brotherhood really looks like, this is how they practice islamic solidarity.
There are exceptions: Jordania and Lebanon have taken in millions of refugees. 
When a group of Syrian refugees in Denmark put up a video on Facebook about migrants that arrived in Austria, a couple of the entries read:

“How is it that we had to flee from regions where our islamic brothers live who should show so much more responsibility towards us, than the country we fled to that they describe as ‘infidels’ and kuffars.”
Another entry read: 
“I swear by Allah, the arabs are the infidels!”

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German government evicts the working-poor Germans to make room for illegals

There is an old joke, or at least it was meant to be, which intended to be illustrative of the problem with a government that perhaps, had been in power for too long and had become corrupt and entitled. It went something like:

“If the government doesn’t like the people, it should dissolve the people and elect themselves a new people”

It certainly seems like Central and Western Europe along with the US has chosen to do precisely that. Most certainly in Germany and England.

Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this translation so quickly.

I would like to add that European Union law says that refugees and other unidentified and uninvited people must stay in the first country they step foot on when they get to Europe and therefore, the ones in Germany, like the ones in England are defacto illegals.
Also the above joke referenced may be a variation on a quote by Bertold Brecht

Germans begin to react to Merkel’s anti-German rhetoric

Angela Merkel booed in public by regular indigenous Germans

After she gave a short speech explaining that Germany will have no tolerance for actual Germans who do not want to see their nation destroyed by EU regulations which allow mass uncontrolled muslim immigrants, she is booed on departure as well. (video of speech being examined for translation now)

Anti Merkel protest:

Thank you M and Oz-Rita. More to come on this.

Three clips on yesterday’s toileted koran riots at refugee center in Germany

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating these three News reports on muslim riots at a migrant center in Germany where muslims destroyed a lot of property and injured 15 people including 4 policemen yesterday.

Here is the first clip:

Here is a second clip about this riot. In this one, they not only say it was muslims rioting but they explain that it was because one of the Afghan residents tore up a koran and toileted it. Something we should all do on a dedicated day each year called, ‘Preserve the Enlightenment day’ until environmental activists shut it down for polluting the sewers.

Notice that other news clips have omitted these two key facts.

There is another clip of the news team running for their lives from the rioting muslims which is referred to in one of the other clips above but mirrors of it have been pulled down for CR reasons very quickly. I can put the translation of the clip below here though. Remember, this is the translation of the audio from the two journalists who were fleeing for their lives from the rioting muslims. The non translated version on the original site I believe is still available online here.

(Australian News article here)

00:00:16,280 –> 00:00:20,300
someone shouting “allah-u-akbar”?

00:00:20,320 –> 00:00:24,400
get in here !

00:00:24,420 –> 00:00:28,560
come in here

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Did the state in Germany pay for counter PEGIDA demonstrations?

These two links were just sent in and while we have not yet received a proper translation, from reading google-translate it looks a lot like the German government at one or more levels paid some or all of the costs for countner-PEGIDA demos.

I sincerely hope the German public reacts appropriately to an affront to democracy of this nature and magnitude.

Link 1: Blu News:

Link 2: MOPO24


PEGIDA in Dresden Jan 25 2015

More videos will be added here as they appear except the quote of Geert Wilders read by the PEGIDA people, which once I have found it I will subtitle and post separately.

ARTICLE: Thousands join anti-Islam rally as Germany worries about image

( I suspect that millions of muslims trashing Europe as a whole do more to hurt Germany’s image than a few tens of thousands of classical liberals trying to preserve democracy)