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“The Danish justice system is a joke” -Rape victim of illegal muslim immigrant

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Six teens convicted of gang rape in Stockholm.

And no names or backgrounds given. At this stage we can know what that means. The multiculti, ‘islam is not a problem to the West’ Narrative is more important than any actual rights to a victim. This can also be … Continue reading

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Jihad against Moms with Buggy-strollers in Denmark?

An Original translation by Kitman TV In Denmark, two assaults on Danish moms quietly strolling along with their little ones took place within a single week. And it appears that Muslim invaders have begun using this very innovative strategy in … Continue reading

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Danish PM: Media should use free speech “respectfully”, we need new demands on how to use free speech

Islam Vs. Europe: 19:48 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, rhetorically uses the word “democracy” where it actually concerns “free speech”. Tariq Ramadan or José Manuel Barroso could not have said it better. Thorning-Schmidt tells the media to limit … Continue reading

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Denmark: Muslim children stone pigs to death

Islam Vs. Europe 06:13 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels Gellerupparken is a Muslim ghetto. Animals: “Some children are sad that the funny pigs have been removed from an agricultural museum near Gellerupparken in Aarhus Municipality. The explanation so far has been that … Continue reading

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Honest Danish police: Inbreeding make Arabs less intelligent and more criminal. Arabs are racist against Danes.

H/T Nic S Islam Vs. Europe: 21:06 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels This article is three years old but deserves to be quoted: “Kim Thyssen works at Odense Police special unit says that Bøgeparken in Volssmose is primarily inhabited by Arabs, and that … Continue reading

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Muslims win their victory against Lego. But what next?

So the Muslims managed to bully Danish toy-maker, Lego into abandoning it’s Star Wars kit because the cover of the box has an image that vaguely resembles the Hagia Sophia, one of Christendom’s major early architectural accomplishments laid siege to … Continue reading

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Leftist media destroys a truly decent human being for holding an opinion of the non-leftist kind.

Small consolation I suppose but at least someone bothered to actually expose this horror. Intro by gates of Vienna: The philosopher Henrik Gade Jensen is one of the finest debaters in Denmark. He served as a press advisor to the … Continue reading

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Two men threaten Danish gallery

Original translation by: The Observer From this Danish site:   The owner of Gallery Draupner in Århus, Denmark was earlier today threatened by two men. The Gallery has previously exhibited drawings of Muhammad. The two men wore uniform-like outfits and … Continue reading

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Diana West discusses the attempted assassination of Lars Hedigaard by someone who I am confident would describe themselves as ‘religious Muslims’

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‘The bullet flew past my ear': Danish writer who was fined for making insulting remarks about Islam narrowly survives doorstep assassination attempt

Daily Mail: Gunman rang doorbell of Lars Hedegaard’s apartment in Copenhagen Fired a bullet that narrowly missed the 70-year-old’s head Would-be assassin fled after Mr Hedegaard punched him in the face Police searching for ‘foreign’ man aged between 20 and … Continue reading

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Islam critic survives assassination attempt

Copenhagen Post: PS February 5, 2013 – 14:35 Assailant’s gun jammed after firing first shot – police now searching for two men wearing ski masks seen climbing into Copenhagen Zoo Hedegaard was cleared on racism charges in 2011 brought about … Continue reading

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“Other” ethnic gang attacked Chinese student on Danish bus

More here Thanks to Snaphanen

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2 Pakistanis in court for major terrorist plot

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Familiar looking, ‘angry Santa’ painting, pulled from auction.

H/T Snaphanen.Dk Here is a google translation of a story about another work of art being censored for one reason or another and a spoiled Christmas celebration because of objections to a public tree.

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