At last! A decent video of Geert in Denmark of last week’s speech

Initially we had posted a video downloaded from the live stream provided via Bambuser, where the audio and video were marginal at best. With considerable work the audio was improved but the drop-outs and distortions were not fixable so it was still a chore to listen to. Now at last someone has published a decent quality one which is highly listenable. Thanks Liberty for the heads up on this.

H/T Liberty Dk

Danish salafist interview on democracy riles indigenous Danes.

This clip is rumored to be infuriating Danes and understandably so. It is not dissimilar to the Mullah Krakar interview of a few months ago in Norway that commanded nearly as much attention as it should have, relatively speaking of course.

The interviewer was also pretty sophisticated I thought which is unusual on this subject. Even American TV talking heads seldom know what to ask and are usually used as tools by these people. Even so, the question could have been asked if the muslims wanted to impose their own system on all danes, which would be a non-subtle difference to the other examples the salafist kept referring to, where they wished the right under democracy of non-participation. Muslims do not seek this. They feel it is their obligation to obliterate democracy and impose islamic rule. This interview doesn’t quite manage to express this truth but does lean that way.

Thank you Liberty Dk for the translation.

This video was done on Danish Constitution day, Friday June 5 – 2015


AM radio call from the organizer of the freedom of speech event at Parliament Hill scheduled for May 20, subsequently cancelled, along with limits to Danish event

Here are segments of tonight’s Late Night Counsell from AM radio CFRA after the show host was made aware of the Free Speech event planned for Parliament hill tonight. Emails and callers including the woman, Alexandra, who organized the event called in to discuss it. Show host John Counsell was very good on the issue.


Earlier today, Vlad Tepes posted an article about a gathering for irreverent religious drawings to take place in Bornholm Denmark. The mayor of that town has now said that no drawings of mohamed should be shown at this meeting as of 1:30 AM ET. So early morning in Denmark.

Liberty Dk translated this article from the Danish press for us:

The peoples meeting must be held with words and arguments, not with deeply provocative drawings.

So says Mayor of Bornholm Regional Municipality, Winni Grosbøll (S), who flatly refuses to let the works from the recent “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” competition by American Islam critic Pamela Geller be exhibited at the political festival.

“The people’s meeting is about words and arguments. The drawings would completely short-circuit the debate. There is no reason to do that, and you can easily have discussions without doing it with pictures and drawings” she says, calling it an unnecessary provocation:

“They do not belong here. They will have to find a gallery or an art exhibition that will show that sort of stuff” she says.
It is the organizations “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” (SIAD) and “Free Denmark”, who are organizing the political “Progress Party” tent at the public meeting who wanted to include the drawings. Anders Gravers Pedersen, the head of SIAD, explains that they had intended to exhibit the drawings from Islam critic Pamela Geller’s competition. The competition was the victim of an attack in early May.

Two armed assassins who were self-proclaimed Islamists, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, were shot and killed as they tried to penetrate the arrangement in Garland, Texas.
Pamela Geller is known as a very vocal critic of Islam. She has, amongst other things, fought against the building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York. She has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.

Liberty Dk. write up of today’s ‘For Freedom’ march in Copenhagen

FirefoxScreenSnapz102The “For Freedom” (Pegida) demonstration went very well this evening in Copenhagen. We had been promised extra police and they delivered. Riot-gear, dogs (which, however, I only heard in the distance) and vigilance. They did a good job keeping the fascistic anti-fascists far away from us so that nobody was bothered or harmed. There was good humor, and best of all, we are growing in number. I saw quite a few new faces amongst the old “regulars”, which bodes well for future demonstrations.

Now that we are live-streamed, people can see with their own eyes that not only are we well-protected but also that we are very normal, very peaceful people of all ages who are demonstrating for a good purpose. The difference between us and the fascist left is therefore glaringly obvious. Furthermore, Live-streaming and video have the added benefit that any press that might be present will have a hard time slanting the story or insinuating that we are the aggressors. Pictures can be misconstrued, but video streaming not so easily.

Next Monday we will be very pleased to host Mona Walter, an ex-Muslim who lives in Sweden (the Swedish version of Ayaan Hirsi Ali), who will give a speech at our demonstration.

Important updates for Texas and Denmark.

A couple of updates. FOX radio said that both attackers are from Phoenix Arizona and they had enough ornaments on them to kill all 300 people at the event in Texas. More on that as it gets more solid. Also quite a disappointing bit of news from Denmark. Liberty Dk. just called from the march about to start in Copenhagen who informed me that there is a group called Fourth of May Initiative who have a FB page I cannot find yet, who received one hundred thousand Danish Kroner from the Danish government and are advertising for the jackbooted Cossack thugs who roughed up the Freedom Denmark group last week and are about to, by their own words, destroy them in less than an hour from now.

So like the discovery that Anti-fa in England was a paid group by the government to destroy the grass roots group the EDL, and like the discovery that the German government had created the astro-turf group that counter demonstrated against PEGIDA in Germany, this is another government paid group who are trying to subvert the will of the indigenous people of Europe to preserve the liberties and freedoms and rights their direct ancestors fought and often died for.

I will plug in the links to my claims as I find them.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Stå ved vores side d. 4. maj – For Frihed – Stand by our side the 4th of May – For Freedom Rally March in Copenhagen

This is an official release by the people at -For Freedom- in Denmark. Please come celebrate freedom from tyranny with them on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark from the Nazis. Below, the official release in both English and Danish. Please feel free to mirror on your own sites to promote this event for all freedom loving people.

Rally “For Freedom” (“For Frihed”)

Stand by our side the 4th of May, 2015 – The 70th anniversary of the day of Denmarks liberation

Time: 18:00

Place: Axeltorv (outside the Palace Cinema, Copenhagen)

This is a demonstration for the preservation of our democracy, our freedom of expression and all the liberties, freedoms, rights and values which are the very foundation of our Western society.  Those values that are now under threat by Islam.

The Leftist group Revolutionary Anti Fascists are, however, again planning to, on Monday the 4th of May, attempt a blockade of our Monday demonstration “For Freedom”.  Last Monday the 27th of April we met fierce opposition from them as some of you might have read in the media. On their website, the group a few weeks back touted that they would, up until the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Denmark next Monday, systematically attempt to prevent us (who they call Islam hostile group) from being able to hold public rallies and by that date, to permanently shut down us (For Frihed – For Freedom) down.  In other words they will try to prevent a peaceful and legal demonstration which, incidentally, is a violation of the Danish Penal Code Section § 137. “He who attempts to prevent the holding of a lawful public gathering, is liable to punishment by fine or imprisonment of up to two years.”  In other words they are anti-democratic and want to silence us. More can be read on their fascist “anti-fascistic” website –

Therefore, we need as many as possible participants to demonstrate that freedom of expression, together with all good democratic values, ??are worth fighting for and that we cannot be subdued or cowed.  We will not be bullied.  This demonstration is not without its challenges, however, but we have very good support and protection by the police who show up in great numbers and who do a great job in taking care of us and who have clearly shown, duty notwithstanding, are obviously also on the side of democracy.

We hope that as many of you as possible will join us to mark this important evening – We, and Denmark, need your support, your strength and your courage.

Below in Danish:

Demonstration ”For Frihed” d. 4 maj, 2015

Stå sammen med os d. 4. maj på 70-års dagen for danmarks befrielse

Tid: 18:00

Sted: Axeltorv (udenfor Palads Biografen, København)

Dette er en demonstration for bevarelsen af vores demokrati, vores ytringsfrihed og alle de friheder, rettigheder og værdier som udgør selveste fundamentet i vores vestlige samfund.  Et samfund som nu er truet af Islam.

Venstrefløjsgruppen Revolutionære Antifascister planlægger dog atter, mandag d. 4 maj, at forsøge en blokade af vores mandag demonstration »For Frihed«.  Sidste mandag d. 27. april mødte vi voldsom modstand som nogle måske har læst i medierne.  På deres webside har gruppen fremturet at de vil, frem til 70-årsdagen for Danmarks befrielse næste mandag den 4. maj systematisk forsøge at hindre os (som de kalder den islamfjendske gruppe) fra at kunne holde møder i det offentlige rum og at helt lukke os ned. Altså at de vil prøve at forhindre en fredelig og lovlig demonstration hvilket i øvrigt er en overtrædelse af straffelovens paragraf  § 137. ”Den, som søger at forhindre afholdelsen af lovlig offentlig sammenkomst, straffes med bøde eller fængsel indtil 2 år”.  Mere behøves ikke siges – de er anti-demokratiske og vil at vi ties.  Mere kan læses på ”anti”-fascisternes webside –

Vi har derfor brug for så mange som mulig deltagere for at vise at frihed, ytringsfrihed og alle gode demokratiske værdier er værd at kæmpe for og at vi ikke kan kues.   Denne demonstration er ikke uden sine udfordringer men vi har rigtig god støtte og beskyttelse af politiet som gør det rigtig godt og som tydeligvis også er på vores, og demokratiets, side.

Vi håber at så mange som muligt vil være med denne vigtige aften – vi, og Danmark, har brug for jeres støtte, styrke og mod.


First person account of the attack on the For Freedom march in Copenhagen last night by violent fascist ‘antifascists’

xAs they used to say, ‘Tis to laugh’

This was written by a friend of ours for us who was at the For Freedom march in Denmark last night, April 27th.


Waiting for the evening’s event I sat at a cafe across from Axel’s Torv where our Monday evening “For Freedom” marches start.

Earlier in the evening I had received a notice from a friend who would be unable to attend that there was a planned counter-demonstration by an extreme-left group called “The Revolutionary Antifascists” against the evening’s demonstration. I arrived at a café across from Axels Torv at 17:00, intending to eat dinner before the demonstration at 18:00 when I noticed that at that time police were already beginning to arrive and more were arriving all the time. Some were carrying riot gear.

That told me that the evening’s protest would likely not be very peaceful. And I was correct. At 18:00, when the demonstration began, there were about 200 counter-protesters and almost as many police officers in the area, plus 3-4 police vans. We stood in the middle of the square while the counter-protesters were on the periphery, shouting and trying to get by the police and get to us. The police did an admirable job holding them back.

There was contact here and there between the other group and us, though our actions were not violent, merely protective and defensive. We kept our cool as we usually do. There were, however, quite a few scuffles here and there, and the protesters were violent and belligerent. At one point a group of them grabbed our banner and tried to rip it out of the hands of the two guys holding it. There was a scuffle involving some of us, police, and the leftists, and we got our banner back.

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Denmark: The Queen says about immigrants: “We must be welcoming, but we must also let them know what we expect”

This is an original translation by Liberty Dk of an interview with the Queen of Denmark

From B.Dk Denmark 

By Lisbeth Knudsen and Thomas Larsen — April 11, 2015

Source — 

In an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske, Danish Queen Margrethe states firmly that it is important not to let ourselves be cowed when terror hits Danish society, and that it is important to protect the values ??that Denmark stands for.

Queen Margrethe urges Danes not to let themselves be cowed by the kind of terror that has not only hit Denmark but also a number of other European countries.

During the weekend of the 14th-15th February, when the gang member Omar El-Hussein killed Finn Nørgaard and Dan Uzan and wounded several police officers before he was shot, it was an assault on both freedom of expression and the Jewish community.

In the interview with Berlingske on the occasion of her 75th birthday on 16 April, Queen Margrethe does not hide the fact that the assassinations confronted Danes with a new reality, and that it raises the question of how free and open societies need to respond to terrorists who want to destroy them. According to the Queen, Denmark was put under pressure by the assassination.

“It would be absurd to say that we are not under pressure. There is pressure, but what is important is how we tackle it,” said the Queen.

The Danish ‘reaction was what the ruler had thought and expected.

“It came as no surprise to me that people took it calmly. That much I know about my fellow citizens. I have confidence in how they tackle events, especially when it’s the really big things. We can get excited about small things; they do not matter so much. What is important is that we keep a cool head when the big things happen,” she says.

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Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants

This is a document translated for us by Liberty Dk

From this Norwegian website

New shock figures from Denmark published in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet showed that a full 84 percent of those remanded into custody for crimes in the Danish capital are immigrants. Ten percent of these have Danish citizenship.

Despite the debate, figures and statistics are open and accessible in Denmark, even though the Danish government tries to hide the chilling cold facts from the population.

Today the Danish newspaper Expressen revealed amongst other things that 84 per cent of those taken into custody in Copenhagen are immigrants.

High numbers

New figures show that only 1 out 10 people who go to court in Copenhagen are ethnically Danish. 9 out of 10 are immigrants and the cost to society runs into the billions.

Lower crime?

According to Danish Minister of Justice Metter Fredriksen, crime statistics are getting lower in our society and people are apparently able to be safer on the streets. But this is a truth with exceptions.

Ekstra Bladet writes the following:

“If the risk of crime has actually fallen, it is due only due to the fact that the number of burglaries has fallen”.

But reality tells us something else – the number of cases of sexual abuse, violence and drug crimes is on the rise across the country. And those behind the violent crimes are often immigrants.

According to the new figures this shows that more than 8 out of 10 who are put in detention are immigrants, out of which 10 percent have Danish citizenship.

To be kept in detention one must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of at least 18 months; in other words, those who are in custody are charged with serious crimes.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that as many as 25 per cent of asylum seekers residing in Denmark have been arrested for a crime. Ekstra Bladet also points out that the number of asylum seekers has quadrupled under the Labour government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Crime rises sharply among young immigrants

In 2014, it also emerged that crime among immigrant youths has risen sharply. In 2007, 1028 of young immigrants were charged with a crime. In 2012 this figure had risen to 1661. This is partly due to the fact that the number of immigrants entering Denmark has increased. Compared with their ethnic Danish peers the immigrant youth commit twice as many crimes.

Newspaper: Government manipulates

Violent crime has risen simply because more criminal immigrants come to the country. Ekstra Bladet concludes that the government lies to and manipulates their constituents and the Danish people when they claim that the country has become safer.


We have to ask the question: Was Muhammed doing the right thing

Last week, Nicolai Sennels published a partial translation from a Danish professor/philosopher about the nature of Islam. We felt it was worth transiting the entire thing so here it is. Many thanks for all your hard work today and everyday Liberty Dk.

This is an original translation by Liberty Dk. 

from this Danish newspaper

Tina Magaard knows Islam to the core, both personally and academically. She believes that the Danish experts on Islam have failed to disclose what is really written in Islam’s holy scriptures, and to what degree extremists draw their ammunition from them.

Tina Magaard has been away for a long time. Away from both the debates about Islam that she had helped shape in the middle of the 2000s, and also from her home in central Jutland.

She is, after working at some of Europe’s finest universities on top of a career in the capital, happy to be back in the heart of Jutland, specifically at Aarhus University’s campus in Herning, located a mere stone’s throw from the city’s landmarks: Ingvar Cronhammer’s iconic “Elia” sculpture.

But in terms of a return to the debate on Islamism, Tina Magaard is a bit more skeptical. Back when she was employed by Iranian-born Mehdi Mozaffari, a Professor Emeritus at Aarhus University from 2005 to 2008, she learned how costly it can be to deal with Islamism and integration.

Not least in the wake of the cartoon crisis, when she was one of the few Danish academics who spoke up against the general consensus that reigned among Danish Islam-researchers who almost unanimously claimed that acts of terror had nothing or very little to do with Islam’s central tenets and scriptures.

However, after the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen and Paris, Tina Magaard has nevertheless decided to briefly return to the debate about Islam in Denmark.

A cultural encounter

Tina Magaard’s first meeting with Arab culture took place in the late 1980s, when she worked at a restaurant owned by a Jordanian man in Kolding. A place that many of the city’s middle eastern immigrants frequented.

“I spent more time there than I spent in high school. There were several of us who would hang out there, even when we were not at work. ”

However, the relationships between the sexes were very clearly defined.

“The first thing my boss said to me when I was hired was, ‘Never trust an Arab man.’ He stressed that I should come to him if any Arab men at the restaurant tried to approach me. He would then make it very clear to the potential “candidate” that things should be done in an orderly manner. I was treated with respect in that environment, almost as if I had been his daughter”, she says.

Under the Jordanian café owner’s Arab paternalism and safe wings, it was easier to navigate in that environment than even among the culturally radical teachers at the school who represented something new and unknown. Because Tina Magaard was not raised in an atheist, academic or culturally radical family where one subscribes to the newspaper Politiken and maintains a becomingly urban and ironic distance from God. Quite the contrary. Continue Reading →