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Quebec media avoids central issue in death of muslim woman on escalator in January 2014

An original translation by CB Sashenka with much thanks Death at the Fabre Metro (Montreal): strangled by her clothing, concludes the coroner.   The dead woman from last January in an escalator at the Fabre metro station in Montreal had … Continue reading

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Quebec: People arrested following threats against the muslim community

From Montreal’s La Press Newspaper: Oct 27 2014 Matthieu Boivin Le Soleil Police officers from the SQ (Quebec Police force) have arrested a young man of 18 years old from L’Islet Friday because of threats made on the internet against the … Continue reading

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Breaking: 2 Active shooters downtown Ottawa

There is lots of other news and a similar attack is taking place in Israel. Please check the comments under this post for newer information. I will not be posting other posts besides updates on this for obvious reasons but … Continue reading

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Canada. A spooky reflection of Little Rock Ark. 2009

Long time readers of my blog may remember a thing I ran on the sidebar of this site to get the US government to give two new recruits to the US forces a purple heart who had been shot by … Continue reading

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A couple of nearly random posts I felt might be interesting to post in the wake of the Montreal house explosion

1. May 18th 2014 a man is arrested for building 18 IED’s similar to the ones used at the Boston Marathon bombing. 2. Today’s explosion is conveniently located not too far from a mosque. The explosion was at 1460 Belanger and … Continue reading

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Posible bomb in large apartment building being investigated in Ottawa’s affluent Rockliffe Park

UPDATE: (From CFRA.Com) Rideau Terrace has re-opened after a suspicious package investigation at 200 Rideau Terrace. Police say a tube with wires going through it was found, but was deemed to be harmless after it was checked out with an … Continue reading

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Canadians object to being looted by their own police force

It would be interesting to see a definition of looting where what the RCMP did in Alberta did not fit perfectly. In fact, that the RMP used lists that it was specifically illegal for them to be in possession of … Continue reading

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The festering animus discharging from Montreal mosques

Yesterday, the fine people at Pointdebascule put me on to a Radio Canada (French CBC) 2006 documentary about islam and its organizations and activities in Quebec. This is one stunning piece of work. The entire thing is just over an … Continue reading

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CNN does a special on the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl

Top intelligence official claims: Obama admin. funded terror network ‘for the next ten years’ A senior intelligence official with intimate knowledge of the years-long effort to locate and rescue Bergdahl told the Washington Free Beacon that the details of that exchange do not … Continue reading

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Madman in Moncton

There has been seemingly endless news coverage,  in this is a very sleepy part of the world where a stolen bicycle still makes the news, so what’s happened? obviously 3 dead and 2 injured RCMP officers, and a lunatic running around with 2 … Continue reading

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Some videos pertaining to the trade Obama made of 5 Taliban leaders for a Sgt. who deserted his post

Brian Lilley: Michael Coren Show: 5 Taliban members back in Qatar Gateway Pundit has a few good articles on this: Thanks Don L. More to come tonight. Yep.  

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18 year old in Montreal arrested for planting 19 IED’s

They have not released the perp’s name but they say it may be a mental illness thing even though he was able to build 19 working IED’s similar to the ones at the Boston Marathon. Interestingly all his neighbors have … Continue reading

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Muslim business owner in Quebec feels that Quebec city is “Too white and too Catholic” for his business model.

Anyone want to bet on whether or not one of the various ‘Canadian Human Rights Commissions’ will take this guy on? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out what would happen to a white Christian who said … Continue reading

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Human Rights commission: Its racist to call the police on black people just because the law requires you to do so

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City of Edmonton pays David Suzuki’s daughter ten large to deliver an anti industry speech.

His daughter.

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