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Bomb in south Lebanon restaurant injures five

Muslim debate: Five employees slightly injured, one still in hospital; several bomb attacks on Tyre shops selling alcohol Five people were injured and a building was damaged when a bomb exploded in a restaurant in the south Lebanon coastal town … Continue reading

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The image below causes fecal-storm with the usual suspects

Check the Huff Post for the story

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“They’re in the Pentagon, they’re in the administration, they’re at all levels… they’re in our media.”

Frank Gaffney, Glenn Beck, Gen. Jerry Boykin & Erick Stakelbeck on the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups, Sharia infiltration, and the deliberate erosion of America’s ability to defend itself. Fascinating and frightening in equal measure:

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Norwegian Muslim jailed for bomb plot Published on Tuesday 31 January 2012 00:00   A NORWEGIAN of Chinese Muslim origin with alleged links to al-Qaeda has been convicted of plotting to blow up a Danish newspaper that had printed cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. He … Continue reading

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Boy, 15, is jailed for THREE YEARS by UAE court for kissing two sisters

Daily Mail Girls ordered to be ‘delivered to their parents for discipline’ By Daniel Miller Last updated at 2:28 PM on 31st January 2012 A 15-year-old boy has been sentenced to three years in juvenile detention in the United Arab … Continue reading

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‘Gay people should get the death penalty’: Five Muslim men on trial for stirring up hatred after ‘handing out homophobic leaflets near mosque’

…and some people still insist that ‘multiculturalism’ is not an oxymeron. From The Daily Mail: One leaflet called The Death Penalty? showed image of mannequin hanging from a noose and said buggery led to hell, court hears Jury told the … Continue reading

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This is the article by Rubin that got him banned, which was posted here just after it was published online on the 26th of Dec. 2011. I recommend everyone reading this to publish this post with the link and to … Continue reading

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Court orders Google and Facebook to remove all anti Islamic content.

Somehow I doubt that Islamic teachings of hate against Christians, Jews, Atheists, zoroastrians, ‘wrong’ flavors of Muslims etc. will be effected by this. Your Jewish News: Social websites including Google and Facebook have been ordered by an Indian court to … Continue reading

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Reopen your spas! Maldives president in dramatic U-turn just days after Islamists forced him to ban centres at luxury resorts

The Daily Mail: By Julian Gavaghan Last updated at 5:01 PM on 4th January 2012 The president of the Maldives today ordered the country’s resorts to reopen their spas just days after they were shut following Islamic protests. Mohammed Nasheed … Continue reading

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This won’t make these punks’ day: Rock fans have heads shaved and get ‘cleansed’ in river in Islamic law crackdown

And so it continues… The Daily Mail: 65 youths have been sent to a police school in Indonesia’s Aceh province to receive mental and spiritual guidance for ten days Only then are they are allowed to return home By Graham … Continue reading

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Truth telling, in spite of the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary (history of former Christian lands in the ME and Maghreb) is considered illegal in Finland. Factual truths are not a defense, just ask Jussi Halla-aho. KGS H/T: … Continue reading

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Concealing support for the English Defence League (EDL)

An interesting snippet of testimony was given today by a witness at the Leveson enquiry into press standards and ethics, which is currently being held in the High Court in London. It is common knowledge that within the British press … Continue reading

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  In living color! The buffoonery of the Austrian government doesn’t involve just its massive trade dealings with the rogue Iranian regime, it also consists of systematically persecuting its own citizens daring to speak up about Islam. Do you think … Continue reading

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Jihadwatch Comes To Town.

PJG has written a guest post over at JihadWatch about Robert Spencer’s vist to Melbournistan. I’ve known PJG for quite some time now, and we’ve attended the occasional demo together, so I’m happy to agree with what s/he has to … Continue reading

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Grinch dhimmis strike again A dear friend of the Tundra Tabloids mentioned the following concerning this story, in the FPN.DK. We were both aghast at the ease in which portions of society, in the willingness to be tolerant, would so brazenly … Continue reading

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