Ezra and the backwater imam #2

Once upon a time in Canada, the truth was an absolute defense in a court of law. I would bet the establishment still has those pretenses. I doubt highly that it is still the case. But for Ezra’s sake, lets all hope it still is.

Check out the 2 threats against Ezra in Twitter, one of them warning to kill him


New Blasphemy laws for the UK?

Yesterday on Feb. 9 2014, BBC1 aired the program, The Big Questions with its usual three segments. The first segment was a scathing unequivocal condemnation of the Catholic Church due to some well publicized pedophelia cases. According to the segment it was the only aspect of the Catholic church that exists at all. It was in fact, a slaughter of sorts. The one or two Catholics in the audience showed great grace and dignity in the face of it.

The second segment was on hunting in Africa and the one person they got to defend it of course represented everything a good Marxist is trained to loath and many cries of “rich American” could be heard.

The third segment was a little different. The question was, are some things too sacred for comedy? This time it was handled much more carefully.

In my opinion, this was part of the process of anesthetizing the British public to new blasphemy laws for Islam that are most likely going to be implemented. If I were to bet, I would say before 2020. Perhaps it shall be called the year of great irony where 2020 will come to mean the year you may no longer look instead of having perfect vision.

I put that segment below with 1 comment of my own at the start and at the end.

Lest we forget…

Death sentence given in blasphemy case

From Tribune.PK

[…] According to the prosecution, Imam Ali, 63, a resident of Haroonabad, was found drawing pictures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the walls of his room. […]

A nephew of Ali’s said that several lawyers had refused to take up the defence case fearing a backlash.
The judge also fined Ali Rs100,000.

So, for mocking the pirate Mohamed, founder of a personal sex and murder cult, both the death penalty AND a fine. Makes you want to run off and buy retirement property in Pakistan doesn’t it?

M, who sent this story in, also sent in this video of some raving thug who attempts to explain why no one should ever say or express views of mohamed and islam other than his.

Pakistan mob kills one over Koran pages


A mob killed a man and wounded three others over the alleged desecration of a Koran in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.

The violence started when some vendors allegedly found torn-out pages of Koran in a pomegranate crate they received in a shipment from neighbouring Iran, witnesses and officials say.


The repentant Danish imam and the cartoons that annoyed the world.

Yes, the religious muslims now want to kill him. But not for the right reasons. They want to kill him for apparently turning away from jihad and islam’s more violent precepts and directives while what they should want him punished for, is the massive fraud and deception he pulled even on them to entice muslims to riot against Danish and Western targets. Things including but not limited to, using a photograph from a French magazine showing a person in a hog calling contest with his hands behind his ears which this imam claimed was mocking the Islamic call to prayer, and even drawing a few really awful toons of his own and claimed they were part of the Danish newspaper’s collection. But of course this kind of deception to encourage violence seems to be welcomed in Islam so it is failing to continue that which motivates the actions in the second video below.

Meanwhile, here is his very recent speech to the International Free Press Society delivered in Denmark just a few days ago. I look forward to people’s impressions of him in the comments.

Here is an excellent and thorough history of the cartoon issue. (Thanks C.B. Sashenka)

The video below has to have been ‘shot’ post Aug 22 2013 as that is when the photo was taken of the Danish imam holding the Mo-toon cup with Kurt Westergaard

They steal from the church rectory and pollute

An original translation by Gaia

From Mantova Gazette:

Libiola. The money in the Grest disappears. After the theft, in a gesture of contempt, they do their business next to the altar. Four boys are recognized. The priest says: “I don’t care so much about the money, but that gesture …”

SERRAVALLE. First they gained entry to the rectory of Libiola and stole the money collected by the children of Grest, and then, still not happy, they entered the nearby church which, since last year’s earthquake, is a simple tensile structure made of plastic and defecated and urinated next to the altar. This was a contemptuous act of vandalism and sacrilege. The culprits were identified, because a woman saw them coming out of the tent. They were four boys of Moroccan origin, one resident in Serravalle, the others from Ostiglia and surroundings.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon, but the parish priest, Father Eugenio Ferrari, has only yesterday made an official complaint to the police. That day the parish house of Libiola, inhabited by two nuns, was empty and locked because the sisters, along with the parish priest, had gone on a trip with the children of the Grest on a day trip to a mountain resort. Undisturbed, then, the criminals broke the lock of a back door and entered. They climbed upstairs and also forced the lock on the bedroom of the Sister Superior. In a bag in a drawer there were about eighty euro, the takings of the third week of Grest, plus a portion of the proceeds of a summer risotto organized by the group of children and parents. Having carried out the theft, the group was still not satisfied to leave. They wanted to leave their mark. A mark of vandalism, that because the place where it was made, also takes on the meaning of a provocation, a disgraceful affront.

Without difficulty, the criminals cut the plastic edge of the tent used as a church and, once inside, they left droppings near the altar. In the tent there is absolutely nothing to steal, then having terminated their organic needs, the thieves-vandals are gone. Apparently, a local woman saw them run away and recognized one, the one who lives in Libiola. The police identified the other three accomplices after receiving the complaint of the pastor. Up to now, four people have been identified, four boys of Moroccan origin living in and around Libiola Ostiglia, but no action against them has yet been taken because the investigations are still not concluded. Meanwhile, vents, bitter, Don Eugenio: “If they had come to steal the money because they are hungry, I would not have made the complaint; would have forgiven them. But what they have done in the church is a gesture on which you cannot ignore, it is beyond description. “I’m sorry, because, as it seems, the fact has been made of four Moroccan boys – goes on Don Eugenio – They have shown contempt towards our religion. But if I had done the same thing in their mosque, would not my neck have been cut? “.

Jordanian lawyers file lawsuit against Google, producers over anti-Islam film



[6/13/2013 5:05:42 PM]
AMMONNEWS – A group of Jordanian lawyers filed a lawsuit in Jordanian courts against the producer of a controversial anti-Islam movie and against Google, the owner of Youtube.

The lawsuit was filed by the Freedoms Committee at the Jordan Bar Association (JBA), represented by Lawyer Nour al-Imam, Mustafa Yaghi, Adel Saqf al-Hayt, and Faisal Khoza’i.

An indictment decision was referred to the specialized courts on April 28, 2013, with the lawyers citing personal right against the movie “Innocence of Muslims,” which sparked major controversy and violent protests over what many Muslims considered as a major offense to the person of Prophet Muhammad.

The case was also filed against the producer of the 14-minute movie Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and movie director Alan Roberts.

The indictment decision was also filed against Google, the owner of YouTube, for allowing the movie clip to be published on their site.

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Egypt’s worrying rise in criminal blasphemy cases

Wow they actually take on a real issue!

Amnesty International 

Criminal “defamation of religion” charges must be dropped in a number of cases across Egypt, Amnesty International said today after a teacher was convicted for insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in the classroom.

A Luxor court on Tuesday fined Coptic Christian teacher Dimyana Obeid Abd Al Nour 100,000 Egyptian pounds (approx. US$14,000) for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad during one of her classes. It also referred compensation claims to civil court.

Her criminal conviction bodes ill for others in Egypt who have been facing trial on similar charges which the organization said are aimed at criminalizing criticism of or insult to religious beliefs.

“Slapping criminal charges with steep fines and, in most cases, prison sentences against people for simply speaking their mind or holding different religious beliefs is simply outrageous,” said Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.

“So-called ‘defamation of religion’ charges should not be used as a pretext to trample over people’s right to freedom of expression and conscience, and all such charges should be dropped, and the resulting convictions overturned.”

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