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With the speed of a swinging blade, freedom of speech gets restricted to more areas once blasphemy laws are allowed.

On the Blog Talk Radio program I did for a month or two, and at every opportunity I have, I point out that freedom of speech has only one function. That of protecting criticism of religious authority in all forms. … Continue reading

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Extraordinary MEMRI clip. A must see and must spread.

This very honest MEMRI clip from a former Iraqi MP on the Islamic State and their rationale. This man appears to be very reasonable as well. Here is just one of the money shots from this interview: The Fiqh, being … Continue reading

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Australian politician cares more about truth than career

H/T Don L

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French court uses sharia norms and Cairo declaration rules on infidel defendant

Remember this video we posted on Oct. 20 – 2013? Well this is what happened to her because of that. Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation. Please watch these two videos. This is a very important post. I think the … Continue reading

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An Original Translation by JLH Video translation by Oz-Rita From PI News: On Sunday, the peace and lazy tranquility of tourist activity in front of the Cologne Cathedral was shocked into attention by a spontaneous guerrilla-action appearance of the ”Anonymous … Continue reading

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Imam in Philadelphia attempts to cut off a man’s hand who is suspected of thievery.

This is  a very important item. More so than most because it speaks to an issue which is of central importance in terms of the cognitive dissonance that is costing the Western world so much in its blindly fought battle with … Continue reading

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Ezra and the backwater imam #2

Once upon a time in Canada, the truth was an absolute defense in a court of law. I would bet the establishment still has those pretenses. I doubt highly that it is still the case. But for Ezra’s sake, lets … Continue reading

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Brunei: ‘Stone the gays’ law to be phased in from tomorrow

Anyone think this will shift homosexual activist groups away from hatred of white Europeans, the USA and Israel? Didn’t think so. I wonder if there will be a gay pride march in Brunei? Or even one in Canada to protest … Continue reading

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More on the Syrian crucifixion

This is an important thing to get right. Not that long ago, a lot of websites were reporting on alleged crucifixions that took place outside the palace gates in Cairo during Morsi’s Ikhwan regime. There was no evidence of it … Continue reading

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Riots in the slave state of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania over koran ‘desecration’

Of course, real desecration is when someone reads it, understands it, and doesn’t like it. H/T M Story here

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New Blasphemy laws for the UK?

Yesterday on Feb. 9 2014, BBC1 aired the program, The Big Questions with its usual three segments. The first segment was a scathing unequivocal condemnation of the Catholic Church due to some well publicized pedophelia cases. According to the segment … Continue reading

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Interesting Dawkins video on leftism, freedom of speech and criticism of islam

This is from Dec. 27 2013. So reasonably recent. Quite good though. Thank you Softly Bob

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Death sentence given in blasphemy case

From Tribune.PK […] According to the prosecution, Imam Ali, 63, a resident of Haroonabad, was found drawing pictures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the walls of his room. […] A nephew of Ali’s said that several lawyers had refused … Continue reading

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The BBC, moral relativism and dangerous, even treasonous deceptions.

Yesterday I posted a story as part of the links & News of the day, an item about universities in the UK and gender segregation at lectures. I had another listen to it today and noticed what was said at … Continue reading

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Pakistan mob kills one over Koran pages

 MSN.NZ A mob killed a man and wounded three others over the alleged desecration of a Koran in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta. The violence started when some vendors allegedly found torn-out pages of Koran in a pomegranate crate … Continue reading

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