Islam in Europe. What is taught when they are unaware of observers. Denmark

The earlier links post referred to a hidden camera video of an imam in Denmark teaching pretty much ‘the whole megillah’ in one sermon, seemingly to Danish-muslim women.

Here, thanks to Tania in Denmarkis the actual video referred to in the earlier post.

Here is the story on it


Man fined for racism following comment on Facebook

An original Translation by Liberty Dk.

from this Danish source:

The Court in Elsinore has sentenced a man fined for comparing Islam with Nazism.


‘… The ideology of Islam is every bit as loathsome, nauseating, oppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists here to Denmark, is the most devastating event Danish society has suffered in recent historical times. ”

Thursday morning these words cost Flemming Nielsen 1,600 kroner. He was sentenced to four-day fines of 400 kroner for violating the Penal Code § 266 b paragraph. 1, also called the racism paragraph. This is from a judgement rendered by a Court in Elsinore.

The accused, Flemming Nielsen, had written the words on Facebook in late November 2013.

“I have not violated the article I have been accused of. I did not mention the religion of Islam or Muslims with one word. I referred to islamists and the ideology of Islam, “said Flemming Nielsen, immediately after the verdict to

It would therefore be obvious that Flemming Nielsen should be able to appeal the verdict, which he believes has restricted his freedom of expression, to a higher court.

However, he will not be able to do this as the fine falls below the minimum limit by which such judgments can be appealed.

Flemming Nielsen wrote the words as a comment to a post one of his friends on the social media had posted regarding a residents association where the board had been overthrown by members of the extremist Muslim association Hizb Ut-Tahrir.

The Elsinore Court claimed in its judgement that Flemming Nielsen had written in general about all Muslims, not Islamists in the narrower sense, as the convicted claimed.

‘The Court has in this context interpreted the “ideology of Islam” as relating to Islam in general and not only to the extreme part of Islam.

But it is a dangerous expansion of the racism paragraph the Court of Elsinore potentially has made, says Jacob Mchangama, director of the legal think tank Justitia.

“Thus, the Court in Elsinore has taken a major step towards expanding the racism paragraph to constitute a kind of blasphemy clause which indirectly protects religions from insult. We have otherwise rejected this in this country, since no one has been convicted of blasphemy since 1946, “writes Mchangama in his blog in Berlingske’s website.


Aqua Dulce (Sweet Water) California allows the drawing of mohamed in schools

 Victory for basic first amendment in a California school board


ACTON — Members of the Acton-Agua Dulce school board voted unanimously (5-0) Thursday evening to allow students to choose to draw Muhammad–or not–in one of America’s smaller school districts.

The mother of a 7th grade student at High Desert School in Acton had complained when her 12-year-old son brought home a worksheet from his history class two weeks ago titled “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.” The worksheet listed words such as Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad, and asked for students to draw images related to the words.

She then complained that the assignment, which turns out to be part of the approved curriculum, was inappropriate and suggested it taught children “how to insult a religious group.” The Los Angeles Daily News reported that district superintendent Dr. Brent Woodard told staff permanently to prohibit the drawing of all religious figures in order to prevent the offending of all religious groups.

(“There are times in history where ordinary people are called upon to do extraordinary things” Chris Burgard says in this video. This is a phrase I think all of us need to keep close to the chest for the next long while)

Please click through to Breitbart for the whole story. Also recently the Breitbart site seems to have far less opportunistic code and does not crash the browser or play unwanted files at this time.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new dark ages.

From The Daily Caller

School District Outlaws Depiction Of ‘ANY RELIGIOUS LEADER’ After Mom Protests Muhammad Drawing
A school district superintendent in semi-rural Southern California has completely outlawed all drawings of all religious leaders on campus because a history teacher assigned a vocabulary worksheet that asked students to draw images of Muhammad.

Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District superintendent Brent Woodard implemented the far-reaching ban after a single parent complained, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

The seventh-grade history assignment at High Desert School in Acton, Calif. was a worksheet called “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.” It featured several words including Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad. There was space for students to sketch their own images representing the various words.

The parent who found the assignment offensive is Melinda Van Stone, a chiropractor in nearby Palmdale.

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Links on the imminent Draw Mohamed event at the mosque in Az. where the jihadis came from who planned to kill all in Texas event

1. Family of ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Organizer Under Threat: His Attendance at Contest in Jeopardy

Jon Ritzheimer–organizer of the Phoenix “Draw Muhammad” contest scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday night–will have to cut his own attendance at the event short in order to stay home and protect his family after his home address was published, and his wife and children were threatened.

Breitbart News previously reported that Ritzheimer’s event begins at 5 p.m. at Washington Park on N. 23rd Ave. Bikers are going to rally there and then go to the center’s mosque to hold a “Draw Muhammad” contest at approximately 6 p.m.

2. Mohammed cartoon contest: Hundreds expected outside Phoenix mosque

3. Police ramp up for ‘Draw Mohammad’ protest outside Phoenix mosque

Arizona police stepped up security on Friday near a mosque for a planned outdoor protest by an anti-Islam group that includes drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, weeks after a similar competition in Texas came under attack by two gunmen.

Friday’s event, during evening prayers at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, is being organized by a former member of the Marine Reserve who posted photos of himself on Facebook wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Fuck Islam” on it.

4.  ISIL Announces It Will Attack Muhammad Cartoon Contest in Phoenix

5. Anderson Cooper sets rhetorical traps for organizer and attempts to destroy him rather than discuss his PoV.






AM radio call from the organizer of the freedom of speech event at Parliament Hill scheduled for May 20, subsequently cancelled, along with limits to Danish event

Here are segments of tonight’s Late Night Counsell from AM radio CFRA after the show host was made aware of the Free Speech event planned for Parliament hill tonight. Emails and callers including the woman, Alexandra, who organized the event called in to discuss it. Show host John Counsell was very good on the issue.


Earlier today, Vlad Tepes posted an article about a gathering for irreverent religious drawings to take place in Bornholm Denmark. The mayor of that town has now said that no drawings of mohamed should be shown at this meeting as of 1:30 AM ET. So early morning in Denmark.

Liberty Dk translated this article from the Danish press for us:

The peoples meeting must be held with words and arguments, not with deeply provocative drawings.

So says Mayor of Bornholm Regional Municipality, Winni Grosbøll (S), who flatly refuses to let the works from the recent “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” competition by American Islam critic Pamela Geller be exhibited at the political festival.

“The people’s meeting is about words and arguments. The drawings would completely short-circuit the debate. There is no reason to do that, and you can easily have discussions without doing it with pictures and drawings” she says, calling it an unnecessary provocation:

“They do not belong here. They will have to find a gallery or an art exhibition that will show that sort of stuff” she says.
It is the organizations “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” (SIAD) and “Free Denmark”, who are organizing the political “Progress Party” tent at the public meeting who wanted to include the drawings. Anders Gravers Pedersen, the head of SIAD, explains that they had intended to exhibit the drawings from Islam critic Pamela Geller’s competition. The competition was the victim of an attack in early May.

Two armed assassins who were self-proclaimed Islamists, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, were shot and killed as they tried to penetrate the arrangement in Garland, Texas.
Pamela Geller is known as a very vocal critic of Islam. She has, amongst other things, fought against the building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York. She has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.

Quebec school uses sharia standards to threaten a man to remove Facebook opinion about islam

This is a very important story and has a rather interesting peripheral message as well.

A Quebec father is rightfully furious that his child’s elementary school forced him to take down his opinion of islam from his own Facebook page under threat of being charged with a “hate crime”.

His opinion of Islam was that it was a “shitty religion” (which I feel is a gross understatement) because the school was teaching his own young child about islam which the father found objectionable as they already have a family religion.

The surprise element here is that the teacher was making the kids draw mohamed and somehow this is suddenly OK.

This is rather excellent proof of what I consider the unspoken axiom of sharia law.

Essentially that goes, ‘anything is OK if it is for the advancement of Islam, including drinking at a strip joint so long as the next night you are flying kufr aircraft into buildings, and drawing mohamed is also OK so long as its for indoctrinating kids to feel favorable towards islam. Otherwise, these are death-penatly offenses.

More proof that islam is less a religion than it is a system for manifest destiny.

This would be one of those news items where it would be good, if you are anywhere in Canada, to write the media, your local MP, any constitutional lawyers you might know and start a push back to make sure that no school or other institution ever tries a stunt like this again to any Canadian ever.

Thank you Blazing Cat Fur, PDB., Sassy for the translation and Gates of Vienna for the chat on this and the tech work and CB Sashenka for the editing.

What do French muslims really think of the Charlie Hebdo attack?

Article here

It is my belief that if one wishes to stave off the worst kind of retrograde totalitarianism, questioning, challenging and even insulting religion and religious authority is not just a right, it is a moral imperative for all people who wish to remain free.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

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Muslims celebrate the killer in Copenhagen as a great man with a heart of gold

If there was ever a video that needs to be sent to every media person, every relative, everyone in denial, and every politician in the damn free world, this may well be it.

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Family of Asia Bibi appeal for help over blasphemy charge

(Beyond the obvious horror of the story, I am posting this as a separate item because surprisingly, the BBC had the courage to actually include the aspect of ‘najis’, the idea that if a Christian or unbeliever touches something it is unclean and not fit for muslim consumption or use, in this story)


Asia Bibi, a poor, illiterate woman from Pakistan’s rural Punjab, has been on death row for almost five years after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, a charge she vehemently denies. In a rare interview, her husband has appealed for help from the international community.

In Pakistan, the mere accusation of blasphemy can be a death sentence. It is also enough to make the whole family a target.

This is why Asia Bibi’s family members have been in hiding for nearly five years. Soon after her conviction, crowds took to the streets calling for her death, some threatening to kill her if she ever got out.


Asia’s troubles began when she was picking berries in her village of Itan Wali in Punjab.

She had an argument with a group of Muslim women when she went to get water from the well. They said the water was unclean because a Christian woman had touched it.

Days later the women claimed she had insulted the Prophet Muhammad and Asia was pursued by a mob.

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