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No, it is not impossible to understand the leaders of the Islamic State

“It’s impossible to understand the minds of its leaders” It is only “impossible to understand the leaders of ISIS” if you never listen to them once. If you actually do listen to them and then check their sources, check the … Continue reading

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The Obama speech at the prayer breakfast. A retraction

I regret having posted a Fox excerpt earlier without checking the context myself. Obama did not mean that he was muslim when speaking to that audience. In context, he was saying that all faiths have been hijacked by people doing … Continue reading

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Adding the missing puzzle piece on Obama’s peculiar lexicon

Often, when consistent observations do not fit any acceptable theory, the public or pundits will feel they have to make up a complicated puzzle piece that allows observations to fit with an accepted paradigm. Authority hates a vacuum and humanity … Continue reading

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Suspended jail term for terror suspect Ahmad Naizmand who travelled on brother’s passport

From SMH AU “Jobless and lost”: Ahmad Saiyer Naizman outside court after an earlier appearance. A teenage terror suspect who had his passport cancelled by intelligence authorities used his brother’s passport to undertake a secret overseas trip because he was … Continue reading

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Three new newspeak items we all must hear and obey

1. Taliban not a terrorist group, White House deputy press secretary says 2. White House Taliban Not A Terror Group – The Kelly File 3. And now, courtesy of the Guardian, the single funniest thing i have read in a … Continue reading

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Germany: The Political Exploitation of a Murder

An original article by Carpe Diem: When Khaled Idris Bahray, a 20-year-old Muslim ‘refugee’ from Eritrea, was found stabbed to death in the courtyard of his housing estate in Dresden on January 13, it didn’t take long for the media … Continue reading

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France announces a number of new counter-terrorism measures.

A member of the current government of France announces a number of new measures to combat terrorism including hiring a large number of imams. For some reason. Related article from The Local Fr. Thank you CB Sashenka for the translation

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(Photo) Charlie, Paris, march against terrorism: Mahmoud Abbas is having great fun…

Original translation by Oz-Rita From Europe-Israel.Org Sunday, during the rally of solidarity with the French victimes fallen under the bullets of islamic jihad, the president of the palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, (who has a history of terrorism) made an appearance in the first … Continue reading

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Eric Holder: No ‘Credible Information’ To Determine Responsibility For Paris Attacks

Is it still a 5th column when it is the Attorney General? Holder: “We are at war with those who corrupt the Islamic Faith” H/T M

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BBC becomes more blatant in hawking its Frankfurt School agenda

Here is a clip from July 19 2014 the BBC should have used

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CBC interviews Mark Steyn and a sharia enforcer on the Charlie Hebdo images

The only surprise here is that the CBC actually hosted Mark Steyn. The CBC typically finds people to represent the side they don’t like, who are the worst drooling idiots they can find. More to say about this once I … Continue reading

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The White House reaction to the attack in France

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Ezra exposes more selective enforcement against Christianity and in favour of Islam in Canada

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Brian Lilley tells it like it is about terrorism, Islam and govt. policy at home and the US

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Another stunning Islamic State video

This one they subtitled in English themselves it appears. Its amazing how they can show video of themselves randomly shooting unarmed unprepared people they do not know anything about from a moving car to another moving car on a public … Continue reading

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