Charles Krauthammer adds value to the question, ‘What side is Obama fighting for?’ whether he intends to or no.

Comparing the US led effort to look like it is fighting the Islamic State to when president Clinton attacked our long term allies in Serbia is an interesting exercise. For one thing, they seemed to know where every strategic target in Belgrade was, as well as every precious artifact that should be spared for posterity. Clearly under Clinton the US military had some amazing intel and technology. Then you have today, where the US is incapable, by its own admission, of seeing a Toyota Land Cruiser full of jihadis in the desert at night because its lights are out on its way to destroy an entire city of priceless historical artifacts.

Here Charles Krauthammer makes some further statistical comparisons that ought give one pause.



He wants to ‘‘ban Islam in France’’: the Mayor of Venelles is hospitalized.

An original translation by Sassy

This material is from both AFP and Figaro

Robert Chardon was hospitalized under the involuntary confinement provision.

Involuntary confinement applies to psychiatric issues as per French law (How French administration explains the involuntary confinement –

Robert Chardon was forcibly confined to hospital this Friday as per a third party request for reason of ‘incoherence of his statements’ 

Robert Chardon also wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections ©
Robert Chardon, the (Bouches-du-Rhône) UMP mayor who tweeted many times that Islam must be banned in France was forcibly hospitalized this Friday.
Hospitalization was requested by someone close to him for reasons of ‘incoherent statements’. Robert Chardon, who is in cancer treatment, confirmed his statements and assured everyone his Twitter account had not been hacked.
“Absurd statements”
To say the least, the UMP vice-president (Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet) says that “she requested an ‘exclusion provision” for his absurd statements which do not reflect in any way UMP values.
Nicolas Sarkozy also reacted through tweets on his Twitter account. He “condemns this proposal” from the mayor of the 8,000 population borough:
According to Robert Chardon, “anyone that practises Islam must be immediately returned to the border”. He is asking for an amendment to the Constitution to achieve his goal: “I am asking to abolish the legislation of 1905 and to proclaim the Republic favors Christian values”.
He wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.
Should the UMP party evict him, he says he will “set up a new party”.
P.S.: Updated follow-up story from Figaro: he was suddenly hospitalized for health reasons as per his cancer treatment…
Involuntary hospitalisation confinement
“I risk exclusion”, Robert Chardon acknowledges to AFP (Agence France Presse). “Should this be the case, I will set up a new political party”, confirms the elected official who wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.
As per AFP who cites a source close to Robert Chardon, he had been treated for some months for cancer and was forcibly hospitalised this Friday afternoon. This hospitalisation request was issued by “a third party as a result of his incoherent statements”. Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia covets the presidency of the Council for Human Rights

An original translation by Oz-Rita with much thanks!

From TDG.Ch

Embarrassment among diplomats, fear and anger among NGOs. The Saudis want to chair the Council for Human Rights.

It all began with a rumor that has spread and reached the corridors of the Palais des Nations. Saudi Arabia covets the presidency of the Council for Human Rights impossible — unimaginable. However, this rumor is no longer a rumor. Faisal bin Hassan Trad, the Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, in Geneva since January 2014, is indeed campaigning in the Asian group to be its candidate for the renewal, which will take place by the end of the year.

Currently, the Council is chaired by the German Joachim Ruecker, whose qualities and commitment are unanimously lauded. Before him, it was an African, the Gabonese Nganella Baudelaire, who was not well-remembered among the NGOs, who were frustrated by his year as president.

The rotation rule requires that the next president of the Council of Human Rights come from the Asian group comprised of thirteen countries (Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, UAE, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Qatar and Vietnam). Faisal bin Hassan Trad has a very good chance, and the battle promises to be close. The Europeans will all try to dissuade members of the Asia Group from this choice, considered in advance as disastrous for the IMAGE of the Council for Human Rights. [emphasis added]

Arm-twisting by the Saudis

Saudi Arabia is twisting the arms of these other countries to be designated. If they succeed, it will be a disaster for the Council of Human Rights. “This could send us back to the worst times of the former commission who had sunk into disrepute,” says a Western diplomat on condition of anonymity. Continue Reading →

Important updates for Texas and Denmark.

A couple of updates. FOX radio said that both attackers are from Phoenix Arizona and they had enough ornaments on them to kill all 300 people at the event in Texas. More on that as it gets more solid. Also quite a disappointing bit of news from Denmark. Liberty Dk. just called from the march about to start in Copenhagen who informed me that there is a group called Fourth of May Initiative who have a FB page I cannot find yet, who received one hundred thousand Danish Kroner from the Danish government and are advertising for the jackbooted Cossack thugs who roughed up the Freedom Denmark group last week and are about to, by their own words, destroy them in less than an hour from now.

So like the discovery that Anti-fa in England was a paid group by the government to destroy the grass roots group the EDL, and like the discovery that the German government had created the astro-turf group that counter demonstrated against PEGIDA in Germany, this is another government paid group who are trying to subvert the will of the indigenous people of Europe to preserve the liberties and freedoms and rights their direct ancestors fought and often died for.

I will plug in the links to my claims as I find them.

Eeyore for Vlad.

First person account of the attack on the For Freedom march in Copenhagen last night by violent fascist ‘antifascists’

xAs they used to say, ‘Tis to laugh’

This was written by a friend of ours for us who was at the For Freedom march in Denmark last night, April 27th.


Waiting for the evening’s event I sat at a cafe across from Axel’s Torv where our Monday evening “For Freedom” marches start.

Earlier in the evening I had received a notice from a friend who would be unable to attend that there was a planned counter-demonstration by an extreme-left group called “The Revolutionary Antifascists” against the evening’s demonstration. I arrived at a café across from Axels Torv at 17:00, intending to eat dinner before the demonstration at 18:00 when I noticed that at that time police were already beginning to arrive and more were arriving all the time. Some were carrying riot gear.

That told me that the evening’s protest would likely not be very peaceful. And I was correct. At 18:00, when the demonstration began, there were about 200 counter-protesters and almost as many police officers in the area, plus 3-4 police vans. We stood in the middle of the square while the counter-protesters were on the periphery, shouting and trying to get by the police and get to us. The police did an admirable job holding them back.

There was contact here and there between the other group and us, though our actions were not violent, merely protective and defensive. We kept our cool as we usually do. There were, however, quite a few scuffles here and there, and the protesters were violent and belligerent. At one point a group of them grabbed our banner and tried to rip it out of the hands of the two guys holding it. There was a scuffle involving some of us, police, and the leftists, and we got our banner back.

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This same school taught that conservatism meant restricting personal freedoms. But Islam doesn’t?

Article here

One parent reached out to EAG News, accusing the school of indoctrination. This is the same school that once told kids that conservatism meant restricting personal freedoms.

So here’s the question: Were students ever told to pretend they were Jewish or Christian or Hindu? It seems to be a straightforward question – but one the local school district will not answer.

The two faces of Obama. Obligation Vs. Passion

Watching Obama’s Easter thing this morning reminded me of an excellent and generally useful Front Page article by Daniel Greenfield, AKA Sultan Knish.

It dealt with how one tends to approach a thing one is passionate about differently than one might approach a thing that we may be obliged to do.

So I did a little video comparing a number of things Obama said about islam Vs. things he has said when speaking about Christianity. Now while I did try and preserve the context of each speech, I likely didn’t. But that is not the issue. It isn’t about the content or the context of each segment. It is about his general attitude towards the people, religion, and culture of each.

Counter-jihad French blog responds to legal filing by hypocritical Paris mayor

This is a little complex so I may edit as details become clearer.

As it seems at the moment, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who made a public display of support for Charlie Hebdo, was lampooned in a cartoon over her breaking of French secularism laws to accommodate muslims. She then filed a legal notice against the cartoonist for the precise reasons that she stood up for Charlie Hebdo.

Below, an article translated by Oz-Rita

From Riposte Laique

In July, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, opened the doors of  the Townhall exclusively to Muslims and celebrated with them the Ramadan and so violated the secular principles of France.  In response, Riposte Laique  published a critical article including the caricature of Hidalgo.

On the 11 January,  Hildago threw herself  onto each microphone that would have her, shrieking  “Je suis Charlie” and declaring her eternal vigilance in defence of the Freedom of speech.

And that is the woman who dares filing a complaint for insult against the author of  this caricature.

Yet if you look at the caricatures by Charlie Hebdo whom she declared a “honorary citizen of the city of Paris” you will see her dopple standards to say the least. Continue Reading →

Iranian journalist covering nuke talks defects to West

(This article may be shock therapy to the remaining Obama supporters. If they do not respond to this, they deserve the world they will have to live in. But the rest of us do not)

From Times of Israel

Amir Hossein Motaghi tells Iranian opposition TV that US is ‘mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other P5+1 members

An Iranian journalist who was sent to cover the nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, defected over the weekend.

Amir Hossein Motaghi, who was instrumental in the election of President Hassan Rouhani when he served as his personal aide during the Iranian election, asked authorities in Switzerland to grant him political asylum.

RMontaghi told an Iranian opposition channel broadcasting from London that he did not see any sense in his profession as a journalist since he could only write what he was told to write.

According to the British Telegraph newspaper, Motaghi also harshly criticized the American role in the talks, saying the White House was attempting to persuade the other members of the P5+1 group of nations (US, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) to accept Iran’s point of view.

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Exactly where does the White House sit in terms of values and alliances?

Please don’t anyone forget to try and watch Bibi speak to Congress tomorrow, especially in light of the video above.

Also for the news, check comments under this post and the previous ones as readers typically post links there and due to some technical difficulties, posting will be slow for another day or so.


Here is the press release to go with the video above.

A message to Obama from an ex muslim

As if Obama didn’t know this stuff

For the rest of us, memorize the description of the uniform of the jihadi and educate everyone you know, even in casual conversation seemingly about something else in the chance that this knowledge might save them from harm or help them protect someone else at some near-future time.


Senate questions Muslim leader, Shahina Siddiqui, over alleged ties to radicals

Here is the whole session with Shahina Siddiqui. Hold on to your air sick bags for her initial few minutes and one senator in particular who can only think of one question for this clandestine CAIR speaker. How much do you want and how can we make sure we get you everything you need fast enough.

Here is an article at the Toronto Sun on this session. its worth the read as are the comments. Below, is a short segment of the whole thing from above where at least one Senator actually was hip to her nonsense and called her on it to the extent she could in a venue like that.

Notice the classic methods of dissimulation used. She condemns the loss of all “innocent” life. This of course means muslims because to a muslim religious enough to wear a garment proving your religiosity  on the head, innocent means muslims as the sharia explains it. Many of these kinds of devices are in every idea she forms.

Please check out Blazing Cat Fur on her claim that CAIR-CAN and CAIR USA are not connected nor have they ever been.