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Flash mob in Vienna against Israel. Some videos.

Thank you M for sending this material in. Maybe an expert out there can tell us if the gun is real at 54 seconds and 1:45? The Geopolitical think tank Stratfor, to which I used to subscribe, once detailed how … Continue reading

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French court uses sharia norms and Cairo declaration rules on infidel defendant

Remember this video we posted on Oct. 20 – 2013? Well this is what happened to her because of that. Thank you Oz-Rita for the translation. Please watch these two videos. This is a very important post. I think the … Continue reading

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Ezra Levant continues to bust Trudeau and the media apologists for the Montreal Mosque whitewashing.

This is good and its also good that we have at least one media outlet in Canada which is actually willing to do journalism as opposed to, as Ezra calls it, stenography. I have posted the relevant segment of the … Continue reading

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CBN: Jews as the proverbial Canaries in the coal mine

Web page here

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The complete segment of of the Radio-Canada doc. on the Asunnah mosque in Montreal

Yesterday I published an edited segment of the 2006 Radio-Canada documentary on a Montreal mosque that pretty much is as horrific in nature and ideology as one could imagine. I also added a small segment at the end of Justin … Continue reading

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More on the leader of Canada’s Liberal party and violent Islamic jihad organizations.

We posted a video yesterday which was a segment from a 2006 Radio-Canada documentary about a specific mosque in Montreal, which is about as much of a beachhead as a building can be, and Trudeau’s association with it. Today, Ezra … Continue reading

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Gaza supporters continue to show class

Thanks to a regular contributor that shot and sent this video

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Antisemitism growing in Calgary Alta.

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Spontaneous pro-Israel reaction to anti-Israel demo in New York

Some of the comments at the Youtube channel are also wonderful.

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“Jews to the Gas!”

A translation of an article from German media for Gates of Vienna: The translated op-ed from Die Presse: That Could Have Almost Become a “European Kristallnacht” Anti-Semitic mobs are venting their rage in Europe’s big cities, and that is less … Continue reading

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Is the world wising up to the real nature of Islam and its front groups?

At this link, there is quite an astonishing video, from the point of view of the now typical post-modern narrative usually sold on TV, of Hannity not taking any BS from a CAIR representative at all. Eventually he gets so … Continue reading

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UN watch addresses the UN on the Israel Gaza conflict.

Hey does anyone know what the UN resolution on the actual successful genocide of non-Muslims that was accomplished recently in the new state of The Tard Reich (AKA the Islamic State or, ‘The Caliphate’) by ISIL? Anyone? It must have … Continue reading

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Israel answers the usual leftist garbage

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A post of two comments. Israel, Hamas and moral equivalence.

A woman posting as ‘Sue’ wrote a comment on the current Israel/Hamas conflict under the post of the forged Netenyahu speech posted yesterday at this site. Her comment struck me as being so typical of many of the misconceptions that … Continue reading

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Mark Levin on FOX on Obama and Israel etc.

Recently I have gotten into the habit of listing to Mr. Levin, formerly a lawyer before he reinvented himself as a radio talk show host, while doing things that require attention but leave me free to listen, for about an … Continue reading

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