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St James’ Church London Being swarmed by hostile anti Israel campaigners

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Three links connecting former Egyptian president Morsi with Al-Qeada

Link 1: The first telephone recording between Mohamed Morsi and Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was from the presidential institution and lasted for approximately 59 seconds. In that conversation Morsi congratulated Al-Zawahiri on his release from jail and assured him that he won’t be … Continue reading

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Tower Hamlets. “It really is Britain’s first Islamic republic”

British people should begin to construct or renovate a building and start trials of their federal and more regional politicians over what they have done to that once great country. They should hold the trials even en-absentia but they should … Continue reading

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Cologne Germany: Aggressive Muslims disturb Protest against Persecution of Christians – Police watch idly

An original translation by Carpe Diem From PI News: If one has spent a day like we did yesterday – in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral of Cologne, but under very unpleasant circumstances- it gives you something to brood … Continue reading

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Has the pope lost it completely?

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren

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Amb. Bolton on US deal with Iran

This is very clear. Thanks Oz-Rita for the link Watch the latest video at

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A man in the UK speaks his mind about islam. Expect some prison time.

This story I think will be revealing of the new Kafka’esque UK than most similar stories in the past. In this video below, we do not know what his provocation was. All we know is, he had negative things to … Continue reading

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The woman in the church in Germany

First of all, I would like to thank Carpe Diem for his excellent work translating the second video, and the article from PI News for we English. This is quite a moving story. First of all, you may have seen … Continue reading

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Raymond Ibrahim on Obama’s War Crimes Charges

From Front Page Magazine H/T DP111

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Leader of Germany’s Freedom Party points out the brutal and grotesque hypocrisy of media reporting on murdered people by muslims

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Pat Condell: How gay is islam?

H/T EDL Buck

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Christians collect donations for mosque.

An original translation by Oz-Rita By Von Axel Richter from RGA Online Hartmut Demski confessed that a few years ago, the thought would not have come to him. However, at the annual reception by the protestant (Lutherian) parish, the superintendent asked the 140 … Continue reading

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The Glazov Gang – Daniel Greenfield on Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Romance.

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Inside the controversial ‘history’ text book being forced on American school children

Thanks M I think that when they talk about ‘defending islam’ it would help to watch this short video to understand the classic islamic sophistry applied to that term. H/T M As an aside, things are getting very bad in … Continue reading

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Socialist alchemy. The practice of converting reality into sanctimony

Recently in Norway, a book was published by a pair of Norwegian journalists, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland and Arild Opheim, called, ‘Uninvited Guests’. As I understand it, they were a romantic couple as well when a couple of illegal non-European immigrants broke into their … Continue reading

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