Whole article on German government coverup of Muslim rape gangs NYE Cologne

An original translation by Egri Nok

From German Magazine, De Welt



Attacks in Cologne


Who is it who does not want “rape” to emerge?

Two police officers report in parliament that they were told to cross out the word “rape” in a first account on the sexual excesses on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. But they stood their ground.

Explosive news around the New Year’s Eve night in Cologne.

The WELT has obtained an email from the Cologne police that describes how an account of sexual attacks was to be downplayed. Source: Die Welt.

Detective chief superintendent Jürgen H. of the Cologne police remembers very well how a phone caller from the superior authority complained about the “IE account” (important event report) on sexual attacks including rape.  “Those are not rapes. Delete this word, and cancel the whole IE-report. Best, you write it over completely from the beginning,” is what the caller from the control center of the police of North Rhine-Westphalia allegedly said on January 1 2016.

His tone was “impolite” and “harsh”, and then came the explosive addendum: The deletion is a “request from the Ministry” — referring to the Interior Ministry. Superintendent H remembers that he refused to tolerate the disrespectful tone, and he pointed out to the caller that the case of the 19-year-old, who had fingers inserted into her bodily orifices, was without doubt a “rape”.

It is a key scene, about which the experienced Cologne police officer reports on Monday in front of  representatives in parliament. The investigative committee on New Year’s Eve in Cologne tries to elucidate why sexual attacks on a huge scale could take place at the turn of the year 2015/2016 in front of the main train station of the Dome [Cathedral] city, and why the police did not intervene.

Apart from administrative failure, it is also about whether facts were trivialized, and errors downplayed, or even covered up, as the opposition in parliament, CDU and FDP, have come to suspect. The described “cancellation request” from the police control center, with reference to the Ministry, would therefore have to be viewed as a political interference. After all, the contested IE account was the account that first mentioned eleven sexual assaults, including one rape, and a North African group of offenders.

The NRW Interior Ministry has previously publicly denied that such a request for cancellation had occurred and stressed that the control center did not make a phone call to the Cologne police. The Ministry bases its denial on information from the national control center for police services (LZPD), and from the situation room of the State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA).

But the inconsistency cannot be dispelled that easily, as, in addition to Jürgen H., another witness before the investigation committee reaffirms the attempted interference. Detective Chief Superintendent Joachim H. from the Cologne police reported that he partially overheard his colleague’s phone call on New Year’s morning during shift change, and he too was wondered why someone from the control center of the LZPD would call. This was “absolutely unusual”.

What annoyed him even more was the doubt that it was rape. After all, the victim had been surrounded by 40 to 50 men, and fingers were inserted into her bodily orifices. To fail to acknowledge that this is rape is “from a professional standpoint completely off,” said Joachim H.

He conceded, however, that the organized sexual excesses along with theft and robbery were a “new phenomenon”, a “first case”, unknown to the officers until then. The officer perceived the cancellation request as a “shady threat” from someone from a regional authority, who probably “inflated” himself. The two Cologne detective chief superintendents were not intimidated by the phone call that lasted for about one minute at about 1:30 PM on January 1st, and did not change the wording of the IE account.

But both superintendents don’t know who the caller from the control center LZPD was. The committee is expected to find out who was on duty at that time, and summon that person. The supervisor at that time was deputy CID Director Heidemarie W., and she learned of the explosive call on New Year’s Day. A few days later, she informed the department head for police affairs at the Interior Ministry of NRW, Wolfgang Düren, about the cancellation request, so that he was completely informed. Düren wanted to prepare for the special session in the Interior Committee of Parliament, in which he together with NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) for the first time commented extensively on New Year’s Eve. But Düren did not mention the cancellation request  to the committee then.

However, he said something that  now brings additional complications upon himself. In January, Düren stressed that both days after New Year’s Day, January 2 and 3, there was intensive communication about New Year’s Eve, also with deputy CID Director Heidemarie W. of the Cologne police. But the officer now clarifies in front of the investigation committee: “I have to disagree with this.” It was January 4 when she, for the first time, talked to a member of the NRW Interior Ministry.

Lutz Bachmann fined 10,000 Euros for saying things about the hordes of Illegal Muslims migrating into Germany

Die Welt

District Court Dresden
Pegida-Founder Bachmann convicted for incitement of the people/hate speech (“Volksverhetzung”)
Pegida-founder Lutz Bachmann was sentenced to a fine of 9,600 EUR (11,516.00 USD/14,016.00CAD) for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people/hate speech) by the district court Dresden on tuesday.
Pegida-Gründer Lutz Bachmann has been sentenced by the district court Dresden for “Volksverhetzung” (incitement of the people/hate speech) to a fine of 9,600 Euro (or 120 daily fines in lieu of jail time of 80 Euro). The head of the islam- and refugee-adversed association is said to have denigrated refugees, and to have incited hatred towards them, in comments on facebook.
The 43-year-old wo has a criminal record for theft and drug trade denied that these comments were made by him. Prosecution demanded a jail sentence of seven months, the defense pleaded not guilty. The verdict of tuesday is not final yet.

Note from translator:

on Facebook, Pegida asks everyone to read an article on “epoch times” which, Pegida said, had the facts. But it is a bit disappointing.
All the article on epoch times said was that Bachmann was accused of having made comments in a closed Facebook group, before he became front man of Pegida, calling refugees “Vieh” (cattle) and “Gelump”. The epoch times article left it that vague. When precisely? what group? what was the context and who reported him, etc. – all these things one might like to know, they don’t say.
Maybe because the verdict isn’t final yet?
My English dictionary says “rubbish” for “Gelump”. But that is not a literal translation, the word Bachmann used literally means something like old stuff that lies around collecting dust in an attic, and it is certainly condescending, but really more old-fashioned than actually offensive.
It is interesting in contrast that recently the vice president of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel (Social Democrats) famously called people who are against refugees “Pack” (low lifes/vermin).
The official German dictionary “Duden” says “Gelump” (Bachmann’s expression) is a synonym for “Pack” (our vice president’s expression).
Bit of a double standard there.

A little cover humour with the leftist media

Egri Nok, one of our new hard working translators, has made an observation about some of the goings-on in Germany and Austria with respect to the anti classical-liberal propaganda that is taking place in the far left wing extremist main stream media these days.

Let’s have a look.

FAZ, had a cover story to expose how backwardish the AfD are, titled “How the AfD wants to live”, and the picture showed a retro family with dog and 3 kids. The horror!

FAZ cover original.jpg

The AfD jokingly responded by publishing a mock cover titled “How our opponents want to live”.

FAZ cover satire.jpg

German citizens place ad against Merkel in Swiss newspaper because German newspapers refused to print it

An original translation by Egri Nök with much thanks.

From the Berlin Journal

Berlin Journal
Bürger schalten Anzeige gegen Merkel in der Schweiz
Michael Müller –
26. April 2016

Citizens place advertisement against Merkel in Switzerland

Page 2 of the Neue Züricher Zeitung of Monday shows a ½ page advertisement with the title “Merkel still cheating on. How long will this continue?” The authors criticise Merkel sharply. The German chancellor is portrayed as a smiling hat player

[translator’s note: This type of play is illegal in Germany].

The advertisement in the Swiss daily cost more than 16,000 Swiss Franks

[16,000 USD/20,000 CAD].

But it is not aimed at a Swiss, but at a German audience. The NZZ is widely read in Germany too. The text of the ad obviously aims at German citizens:

Merkel cheats on!
For how long?
This is how the sham looks:

With the EU-Turkey-Treaty, Chancellor Merkel tries to convince us that she has got the mass immigration into Germany under control. But the facts show: the Turkey-Treaty is a sleight of hand.

1. For every illegal Syrian refugee, who is sent back from EU into Turkey, a recognized Syrian refugee can enter the EU and therefore Germany, as most EU-countries do not accept unlimited quantities of refugees. In other words: the illegal migration is rechristened into a legal migration – the mass immigration into Germany remains constantly high.

2. For this rechristening, EU citizens have to pay 20 million Euros per month!

3. As a “Thank you” for taking them back, Turkey pulled the EU over a barrel and achieved Visa freedom for Turkish citizens at the latest end of this year.

More than 74 million Turks can come to Germany without any Visa at all. The consequences? Bavarian Minister of Finance Söder warns of a Kurdish mass immigration, and the renowned Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer calls this Treaty a “monumental stupidity”, because the freedom of travel could start “a wave of illegal mass immigration”.

4. For this “monumental stupidity” the EU tax payers have to wire 6 billion Euro to Turkey until end 2018, to a country that tramples human rights, freedom of opinion, and freedom of the press under their feet.

Therefore we ask YOU to sign our appeal against the “Merkelian Welcome Culture” at www.rechtundfreiheit.de
[end of ad]

It is the Association for the Preservation of Law and Civil Liberty behind the advertisement. Why did this German group place their advertisement in a Swiss newspaper?

The media businessman Josef Konrad answers an enquiry by Blick:

“Except for the Hannoversche Zeitung, all large newspapers in Germany refused to print this ad.” The NZZ-ad has fully been funded by donations of the supporters. But they do not plan further ads in Swiss media.

About 3,500 people have already signed the ‘No’ to the “Merkelian Welcome Culture”. Now they hope to find more signatures through the NZZ advertisement “Merkel cheats on!”.

The name of those behind the association still remain a mystery. Media businessman Josef Konrad says, his cooperation with the association was only temporary, and he has no connections to the association.

“The founders and members of the association currently do not wish to appear in public or to be named”, says Josef Konrad, who is a member of the AfD Bavaria. It is a “loose association of concerned citizens from Germany”.

Muslims in Germany chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah hu Ackbar” in rapid succession

Doesn’t this story go well together with this one from the UK?


This may be from last year and even possibly 2014. The event is genuine, but it may not be from this month

Here is probably the event



Marine Le Pen turns around a CBC ambush

Thank you Oz-Rita for the hard work on this important translation.

The definition of bullying might be a state broadcaster that uses over a billion dollars in revenue they take from the public by force and then use it to push their own ideas on that same public, even though the mandate is to inform and connect the public.

In this ambush of French presidential candidate Marine le Pen, the interviewer managed to turn it around well enough that the station sort of hid it on their website rather than advertise it. Its worth the watch. Its nearly a template as to how people who are not cultural Marxists, AKA “Far right wing extremists” have to handle pretty much any legacy media contact they may have.

ZDF Deletes Böhmermann’s Erdogan Satire Video From Their Media Library

An original translation by Nash Montana

From Welt.De

It is not an April Fool’s day joke: Jan Böhmermann’s taunting poem about the turkish president has been deleted from the media library, because it does not conform to ZDF quality standards. Böhmermann consented to the removal.

ZDF has deleted an entire segment, published last Thursday, from Jan Böhmermann’s “Neo Magazine Royale”. The satirist read a taunting poem about the turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he had created an image which hit below the belt.
It all started in response to the German Ambassador’s summon in Ankara because of a satirical film by the show “Extra 3” 

He explained the difference between permissible satire and prohibited vilifying critique. In order to demonstrate the difference, he read a satirical poem that disparaged Erdogan – not without continuously pointing out that this was not permissible.

As ZDF has confirmed the segment had already been aired on ZDFneo. “The parody on “Neo Magazine Royale” from March 31, about the proper handling of the turkish president with satire did not correspond with the standards that ZDF has set for satirical programs”, the station explained. “For this reason, that segment from the show was removed.”

ZDF station chief – “there are limits”

[Screen cap of one of the finer moments]


Notice also the Turkish subtitles

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New movie exposing the Islamic jihad schools in the USA, taxpayer funded.

The movie is called, Killinged’ and the trailer is below.

Link to site here, and the producer/director promises revelations on the website as well.

The creator of the film was interviewed on Sam Sorbo today. Ill see if I can find an archive of it somewhere but the website and trailer should give a solid idea of the issue, and it is a very important issue.