Ted Cruz handles one of the oldest rhetorical tricks beautifully.

I wasn’t going to post anything else tonight but this was just too good. Ted Cruz, Republican presidential hopeful, was asked the Marxist version of one of the oldest rhetorical tricks in the book. The classic example of this is, ‘”How often do you beat your wife?” but its been updated to, “Do you have a personal animosity against gay Americans?”.

Mr. Cruz dealt with it precisely as he should have. If people do not like it, its a failure of the public and not of his character or thought process.

Leftists chant threats against specific classical-liberals while carrying signs about love in Sweden

As in the U.S., where the very same people who would have burned Joseph McCarthy alive for his attempts to stop communist subversion in Hollywood are banning Southern U.S. flags and exhuming the bodies of long-dead generals and their wives, Sweden’s leftists are carrying a sign bragging of superior values while threatening to physically beat specific people speaking in favour of  classical civilization.

Interview with Dan Park, Swedish artist jailed for subversive art, faces another potential trial for ‘racism’

On Saturday, June 27 2015, Dan Park gave a short speech at a PEGIDA rally in Malmö Sweden at which, a couple of dozen liberals were there demonstrating for individual rights and against sharia law, and several thousand self named ‘Anti-fascists’) but are, more likely by their own definition than the correct one) themselves fascist.

Right after he spoke, the police approached him and considered arresting him again for holding a banner which reads: “Islam – Fascism”

Here it is below:

Dan parks islam fascism

The police elected to not arrest him if he agreed to come in to the station the week of the speech for interrogation which he agreed to do.

The interrogation was today, July 2nd 2015 and this interview was done over skype shortly afterwards.

Swedish artist, Dan Park, gives short speech for PEGIDA in Malmoe Sweden

This is one brave man who gets the issue thoroughly, and has been jailed for his art in Sweden for racism. All who know him say there is not one racist bone in his body.

Islam equals fascism

Liberty Dk. was on the ground and has this to offer about the event:

I was at the Swedish Pegida demonstration this past Saturday and it was quite an experience. I always attend the For Frihed demonstrations in Denmark (every Monday) where we are surrounded by a couple of hundred police officers holding off several hundred antifa thugs throwing stuff at us.

In this case there weren’t as many Swedish police but these ones on the ground had horses and dogs, and I saw several people being led away. We were also well protected by double rows of metal fencing with a building at the back. They were shouting things such as “Fuck PEGIDA you can go” and such. A veritable sea of fuckfingers constantly waving everywhere from the “peaceful “ counter demonstrators.

I did have one funny experience, I was showing the two finger peace signal and there was one young protester at the front who caught my eye as he was showing the peace sign as well, though in a way so as not to be seen by the others. I even got a smile so there was support to a small degree. In any case, we held our speeches with controversial artist Dan Park as the last speaker. Then Dan Park and another of our group went forward with a banner that read Islam = Fascism. This was apparently too much for the police and they immediately confiscated the banner.

After the demonstration they pulled Dan Park aside, I was watching from the sidelines, and were discussing with him about the banner. They were also asking why he was wearing the star of David and he said that he was showing it in support of the jewish people. In any case they did’nt arrest him but he was called in for questioning (interrogation) not once, but twice this coming week.

It is not unlikely that he will, again, end up in jail which he already has been a couple of times because his art does not adhere to the Swedish political correct narrative.

Liberty Dk.


A proper edit of the OSCE meeting on security and free speech from May 2015

This is the third edit of this video although the second one was only published for an hour or so, and deleted.

The reason for so much effort on it, is that two things make it very important that needed to be underlined in the video.

1. That this meeting and these panelists matter. They affect our lives

2. That their reasoning ranges from what appears to be a dedicated pursuance of an Alinksy narrative for the destruction of nation states world wide, to simple political correct naiveté at best.

I had the opportunity to sit down and go over it with one of the participants fully and this is the result. I hope you will all feel it is worth ploughing through for a second (and for a few of you, a third) time.

France. The shape its in. A decapitation literally and figuratively

Just two items.

LIVE: Man decapitated in ‘Islamist attack’ in France

One man has died and several people were hurt after an attack on a factory, near Lyon in central France on Friday. The attacker was reportedly carrying an Islamist flag.

An attacker carrying an Islamist flag killed one person and injured several others Friday at a gas factory in eastern France, according to a legal source.


The suspected attacker entered the factory and set off several small explosive devices, the source said. A decapitated body was found nearby the factory, another source said.


“According to the initial findings of the enquiry, one or several individuals on board a vehicle, drove into the factory. An explosion then took place,” said one of the sources.


“The decapitated body of a person was found nearby the factory but we do not yet know whether the body was transported to the place or not,” added this source, adding that a “flag with Arabic writing on it was found on the scene.”

Daily Mail link here

OK. But what about the indigenous French. How are they being teated?

Press release of June 24, 2015
A video released by the Taxpayers Association and already viewed more than 500,000 times, has, justifiably aroused the indignation of many French.
In this video, Angelo, a young French dad, thrown out on the street with his young family following the loss of his employment, tells how he is forced to beg in order to provide a home for their baby.
None of the State Assistance- or Community- structures he approached could give him any help. “They told me that, if I had been an asylum seeker or in an irregular situation, there would be the solution of hotel accommodation for us, but only immigrants are accommodated in that hotel. The young father shares his distress and legitimate anger.
The tragic story of Angelo is unfortunately not an isolated case: 
The millitants “Identitaires” participate every winter in the operation “Generation Solidarity” among homeless and are regularly confronted with similar situations. The majority of people living in the street are of French origin, while illegal immigrants are taken in charge by the State, through the State Medical Aid (which covers all  their medical expenses from the smallest to the most expensive) and  through emergency accommodation. On June 12, a statement from the city of Nanterre informed us that 30 (French) homeless had to leave a reception center so that illegal immigrants could be housed there!
Unlike some of these illegals, Angelo asks for nothing. He did not ask for money but above all employment, preferably in hospitality, in his region of La Rochelle. If you can help, please contact us on contact@generation-identitaire.com. We also pass on to him your messages of support.
(Thank you Oz-Rita  and Carpe Diem and Maria J. for both these items and the translation of the video)

Stephen Coughlin and others question the thinking of OSCE censors in Europe

While many find the war footage and torture footage of the Islamic State etc. to be frightening and of great concern, and indeed it is, these back room committees of groups of probably well meaning people who’s decisions and policies will and have come to affect us all in terms of what we are allowed to know, is the most frightening of all. When one of the censors openly admits that in France the media is made to lie to the public to protect the image of islam, this should be viewed as the totalitarian and criminal thing it is. Imagine if these people had real power. The kind that puts people in reeducation camps or tortures them into the right kind of thinking.

Here is the link to the event

and here is the link to the entire 2 hour video of the event

Dutch Government/TV station sabotage Geert Wilders’ planned broadcast

Showing that the Netherlands, like most of Europe and Canada, are at least partly under the sharia and moving more that direction and away from our own cultural and constitutionally mandated laws where they conflict with islamic values.


Wilders blames sabotage for failure to broadcast Mohammed cartoons

The national public broadcasting company NPO is investigating why a party political broadcast by the PVV showing anti-Mohammed drawings was not transmitted as planned. PVV leader Geert Wilders pledged to show the drawings during the broadcast but instead an old item was aired instead. Wilders has accused the public broadcaster of sabotage and has now placed the item featuring the cartoons, which is 2.45 minutes long, on YouTube. The video is due to be broadcast twice more later this month

Below, is the official PVV press release on this issue


Dutch public televison sabotaged broadcast Muhammad cartoons


Today, it looks like the Dutch public television sabotaged the political broadcast by the Party for Freedom.

In this broadcast, PVV leader Geert Wilders wanted to show a selection of Mouhammad cartoons from the Garland exhibition, which was attacked by terrorists last month.


Geert Wilders: “It is an absolute disgrace, if the public television censored a broadcast by a political party. Freedom of speech has been violated. This is scandalous in a democratic country!”


Now, we will show the cartoons on June, 24 at 17.55 pm on NPO1


Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief video No. 10 (final)

This is the last video of the Red Pill Brief given in Vienna in May. There is still a Question and answer session which will need extensive editing. But now all 10 videos of the actual lecture are edited and online. We have put them all on a dedicated page for them here.

Stephen Coughlin Red Pill Brief part VII

The rabbit hole doesn’t just go deep. It branches out, forms a warren and gets so extensive it weakens the ground above. And wouldn’t you know it, that was the plan all along.

This link will take you to a post with segments I through VI

There is actually still more of this brief to come. I hope all who have managed to follow it this far have sent the links out to people you know and asked for opinions. It would be interesting to know how it affects people who may not be as dialed in to the organizations which have subverted our culture in the past 50 odd years.