The Acid Test

There is, among those of us who fight Islamic and leftist totalitarianism and global manifest destiny, a kind of acid test of acceptable affiliation. Its an easy one really. Those of us with whom we choose to affiliate must recognize Israel under the same set of criteria they would any other nation on Earth. This means they must not be antisemitic, as typically anti-Israel people apply an impossibly high standard to Israel in order to demonize and delegitimize it when it inevitably fails that impossible standard.

The most probable reason for doing so, is it is a Jewish and liberal state more or less based on a free market system in the same way the rest of Western states are more or less free market.

This makes it unacceptable to Muslims, who must rule the world by sharia and doubly so because their scripture commands the extermination of Jews and Israel as a Jewish state and Jews were the first to reject the founder of Islam, Mohammed,’s alleged divine right to rule.

It also makes it unacceptable to socialists/communists who initially had hoped for a secular communist state of Israel which would live in harmony with its Muslim neighbors. Of course this required them not to be Muslims but just some other kind of communist, but reality never stopped a communist from killing to create a Marxist utopia.

Here is a brilliant example of a true rational liberal from Australia. A new Senator named James Paterson. An excerpt from his maiden speech given on March 15 2016

Lets contrast that with this official US government map of the region:

Notice anything missing? Tiny Gaza is listed, but not the official, 6,000,000 people strong, world-leader in patents etc. state of Israel.

As time goes by, and more and more of those who fight on behalf of a free and classical civilization get frustrated and frightened, the tendency to blame the Jewish people for this problem, the one that Merkel and Obama and others can easily be seen to be the prime movers along with financiers such as George Soros etc. grows like a cancer.

Yes, there are Jewish leftists who follow multicultural policy like the useful idiots they are. Then you have truly pernicious Jewish activists such as Barbara Lerner Spectre, who truly is all that the antisemites claim the jews are, and has been referred to as “God’s gift to the Ku Klux Klan”.

But it must be understood that neither Babs Lerner nor George Soros are connected by anything actually Jewish other than ethnicity perhaps. And to blame their Jewishness for their actions would be identical to blaming the communist millions-of-killed by Mao Zedong on his being Chinese.

There is a mountain of Jewish activists working for freedom and Jeffersonian liberalism. They just don’t make a big deal out of their Jewish heritage as it shouldn’t matter. In fact its typically the leftists who form groups like “Jews against Trump” because they don’t have a real argument and stick to vectors of attack via ethnic identity for the sake of cultural Marxism. Just like feminist groups and Black Lives Matter etc. etc.

There is no scriptural basis for the destruction of Greek thought and English legal thought in Jewish history nor in any other component of Jewish doctrine. (I speak here of course, of real Jewish doctrine not forgeries or imputed texts written by historical Nazis of one stripe or another)

Here is one example of a liberal Jewish man fighting for all our rights to freedom. He is likely Jewish but only refers to his time proudly serving the United States in the armed services as his credentials and not what gene pool he happens to be from.

For every Babs Lerner, there are a thousand like Aaron Wiess in the video above.. How do I know? I work with dozens of them, fighting for all our rights to freedom of speech and all that entails. And it is my great honour to do so.

And this brings me to the thing about which, I want to apply a powerful spotlight.

For those that remember the attack by religious Muslims, probably from Pakistan’s ISI against India via the attacks in Bombay Nov. 2008, there was a notable aspect to it.

The terrorists, being in fact, terrorists, intended to do as spectacular an attack as they were able to do with the limited number of people and ordnance they could smuggle into India via light water craft. The bigger the attack, the more terror. But they chose to use a significant portion of those resources to go after a Chabad house at the other side of the city in order to kill Jews. This meant that the strategic objective had more than one component. Had they not done that, they may have been able to significantly increase the number of dead and amount of damage and terror caused.

The exact same thing for the attacks against Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Significant resources went into killing people at a delicatessen on the other side of Paris. Frankly most terrorist attacks in the West have a component of murdering Jewish people. So we can see where the dividing line is.

Now lets look at the inverse case.

We have a historic and monumental speech by Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban.

In it, he quite clearly states that importing antisemitism into Hungary (meaning Muslims who are ideologically obliged to it) is unacceptable.

Lets think about the strategic resources spent on such a statement in this speech.

Hungary has a political party, Jobbik, that are actual Nazis.

This is not a fringe party. They have seats in Parliament. They have influence and a following. For Orban to make this statement

“We shall not import to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and synagogue-burning anti-Semitism.” (7 mins 31 seconds on video)

must be taken very seriously. He spent real political capital to say this in the exact same way that terrorist groups spent resources to do the opposite.

In this, Orban has established himself firmly as a true liberal in the Jeffersonian sense. He has earned our respect and passed the acid test at potentially great cost to himself. He could be much more popular and have a larger mandate if he went the other way perhaps,  or by just not saying that one line.

And so I put it to suicide-Jews out there who still rest on sanctimony and leftist feel-good politics and demonize what the left and leftist media tells you to demonize without thought and without research, you must support this man and all who think like him should you wish your children to enjoy sharing the oxygen in the atmosphere, and if you wish your grandchildren to see adulthood.

This is it.

Your last chance, Children of Israel, to recognize who genuinely holds your basic interests at heart.

I suggest that the opportunity to support such as he is taken.

Carpe diem.

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Muslims and leftists object to celebrating the defense of Western civilization from Islamic invasion in history

This is stunning. Its like something the Python gang would have done in the 70s.

Yes you see this right. The legend of the Croissant, which may or may not be true but should be, is a source of ‘Islamophobia’ and yet the Muslims had laid seige to Vienna and were intending to sack and look at rape and kill its residents as they did to Constantinople and then on to the rest of Europe. This is horrifying historical revisionism.

Paul Weston interview in Montreal. After the speech

After the kerfuffle by ANTIFA and their Islamic partners/directors in Montreal, to try and stop the Paul Weston presentation booked at Ruby Foo’s March 8, I had a chance to sit down with Paul and ask him a few questions that have been plaguing me. This was pretty late in the evening and after a very long day for everyone.

Doctors Without Borders but with lots and lots of Muslims

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita

From this website 

I had suspected this organization of being infiltrated for a long time. But it’s worse than I thought: the French secret services connected to the Muslim Brotherhood! In addition, supreme perversity, they use this prestigious NGO to serve as a screen for the dirty work of the French state, using hospitals as a shield in the style of the “Islamic State”! Nauseating!

MSF have acted alongside terrorist groups against the state and the people of Syria


Bashar Jaafari’s accusations against Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières = MSF) do not surprise us. Members of MSF have played the same role as spies in Syria that Médecins du Monde have played in Gaza. We have exposed MSF’s commitment to the side of the armed groups since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, (*).

Its members have entered Syria illegally, guided by secret agents linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, in supposedly “liberated” areas, where mercenaries, funded originally by Qatar, were established to attack the Syrian state, its infrastructure, its people. They were the source of false propaganda campaigns from the armed groups. [Silvia Cattori]

© 2016 AFP Pierre Andrieu

Damascus accuses MSF of acting for French intelligence

Damascus accused the members of the NGO Doctors Without Borders deployed in Syria to work on behalf of French intelligence.

Employees of the MSF hospital destroyed by a missile in northern Damascus on Monday were working for the French intelligence services, the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari said.

“The so-called hospital was installed by the French network called Doctors Without Borders which is a subsidiary of French intelligence on Syrian territory, without consultations with the Syrian Government “, M.Jaafari told reporters. According to the diplomat, the hospital staff were operating without permission from Damascus.

“They assume all the consequences of this act because they did not consult the Syrian government,” he stressed.

Previously, MSF reported the destruction of the hospital located in the Syrian province of Idleb. According to the organization’s data, at least seven people, including five patients, a doctor and a guard were among the victims of the attack.

The Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riad Haddad has subsequently accused the US air force of destroying the MSF hospital. The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for his part said that a Russian missile had struck the installation

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French government doubles down on totalitarian crushing of ideas critical of regime

This is serious.. Four people arrested at a demonstration critical of the arrest of General Piquemal two weeks ago in Calais

at the Calais demonstration on Feb.


The arrest can be seen here in the video below, which was surprisingly difficult to find. It seems like the videos with the name of the General don’t show the arrest. You have to watch ones that don’t get the name right to see one that does. Curious that.

I guess totalitarian regimes know a Casus Belli when they see one.

Calais, the protest, the hero, the turn-around and the questions

As this site reported, during the protest in Calais by PEGIDA that the government banned but citizens did anyway, a former general and commander of the French Foreign Legion in the 1990s, General Piquemal, was the figurehead and champion of the people of Calais for this demonstration.

Regula readers of this site might have noticed a somewhat conspicuous absence of information after the brutal and well videotaped arrest of the General by police, even while ‘ANTI-FA’ violent protestors went unmolested.

The General was in jail that night and in hospital the next, after which he gave a stunning speech about how wrong he was to be at the protest and made other noises consistent with current government policies in France today. After he was released, he made another sharp turn and spoke again about the plight of the indigenous French.

It will take some time and research to come up with some kind of definitive explanation for these events but the video below may offer some data points at least. It would not be unfair to suspect that the General may have experienced some kind of government pressure to say the things he did subsequent to his release. But this is speculation for the moment.

Christine’s site is Like PI News and Riposte Laique, a very significant and important site to the European counter-Jihad

Wilders: Labour has blood on their hands if someone shoots me

(This is an unprecedented second press release by Geert Wilders, Dutch MP, in one day)

image002If someone assassinates Geert Wilders, all of the Netherlands will know that the blood is on the PvdA’s hands, the furious PVV leader said in response to PvdA chair Hans Spekman calling him a danger to democracy and society.

Wilders told BNR that the PvdA is trying to demonize him, like they did with Pim Fortuyn, who was killed in 2002. “The suggestion that I am a threat to democracy is not only very inaccurate, it also shows that the PvdA learnt nothing from history. We saw with Melktert and Pim Fortuyn where demonizing leads”, Wilders said to the broadcaster.

“What do you do with someone who is a danger to democracy? We saw what Volkert van der G. thought should be done with Pim Fortuyn. Again, I hope that the bullet does not come, but if that bullet comes from the left, then the Netherlands will know that the PvdA letters are written on its side.”

Click here to view a video of  an interview today with Geert Wilders, and here to view this article on the website of NL Times.

(We are a couple of hours away from having a titled version of the Geert videos)


France: A resident of Calais describes how cultural enrichment actually works

Published 8. February on Riposte Laique
this was recorded on the 7 February 2016  during a day at Rungis
(10 km outside of Paris because Patriots did not get permission to demonstrate in Paris). There were 12 speakers, one of them was SIMONE HÉRICOURT, a native of Calais. This woman touched the room, describing what Calais was before the “Jungle”. Now violent Illegals make life hell for Salesians. They feel (and ARE) abandoned by the Government and live in fear. 
This, to me, seems a microcosm (albeit a rather big one with 18,000 illegals living in the Jungle) of what is now happening in Europe and will happen globally if we cannot stop it. 
The speech is relatively long at 1/4 of an hour, but it is so raw and authentic that’s probably why I became the most poignant moment of that day  for the people in the salle, despite 11 other speakers of high caliber.