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Check this video of protestors taunting police after the shooting of 2 officers in Brooklyn. Notice the face covering and issues raised at 50 seconds

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An odd conversation between Yemeni muslims and President Obama

The Yemenis explain why they killed the hostages after Obama ruined the rescue mission by ordering the soldiers to act like police: Obama responds with his total lack of regrets

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Brian Lilley exposes the naiveté of a Canadian Senator

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Two videos busting the left and its moral inversion with islam

1. Pat Condell 2. On an American college campus, which is more offensive. ISIS or Israel? “Much of (the meat) is halal of course. Which means it has been fortified with extra cruelty for the sake of superstition” -Pat Condell

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Hannover Nov. 15th 2014: German police instruct protestors to hide German flag. In Germany.

Bayou Coyote added this video to help explain the police reaction perhaps

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one of the speaker at the Hannover protest against Islam

Thank you Oz-Rita for finding this and translating it for us. There were many other powerful and excellent speakers at this event which we hope to be able to subtitle and bring you as well, not the least of which was … Continue reading

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Israeli Prime Minister responds to the first year high-school insult delivered from the “senior ranks of the Obama administration”

H/T Dan F.

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Ezra Levant discusses the Islamic State’s victory over Kobani and Obama’s lies about it.

When we published the Islamic State propaganda video yesterday about the taking of a city of over 1.8 million people, Kobani, and the American propaganda saying that they had been repelled, I had mixed feelings about it. I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Who knew what and when about the rise of The Islamic State?

“In the end it took only 800 ISIS militants with the help of local Baathist military cadres, to secure a city of 1.8 million people.”

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The difference between a statement and an argument.

First, a statement. Typically, it is when a person makes an assertion about something where the truth of the assertion is implied in the seriousness with which that statement is made. An example might be, ‘The moon is made of roasted … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: Sweden is an example to the rest of us.

Here is the newest Pat Condell Video. Below are two videos on immigration and the Swedish economy which I think go well with this Condell Video. I posted both videos earlier today as well, so if you have seen them, … Continue reading

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General McInerney: There Is No Question We Are Deliberately Losing to ISIS.

FOX News interview General Thomas McInerney, retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, told Gibson that he believes there is no question we are deliberately losing to ISIS. General McInerney explained that all we are doing is making some piddling … Continue reading

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Sam Harris post-mortem on the Bill Mahar show which created a twitter-storm.

I reluctantly posted the clip of the segment when it first came out because pretty much everyone I knew sent me a link to it. Personally I found it painful to watch. In fact I don’t even recall if I … Continue reading

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A few data points on the death rattle of European peoples and culture. Don Laird.

An article by Don Laird. Have you ever wondered why murderous Muslim fanatics have committed the crimes they have? Perhaps you can ask a local Leftist lawyer who celebrates “diversity” and honours/ignores the crimes of Muslim lunatics in the name … Continue reading

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President Obama delivers a speech to the UN about US foreign policy today.

One man’s answer From this page at Jihad Watch Here is our response to Obama’s contention: (Posted earlier this month also) The Real Islam

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