Götz Kubitschek: A Call to Civil Disobedience

This is a speech given at a recent PEGIDA demo in Dresden Germany. Demonstrations of tens of thousands are not uncommon but this one was next level. Regular folk, accountants, professionals, family people are coming out by the thousands to oppose the lunacy of the Merkel government and the degree to which Islam is eroding their orderly and law abiding democracy.

Gates of Vienna has an entire post on it which is well worth the read so click on over. Below is the speech in which an open call to civil disobedience was made, in order to force the government to actually obey the law.

Strange times indeed.

Christian Refugee: “Germany is like Iran”

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German news site

inside of Priest Martens’ Trinity church in Berlin-Steglitz, a refuge for many Christian refugees, picture taken by Gottfried Martens.

Christian refugees are harassed and threatened in asylum camps. Many of them are therefore very disappointed of Germany, one man tried to kill himself. A Berlin priest wants to help, but the authorities walls up.

Elia Ali Reza fled to Germany, because when he converted to Christianity in his home country, he was threatened with death. Arriving in Germany, he had to flee again – from one refugee camp in Brandenburg, for fear of muslim co-residents. “I came to Germany because it is a Christian country”, he said on Wednesday evening at STERN TV. “But after my experiences in the asylum camp I feel like I am back in Iran.” All non muslims are reviled, berated and ‘impure’ in Iran, he says.

Joshua Paul from Pakistan has similar experiences. He had to flee, because as a son to a Christian pastor in his muslim country, he faced violence and death threats. The 24-year old lives in a refugee home in Hennigsdorf and he does not feel safe among all the muslim residents. He says, muslims per say are not the problem, there are some peaceful ones. “But those, that are here, they are very discriminating”, he laments. He says he thought that Germany was a Christian country, that helps Christians and that all people would be treated equally.

The Berlin Priest Gottfried Martens knows that these stories are not single incidents. He offers Christian refugees to sleep in his church, when they can’t stay at their respective refugee camps anymore. “In many camps they live after the shariah, and when you refuse to adjust to that, you will have problems”, he explains. Martens has tried multiple times to get help from the camp organization for the Christian refugees – with very little success. Journalists from STERN TV did ask at the Henningsdorf Refugee camp leaders, if they know of violence against Christian refugees. The short answer: “After consulting with camp management, social workers and the responsible department for the accommodations of asylum seekers in the County of Oberhavel there is no knowledge of such incidents within the community camps.”

“More conservative muslims than I can believe.”

In the STERN TV Studio conversation, moderator Steffen Hallaschka asked Martens, if muslims came to Germany whose cultural and moral concepts “aren’t compatible with ours” and if that’s why they do not want to adapt “this impression is one that has grown stronger in me, and it’s a lot stronger than I initially wanted to believe”, Martens says. “I had thought that at the beginning of this refugee wave, that a lot of the refugees were those that suffered under radical islam in their home countries, and that they would appreciate the fact that it’s different here.” But the percentage of “very conservative” muslims is extremely high among asylum seekers, a lot higher than he estimated. In comparison to previous years, the picture has changed drastically in refugee camps. To add insult to injury, Afghan or Iranian Christians have to wait three to four years until they can get recognition in Germany as citizens. Continue Reading →

Germany: “Refugees“ refuse moving into gymnasium – demand flats

An original translation by Carpe Diem with much thanks.

From this German news site

Chemnitz / district Markersdorf – On Friday the city wanted to accommodate 60 asylum seekers in the gymnasium at Dittersdorfer Street. 100 protesters wanted to avoid that, but that was not necessary. The “refugees“ refused to move into the building.

The newspaper reports: Police, protesters and helpers stood puzzled in the street. The “refugees“ were afraid to stay in Markersdorf for fear of assaults. But that was not the only reason. The Syrian woman Mai (20) said it clearly: “This isn’t comfortable enough. This is just a gymnasium!“

The asylum seekers, foremost families with children came from the initial registration facility in Adalbert-Stifter-Street and should be brought to accommodations run by the city. The flats are all crowded, thus there is a temporary solution in Markersdorf.

For the “refugees“ from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan this isn’t good enough. Interpreter Attar Nasser (48): “ The people are stubborn ,they absolutely want flats or a home.“

The atmosphere among the “refugees“ turned more and more aggressive. Some said loud, they wanted to leave Germany immediately and demanded a bus towards Austria. “Rather back to Syria than staying here“, they said.

At the moment there is no such bus. Detective Sergeant Rico Lenk (36) was stunned: “A confused situation. They should be willing to compromise.“

But the asylum seeker are not. They are playing for time and expect the city to capitulate. Police are waiting, too – for now. One police officer: “Tonight we won’t let them stay on the parking lot. Then we have to do something.“

For 6.00 p.m. there was a town meeting planned at the Bonhoeffer Church opposite the parking lot about the accommodation in Markersdorf. In addition, the city prepares another accommodation for “refugees“ in this district – the gymnasium of the high school in Arno-Schreiter Street.

Last update from Friday 9.50 p.m.:

About 60 “refugees“ still wait in front of the gymnasium. If they want to spend the night in the open or will move into the gymnasium, remains unclear. Half-Syrian lawyer Peter von Wolffersdorff (52), who got to know about the refugees’ protest via MOPO24 (the newspaper), rushed to Markersdorf to negotiate. The lawyer will accommodate a family with two kids at his home. Mayor Miko Runkel gave his OK for that.

(Video of protesters in Markersdorf calling: „We are the people“ from this German source)


Palestinian attacker of Danish police officer yelled “Allah hu ackbar” and had IS sympathies

An original translation by Liberty Dk.

From Jyllands Posten in Denmark

The 25-year-old Palestinian who today was arrested for attempted the murder of a police officer in Sandholm, was possibly inspired by the Islamic State and the motive for the stabbing may therefore be terrorism.

A statement by North Zealand police this evening.
Various clues found during the investigation indicates that the arrested 25-year-old stateless Palestinian, may be radicalized and have sympathy for Islamic state, police said.
The investigation of the case will therefore try to uncover further leads regarding this suspicion.
Extra Bladet learned that the 25-year-old shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ when he attacked the 56-year-old police officer working in the National Police Immigration Center. It means ‘God is great’.
“I won’t comment on that. There are details in this investigation, we won’t yet discuss. But we have found evidence that the detainee is radicalized and has sympathy for the Islamic State”, said Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen, North Zealand police to Ekstra Bladet.
Is perhaps mentally unstable
Police also believe that the alleged offender may be mentally unstable.
The 25-year-old has been known in the asylum system since 2013 and he has been residing in the Departure Centre Sjælsmark since July this year, where he is waiting to be sent out of the country.
The Palestinian man will be presented at Elsinore court where a charge of attempted murder will be levelled. The police will require closed doors in the court as it cannot be excluded that there may be co-perpetrators at large.
“We are working on the hypothesis that this is a radicalized person and so of course we must investigate the possibility that there may be other persons involved”, says Magnus Andresen.
Arrested in Sjælsmark
The 25-year-old was arrested at 10:05 in his room in the Departure Centre Sjælsmark, where he lives. Police would not say how police found tracked him down. His room was searched and this led apparently to the suspicion of radicalization.
Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen would not comment on whether police found terrorist propaganda and the like in his room, but says:
What we found in his room suggests that he is radicalized and has sympathy for the Islamic State.
The police now know that the perpetrator of the stabbing illegally procured access to the police building in Center Sandholm and apparently waited for the policeman to arrive for work.
The 56 year old arrived for work shortly before 03:30.

We know that the perpetrator illegally gained access to the police building, said Chief Superintendent Magnus Andresen. He would not say whether the offender had actually broken in.
The 56-year-old officer was surprised that there was light on, and first thought it might be the cleaning staff. He was attacked from behind and stabbed once with a knife, and a battle with the Palestinian man ensued whereafter he was stabbed twice more. The officer was hit in the shoulder, arm and neck.
During the fight, he hit the stabber several times and the and the 25-year-old has probably suffered some injuries, which he is now being treated for at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.
Apparently, the 56-year-olds was unarmed as he had just met for work.
After the terrorist attack on February 14 in Copenhagen a general order is that officers should always be armed when they are in service. But when they come to work, they must first retrieve the gun, which is locked in a weapons locker.


 Refugees canot sleep for fear of Islamic State members among them

At the Reception Center in Giessen lives a young Syrian Christian man by the name of Bashar Baroma. He is afraid and he can’t sleep at night anymore. He worries that there are supporters of the Islamic State (IS) amongst the many refugees in camp.

He reports that they repeat loudly certain verses of the Koran, which awaken terrible memories in his mind. They are verses and words that IS fighters chant, before they cut the heads off their victims.

“I can’t remain here, with the IS and everything, I am a Christian and I am afraid.”

Cops shoot dead Islamic extremist in Berlin after he stabs policewoman in the street

The Iraqi man – believed to be a member of a terrorist organisation – seriously injured a female officer before another officer shot and killed him

(German vid at site. Translation may be underway)

Police in Germany have shot dead an Islamic extremist in Berlin, according to reports.

Cops said on Thursday that they had shot dead a man known to be a member of a “terrorist” organisation after he attacked a policewoman in
western Berlin with a knife.

“He had been convicted of being a member of a terrorist association and of being involved in a plot to murder the Iraqi prime minister,” Berlin police said on Twitter.

The unnamed man is believed to be an Iraqi immigrant and a member of a terrorist organisation.

BBC report here with additional pictures and history

H/T Carpe Diem

(I’m sure Merkel will explain how its somehow the fault of the Germans)

German muslim Facebook group, Commentaries for Peace translated.

Facebook has a somewhat new  Facebook group which collects comments about Islam and its relationship with Germany. Its mission statement is: to collect all “peaceful religion” Nash Montana was thoughtful enough to collect some of these and translate them for us complete with screen caps.

From the page:

“On this site we will show commentaries that are visible on Facebook and other social media every day, but that the media will never tell you about…”

(The page may not show for you as you have to be invited to like the page and then you can see it or some FB procedure very much like that)

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.25.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.19.33 AM-1

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Turks and kurds mix it up in Stockholm Sweden

It seems that yesterday was a Europe wide conflagration between Turks and Kurds. We have videos from Germany and Switzerland and now Sergels Torv (square) Sweden.

An original translation from Liberty DK.

From this Swedish News site



A demonstration at Sergel Square in Stockholm held on Sunday afternoon became a little unsettled.
A group of Turks and a group of Kurds started harrassing each other and the police had to intervene.
There have been thrown some bangers, (firecrackers?) says Sven-Erik Olsson from the Stockholm police.
During the day today, there was a demonstration in Sergel Square. The afternoon ended but then it became a little unsettled.
We were trying to separate the two factions, says Sven-Erik Olsson of the Stockholm police.
Aftonbladet reporter on the scene, Victor Stenquist, confirmed that the police had to use batons to avoid a clash between the groups.
Police cordoned off Klarabergsgatan and reportedly closed several entrances to Åhlens (department store).
But now it is peaceful, said Sven-Erik Olsson later.
13 people were detained and taken into custody according to the Police Act.
Two people were arrested for assaulting a person who was taken to hospital.

[The video at this Facebook page may give an indication of what Aftonbladet means by “unsettled”]

Over a Dozen Injured in Riot near Bern, Switzerland

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Swiss site

Riots broke out between participants of an authorized and an unauthorized demonstration. Turkish and Kurdish nationalists rioted. Four policemen were injured. A car slammed into a crowd of people.

In the early afternoon of September 12th, the inner city of Bern, Switzerland lit up when a group of Turkish and Kurdish nationalists incited a riot. A group of participants in a non-authorized demonstration occupied Helvetiaplatz, and attacked the police. They also attacked participants of another, authorized demonstration.

The police confirmed over a dozen people were injured, among them four police officers and one K9. This although even before the unauthorized demonstration took place, they were offered a different location by the police. But the group opposed the offer, so the police felt forced to clear Helvetiaplatz.

Both groups were heavily armed with bats, iron bars and other weapons, and it was extremely hard to separate them. The police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. After the riot, Kurds accused the police of being extremely heavy-handed towards them. Continue Reading →

Women and Children Come Last

An original translation by Nash Montana

(Read this one to the end)

From this German publication Spiegel

The average refugee coming from Syria, is under the age of 30, and male. Genders play an underestimated role. Where are all the mothers and daughters from the crisis regions?

Do you still have the pictures in your head? The masses of refugees at the train stations of Budapest and Vienna, the asylum seekers laying on narrow cots in tent cities, the worn down survivors sitting on mediterranean beaches in Europe: Fathers, sons and brothers on almost every picture. A few brought their families along, but most of them came alone.

Female refugees on the other hand: a rarity. As if there were no females suffering and distressed, as if the civil wars in Syria and Eritrea were a purely male matter. Why are mostly men traveling through the Balkan and over the mediterranean? Where are the women from the crisis regions?

The crisis in Europe looks like a mass stampede of young men: alone last year, 2014, two-thirds of asylum seekers in Germany were males, and more than 70% of them were under the age of 30. Europe wide the statistics look pretty much the same, and in the group of 14 to 34-year-old refugees, even three-quarters of them were male.

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