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A significant and honest Interview with Mullah Krekar, a parasitical but influential muslim leader living in Norway

If one adds this interview of Feb. 25 2015, which in my opinion is one of the most honest and significant interviews with a muslim spokesman I have seen in some time, with the article from the Atlantic, a true … Continue reading

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Sweden: Teachers criticized for Holocaust discussion

[It needs to be understood that the article below, translated from a Swedish news site, is not just another story about ‘immigrants’ denying the Holocaust. This is a story about a teacher getting in trouble for stopping an adult immigrant … Continue reading

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It is still very important that we educate ourselves and our peers on Islam

While the hour grows late it is true, we are not entirely past the point where educating ourselves and all we know about the basics of Islam in a dispassionate and well sourced way is of value. And while the … Continue reading

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What do French muslims really think of the Charlie Hebdo attack?

Article here It is my belief that if one wishes to stave off the worst kind of retrograde totalitarianism, questioning, challenging and even insulting religion and religious authority is not just a right, it is a moral imperative for all … Continue reading

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Muslim Youth in Copenhagen place tribute to killed terrorist

Original translation by SIMONXML From this Dutch News site H/T Tundra Tabloids Youth say they feel ‘discriminated’ On Monday, masked and unmasked Muslim youths removed flowers in Copenhagen from the place where the Islamic terrorist Omar el-Hussein was shot dead … Continue reading

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Every Friday from now on we will pray for Omar

An original translation by Liberty Dk. From Jyllands Posten: Monday’s unofficial commemoration of the alleged assailant, Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, escalated in a very short time.  Every Friday from now prayers will be said for him. Terror in Copenhagen – … Continue reading

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Muslims celebrate the killer in Copenhagen as a great man with a heart of gold

If there was ever a video that needs to be sent to every media person, every relative, everyone in denial, and every politician in the damn free world, this may well be it. (This is now going to be the … Continue reading

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Muslims remove flowers laid for the muslim jihadi who murdered Danes yesterday in Copenhagen because is it disrespectful to Islam to lay flowers.

Denmark: Muslims honor Palestinian gunman shot dead in Copenhagen Comment: COPENHAGEN – Monday Feb 16 3.42pm Dozens of bouquets of flowers were left Monday at the site in Copenhagen where the suspected gunman behind two fatal shootings at the weekend … Continue reading

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Name of jihadi released:

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein One of the Danes in our group has been telling us what he hears on Danish TV:   1. He’s born and raised in Denmark. No indication that he’s been in Syria. 2. He’s been convicted … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS! Valentine’s Day Shooting At Copenhagen Free Speech Event

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Britain first asks the counsel of Rotherham a few questions

BF page here

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Geert Wilders: Dutch Parliament, calls on Prime minister and minister of justice to act or resign

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One MILLION British children forced into sexual slavery by muslims. a million.

Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK (Video at site) Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror”   There could be … Continue reading

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LIVE: camera in the heart of the PEGIDA demo in Dresden

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Masked Gunmen Open Fire in French ‘No Go Zone’ as Prime Minister Visits

Breitbart: Reuters by Breitbart London9 Feb 2015185 Police in the southern French city of Marseille say a group of up to ten gunmen have fired automatic weapons at the edge of a housing project the same day as a planned … Continue reading

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