The doctor who didn’t want to treat the muslima

An original translation by Nash Montana

From Welt.De

A physician is standing in front of a judge because he refused to treat a Muslima after she refused to shake his hand. It’s incredible the kinds of cases Judges nowadays have to deal with.

This could have happened all over in Germany. But this concrete case comes out of a medical practice in Bergisch Gladbach, a small city near Cologne. There, a few months ago, a muslim couple entered the Practice of a doctor that the woman chose, to treat her. Everything went normally, first the initial registration at the reception desk, then the waiting in the designated area, and then admittance into the treatment room.

It’s there that the doctor extended his hand to the future patient, to greet her. She rebuffed his gesture. After the doctor’s inquiry she explained that this was part of islamic requirement. Her husband now interjected himself (why was he in the room in the first place?), and a debate ensued.

During this debate the doctor injected that the quran does not forbid such a handshake. Ultimately, the physician exasperatedly refused to administer treatment, since for him the basis for mutual trust had been irreparably impaired.

To be treated only in case of emergency

The husband, on the other hand, got himself a lawyer. And the lawyer now asserts the court that the refused treatment is in violation of the principle of equality, and has to therefore be fined with 2000 Euro.

The judge did not agree, but could not move the husband of the patient to withdraw his lawsuit. Therefore the process will continue on July 8th.

One can only hope that the judge will remain with her clear position in favor of the physician, since the base for mutual trust between patient and treating physician in our hemisphere builds the foundation of a successful treatment. And apart from that, any doctor in Germany is free to refuse treatment in case the basis of mutual trust is absent – with the exception of when there is an emergency. Which, here, is not the case.

It is an unreasonable demand that a german physician in his own practice has to deal with such cases. It is an even bigger imposition that a German lawyer administers to such a request and is willing to hang this procedure around a doctor’s neck.

How many real court cases are getting blocked due to such idiocy? Our Judiciary has better things to do. And who will pay for the legal costs in the end?


Brutal Knife Attack filmed on Video

An original translation by Egri Nok

From Bild.De

Google ChromeScreenSnapz006

Passers-by and a store detective care for the man with the knife in his back

25. May 2016, 22:45h

Dortmund. A woman sits on the floor, screams. Her husband (28) lies on the floor behind her, a puddle of blood beside him, a knife deep in his back.
Bloody attack in a department store in Dortmund.
The crime happened on Saturday at 6:25 pm in the perfumery. The attacker (49) fled, but was shortly thereafter overpowered by store detectives.
On Sunday he had to face the committing magistrate: warrant for attempted murder.

A witness was in the perfumery on Saturday at 6:26 pm. He says: The victim was just coming upstairs with his wife. Suddenly this man came and wordless stabbed him in the back.
While a female police officer was caring for the sheer desperate wife, an emergency doctor cared for the critically wounded husband at the elevator. On site the doctor removed the knife from between the shoulder blades. He was worried the blade might hurt the spinal cord. Then in the hospital an hour-long emergency operation. According to Bild-information, the man is out of the woods.

According to first investigations, the suspect took the knife in the kitchenware department. A clerk yelled after him that he cannot go upstairs with the knife. But the 49-year-old just walked on, appeared apathic.

The perpetrator is not known to the police. Allegedly he suffers from paranoia. Prosecutor Henner Kruser (44) confirms: ìThere are clues that the accused might be psychologically ill. He is scheduled to be examined by a psychiatric surveyor in a timely manner.î

The text of the accompanying tweet:
Andreas Wegener
Department Store Attack #Dortmund: victim (26) on the road to recovery. Knife stabber (49) allegeldy mentally ill. More tomorrow in Bild #Police
23 may 1:04 pm

AfD takes an hour of abuse from the Muslim Council and cancels meeting

Today, member of the German party, Alternative for Deuchland, (AfD) tried to have a meeting with the Muslim Council of Germany. The Muslims abused the AfD people for an hour, calling them nazis etc. until the AfD cancelled the meeting. Afterwards, at a press conference, AfD member Frauke Petry explained what took place.

Bad Godesberg: Niklas P. is not a single incident

An original translation by Nash Montana

From PI News:

After the racist murder of student Niklas P. by moroccan Walid S., there are now other german youths that made reports of similar experiences. What we, of course, have known for a long time, finally sees the light of the public: Young people and adults are afraid of the evening hours, because in Bad Godesberg there are now several no go areas: Rheinallee/Von-Groote-Platz (Rondell and Basteipark included), Kurpark and Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse.

Bad Godesberg 2015

5,918 criminal offenses, 237 cases of violent crime (murder and manslaughter, rape, robbery, dangerous and serious bodily harm). Street crime: 1,776 cases. Individually recorded are Robberies (86). Very often incidents are not even being reported, more specifically they are not being recorded by the police, so it’s only natural to see that the actual numbers are substantially higher.

According to the spokesperson for the police, there are half a dozen intensive multiple offenders. They usually hang around in groups with other youths, they stand out, they’re loud and hang out at different places. “We keep an eye on them, they’re regularly approached.”

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Suspect sits in custody for murder

An Original translation by Nash Montana

From this German news site

Main suspect arrested in deadly attack on 17 year old German boy. The police call him “C” as in “A, B, C” (cause it is three suspects) and confirmed he was born in Italy. Look at the fine print, and the picture that leaked:

“According to chief prosecutor Faßbender, a witness unambiguously identified the 20 year old as the person who beat Niklas. „Also, all components of the description of the [perpetrator’s] person fit.“

Main suspect leans towards violence and denies the deed

Walid S. was born in Italy, Piacenza, but has moroccan roots. He has been living in Bonn for a few years. And: he is already known to the police for violent offenses!
During interrogation, the accused denied being involved in the deed.

Robin Faßbender: „But he got partially caught up in contradictions.“ Among others, he stated where he was during the time of the murder. We were already able to proove that false“, said Faßbender.

note by translator:

What is interesting to note is that after the Antifa riot at the dead teen’s memorial, the press, like F.A.Z. and Spiegel, reported right extremists (!) had hijacked the event and good citizens had protested the right extremists.

No mention of the Antifa excesses.

Yesterday (tuesday) the main suspect was arrested.
At the same time, this whole topic disappeared from the front pages of F.A.Z. and Spiegel, the Germany-wide opinion leaders. Like it never happened.

Judge Mocks Populace

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From German site: Direkt.Net

Dusseldorf. Just how arrogant individual german criminal judges have become, was revealed on Wednesday at the District Court. That is where an illegal asylum seeker, accused of groping, was given a judgment of probation, so that the judgment won’t serve to please the expectations of an angry mob.”

In the early morning hours of January 6th, as she was waiting for a train, a 15 year old girl was sexually molested by two men. “The suspect grabbed her and forced her to sit on his lap even though she tried to resist. He groped her private parts and he kissed her on the mouth against her will”, the internal police report writes. One of the participants was a young Syrian, the other one was from Iraq. A third Iraqi stood by and ridiculed the victim: “Person number 3 stood by and laughed,”, it says in the police report. A moroccan observed the situation and informed the police, which then freed the girl from her two tormentors.

The attack was supposed to be concealed

This attack, too, was supposed to be concealed from the public. It’s thanks to Die Welt, that the people of the state capital even heard about it, when the incident was reported four days after it happened. The police explained that the attack on the young girl was not reported by them for “reasons of protection for the victim”.

One of the suspects, the now 22 year old Iraqi Mohammed A., had to face juvenile court on Wednesday despite having reached legal age. Mohammed A. had confessed and admitted to have kissed the 15 year old against her will and having massively groped her. But since the Düsseldorf district court had passed increasingly mild and seemingly sympathetic judgments for offenders lately, which caused a bit of indignation in the population, a harsh judgment of the asylum seeker who entered Germany illegally, was not expected.

A “judgment that “won’t serve to please the expectations of an angry mob”

But what then came, was a new low point even for this court: The judge sentenced Mohammed A. to 20 months for sexual assault. But because this nation of law, after the New Year’s eve incidents “should not slide into a downward spiral, in which we let ourselves be harnessed in front of the wagons of certain political groups” and we should not “pass judgments that please the expectations of an angry mob”, the judge suspended the 20 months and passed probation instead. Under the requirement that the Iraqi even without a fixed residence will complete 150 hours of community service, the court was ready for the man’s immediate release.

It is only thanks to the prosecuting attorney that Mohammed A. was not immediately let go from custody. He doubted that the Iraqi would live a crime free life in the future in Germany and he spoke of the fact that Mohammed A. had lived and tried for Asylum in many different countries under many different names. In Sweden he was even granted legal residence, and yet “he still had nothing better to do than to commit a heinous act here”, once he crossed illegally into Germany.

The court granted a deadline to the prosecuting attorney to file for protest against the immediate release of the offender. But even so, this won’t change anything about the fact that the citizenry has already been ridiculed and mocked by being called “angry mob” by an impotent criminal justice system.

The call to prayer in Germany, a little pushback, and why we should not allow mosques at all

From the Fortress Europe Facebook page on this event.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Federal Republic of Germany Thomas De Maizière doesn’t see any problem with Muezzin in Germany. 60 decibels, 3 minutes, all conform to the immission law. We played the music in front of his regional office in Saxony – still no problem, Mr. De Maizière?

The signs read: “WE DEMAND that the 60 Db. 3 minute call to prayer STOP

But why do this?

Below, a translation of a German article from

Der Westen

Thanks to Egri Nok

Gladbeck. “Allahu Akbar” resounds daily from the minaret of a mosque in Gladbeck. The council welcomes this, but residents feel bypassed.

For 19 long years it was quiet around the DITIB mosque in the Gladbeck district Butendorf. Until then, there was what is now often called the gentlemen’s agreement between the city and the Muslim community: mosque yes, muezzin no!

But now loudspeakers from the minaret call to prayer once a day, at noon: “Allahu Akbar” – “Allah is the greatest thing.” Around, in Butendorf, there are some who find it anything but great

Butendorf, situated in southern Gladbeck has indeed seen better days. The times of the mining industry, as it were still Graf Moltke colliery. But the district has long left the bad times behind it, where it was considered a stigma to live on many of its streets.

It has been invested, newly built. And so, a few months ago, the city administration a few months ago was well aware that it was a controversial desire with which the Butendorfer mosque community approached them. “We have made ourselves knowledgeable and found that the community just exercises their fundamental right” explains social department Rainer Weichelt.

They spoke to each other, negotiated, and finally convinced the community, not to do the call to prayer five times seven days a week, but only once per day on five days. To back up the Muslims, the City Council expressedly welcomed at its last meeting before Easter the muezzin call. Only the CDU grumbled that the call to Friday prayers should have been enough.

The reactions followed promptly: Apart from “hundred ugly emails from the right-wing scene”, says Weichelt, the muezzin call has become city topic. “We are irritated, feel bypassed,” says Werner Bugzel, spokesman for the Evangelical Church Circle Gladbeck-Bottrop-Dorsten.

They would have liked a conversation with the Muslim community and the municipality. “Instead, we learned it from the press,” says Bugzel.

The Catholic neighboring community is “disappointed” too by the proceeding. In order not to let fuel the fire, Christa Schniering, the Commissioner for Christian-Islamic dialogue of St. Lamberti Community, strives to find forthcoming words.

“We will now wait and see how it sounds in the long run if it remains at the prescribed fifty-five decibels,” says Schniering. The emotions need to “calm down”

There are a lot of Mosques in Germany, but not many Muezzin calls.
We know of exactly nineteen mosques that do call to prayer. But we estimate in fact it is 30 to 35″, says Bekir Alboga, the manager of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious e.V. (DITIB) in Cologne.

In most mosques it was common practice to explicitly renounce the prayer call when applying for the building permit. Many municipalities have let themselves in on this compromise.

“There, where it is called, we haven’t heard any complaints” says the Islam Scientist Alboga.

The new Mosque in Cologne, located in the town center, refrains to do the call to prayer, as well as the great Merkez Mosque in Duisburg-Marxloh. “There is the need for it,” said their spokesman Sinan Celik, “most people work during the week and have no time to pray. I live ten kilometers away. How loud should the call should be?”

Anyway, in the Wielandstraße in Gladbeck on Friday the Muezzin call started as a surprise. Ahead of schedule, sooner than forecast.

This too causes irritation in Gladbeck, and criticism of the communication style of the community. The Gladbecker CDU has expressed their understanding of “fears of foreign infiltration”.

In the Mosque Club they are still convinced that “the polemic will stop soon”. A volume of 55 decibels is not worth mentioning. “You can not even hear much. It’s more of a symbolic act, but it means much to the parishioners. The community is very happy. We are hopeful, “says Figen Güdül-Turpçu, deputy Mosque Association chairman. However, it is sad that people would be so afraid of the reputation confesses Güdül-Turpçu.

Emotions are so charged that even small enough events can fire them. Out of all dates, on Good Friday a couple married in the mosque and celebrated with much honking, gun shots and a motorcade. Word made it that Christian neighbors felt harassed, “their feelings had been trampled.”

[Note from Translator: Actually in German she says “shut down” the emotions, like shut down a computer or a machine, which is extremely flippant, but I don’t know the equivalent English expression]

[Ed: I believe the Arabs have a saying for this. Something about the nose of a camel inside a tent. Once you allow mosques, you will get all that follows. Its only a matter of time till you have minarets and sharia law enforced. This is how it works. The people who warn about the towers and speakers on mosques are always called bigots and alarmists. But this is how it always goes.]

Thank you Egri Nok and Brunhilde as well as Tania Groth for the help on all this.

H/T M on the video.


Bosnian muslims warn of Saudi funded ‘extremist’ mosques

Comments on YT are disabled for this video. Unsurprisingly. So I am giving this its own post so people can comment here. It is quite an interesting video with a good collection of under informed analysis and half truths but thats a half a truth more than we usually get about Islam.

To kick off the comments, the statement by the narrator that says that these moderate imams made a categorical and unequivocal condemnation of the Islamic State is false.

In Islam, they would have to declare them “takfiri” or not true muslims. And so far, none of the imams who do the ‘Islamic State is not the true Islam’ have said that. So it means nothing.

When they call them out, it means something in islam. It is in fact, a capitol offense to be a fake muslim, and is exactly what the Islamic State uses to justify its wholesale murder of Shiia muslims when the opportunity presents.

Also one wonders if the sudden flurry of news about KSA funded extremist mosques, something people who have been paying attention to for a really long time, is coincedentally being made and released at the same time that the US Senate passed a bill allowing Americans to sue that despotic and horrifyingly anti-freedom nation for its obvious role in the 911 attacks.

However should it be proven and known that the Saudis had a direct hand in it, one might would think suing people who you give $40B a day to for oil (assuming a $100/brl price) i a stupid solution, as it would just mean paying a few million less to them. Instead, a kinetic solution they would feel twice as much. That would actually have an impact.

Bonn Germany: 17 year old boy beaten to death, ANTIFA ruins memorial

An original translation and commentary by Egri Nok:

From Die Welt:

17-year old dies, six days after beating-attack
Terrible deed: Without visible reason, a 17 year old is being beaten up by unknowns in Bonn. Six days after, he dies. The homicide division is investigating under high pressure, now there are first hints.

[Note by translator, E.N. :
The police wanted-sheet, as pictured int the article by Die Welt, says two of the attackers spoke German with no accent but all were of “dark skin type” and had black hair.
As to “without visible reason”, one is reminded of Akif Pirinccis essay “The Slaughter has Begun” from 2014 (featured back then in Gates of Vienna).
Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 CET the churches of Bonn-Bad Godesberg will ring church bells for the teen for 30 minutes. Needless to say, a demonstration AGAINST RIGHT EXTREMISM has been announced for the occasion.]


Police Wanted Sheet

The original article from last weekend when the teen was battling for life:


17 year old in mortal danger after assault – here the perpetrators attacked him
An idyllic street in Bad Godesberg: at this roundabout, there was a grave attack on Friday night.
A group of young men beat a 17 year old so brutally that he is in danger of death.
When witnesses intervened, the cowardly abusers fled.
The 17 year old’s condition did not change over the course of Saturday.
This is how the terrible deed took place:

Around 2 in the morning, the boy was together with other teens on his way to the train station Bad Godesberg.

At the heigth of the bus stop “Rheinallee” they encountered another group of young men. Those briefly adressed the 17 year old and his 18 year old friend and physically attacked them.
According to witnesses, one of the unknown men beat the 17 year odl so brutally that he fell to the ground. His 18 year old friend and their female friend of same age, who wanted to help, were beaten too.

When witnesses hurried to help the teens, the unknown men let go of their victims and fled ion the direction Rheinallee
The 17 year old had to be reanimated on the spot by an emergency doctor. Then he was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

According to the doctors, he is in acute danger of life. His friends were more lightly wounded. There is emergency pastoral care for them and the families.

The prosecution Bonn and the homicide department have started investigations.


ANTIFA Showed up at a memorial for the victim the following week, and destroyed its solemnity, because the police wanted sheet described the killers as being black with dark care.

Another study in contrasts: Muslim arson against Jews, unknown arson against Muslims

Wed. May 11 2016. A Jewish deli, already burned down in an act of Arson by “Asians” was burned down again just as it was about to reopen after repairs and renovations.

Express UK:

Ta’am Grill and Bakery in Manchester was due to open just days after the attack – which one of the owners says could have been conducted by “a group of Asian boys”.

Amos Vaisman posted a video on social media showing two men breaking into his shop and dousing it in petrol.

The men then set fire to the building from the bathroom, with the flames spreading rapidly through the various rooms.


On a post attached to the video he wrote: “We have clear footage of the criminals involved and additional footage of them sending a group of Asian boys to go and buy petrol from the local garage.

(Video of the fire starting at site)

Now lets compare that to related items at the end of the same article:


So when a Muslim structure burns, its “Islamophobic” even though the facts are, a significant amount of the time this happens, it was Muslims who did it, either out of anger, from a competing sect, or to blame the indigenous people of the area in order to get government money to build a larger better newer facility.

When a specific Jewish business is burned not once but twice, its a gang of “Asians”.

Have the people of the Western world bred themselves into a state of suicidal docility?

A few minutes thought will lead us to where this will go, both obvious and less so.

Lets say you are an actuarial. A Jewish person asks for insurance, which is mandatory now of course, to open a deli or any other business that can be identified as Jewish. You check your charts and find that the risk of arson due to ‘crime’ is an order of magnitude higher than for a non-Jewish business. Now the cost of operating is more than one can earn.

Other people who share the same structure also may suddenly not want to allow a Jewish owned or identifiable business to open. They will perceive the risk as coming from the victim, as is the human norm in times of civilizational collapse, as it is recognized that the government cannot and will not act against those who are committing these acts, or as we treat it as a crime and punishment issue and not as a military one, which is what it is, then it doesn’t matter if they do catch the perps because it will make no difference in terms of the risk since there will always be more muslims ready to wage jihad. Again, because it wasn’t a crime per se, in the first place.

The net result will be a net win for the Muslims. They will achieve the first part of the goal, “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”. A reference to first, dealing with the Jews and then the Christians.

It is this author’s belief that this cannot change unless we change our view of what is taking place here. Until we understand that war is being waged on us all by Muslims, and that their tactic is to do so in a manner we do not understand, so that we cannot use the proper tools to fight back, we will lose.

There are less than 4 leaders and even potential leaders who appear to understand this, even by inference, in the world today.

The rest of us had better learn to think for ourselves.

One additional thought.

As the “Islamophobic” attack in the link took place in Corsica, it is much more likely that it was a targeted attack against this building because of its purpose. But the history behind it is not what the article indicated whatsoever. It was an illegal mosque operating by very radical jihadis who had really angered the locals many times and many ways. When it became clear that the authorities would not uphold the laws in Corsica, the people did what people should do. They enforced the laws themselves. The crime was the mosque. The response was enforcement. Just not by those who should have done it.

However what I wrote about arson against Islamic buildings in this article holds true for the UK and nearly everywhere else in the West.

Mosques that are attacked in the Islamic world are pretty much all due to Islamic rivalry, Sunni-Shiia conflicts and personal vendettas with the occasional revenge attack by Christians and Buddhists or Hindus where numbers allow and Muslims are heavily on the offensive to take that territory for Islam.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog



Women’s Rights: Young men who bring a culture of violence with them

An original translation by Brunhilde with much thanks

From Die Welt

The events in Cologne were just a prelude: Many Arab migrants bring very misogynistic social values to Germany. That makes it almost impossible for them to be integrated. A guest commentary.

Photo: picture alliance / ZBDer   Author: Bassam Tibi, 72, is a Political Scientist Emeritus at the University of Göttingen. He arrived in Germany at the age of 18 from Syria.

Is there any connection between the attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and the situation in Syria? The answer is: Yes, there is a connection and the common denominator is violence against women.

Many of my German discussion partners do not seem to understand the violence that is directed against women in a oriental patriarchal culture.  In the orient, a woman is not considered an entity, but an object of a man’s honour. The violation of a woman is not viewed only as a sexual act and crime against the woman herself, but more as an act of humiliation of the man to whom she belongs.

In this barbaric war in Syria, that completely erroneously is called a “civil war” (no citizens, but rather ethno-religious collectives, are fighting each other in it), the Shiite-Alawite soldiers of the Syrian army rape women of the Sunni opposition as a method of warfare.

With rape, these Alawites are seeking to dishonour the men of the Sunni opposition. The Sunni “rebels” for their part do the same with Alawite women. It is a war of all against all with women as pawns.

Cologne was not an isolated case

As a Syrian from Damscus, I am astonished at the ignorance and naïveté of the Chancellor and her defence minister, who believe that they can end the war with conferences in Geneva and Munich. But this war should be categorized as a “protracted conflict” that will be with us for many years. It is a type of war that I call “an irregular not state-run war.”

PagesScreenSnapz002Among the war refugees, there are not only victims of violence but also many perpetrators, and even numerous Islamists. Added to that is the fact that these predominantly young men aged 14 to 20 bring with them the culture of violence, including against women, from the Near East to Germany. New Year’s Eve in Cologne is just a demonstration of that, and no isolated case as our politicians like to pretend in order to downplay the significance of the matter.

Independent of the war, the image of women in the Arabic-oriental culture is patriarchal, even comprehensively inhuman. This image of women must not be tolerated in Europe under the mantle of respect for other cultures.

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Muslims in Copehagen demanding that area become sharia zone

Not sure exactly how many times and in how many places a pattern must occur before people will believe it is part of a larger policy. But the answer seems to be thousands. Now in sharia resistant Denmark, muslims are making the usual demands on the locals to close bars and observe islamic norms on day to day activities.

From The Local 

Danish minister to ‘Sharia’ troublemakers: ‘Get a job’

Støjberg visited the neighbourhood to talk with one of several bar owners who say they have been threatened by local youths and anonymous vandalism.

Two young Danish woman shouted “Nazi!” at Støjberg as she stood outside Mucki Bar on Thorsgade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

After Støjberg asked the women to repeat themselves, they said “fascist” before walking away, according to a report by TV2. The women were stopped by the police shortly after and may face a fine for disturbing public order by swearing at a minister.

Støjberg also responded to the criticisms of passers-by on Nørrebro – mainly young non-ethnic Danes – who expressed their discontent with Støjberg and the government’s policies on immigration.

“You all have opportunities. You just need an education and to get on and find a job,” Støjberg told the crowd, according to a report in BT.

From RT:


A group of bar owners from one of Copenhagen’s suburbs, who have been endlessly harassed by Muslim youth activists trying to impose a so-called “Shariah zone”, have taken their case to a government minister, urging her to protect their businesses and the locals.

Pub owners in the Nørrebro suburb of Copenhagen have for months tried to get the Copenhagen Police to take action against a group of youths from an immigrant background, who have been threatening, extorting, and vandalizing bars in broad daylight.

The concept of Sharia zones was introduced by a group called ‘Call to Islam’ some five years ago. Using volunteers, pockets of activists embark on daily patrols of the neighborhood and approach those who drink, gamble, or engage in other activities seen by the group as running contrary to Islamic beliefs.

“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” Heidi Dyrnesli from Cafe Heimdal told Radio24syv. “They shouted so that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.”

(Notice how wonderfully factual and straightforward the RT piece is compared to the Local that does circus level contortions to try and make the story one of equal fault on all sides and so doesn’t really mention the chain of events in order. In any case, we see this pattern happen everywhere muslims create a ghetto for themselves. Clearly the Canadian and American media is much better at hiding this behaviour becuase the pattern is to consistent and widespread for any attempt at claiming it just ‘doesn’t happen here’.

On a separate issue, a question for Ottawa residents. Anyone know what happened to the live music bar, Tucson’s on Bank St.?)

Yes. We do now. Thank you Xanthippa and Johnny U.

Tucsons's Road House

Thank you Maria J., M., and all who sent in related links. 

Geert Wilders: Let’s Dump Turkey

Microsoft OutlookScreenSnapz003

The greatest threat to the West is Islam.

Look at every country where Islam is dominant and you will see a total lack of freedom and democracy. Islam and freedom are absolutely incompatible. And yet, we are importing it into our western societies, thereby endangering our own freedoms. It is time to stop this foolishness.

Take Turkey, for example. Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has never made a secret of his aim to strengthen the powers of Islam. Contrary to what some want us to believe, Turkey does not prove that Islam and democracy are compatible.

For Erdogan, democracy is merely a tool. He once compared it to a tram: “You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

Today, Mr Erdogan is stepping off.

The repercussions are felt not only in Turkey, but also in European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, where large Turkish immigrant communities act as the fifth column of intolerance.

Indeed, the Turkish President not only oppresses free speech at home. He has embarked on a crusade to oppress it in Europe as well. And the large groups of Turkish immigrants in Western European countries are his henchmen.

Last month, the Turkish President demanded criminal prosecution of German comedian Jan Böhmermann. The latter had ridiculed Erdogan with a critical poem on German television.

German Turks began to threaten Böhmermann to such degree that he had to request police protection and go into hiding. At the same time, the German authorities started criminal proceedings against the comedian, based on a 19th century German penal law which forbids insulting the representatives of foreign states.

The criminal proceedings were started with the explicit consent of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, according to Böhmermann, has “served me for tea to a despot.”

Meanwhile, Erdogan’s appetite is far from over. This week, he demanded a German court to stop Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of the Springer publishing company, from defending the comedian.

Fear of violent Turkish immigrants also forced a hamburger restaurant in Cologne to shut down. Its owner, Jörg Tiemann, had put a burger with goat cheese on the menu, calling it “the Erdogan burger.” Erdogan supporters immediately responded with threats against owner and staff, forcing the restaurant to close its doors.

Then, there is the case of Ebru Umar, a Dutch journalist of Turkish descent. Four weeks ago, she wrote a column criticizing the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam. Following the Böhmermann incident, the Consulate had called on Dutch Turks to report incidents of “insults” against Erdogan in The Netherlands.

One week later, while on holiday in the Turkish seaside resort Kusadasi, Umar was arrested and only released on condition that she not leave Turkey. On Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of Dutch Turks openly rejoiced in her arrest.

Her home in Amsterdam was broken into and vandalized.When walking the streets of Kusadasi, Umar was threatened on several occasions by Dutch Turks who had gone looking for her. “We will know where to find you when you return to the Netherlands,” they said. “You will get what you deserve.”

Last Tuesday, after three weeks, the Erdogan regime finally allowed Umar to return to the Netherlands.

Many of those threatening people in the West are third or even fourth generation immigrants to our countries. This proves that – barring a few exceptions – the integration and assimilation of Islamic immigrants into our Western society has failed.

Many of the Islamic newcomers are simply incapable of adopting our values. Indeed, they are a danger to these values.

We must protect these values. And one of the first things to do is to sever our links with regimes promoting Islam. These regimes cannot be our friends; they are dangerous.

It is an outrage that Turkey is still a member of NATO. The sooner we get rid of this Trojan Horse within our Western alliance, the better. We should dump Turkey.

Instead of doing this, however, our current Western leaders are welcoming Turkey.

Next June, the European Union wants to allow visa free travel for Turks. For decades, the EU elites have been promoting Turkish EU membership, eagerly backed by President Barack Obama and by Hillary Clinton, who has even said that she is “strongly in favor of it.”

There is little doubt that if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, she will be a cheerleader for Turkey.

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), which is currently by far the biggest party in the Dutch polls. He is the author of “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me” (Regnery)

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