Austria: Serial Sex-Criminal: Already 10 Victims

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Austrian Website:

Arrested 22 year old is assumed to have raped a 15 year old.

Based on attempted rapes, the police on Monday published pictures of the suspect – the assumed sex offender: a 22 year old man from Macedonia that lives in Austria illegally with his fiancé Claudia (name changed). She had presumably fished the slender pretty boy from the internet two years ago.

It is probably slowly dawning on the Vienna native just what a terrible mistake she made. Because in the meantime Ibraim J. has been accused of ten cases of rape, in which he pursued women from the U2 as well as the Bim-Line 26 or the 26A bus lines on their way home.

Investigations broadened into lower Austria

Normally he would put his arms around his intended victims from behind with all of his force and then grabbed them between the legs or under their skirts, whereby he really didn’t show any age specific preferences – the youngest was 15, the oldest victim was 46. He even attacked two women in separate incidents in just one night. Most of the women could defend themselves from the attacks through biting, screaming, or through help of friends or other passing people.

Only one girl (15) did not have that chance – she was raped in the stairway of her parents’ apartment building. On tuesday alone seven women identified their attacker in a police lineup. But there could be more. As ibraim J. also worked in a Pizzeria north of Vienna, the investigation is now being broadened into lower Austria. The rule of presumed innocent until guilty is in effect.

– 11-26, 23:40
The suspect grabbed a 40 year old woman from behind in 22 District. He brought her down to the ground, he slapped her face and he groped her. When she screamed for help, he ran.

– 11/29, 4:00 AM
The suspect grabbed a 26 year old and slid his hand down her pants in a parking garage in District 2. She bit his hand, he fled. A short time later he came back and tried to attack her again. As she bit him again, he took off with her wallet.

– 1/4, 23:50
On this day the man rapes a 15 year old girl in the stairway of her parent’s apartment building.

– 1/19, 19:30
The suspect gropes a 26 year old in the stairway of her apartment building. As her boyfriend walks up, the attacker flees.

– 1/21, 23:00
The suspect stalks a woman all the way to her multiplex house near Eibengasse. In the stairway he presses himself against her. After the partner of the victim discovers what’s happening, he flees.

– 1/25, 13:15
Right around the corner of the apartment of his fiance, the suspect harasses a 46 year old woman who defends herself vehemently. He slaps her, and took a bus to 22 district.

– 1/25, 18:10
Arriving in the 22nd District, he stalks a 35 year old in the Siebenbürgenstraße all the way from the street tram to the stairway of her building, where he gropes her butt.

– 1/25, 19:55
Only a few moments later he stalks a 21 year old on her way home from the 26-vim into Schlettergasse. He grabs her from behind. As her boyfriend and her brother run to her rescue, the man flees.

– 2/2, 22:45
The suspect stalks a young woman all the way into her apartment building at Vorgartenstrasse. There he enters the elevator with her, he groped the 18 year old under her skirt and had put his other hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. As they exited the elevator, she loudly screamed, and the suspect took off running.

[Below, German language (subtitled in English) news item on this]

Wilders: Labour has blood on their hands if someone shoots me

(This is an unprecedented second press release by Geert Wilders, Dutch MP, in one day)

image002If someone assassinates Geert Wilders, all of the Netherlands will know that the blood is on the PvdA’s hands, the furious PVV leader said in response to PvdA chair Hans Spekman calling him a danger to democracy and society.

Wilders told BNR that the PvdA is trying to demonize him, like they did with Pim Fortuyn, who was killed in 2002. “The suggestion that I am a threat to democracy is not only very inaccurate, it also shows that the PvdA learnt nothing from history. We saw with Melktert and Pim Fortuyn where demonizing leads”, Wilders said to the broadcaster.

“What do you do with someone who is a danger to democracy? We saw what Volkert van der G. thought should be done with Pim Fortuyn. Again, I hope that the bullet does not come, but if that bullet comes from the left, then the Netherlands will know that the PvdA letters are written on its side.”

Click here to view a video of  an interview today with Geert Wilders, and here to view this article on the website of NL Times.

(We are a couple of hours away from having a titled version of the Geert videos)


France: A resident of Calais describes how cultural enrichment actually works

Published 8. February on Riposte Laique
this was recorded on the 7 February 2016  during a day at Rungis
(10 km outside of Paris because Patriots did not get permission to demonstrate in Paris). There were 12 speakers, one of them was SIMONE HÉRICOURT, a native of Calais. This woman touched the room, describing what Calais was before the “Jungle”. Now violent Illegals make life hell for Salesians. They feel (and ARE) abandoned by the Government and live in fear. 
This, to me, seems a microcosm (albeit a rather big one with 18,000 illegals living in the Jungle) of what is now happening in Europe and will happen globally if we cannot stop it. 
The speech is relatively long at 1/4 of an hour, but it is so raw and authentic that’s probably why I became the most poignant moment of that day  for the people in the salle, despite 11 other speakers of high caliber. 



After Amateur Tournament in Riesa: ??Refugees beat soccer players with iron bars

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German website: Bild

Riesa – A brutal incident took place after a soccer tournament in Gröditz by Riesa. A group of roughly 20 refugees assaulted two amateur kickers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain. The men were beaten with iron bars, and had to be brought to the hospital.

Police spokeswoman Ilka Rosenkranz confirmed the incident on BILD: This incident did happen early Sunday morning around 3:45 in Gröditz.”

So far it is known that about 20 thugs, which according to witness reports live in the nearby refugee home, were chasing the two soccer players through town first. The SV Frauenhain explained in a statement: “On the night of February 7, two of our players of the SV Frauenhain were attacked by a mob of 20 or so North-africans who were armed with iron bars, they chased them through the town and beat them so badly they had to be hospitalized.”

[Translator: By the way, In the press-release of the Dresden Police from Sunday not one word was mentioned about the attack. When BILD asked Sunday, there were no information about the attack given forth also]


PEGIDA march across Europe

Tomorrow, Feb. 6 2016, is the first European PEGIDA march against totalitarian islam and cultural Marxism.

If you are able to join it in any way, please do.

Here are two of the promo videos, Germany and France

PEGIDA Dresden video:

PEGIDA France promo video:

(One will be taking place in Denmark as well with great speakers. Video available tomorrow night ET)

Sexual Harassment: School under Police Protection

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks

From this German Website:

Wilhelmsburg – After St. Pauli there is apparently a second location in Hamburg, where multiple young women fall victim to groping and harassment. The target are female students of the vocational school W4 at the Dratelnstraße, where about 2000 mostly female students are trained to become medical, dental or veterinary professionals.

The truth has only become known after the headmistress reported several cases where students were hassled and sexually harassed. Apparently they were sexually solicited on their way to the Train station in Wilhelmsburg by individual men and small groups of men. They were sexually harassed in different ways or prompted to kiss. To put it plainly: The path to the vocational school became a gauntlet for the young women.

The police so far speaks of at least eight cases. But that seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. Inquiries by the responsible police officer for the school has shown that additional numerous similar incidents have taken place, even though only a small part of the students had been surveyed so far.

One student described how she was followed by a group of men all the way to the main train station, where they pushed her up against the wall while other men stood watch and laughed. ”Many other such incidents were described”, according to Chief Inspector Andreas Schöpflin. Almost all incidents took place surrounding the school property. The descriptions of the perpetrators are all nearly identical. They speak little to no german at all, apparently originating from the Middle East or North Africa. It is examined if these men come from the nearby Initial Reception Center at Dratelnstrasse. About 1,400 refugees are placed there.

As for the school, because of the harassment and attacks, it is now under police protection. It has been announced that an increased police presence will take place which includes the deployment of riot police.

H/T Nicolai Sennels

His own children thrown out the window: Father admits brutal act

An original Translation by Nash Montana

From this German website:

The family drama in Lohmar has been cleared up: The children’s fall out of the window was not an accident, but a crime. The 35 year old father of the three was arrested under the suspicion of having committed the crime, he has confessed to it.


“Yes, it’s true. The father of the children has confessed to having committed this”, a speaker of the Police in Bonn on tuesday had confirmed to FOCUS Online. But it is unclear yet as to what motivated the 35 year old to do such a thing. “The motivation for the act is probably a family dispute”, says the speaker.

A seven year old girl and her 5 year old brother received heavy injuries when they fell out of the window on the first floor. A one year old child seems to have received no injuries, but has nonetheless been admitted to the children’s clinic. At first it was unclear, if the children were pushed or if they fell out when they were playing.

The children were pushed

A witness alerted the police, after having seen that the children were pushed by a man. The Bonn homicide division immediately picked up the investigation and had arrested the father of the three children. The accused at first had denied having anything to do with it. But the prosecution and the police have in the meantime, gathered insight that the children were indeed pushed out of the window.

Already back in Januarey, the father of the children was reported for attacking his wife. He was reported for domestic abuse, and a ten day restraining order against him was in effect. He later moved back into the apartment with the agreement of his wife.

Attempted murder

In accordance with the prosecution, the man has been charged with murder coupled with inflicting serious bodily harm in three cases and has been arraigned before the magistrate.


Germany: Gang of youths punishes Kiosk owner for selling alcohol

(This may be a good time to read even the fist few chapters of G.K. Chesterton’s distopian future novel, ‘The Flying Inn’ while remembering it was written in 1914, 102 years ago)

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language news site:


Three men in a Neukölln Kiosk were attacked by thirty children and youths. The dispute was over the selling of alcohol.

The Gropiusstadt area in Neukölln is a social hot spot in Berlin south. The kurdish owner of a snack bar and kiosk, had to experience that last Sunday evening. Not for the first time, he says.

“Everytime during school vacation, the kids come gather here every evening and commit mischief on the plaza in front of the train station”, the 53 year old said on Monday. The night before, the so called mischief escalated.

“First about 10 to 15 children ages 9 to 12 or maybe 13, popped up. They very specifically were provoking us, and they knocked at the backdoor as well as the front door of my establishment and they tried to block the exit”, the owner says. The children threw stones and did damage to the side of the building.

The 53-year old called the police at about 19:30, but when police arrived, the children were gone already. But not for long.

One hour later, around 20:30, they returned, with reinforcements. “Suddenly in front of us there weren’t only children, but a group of youths ages 14 to 21”, the owner’s son says. The group hurled insults and they attacked, under the pretense that because alcohol was sold here, and therefore “they had to be punished”. According to the Kiosk owner they were all muslim youths.

Blow to the back of the head

The attacks escalated to hands-on fights, in which the son of the owner received quite a few contusions. His friend, trying to help, was hurt above the eye. The owner received a blow to the back of the head and went down. By the time he got back up, the mob had disappeared.

Now the police are investigating for breach of the peace, assault/bodily harm, and property damage. If the motive for the attack really was about selling alcohol, this couldn’t be confirmed by the police.

Additionally, the police could also not confirm if these attacks increase during school vacations. But it couldn’t be excluded. As a speaker for the Morgenpost said, the attack on Sunday night wasn’t the first of its kind.

Welcome to the unbelievers: Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves”

An original Translation by Nash Montana

From this German Website

The global trademark, which propelled Germany’s train stations to fame in the summer of 2015 – downright dances for joy for the arriving refugees and helpfulness without limits – is gone. The attacks of muslim men on women during Cologne’s New Year’s eve celebrations has become a watershed moment in Germany’s Willkommenskultur (Welcome Culture). And many are asking themselves the question: Was that scenario just the beginning?

Trafficking of women among young combatants

The Sociologist and Economist, Gunnar Heinsohn, teaching at the NATO Defense College in Rome, has drawn a dismal picture in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung, of what is to come the citizen’s way in the near future. Heinsohn flew to the Caliph-home of the newcomers, of which he heard nothing good: The mass raping of Yesidi and Christian women, the trafficking of women among young combatants, the beheading of european men, and over and over the proclamation directed at the Kuffar, the unbelievers: “Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves!”

Youngsters in roaming- and loot mode

While in traditional societies a wife is gained through the earning of an income which can provide for the family, many unsuccessful youngsters, according to Heinsohn, are permanently stuck in a “roaming- and loot mode”. In other words: When one hundred well to do men each have four wives, then there are three hundred men left with empty hands.

Therefore it is not the war and more the lack of women in their own country, that has driven these youngsters to Europe. For better or for worse, Germany and Austria have therefore to prepare for “agressive migrants with reasonable basic primary care, and time without end on their hands, who – very well connected with their smartphones – will hunt for females within their vicinity, which in turn cannot defend themselves and are left without protection”, says Heinsohn in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

Lower class girls brutally abused

As unzensuriert. already reported, this is exactly what the town of Rotherham by Sheffield in England went through. The town has 250,000 citizens, of which 8,000 of them are Pakistani. The Sociologist Heinsohn presented to facts again to the NZZ readers: ??Great Britain is still nurturing a Welcome Culture without any consideration as to the component of instinct and aggression. And so it finds its way naturally and uninhibited. And via this way, the city has pretty much admitted that between 1997 and 2013, about 1400 girls from age eleven and up, and mostly having grown up in Britain’s underclass, were brutally abused.

They had been made submissive for gang raping with alcohol, drugs and beatings. Since 2002, reports aren’t being completely suppressed. But still, until 2013, everybody from the mayor to the janitor stuck together in this cover-up. If anything fell through the net, the talk was never of Pakistanis, but always of Asians. To avoid having to point out young muslims, an entire continent was blamed.

Heinsohn knows why the police didn’t listen to mothers, and why feminists remained ironclad silent. The fate of the girls, according to Heinsohn, wasn’t as important as the progressive nimbus of these Ideologists. The Worker’s Party with 57 of 63 seats in Parliament was of course on the same boat with such internationalism. Professional social workers did not bring up these crimes into the public, “because that’s where the media people sit, that will portray them as neonazis and therefore destroy their existence,” Heinsohn says to the NZZ. And the blanket statement was: “Only phobics could claim that 3.2 percent of the entire population could be a threat.”

State authority surrenders female citizens to their doom

That is why 18 years pass until in December of 2015, muslim offenders finally stand before the court. Therefore, what the women of Cologne so painfully experienced, has been a long known fact in Britain. Heinsohn’s analysis about the events of Cologne:
State authorities, afraid of being accused of racism as well as being afraid for their own lives, had surrendered its female citizens to their doom. Public institutions concealed the situation for as long as possible. High ranking officials go with it. But the more or less free internet destroyed the conspiracy. And still, the people from the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehen (ZDF) got away with their omission of facts by claiming it was a misjudgment.

An arm’s length distance of foreign men

“At the same time they started campaigns against citizens who just waited for the chance to build up the danger of a few muslims”, replicates Gunnar Heinsohn in the NZZ. But he failed to mention this peculiarity: Cologne’s Mayor, Henriette Reker, publishing a behavior codex for women. According to it, women should always keep an arm’s length distance to foreign men. So it should come as no surprise to anyone, when women in Germany do not dare anymore to light heartedly move around in public spaces.



What muslims think of same sex marriage

An original Translation by Par0 with much thanks

(To save you time there is nothing surprising in this at all, whatsoever. It is merely affirmation for leftist gay supporting friends you may have)

From this Italian website:

There is much talk of minorities, be they ethnic, sexual or religious. In fact, to be honest, the public debate in Italy in recent times, seems to be focused almost exclusively on minorities: from the Muslims, after the massacres of Paris and even before the September 11; homosexuals from when talking about civil unions; and finally the Jews, about the renewed wave of anti-Semitism.

So, out of curiosity of what constitutes a minority to another minority, we ventured through the streets of multiethnic Via Padova, Milan. The experiment, this time involving homosexuals with their (alleged) rights and immigrants with their (legitimate) positions. One question has guided us in this research: “What do immigrants think of gay unions?”. But even before this question, another question gripped us: “Because nobody ever asks to immigrants what they think of Italian laws?”; and especially “Why the Left welcomes and protects immigrants but does not stand to hear what he has to say?”. Those who are obliged to support both minorities will, sooner or later, have to deal with the short circuit which may lead in supporting everything and its opposite.

(Video at site in Italian)

In most cases, the question above, if they were for or against (homosexual) civil unions, the answer was a clear NO: “We believe that the family is sacred and that the company will grow through the union of male and female,” he said Benaissa Bounegab, an important figure in the Islamic community of Milan; “If I do not like the Italian law, I go away”, he has said. Another interviewee, Egyptian, also to the contrary. Same answer also from the South American community: “God created us male and female, he has not created half male and half female,” said a Peruvian lady. And again, “If you ask any Muslim, tells you the same thing,” clarifies a gentleman, speaking on behalf of all Muslims.

”Women mean nothing. They’re treated like dogs”

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks!

From this German Language site:

Women are victims of sexual and physical violence in german asylum homes, says one asylum seeker. Natalya G. had been living in multiple asylum homes. They only went to the bathrooms in pairs.

Natalya G. looks like a ballet dancer. She looks strict and girly at the same time with her wide-spaced eyes. G. is a russian TV reporter. But she got into trouble because of her regime critical reports. When her daughter, 17, marched at a Moscow peace demonstration, in which she wanted to show her support for the Ukraine, she was attacked and injured – quite likely by a police officer.

So in March of last year, G. flew to Hannover with her and filed for Asylum in Germany. As she lived in four different homes – three of them with their own management – she realized that she could not feel safe everywhere in Germany. “What women have to endure is terrible”, G. says. “I never thought that such conditions were possible in Germany.”

Today, she is doing well; she was able to fetch her two younger daughters, 11 and 13, from Russia. A family is letting her and her three daughter stay in an apartment in their house, so the four of them now live in Dortmund. Her girls are attending an Integration class. “I am very lucky that I can be here in Germany, in safety”, G. says. But it was a difficult start.

Home management did nothing: Absolutely nothing

G.’s first stop with her oldest daughter was Braunschweig. Mind you: Like a lotto jackpot, they were given a room for six people, in which only two more women lived. “Every evening the police came, there were fights between two groups of men the whole time”, G. says. “One of the men was constantly in the women’s bathroom, when I wanted to use it. They would switch with others, as if they were standing guard, and wanted to show: We disregard you, you have nothing to say here.”

G. and her daughter only went to the bathroom together. And never without telling others that they went, so that they could alarm home management in case they weren’t returing. “Finally after five days I dared to take a shower”, she says. “I knew, it cold happen any moment that someone would break the door open.”

G. asked home management, why aren’t you doing anything? And she got no answer. Her impression: The threat against women was silently accepted. “One evening a man from the security detail came and pushed a 13 year old girl from Albania into our room and asked, that we would watch her. The father of the girl is violent towards her mother, and the girl needed protection”, G. tells.

“We hid her in our room for the night. I impressed on her the importance don’t open the door for anyone, don’t go to the window, and don’t go to the bathroom. I let her pee into a cup”, she tells. She had asked the security officer what was going on with the mother. He only said, “we will see in the morning.”

Suddenly, the next day, there was a woman standing in the hallway. “I instantly knew, that could only be the girl’s mother”, remembers G. “She was black and blue, and her face did not look human anymore. And she was pregnant. Just like so many women in the homes.”

Men standing guard at the bathrooms

Braunschweig is not the only home where G. experienced these cruelties, which were tolerated by the home managements. Because of overcrowding, her and her daughter were brought to a different home in Oerlinghausen. On the upper floor every evening there was a man walking the hallways with two machetes – one on the left, one on the right of his belt, “like a pirate”.

And there, too, the men were standing guard at the women’s toilettes. And it was just like that in the third home in Bielefeld. “I began to understand that there was a system to this, and I can as a whole only say: Women there mean nothing, absolutely nothing, women can’t move about freely, they are treated like dogs.”

Where did the men come from? G. didn’t really have an exact idea. A majority of the residents were from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Albania and Mazedonia. “I couldn’t just tell the nationality by their faces.”

G. and her daughter ended up in a Gymnasium in Dortmund. One night the 17 year old girl went to the bathroom alone – and came running back in panic. A young african had grabbed her by the arm and tried to drag her into his room.

Green Party: Women’s rights are a “First World Problem”

To Franziska Brantner (Green Party) stories like these are nothing new. Women are her specialty. She’s been an advisor for the UN-women’s rights organization Unifern for many years, before she became a member of the German Bundestag. Since September, Brantner is solely looking after the situation of women in asylum homes.

“The topic Women’s rights has been disregarded as a first world problem for a long time”, Brantner says. “But if we are serious about violence against women, then we have to prosecute said violence everywhere, and that goes for refugee homes as well. That is the place where refugees arrive, and the first location to immediately react if there is abuse or violence against children and women.”

Brantner demands Violence protection concepts for all refugee homes, protective zones for children and women and education of security staff, so they can recognize violence when it happens and react promptly. “At the Bundestag debate our demands were seen as a burden to bureaucracy and waved aside”, Brantner says, “when in reality this is about unequivocally sending the message, that universal women’s- and children’s rights are enforced in our country.”

Natalya G., in the meantime, does not believe that things will change in the refugee homes. “I have the feeling things are going wrong on a massive scale.”