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Hannover Nov. 15th 2014: German police instruct protestors to hide German flag. In Germany.

Bayou Coyote added this video to help explain the police reaction perhaps

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BBC actually does an expose of sorts of the Rotherham muslim gang rape

Of course they didn’t ask any of the important questions. The first one that comes to mind is whether or not the police they expose in this segment were muslim (‘Asian’) or not because I think that is critical in … Continue reading

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Police Attacked with Rocket Fireworks In East London


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France’s fighting Jews

It is dismal that this is necessary. But at least a few people are doing what is necessary.

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300 Italian physicians : African immigrants are the Trojan Horse of Ebola

An original translation by C.B. Sashenka From Riposte Laique H/T Oz-Rita Ebola Emergency An Open Letter of 300 Lombardi physicians to the Minister of Health: Mr. Minister,  As you know, the Ebola disease is currently spreading in certain African countries … Continue reading

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One of the German protest videos translated and titled.

The people who sent me these titles are anything but far right. In fact they are some of the kindest classical liberals I know and are quite content that this march is not, as I had somewhat thought they were … Continue reading

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Ongoing massive street conflict in Germany between opponents of mega mosque and Islamic norms and Muslims.

Here is a no-audio video made from stills of what seems to be taking place in the streets of Germany today The story is detailed here in Yahoo News as well as BigStory News German police clash with far-right protesters … Continue reading

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Excellent speech by prominent Italian woman on the suicidal immigration policies of Italy.

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Pat Condell: Sweden is an example to the rest of us.

Here is the newest Pat Condell Video. Below are two videos on immigration and the Swedish economy which I think go well with this Condell Video. I posted both videos earlier today as well, so if you have seen them, … Continue reading

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Germany: Pro-Islamic State mob attacks Kurdish protesters with MACHETES and KNIVES

More here H/T Don Laird

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Vandalism against houses of worship in Germany. A study in contrasts

Both these stories and related videos are in German. So we will have to make do with Google translate for the moment. I hope to have a real translation of the videos and the articles soon. For the meantime though, … Continue reading

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New rules in Austria will effect islamic-state relations.

Interview with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on new rules for Islam in Austria. To better understand this issue, here are three articles on the organizations and the law being discussed here. 1. Law on Islam completes 100 years in Austria 2. Austria celebrates ‘model’ … Continue reading

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Now this is interesting. I wonder what that bearded man had to say to the guy with the camera

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Christians in Denmark facing persecution from Muslims

This is one of those really important stories that fly under the radar but have much larger implications to us all than the tiny bit of attention they get. This is a clear part of a process. Yes, they are … Continue reading

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A brief look at what sharia law looks like in the UK

Most people are appalled by sharia because of its draconian punishments. Personally I find that absolutely the least problematic aspect of it. Earlier today I happened to have the chance to chat with a friend about the nature of sharia … Continue reading

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