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Anti-German, leftist protestors get violent and clash with police

More to come later on this. Dresden marches are still taking place and are growing to the point where governments and mass media have given up ignoring them and now are trying to demonize them with the usual slurs. Here … Continue reading

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More on what I think is the 3rd attack in France since the release of the IS video

This one is in English: Yahoo News: PARIS (Reuters) – A man driving a van ploughed into a crowd strolling through a Christmas market in Nantes in western France on Monday evening, injuring 10 people, an official at the local … Continue reading

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UK: One law for thee, another for me

Three muslims racially abuse indigenous British people on a train. So far no charges laid. Lets look at another case of muslim on white-British abuse in the UK and see how it went in Dec. 2011. Then we have stories like … Continue reading

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Muslims in France responding to Islamic State message with force. Official sources wind up crazy and lone wolf meter.

Here is a video about the man who converted to Islam, then attacked three police officers with a knife at a police station. The paragraph below is from the Youtube page where the video is from. The video was taken … Continue reading

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Islamic State videos. Cause and effect?

Today, muslims in New York and France attacked police. In Brooklyn, two policemen were murdered by one convert to Islam, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. In France, the attacker was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” by witnesses. In France as in the US, people … Continue reading

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‘Youths’ attack police in Stockholm Sweden with pre-prepared rocks and firebombs

The media still covers for these people and their motives. Stunning. Suicidal.

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Fascinating threat/propaganda video from muslims in Switzerland

This video is quite interesting at a few levels. There is the back handed threat at the end, but the highly proprietary use of certain terms before that. The demand for equal rights and so on, when of course they … Continue reading

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Germans march against Islam in Dresden Nov. 24 – 2014

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating this. I know how difficult it is for you at this time. (You can make the titles clearer by dialing it up to 720 or 1080) Dresden march nov 24 2014 1080p by vlad43

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Hannover Nov. 15th 2014: German police instruct protestors to hide German flag. In Germany.

Bayou Coyote added this video to help explain the police reaction perhaps

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BBC actually does an expose of sorts of the Rotherham muslim gang rape

Of course they didn’t ask any of the important questions. The first one that comes to mind is whether or not the police they expose in this segment were muslim (‘Asian’) or not because I think that is critical in … Continue reading

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Police Attacked with Rocket Fireworks In East London


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France’s fighting Jews

It is dismal that this is necessary. But at least a few people are doing what is necessary.

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300 Italian physicians : African immigrants are the Trojan Horse of Ebola

An original translation by C.B. Sashenka From Riposte Laique H/T Oz-Rita Ebola Emergency An Open Letter of 300 Lombardi physicians to the Minister of Health: Mr. Minister,  As you know, the Ebola disease is currently spreading in certain African countries … Continue reading

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One of the German protest videos translated and titled.

The people who sent me these titles are anything but far right. In fact they are some of the kindest classical liberals I know and are quite content that this march is not, as I had somewhat thought they were … Continue reading

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Ongoing massive street conflict in Germany between opponents of mega mosque and Islamic norms and Muslims.

Here is a no-audio video made from stills of what seems to be taking place in the streets of Germany today The story is detailed here in Yahoo News as well as BigStory News German police clash with far-right protesters … Continue reading

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