Video: 8 dead in Paris arson attack – one Algerian in custody

An original translation by Sassy

From Kabylie news

An Algerian, Saidi M., is in custody following today’s arson of a residential building in the arrondissement XVIII that killed eight people, including two children. He was arrested not far from the site of the blaze.

The person responsible would be Saidi M., Algerian-born in 1979. He was apprehended around 11h15 a.m., in front of a taxi phone, on a street parallel to Myrha Street where the arson occurred early Wednesday, September 2nd.

Surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood helped to identify him as the individual responsible for the arson.

The fire was started in the stairwell of the buil

ding. According to firemen, it was extremely violent and spread very quickly to the apartments resulting in the death of eight people, including two children. Paris Prefecture confirmed two of the victims threw themselves out of a window while the others died inside the building.

[Additional notes: Oz-Rita adds that predictably, the official leftist press in France, Le Monde, is already chirping the usual lines about the arsonist who murdered 8 people with the fire he set at their building, has ‘mental problems’ because somehow, when it comes to muslims, every leftist media in Europe seems able to get the most private and confidential of psychiatric records before the ink dries on the arrest report.

Rita also mentions that this video showing extreme cultural enrichment and cultural monoculture is nearly exactly where this building was torched.


Auschwitz-surviving Nobel Laureate: Europe’s “doors are wide open for Islam’s hatred against alien races & religions”

An original Translation by Liberty Dk.

From this website


The Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, now directs sharp criticism of the Western establishment’s decision to allow Europe to change its population through mass immigration from Third World countries.

In his book The Last Refuge (ISBN: 9789187347948) Kertész chooses to strongly condemn what those in power are currently doing to Europe.

In his book, Kertész, who at age 15 was transferred to Auschwitz but survived and began a writing career, criticizes the Left-Liberal attempt to replace European culture with mass immigration, particularly from Muslim cultures from the Third World.

“Europe will soon go under because of its previous liberalism which has proven childish and suicidal. Europe produced Hitler, and after Hitler there stands a continent with no arguments: the doors are wide open for Islam; no longer does anyone dare talk about race and religion, while at the same time Islam only knows the language of hatred against all foreign races and religions,” writes Kertész in his book, according to a summary by the blogger Thomas Nydahl.

The 85-year-old Nobel laureate continues:

“I should say a few words about politics too… Then I would talk about how Muslims are flooding, occupying, in no uncertain terms, destroying Europe; about how Europe relates to this, about the suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy… It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it in a seemingly incomprehensible manner worships its own enemy.”

Austrian magazine makes stunning claim about the illegal immigrant flood to Europe and Obama


The following article has consumed most of my day. I, and others who have read it, have felt that intuitively it makes perfect sense. It is consistent with the rest of Obama’s actions and would explain a great deal about why there is this stunning and dramatic increase in tidal waves of muslim men heading in to Europe of fighting age. This would not be the only explanation though. The first English translation I found was on a German website which is similar to something like Aryan Nations or some other white supremacist site. So a big strike against. But to paraphrase Thilo Sarrazin when he was asked how he felt about Neo-Nazis agreeing with his position on IQ and 3rd world immigration to Germany, “Just because the Nazis say the sky is blue I won’t disagree just because they are Nazis”

Oz-Rita was kind enough to do this translation for us first thing in the morning her time and although we are waiting for confirmation or denial from what Austrian sources we have, I thought I would post the translation here anyway and let people judge for themselves as to its authenticity. All I can say about the originating Austrian German language website is it appears to be very anti-West in its general orientation. Speisa, a better known English publication from German sources also republished the article or at least referenced it. I suppose they also felt it was too large to leave alone entirely. ‘Just in case’, sort of thing.

Please feel free to comment on this article, especially if you have any insight into the story or its sources.

The USA pays the traffickers who smuggle people to Europe

An incredible accusation comes now from the ranks of Austrian intelligence: According to information from an employee of the “Austrian Defence Office” * it has been discovered that certain US organizations are paying the smugglers, who on a daily basis bring thousands of refugees to Europe.

“Smugglers demand exorbitant sums to bring refugees to Europe illegally. The conditions are often very poor, yet a transport currently costs from 7,000 to 14,000 euros, depending on region and smuggler organisation. Continue Reading →

Get Ready: Spain Warns 800 Islamists ‘Ready to Strike’ Across Europe


There are around 800 Islamist extremists across Europe who have returned from Iraq and Syria and are ready to strike at any moment, Spanish counter-terror sources have warned.

Speaking after Moroccan gunman Ayoub El Khazzani was overpowered on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, the officers said that hundreds of other people similar to Khazzani are also ready to launch attacks.

Speaking to radio station Cadena Ser, the sources said that they did not believe Khazzani’s explanation that he was just trying to carry out a robbery, claiming there is evidence he had recently returned from Syria where he had been taught how to use firearms.

They added that around 800 others across Europe had recently returned from the warzone and were “awaiting instructions” to carry out a terror attack.

Click to continue at Breitbart

H/T Buck

Macedonia: Illegal unidentifiable muslims (UMI) Refuse Humanitarian Aid Because Of Red Cross on food package

Or, ‘Beggars can be choosers when they are muslim’

There is unsubstantiated text at the Liveleak link which is here. But what does seem correct is that many uninvited undocumented invaders in Macedonia are rioting because they are not given the correct islamicly sanctified food. Apparently, if you are muslim, beggars can be choosers. Violent ones at that.

Evry (Essonne, France) He Kills His Wife With A Machete Right In Front Of His Children

An original translation by CB Sashenka with much thanks

From Yahoo News:

A man in his 50s killed his wife with a machete in the family’s apartment at Champtier-du-coq in Evry (a municipality in the southern suburbs of Paris), in Essonne (a department in the region of Île-de-France, France), Monday morning.

Solidarity is being organized in Evry (Essonne), after the terrible tragedy that occurred at Diderot Square, in the rather quiet residential area of Champtier-du-Coq. Since Wednesday, a fund-raising appeal has been circulating on social networks to collect enough money for the funeral of a mother. Monday morning she was killed by her husband with a machete, right before the eyes of their children.

The drama took place in an otherwise uneventful morning, in the family’s apartment. “A known family in Evry, in a good way,” assures someone from the neighborhood. The couple – parents of two older daughters of 16 and 18 and of 6-year old twins – was at home. On this vacation day, one of the older daughters was baby-sitting, which seemed to bother her father.

A conflict broke, and the 50-year old violently attacked the girl. The mother, who was not working that day, quickly intervened. She stepped in, but her husband at that point was uncontrollable. He hit her, struck her several blows with a machete, slashing off her feet and a hand. One of the children called for help but his efforts were futile. The victim died upon arrival at the hospital.

The couple’s children, and the two small children that the eldest daughter was babysitting, were all hospitalized. A psychological evaluation was also set up. The father was immediately arrested and had to be committed. “A real tragedy, I do not know what else to call it, absolutely barbaric, says Francis Chouat, the PS (Parti Socialiste) mayor of Evry. The involuntary commitment of the father suggests serious psychiatric disorders, but this was never a problem before in the family.”

Neighbors and family friends set up a fund-raiser at for the repatriation of the deceased in Algeria. The investigation was entrusted to the police of Evry.

A concerning First: A robbery with an explosive belt in Brussels

An original translation from Oz-Rita

From DHNet in Belgium

This is a first in Belgium, according to judicial authorities … A totally surreal robbery took place on Tuesday in the Post Office bpost Avenue Charles Thielemans in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre:

A thug threatened to blow up everything shortly before 14 pm. He was wearing an explosive belt. This has never been seen in the flat country according to a confession by the judicial authorities.

According to our verified information, there were only two staff present when the robber burst in. He said he wanted to send money via Western Union before throwing a piece of paper on the counter on which instructions were written in broken French: “If you do gesture to call police or if I hear police, I blow up everything”

He repeated these instructions orally while opening his jacket to show the credibility of his threat.

[EDITOR: Fascinating that there is no description whatsoever of the suspect. The “broken French” tends to give up the game but really, the media in the Western world is now tuned to deceive and not to inform. The basis for a revolution if ever there was one]

Three clips on yesterday’s toileted koran riots at refugee center in Germany

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating these three News reports on muslim riots at a migrant center in Germany where muslims destroyed a lot of property and injured 15 people including 4 policemen yesterday.

Here is the first clip:

Here is a second clip about this riot. In this one, they not only say it was muslims rioting but they explain that it was because one of the Afghan residents tore up a koran and toileted it. Something we should all do on a dedicated day each year called, ‘Preserve the Enlightenment day’ until environmental activists shut it down for polluting the sewers.

Notice that other news clips have omitted these two key facts.

There is another clip of the news team running for their lives from the rioting muslims which is referred to in one of the other clips above but mirrors of it have been pulled down for CR reasons very quickly. I can put the translation of the clip below here though. Remember, this is the translation of the audio from the two journalists who were fleeing for their lives from the rioting muslims. The non translated version on the original site I believe is still available online here.

(Australian News article here)

00:00:16,280 –> 00:00:20,300
someone shouting “allah-u-akbar”?

00:00:20,320 –> 00:00:24,400
get in here !

00:00:24,420 –> 00:00:28,560
come in here

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Jihadism : A Warning from Malek Boutih, French Member of Parliament, for France.

by Marie-Amélie Lombard, July 2/2015

Original translation by CB Sashenka with much thanks

Taken from the French Website, Le Figaro


Malek Boutih (April 29 in Paris) denounces the development of a new kind of anti-semitism


INFO LE FIGARO – In a report just submitted to Prime Minister Manuel Valls that Le Figaro has obtained, French Socialist Party (PS) deputy Boutih Malek describes “frustrated youth, ready to lose it.”  He is concerned that the Islamist rift in France is turning into a mass phenomenon.

“Radical Generation”: the title of the report that Malek Boutih, PS deputy of Essonne (French department in region of Île-de-France) just submitted to the Prime Minister, and that Le Figaro has obtained, reflects its content well.  By the third line, he approaches his subject: “The analysis and prevention of radicalization and especially jihadism.”  This is a political reading that the former president of SOS-Racism put together after the January attacks.  The report is not biased, and deals primarily with the Islamist breakaway of French youth, given that nearly 65% of individuals involved in jihadist networks are under 25 years old. The deputy ensures that his investigation confirms his premise: “The success of jihadist recruiters with the youth is based more on an adherence to an incoming political policy in tune with their international concerns and rejection of Western democratic society, than on a fundamentalist religious doctrine.”  This is a result of: “Many young people are turning away from our model of society.”

A Generation “On the Brink of Breaking Apart”

Globalization, September 11th, the war in Iraq, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict left a mark on the young generation and shaped its world view, Malek Boutih notes.  But beyond these events, a new marker – “the development of a new kind of anti-Semitism” – is particularly worrisome.  “In the French districts, the ‘double standard’ between Jews who would be included and protected, and Muslims, who, on the other hand, are stigmatized and socially marginalized, met with a wide response, writes the deputy.  The old pervasive prejudices about Jews pulling the strings in world finance and media, are back.  Remarkably, these prejudices are very widespread among young people today, something that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago.”

Discarding Democratic Values

“Society is perceived to be fully closed, one which generates a lot of frustration,” Malek Boutih claims, a society that speaks of “frustrated youth, ready to lose it.”  He goes further: “The set of values and the social order that barely hold together our Western democratic societies, do not provide a broad enough and secure framework for people to become anchored and attached to it (…).  The notion of Republic is incomprehensible, diluted in liberalism and modernity, and the feeling of belonging to a national community is very weak.  Now some of the youth discard these overly ‘soft’ values and seek to differentiate themselves from others.”

Jihad, A Global “Solution”

Looking particularly at the increasing number of French youth leaving for Syria, the report’s author believes that “Islamist radicalism is on the rise within our society,” comparing it to the historic level of the extreme right. However, “faced with other radical offers targeting the youth, jihadism is ahead of the curve in both its political and theoretical implications, says the deputy.  For a young man or a young woman hungry for action, jihad is the obvious way.  It is not simply to satiate murderous urges or war cravings.  The theoretical dimension of jihad is the most complete in its rejection of democracy, in designating those officials to be eliminated, and finally in the recognition of an alternative model.  In the depths of the traditional political forces’ ideological offer, jihad offers explanations and a global solution.”  The irrefutable conclusion: “Jihadism is the radicalism that prevails today in the anti-democratic offensive.”

A Mass Phenomenon?

The reports received by the hotline meant for the families or authorities of lost youth searching for direction, reveal the diversification of individuals ready to plunge into extremism.  But Malek Boutih goes even further: “The scale of the phenomenon and its penetration into all circles, with the radicalization of young students, and girls in particular, indicate the possible switch to a mass phenomenon.”  “If the first wave of jihadists consists mainly of vulnerable easier-to-recruit individuals, recruiters are now targeting more stable and less detectable types, and it is likely that this phenomenon will grow,” he adds.

A Structured Network

“The Islamists have established a human social network where everyone plays a role in the expression of their ideology,” notes the deputy.  Their “hold on us” developed from certain French districts.  Even though most young people are not tempted by the experience, “it is still necessary to pay attention to the contagious nature of this experience between peers, and to youth identifying with radicalized peers, through which a radical fringe can influence an entire generation,” Malek Boutih believes.  At the end of his report, the author presents a series of proposals that go through the school, culture, and families.  Along with the need to strongly reaffirm the republican credo.

[H/T Nicolai Sennels]


The Shocking Testimony of a Calais Resident Surrounded by 3,000 Illegal Immigrants

August 15, 2015 – Written by Caroline Alamachère and translated for VladTepesBlog by CB Sashenka with much thanks!

From the excellent website from France,

Riposte Laique

This government is the dregs of our country, the shame of our nation!

Hollande (President of France), Valls (French Prime Minister), Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior), Taubira (Justice Minister), and their associates, and all the others who allow the French to live in fear because of your thoughtlessness and your submission to superior diktats from foreign countries not worth mentioning, you submit the people to hordes of barbarians that come from who knows where, individuals whom the media portray as unfortunate victims of war so that they can be fed on the money of those whom they terrorize

The testimony of two Calais residents, a mother and daughter, frightening in its harshness, in its horror, heart-rending in its sincerity, in the traumatic silence of an unfortunate Calais resident found one day holed up in her basement, terrorized by rioting illegals whom even the police are afraid to approach.

Her daughter tells all, bluntly, frantically, in a hurry, in anguish. And she accuses. She accuses these good-for-nothings, these jackasses, these government pieces of garbage for allowing this evil in, destroying everything in its path.

Bastards that you are, bad guys, despicable turds!

This woman courageously tells, in a few minutes, the inconceivable, the extreme poverty of her mother, the security she had to enforce around her house that’s only missing a watchtower, the games of the illegal immigrants who are having a good time forgetting that they were asked to look sad and haggard, the inaction of police officers and their council to do their job for them with the added lawsuit risk on top of everything. Thank you Taubira! (French Justice Minister)

And those French who suffer the reprisal, the aggression, and who are asked to pay, to pay and pay, over and over again, until they bleed, until there is no longer enough to eat, so that others may live high off the fat of the land at our expense and afford the latest smart-phones, so that they can enjoy the space just around the corner from you to play soccer while you’re closing the fourth lock on your armoured door, and firefighters wait for a moment of calm before entering the forbidden city so they don’t risk their lives, with the help of police officers, the same ones who never come when they are called, when an old lady silenced by fear is in danger to the point of having to run to her cellar like a rat, when it’s her daughter who comes at 3:00 am, alone, to help her.

Hollande, Valls, Cazeneuve, Taubira, you’re monsters, hydras. You are not legitimate to govern my country, you are guilty of the daily deaths due to your complacency, your treachery.

And you, the French people, where are you?! Will you finally wake up from your apathy, yes or no? What are you waiting for, for your kid to be killed? How many attacks will it take for you to do something!

Article translation and tip by CB Sashenka, video translation: Oz-Rita with much thanks to both of you for such great work in such a short time.

Ikea killings opens Sweden’s taboo’d debate on immigration

An original translation by Liberty.Dk

From this Danish news site

The murders in Vasteras have created broad discussion regarding Swedish immigration policy and the problems the concealment of the issues causes. The Swedish immigration authorities are now talking openly about the massive problems with integration. And many refugees no longer see Sweden as an attractive country in which to seek asylum.
STOCKHOLM: “It may well be that a mother and her son were stabbed in the kitchen department at Ikea, but the number of murders in Sweden has been declining since 1990.” That was the message in Swedish media two days after the seemingly random killings in the city of Vasteras northwest of Stockholm.
The national newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, was one of those who broke the story with an article that read that Sweden has generally become a safer country. The story got hundreds of angry Swedes to their keyboards, demanding an explanation: They wanted to know “How could the newspaper print these types of stories so soon after innocent people had been killed”.
Then the newspaper brought a story that the security at the country’s asylum centers would now be increased. The perpetrator was a rejected asylum seeker from Eritrea, and the police feared that “dark forces” would avenge the murders.
Now the angry comments no longer only came from troubled Facebook users, but from bloggers and columnists from across the country. Svenska Dagbladet editorial writer Ivar Arpi was one of those who responded on Twitter.
“Imagine that you are one of the relatives of the murdered people and go on the DN.SE website. These are the headlines you will be greeted by, “he wrote and attached a picture of the three stories, echoing each other on Dagens Nyheter’s website.

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