The next big battlefield is Europe

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From Die Welt



Lorenz Berger’s face is still pale. His week as a captive of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” has left marks. His back hurts from the gun and baton blows he received for the cross pendant on his necklace. The contaminated water which he had to drink still causes him stomach cramps. Berger is not his real name, and he can handle extreme conditions. He is an ex-soldier and has been in the Middle East for a while working for different European secret services, more or less as a freelance agent.

But during those days in Northern Syria, he did not think he would come out alive. Bombs from the dictator Assad’s air force fell on them. Panic broke out among Berger’s tormentors. When he saw one of them dead in the corner, Berger grabbed his rifle, storming off, shooting himself a passage. “I can still see the surprise in the eyes of those men,” he remembers. “But when they saw me, it was too late for them.”

That was ten days ago. Berger is sitting in an airport hotel in Istanbul, waiting for someone from the IS, with whom he gets on a little better. He wants to know who sold him to the men in Syria. Around lunchtime his contact, Raduan, enters the lobby. Berger has not seen him for a long time. Now he learns why: Raduan was in Tanzania, but the authorities have just expelled him.

Islamism is settling in Europe

The reason (for the expulsion) Raduan holds in his hand. It is a Bulgarian passport. He wanted to use it for his flight from Dar es Salaam to a Scandinavian country, and from there on to Germany. “The passport was completely authentic” says Berger. “Only his real owner was dead. And the photo really bore very little resemblance to Raduan” he added with a grin. When he speaks next with Raduan on Skype, Berger is back at home in a peaceful EU country. The Syrian is already back in Bulgaria, in a safe house, set up by allies of the IS, and is waiting for his new passport. Today he might already be in Germany.

And Berger realises that the war, which earns him money far away from home, is gradually following him home. That is why he is telling this story. Because there something has started which frightens him.

Almost exactly one year ago, on 29 June 2014, the IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed his caliphate. He declared himself as the successor of the prophet Muhammad and started a new, highly explosive terrorist project: Instead of attacking their avowed enemy on his territory, the IS was looking for a territory of their own in order to create their own government.

Arab fighters are smuggled in

An Islamist dream empire with brutal punishments and slave markets, beyond the traditional Islam. A heavily armed simulation of a state instead of spectacular terrorist attacks as made by the old star performers of al-Qaida. But now the IS seem to be preparing a new, additional strategy: Numerous indications suggest that IS systematically smuggle Arab fighters into Europe. Overtly, they set up networks. And it is certain that they want war. The IS is expanding the war all over Europe. Continue Reading →

Swedish artist, Dan Park, gives short speech for PEGIDA in Malmoe Sweden

This is one brave man who gets the issue thoroughly, and has been jailed for his art in Sweden for racism. All who know him say there is not one racist bone in his body.

Islam equals fascism

Liberty Dk. was on the ground and has this to offer about the event:

I was at the Swedish Pegida demonstration this past Saturday and it was quite an experience. I always attend the For Frihed demonstrations in Denmark (every Monday) where we are surrounded by a couple of hundred police officers holding off several hundred antifa thugs throwing stuff at us.

In this case there weren’t as many Swedish police but these ones on the ground had horses and dogs, and I saw several people being led away. We were also well protected by double rows of metal fencing with a building at the back. They were shouting things such as “Fuck PEGIDA you can go” and such. A veritable sea of fuckfingers constantly waving everywhere from the “peaceful “ counter demonstrators.

I did have one funny experience, I was showing the two finger peace signal and there was one young protester at the front who caught my eye as he was showing the peace sign as well, though in a way so as not to be seen by the others. I even got a smile so there was support to a small degree. In any case, we held our speeches with controversial artist Dan Park as the last speaker. Then Dan Park and another of our group went forward with a banner that read Islam = Fascism. This was apparently too much for the police and they immediately confiscated the banner.

After the demonstration they pulled Dan Park aside, I was watching from the sidelines, and were discussing with him about the banner. They were also asking why he was wearing the star of David and he said that he was showing it in support of the jewish people. In any case they did’nt arrest him but he was called in for questioning (interrogation) not once, but twice this coming week.

It is not unlikely that he will, again, end up in jail which he already has been a couple of times because his art does not adhere to the Swedish political correct narrative.

Liberty Dk.


What does the internet know about the car attacker from Austria?

(This is an article by Carpe Diem, who has been tracking news of the person who drove into a crowd with the intention of killing and injuring people, and then proceeded to stab people he could get to when he got out of his car. Much misinformation and erroneous information was published early on but this should be a more comprehensive and accurate set of links and photos of the actual person with clues to his motives.)

The alleged attacker in his car


There have been some articles on the internet about a Facebook page that appeared to belong to the car attacker from Austria, Alen Rizvanovi?. It revealed that this Person had some extreme islamic views. Unfortunately, it was the Facebook page of a namesake who was born in Vienna/Austria but now lives in Skopje, Macedonia. So, a new search on the internet was necessary, and here is what I found:

Full name, Facebook page and last message
The night before the attack, Alen Rizvan Rizvanovi? posted a comment on his Facebook page “Rizwan Consulting Group“: “Hurensöhne (Sons of bitches) Not in my Name“ and he linked the rap video “Sean Kingston – Beat It ft. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa“. Whatever this may mean is up to your interpretation, however, it is his last message to us. His Facebook page has currently 1,168 likes, which indicates that there could have been more content that is either deleted or only visible to friends. Source:

Date of birth
Anyway, his Facebook page gives us some more information. It says that the Rizwan Consulting Group was founded on March 17, 1989. As Rizvanovi? was born that year, March 17, 1989 most likely his his date of birth.

Bank account and e-mail
In addition his Facebook page contains a link to a website with his bank account details and (just as fb) his e-mail address: Rizvan Consulting Group, Konto (Account), Raiffeisenbank Region Graz-Thalerhof, Alen Rizvan Rizvanovic, IBAN AT283847700005059597, BIC RZSTAT2G477, BLZ 38477, E-Mail: Source:

Address and phone number
When you google his company, the “Rizvan Consulting Group“, you can find a google+ account which tells you his address: Werndorfer Weg 27, 8401 Kalsdorf bei Graz, Österreich. It also says that “Rizvan Consulting Group“ is a car trade company. You can also find a job offer for an office help. This gives you a phone number where you can contact the Rizvan Consulting Group: (Austria) 0664 5857353. Sources: and and

Twitter account and chatting website

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Dutch Government/TV station sabotage Geert Wilders’ planned broadcast

Showing that the Netherlands, like most of Europe and Canada, are at least partly under the sharia and moving more that direction and away from our own cultural and constitutionally mandated laws where they conflict with islamic values.


Wilders blames sabotage for failure to broadcast Mohammed cartoons

The national public broadcasting company NPO is investigating why a party political broadcast by the PVV showing anti-Mohammed drawings was not transmitted as planned. PVV leader Geert Wilders pledged to show the drawings during the broadcast but instead an old item was aired instead. Wilders has accused the public broadcaster of sabotage and has now placed the item featuring the cartoons, which is 2.45 minutes long, on YouTube. The video is due to be broadcast twice more later this month

Below, is the official PVV press release on this issue


Dutch public televison sabotaged broadcast Muhammad cartoons


Today, it looks like the Dutch public television sabotaged the political broadcast by the Party for Freedom.

In this broadcast, PVV leader Geert Wilders wanted to show a selection of Mouhammad cartoons from the Garland exhibition, which was attacked by terrorists last month.


Geert Wilders: “It is an absolute disgrace, if the public television censored a broadcast by a political party. Freedom of speech has been violated. This is scandalous in a democratic country!”


Now, we will show the cartoons on June, 24 at 17.55 pm on NPO1


The UK and the mosque that wasn’t there

Yesterday, this story found its way across much of the MSM and was posted here as well.

Solihull West Midlands Pig heads dumped outside mosque

The first thing that needs to be understood is that this is a classic tactic by muslims. They do not care about important laws like rape and freedom of speech. So matters of urban planning are merely obstacles to be defeated with an easy lie. The lie of course, is the purpose you claim for a structure you put up. So when they don’t let you have a mosque, and as far as I know, all islamic buildings called ‘community centers’ educational centers, schools and what not are always going to be mosques, you call it one of the other things then build it and then use it as a mosque. A quick look at the etymology of the word mosque from Masjid makes it pretty clear from the gates it isn’t a church or temple.

This certainly appears to be what happened here except the locals decided that since the government would not enforce the law against muslims, they would show their displeasure in other ways. The inevitable consequence of a government failing to do its elected duty to the public.

Here below, is a little history on this masjid:

What seems to have happened is that they applied for (and in 2014 got – PL/2013/01615/CU – Ambulance Station Ambulance Station Hermitage Road Solihull B91 2LL) planning permission for:

Change of use from ambulance station to conference centre and training facility, offices and ambulance station with alterations to the site layout, formation of new entrance and closure of two vehicle access points to the building

The drawings were clever: (and have subsequently been removed from public view)

Here they are however. But remember, they were submitted not for a mosque but for a ‘training center’ and hod no giant men’s prayer space on the ground floor.

There’s an online petition to stop it being used as a mosque:

(Which should not even be necessary as it was not built to be a mosque in the first place)

Solihull’s residents have not been consulted or informed of plans to turn the old ambulance station on Hermitage Road in to a ‘masjid’, otherwise known as a mosque.

The Council apparently say they’re “looking into it”.

Solihull Council investigate claims of ‘unauthorised’ mosque in community centre

Severed pigs heads found at Solihull community centre suspected of being used as ‘unauthorised’ mosque

Solihull Community Hub ‘mosque’ row – move to win permission for more Friday prayers

Solihull community centre will not become a Mosque – councillor

The Islamic organization has taken down their website. (One of course must wonder if there list of guest speakers may have presented a problem for them, or photos of them engaging in mosque like activities, or at least why they took down their site?)

What people need to do is to write to the Council about this: or via the online petition above. This will get the council to investigate and, should get them to require this place to submit a planning application for use for worship, which was never included in the “conference centre and training facility” planning application of 2013. Local people can then go into action to get this planning application refused.

Thank you all who helped find this information for this post.


Danish salafist interview on democracy riles indigenous Danes.

This clip is rumored to be infuriating Danes and understandably so. It is not dissimilar to the Mullah Krakar interview of a few months ago in Norway that commanded nearly as much attention as it should have, relatively speaking of course.

The interviewer was also pretty sophisticated I thought which is unusual on this subject. Even American TV talking heads seldom know what to ask and are usually used as tools by these people. Even so, the question could have been asked if the muslims wanted to impose their own system on all danes, which would be a non-subtle difference to the other examples the salafist kept referring to, where they wished the right under democracy of non-participation. Muslims do not seek this. They feel it is their obligation to obliterate democracy and impose islamic rule. This interview doesn’t quite manage to express this truth but does lean that way.

Thank you Liberty Dk for the translation.

This video was done on Danish Constitution day, Friday June 5 – 2015


“They want to silence Melanie Dittmer by all means”

Original translation by Oz-Rita

from Riposte Laique

“This time the tone of Melanie Dittmer, a Pegida personality in Germany, is even more serious. We learn that the German authorities have forbidden her to denounce the Islamisation of her country as it is an “incitement to racial hatred.”

Silenced in her own country by the police, Melanie Dittmer will talk in other countries. This May 24 Melanie Dittmer was at a meeting of the Movement Identitaire  in Rotterdam. From the speech by  Melanie Dittmer we understand that the situation is very serious and that the people of Europe are being silenced by threats and misinformation.

The reason for Melanie Dittmer’s silencing in Germany is that her country has brought in masses of migrants from Africa. The Professor for Public Law in Osnabrück, Hermann Heußner, says that Germany must accept  400,000 migrants per year and suggests that childless Germans have to pay for the education of migrant children.

The German State, which allows its citizens and pensioners to die in poverty, provides free accommodation and a sum of 800 euros per month to migrants so that they can live without working. These are the questions on which Melanie Dittmer was ordered to remain silent and why she cannot  speak any longer in her own country! 


note by translator: The battle cry of Melanie Dither, who is rather outspoken is:

“Wir wollen keine

Slafisten Schweine”

(We don’t want Salafist pigs)

This rhymes in German and is a very rhythmic parole that was used in the first few Pegida marches in which the “Hoodlums” participated.

 Fifteen people accused of raping girl under 16 in Bradford

From Halifax Courier UK

Police in Bradford have charged 14 men and a 16-year-old male from Keighley with offences of rape and sexual activity with a child under 16.

The allegations are historic in nature having occurred between 2011 and 2012 and relate to, in the main, one female victim who was aged under 16 at the time. One of the allegations relates to a second victim was also under 16 at the time of the offence in 2009.

All those charged have been released on police bail and are due to appear at Bradford Magistrates Court on Tuesday, June 30.

The 14 men are:

Sufyan Ziarab, 22, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Yasser Kabir, 24, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x4)

Bilal Ziarab, 20, of Bradford. He is charged with rape (x2)

Tauqeer Hussain, 22, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x4)

Israr Ali, 19, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Rohail Iqbal, 21, of Keighley. He is charged with rape

Rohail Hussain, 18, of Keighley. He is charged with rape

Nasir Khan, 23, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x3)

Saqib Younis, 28, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Hussain Sardar, 18, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Zain Ali, 20, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Faisal Khan, 26, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x2)

Khalid Raja Mahmood, 34, of Keighley. He is charged with rape (x5)

Mohamed Akram, aged 62, of Keighley. He is charged with sexual activity with a child under 16.


Belgium May 24 2015: Bart De Wever Receives Death Threats Again

An original translation by CB Sashenka

From LaLibre Belgium

[Bart de Wever, Belgium politician, is Mayor of Antwerp since 2013 and president of the New Flemish Alliance since 2004, a right-wing conservative Belgian political party advocating independence for Flemish region of Belgium.]

New death threats were made against the President of New Flemish Alliance, Bart De Wever, in a letter written in French, posted in Handschoenmarkt, Antwerp.

The letter threatens the Antwerp Mayor with execution if he does not convert to Islam. “I’ve always predicted that we would not be free from the threat of radical Islam anytime soon. This has been neglected for years. The boil is now open in Syria, and a lot of pus will have to come out before we are rid of it,” commented the head of New Flemish Alliance on VTM News on Sunday.

De Wever has longstanding personal protection. The Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis conducts screenings to assess the level of this.

According to Bart De Wever, with regards to this case, it’s at a level that calls for a bodyguard.

Video Translation: Oz-Rita

Emigration kills Africa, immigration is killing Europe!

Oz-Rita translated the official press release of the French patriots, Generation Identitaire for us to help explain their protest yesterday at the office of the European Union, which is clearly working to destroy all European national identities.

Press release by  Generation Identitaire of May 23, 2015

While Europe is facing an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants from the African continent, the young Identitaires  denounce the policy of the European Commission and  the governments of  EU member states.

The Passivity in the fight against illegal immigration, the systematic reception of illegal boats, the crazy politics of quotas per country, only reinforce the fantasy of a European Eldorado that  does not exist. The candidates for emigration are ever higher in number, to the delight of the smugglers, militias and mafias with whom our leaders  are, in fact,  complicit. The dead in the Mediterranean too are the consequence of that policy.

The future of Africa is not  in Europe, just as the future of Europe is not to become Africa

To each people its identity, its land and the building of its future.


(There is currently difficulty with the link to the GI source on this. It will be added once its sorted out)


Terror attack in Tunis: The moroccan suspect had arrived in Italy with a boat of migrants.

An original translation by Oz-Rita 

From Fdesouche

In February 2015, a month before the massacre, the Moroccan aged 22, Abdel Majid Touil had been  identified  at Port Empedocle (Sicily). He had arrived on a boat of 90 migrants. At the time, a deportation order was issued against him.

Photo (of the Boat arrivals)  the caption under this photo reads:
It was February 2015, when 642 migrants were rescued by the Navy. They landed in the port of Empedocle (He  is the one circled in the picture).

MILAN: a Moroccan suspected of involvement in the bombing of the Bardo Museum in Tunisia that killed 22 people on March 18, was arrested Tuesday night in a town in the Milan area in northern Italy .
It was  the Tunisian authorities who focussed their suspicions on the “Moroccan National wanted internationally”, according to a spokesman for the local police.

Abdelmajid Touil, 22, known under the pseudonym “Abdullah,” was arrested in the apartment shared by  his mother  and his two brothers, according to Bruno Megale, head of the Digos (department police for special operations and terrorism) in Milan.

(More photos at source)