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Muslims celebrate the killer in Copenhagen as a great man with a heart of gold

If there was ever a video that needs to be sent to every media person, every relative, everyone in denial, and every politician in the damn free world, this may well be it. (This is now going to be the … Continue reading

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Are the police at war on terror or with free speech? National anti-terror unit handed list of Charlie Hebdo stockists to local forces who then went round demanding to know who bought copies

Daily Mail:   Distributor John Menzies passed details of magazine stockists to police  Police chiefs then told specific forces where magazine was being sold  Details were intended to ‘provide community reassurance’   But local officers went to shops and demanded details … Continue reading

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The Hypocrite from Paris

By Carpe Diem   Reuters reports1 that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has ordered an investigation into a cartoon apparently depicting the Prophet Mohammad in an official Palestinian newspaper. The move came less than a month after Abbas joined world leaders … Continue reading

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Two far-left politicians in France discuss the effects of Islam and its followers on French civilization.

If they are ready to go this far on broadcast TV, imagine what they know and aren’t yet willing to say.

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The new Charlie Hebdo cover.

1. Charlie Hebdo’s new caricature ‘unjustifiably provocative': Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta (it is stupefying to try and grasp that muslims believe that any drawing is a greater offense than the murder of some 16 people over them. But that is Islam … Continue reading

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BBC Asia interviews a Hamas leader on their ties with Iran and ambitions.

This is a significant interview and while it was supposed to be available in English by request, no request was answered by those who asked. Please download and spread this video by any and all means in case it is … Continue reading

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Australian politician cares more about truth than career

H/T Don L

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A brief look at what sharia law looks like in the UK

Most people are appalled by sharia because of its draconian punishments. Personally I find that absolutely the least problematic aspect of it. Earlier today I happened to have the chance to chat with a friend about the nature of sharia … Continue reading

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Robert Spencer on CBN on amputation for theft in Philadelphia

More here

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Imam in Philadelphia attempts to cut off a man’s hand who is suspected of thievery.

This is  a very important item. More so than most because it speaks to an issue which is of central importance in terms of the cognitive dissonance that is costing the Western world so much in its blindly fought battle with … Continue reading

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STOP THE PRESSES! Feminist group takes stand for WOMEN’S RIGHTS!

Things must be really bad when feminist and women’s groups actually take action of any kind to protect women and genuine human rights anywhere at all as opposed to dedicating all their efforts towards enforcing cultural Marxism. Found at Bizpak … Continue reading

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Brunei: ‘Stone the gays’ law to be phased in from tomorrow

Anyone think this will shift homosexual activist groups away from hatred of white Europeans, the USA and Israel? Didn’t think so. I wonder if there will be a gay pride march in Brunei? Or even one in Canada to protest … Continue reading

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Women in Iran attempt to resist compulsory hijab

h/t M

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Video: News from Islamia – Stoning and Burning in Morocco

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita From PI News: Those who live in an islamic country have to submit without any compromise to the “religious” ideology in force, otherwise their life can end very brutally. allegedly in Morocco, a … Continue reading

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Interesting article on the implementation of sharia laws in Malaysia over non-muslims

On another post today, a short discussion took place about how muslims reinvent the word ‘defend’ as a rhetorical trick to justify out-and-out attacking people, arguing that it is defending the religion, to use force to make islam and sharia … Continue reading

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