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Message from a former Muslim, now Christian preacher for all the non-muslims of the world. (Nov 2012)

From Yucki: Christian Pastor in Uganda Attacked by Muslims with buckets of Acid This man of G-d was born to follow Mohammed and raised to disseminate dawa filth. Then he heard the call of Christ and knew truth. His courage … Continue reading

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Beautiful Black woman had acid thrown in face by burka wearer

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Pakistani couple arrested over acid attack on daughter

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Victoria’s Secret worker scarred for life when niqab-wearing attacker threw acid in her face as she walked home from shop

Daily Mail: Naomi Oni, 20, was almost blinded and will need years of skin grafts She was heading back to her flat from the bus stop when she was injured Had been talking to her boyfriend on the phone after … Continue reading

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Local paper does publish name of Acid attack suspect

I was wrong it is not Mohamed. Sincere apologies to all people named Mohamed. The actual name is Ismail Abudllah Alahmadi All hail Taffy in Canada for finding this information. The Northern Echo  

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Teenager, 16, may have been left blind after acid was thrown in his face as he walked in woodland

Something tells me there is a very sinister aspect to this story. I hope the details about who, and why, become known soon. H/T Taffy in Canada Daily Mail: wo men, aged 46 and 33, arrested in connection with the … Continue reading

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For Muslims, an ‘acid trip’ is a much more dangerous proposition.

H/T EDL Buck, Softly-Bob Have you seen this man?     Here is another view: Police wish to question him about a bottle of hydrochloric acid found on a train. Click here for the story:

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The Acid Attack on Reyhan K.

Gates of Vienna: Thursday, January 03, 2013 Last week a young woman named Reyhan K. was subjected to a devastating acid attack at her residence in Germany. She and one of her attackers are of Turkish origin; the other suspect … Continue reading

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Woman in Germany seriously injured in acid attack

Original translation by Bear  H/T Magic Martin From Le Figaro   a young woman of Turkish origins was gravely injured at Hilden (west of Germany) after being victim of an attack of sulfuric acid. the young woman aged 20, had … Continue reading

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Woman forced to remarry the husband who threw acid in her face after she divorced him for being unfaithful

H/T EDL Buck Daily Mail: Nurbanu had divorced her husband of 18 years after discovering he had been unfaithful Eight days later the 36-year-old was at home in Bangladesh when her former spouse arrived and threw acid into her face … Continue reading

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Acid-attack mom: ‘I feel like killing all my kids’

 Examiner.Com Zaheen Akhtar and Mohammed Zafar, parents of murdered girl. Credits: Screen Capture – BBC “I cannot sleep and whenever I shut my eyes, I see Anusha’s burnt face…” Less than a week ago the life of Pakistani teen Anusha … Continue reading

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Parents Attack Daughter With Acid For Talking to Boy

ABC News: By MUHAMMED LILA ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Nov. 2, 2012 Pakistani parents in a remote village allegedly killed their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid all over her face and body after they caught her talking to an unknown boy, according … Continue reading

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‘They wanted to hang me… they thought it would be an insult to Islam if I lived': New beginning in Texas for Pakistani Christian woman who suffered savage acid attack by Muslim man who thought she was a traitor

h/t Taffy in Canada Daily Mail: By Laura Cox PUBLISHED: 19:19 EST, 11 July 2012 | UPDATED: 23:07 EST, 11 July 2012 A 26-year-old woman horrifically burned in an acid attack has spoken out about her trauma as she re-builds … Continue reading

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Arab man threw sulphuric acid on the face of his spanish wife

Translated from Digital Journal by Hermes: A man of arabic origin threw sulphuric acid on the face of his wife. This happened this morning at the door of the victim’s home in Rio Ulla street, no. 9, in the Pueblo … Continue reading

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‘Life is such a blessing': The incredible bravery of Pakistani women who suffered horrific acid attacks in the name of ‘family honour’

Daily Mail By Associated Press PUBLISHED: 16:12 GMT, 2 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:20 GMT, 2 June 2012 After six years of abuse, Allah Rakhi was walking out of her marriage when her husband struck again. Snatching a knife, he … Continue reading

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