demanding religious accommodation is nothing short of fraud and should be criminalized.

I have been trying to follow the National Post stories on recent changes to various institutions to accommodate islamic demands to meet their religious ‘needs’. One of the stories is up to 1700 comments, a record in the experience of one seasoned Post commentator I know.

It occurs to me that as religion in a free country is 100% voluntary, that asking for others to accommodate your choices is akin to deciding to ride around in a wheelchair and then demanding that people make way for you, build ramps for you and subsidize your life because you are in a wheelchair. Of course, if a person actually did this they would be arrested for fraud and rightfully so.

But how is religious accommodation different? A person puts themselves at a disadvantage by their own choice. There is zero real world consequences to their deciding not to observe their religion, other than the reaction of their religious community. But observance in a free country is voluntary by definition of the very notion of a ‘free country’.

In fact, for religions other than Islam the entire point of making tough calls for your religious beliefs is specifically to build character by giving yourself hardships under some circumstances in order to keep yourself aware of things or humble yourself before your aspirations or deities etc. So to ask for people to make room for your choices in that case is actually a fraud against your own religion. interestingly its mostly only one religion that demands these accommodations and likely for political reasons, establishing its primacy, more than spiritual growth as one would normally make self limiting choices for religious purposes.

I would argue that islamic demands for accommodation for their purely voluntary religious ‘needs’ (desires in fact) is proof that it is not religious at all but one vector to political supremacy. It is a self proving behavior.

If you decide to peruse the comments on the National Post article about the Aikido class and the gender segregation they have now and the no need to bow to the founders, please read the comments by a former Muslim woman who taught Islamic studies for 14 years and is arguing with a Muslim who insults everyone else then accused the of Ad-hominem arguments. Search comments for ‘Saira’. She makes short shrift of the usual suspects in that comment thread. A sample below:

Saira Sammy Modaresi

I was raised Muslim and this is completely untrue. Islam pretends to elevate women but in reality women are considered lower than men in everything. Men can marry multiple wives, they can beat them to discipline them, they can initiate divorce but women can’t. Women inherit 1/2 the property and their testimony is worth 1/2 of a man’s. Women are told to cover up because if they’re raped or harassed by men it’s their fault, not the man’s. Islam is a woman-hating cult. As a former Muslim, you can not fool me. You can lie to white non-Muslims, not to people like me.


Click over and read what she is responding to, the reply to her and how she answers her detractors. Worth the click-and-read.



Update on the Toronto Prof. who took a hit for us and for reason itself.

In the earlier post I linked to a National post article about a professor in Toronto who is in trouble for sticking to his guns and refusing to rejig an entire class or make special arrangements for one person who refuses to be in a room with women for religious reasons.

The National Post article is not accepting comments but the Globe and Mail article is as is the Toronto Star. This is an important issue and a chance for us to support reason and our own culture. Please go comment there. The story does beg the question, what would happen if women were to say, “We refuse to be in a room with muslim men because it is a clear and demonstrable threat to our safety”. I think we know. But it would be far more reason based a demand than a muslim’s to have a special accommodation because of ancient and irrational demands not to be near women, and which got a professor in trouble at his school.

The professor also asks a reasonable question. Would he be an accessory to sexism if he did accommodate the request? The answer of course is yes, if the request was made by a white Christian male even if the man had a denomination of Christianity which might expect this such as the Pennsylvania ‘Dutch’ perhaps or something similar.

Once again we see people using the notion that their personal beliefs, something we cannot even prove they have in any case, should limit other people’s choices as opposed to their own, the traditional case for people who wish to operate outside the cultural norm, and the consequent inversion of the notions of freedom and democracy that result.

This is an item that requires some action on our parts.

Eeyore for Vlad.

**I just left the following comment at the Globe and Mail site. As they are moderating comments I am quite confident it will not be published, so here it is for them anyway**


I have a couple of questions. What if a woman were to say that she refused to be in a room with muslim males because she felt it was a threat to her safety, which she could easily demonstrate to be true with rape statistics world wide and especially in the West. Would she be branded a racist and a bigot? Yet somehow if a person refuses to be in a room with women for irrational and superstitious reasons we all have to reduce our own freedoms to accommodate that and call it a progressive move.

My advice to women pregnant with a male muslim child is get a sex-selective abortion. That way the male muslim won’t have to endure being in a room with a woman for 9 months, you as a woman can assert your right to an abortion at any time for any reason and you can show you are a progressive and strong female with genuine tolerance for muslim beliefs.


Thank you Grace for finding the links and the story.


A man in the UK speaks his mind about islam. Expect some prison time.

This story I think will be revealing of the new Kafka’esque UK than most similar stories in the past. In this video below, we do not know what his provocation was. All we know is, he had negative things to say about islam and affirmed his own Christian membership. For this, he is wanted by police, presumably for ‘racism’. What happens to him should be a klaxon to all free minded people in the UK. Is the government there your representative or your overt enemy, seeking to divide and conquer you on ideological grounds.

This bears close scrutiny.

News link to story on this here.

Police are appealing for information about a racist tirade that was unleashed on a route 104 bus between Stratford and Manor Park Station.

A man was filmed by a member of the public making a string of offensive comments about Islam.

Thank you Golem Bar for this story. Thanks to an indigenous British person, I was able to subtitle this video for clarity.

For reasons I do not understand, my editor insists on doubling the last 2 segments of this video. Once you get to the end of the first CFTCJ you can close it. I have no idea why it did it or continues to do it.

Edmonton Alberta police force discriminate against everyone else by developing special muslim-compliant uniforms

The Edmonton Sun reveals that:

At an Edmonton Police Commission meeting Thursday it was revealed that EPS is working on introducing a hijab option to the uniform.

But why stop there? I bet the Edmonton police could get way more gay recruits if they just adjusted the uniform a little:

I bet you could attract way more recruits from the trailer park set (where most of the crime is from quite possibly) if they just tweaked the uniform a little bit:







If anyone wants to know what I actually think of these kinds of initiatives, I wrote about it the other day on Vlad.

H/T Dymphna with thanks

Iran: – ‘Jews using sorcery to attack the IRI’

H/T Richard


Iranian Official: The Jews Use Sorcery Against Iran

An Iranian regime official and a website close to the regime have recently accused the Jews of engaging in sorcery and of employing it against Iran.

Mehdi Taeb, who is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and heads Khamenei’s Ammar Base think tank, said in April 2013 that the Jews are the most powerful sorcerers in the world today, and that they have used their powers to attack Iran – for instance by turning the U.S. into their tool and getting it to impose sanctions on Iran, and also through attempts, albeit failed, to interfere in the 2009 elections. He added that while Iran has so far withstood their assaults, they have not yet used the full scope of their powers against it.

In March 2013, the website, which is associated with the religious seminaries in Qom, posted an article about the status of sorcery and numerology in Jewish mysticism. According to this article, Jews cherish the knowledge of sorcery, pass it down from generation to generation, and believe that it can be used to control mankind, nature and even God’s decisions. 

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‘Thousands’ of muslims visit the holy hair of mohamed in Michigan

And here I was thinking that the Catholics where devious bastards for selling indulgences in the middle ages.

This is doubly irritating because muslims never get tired of pretending to superiority over Christianity because they claim no supernatural creature other than their god ‘allah’ while treating the pirate mohamed with far far more fetishistic frenzy than any Christian ever treated an image, drawing or even an alleged artifact of the avatar, Jesus.


S.Arabia: Saudi women don’t want to drive, Justice minister


Other religions allowed, but no churches on land sacred to Islam

23 April, 16:53

(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, APRIL 23 – Saudi Arabian Justice Minister Mohammed al-Isa defended the kingdom’s human rights record at a hearing on Tuesday before the European Parliament’s foreign affairs commission.

”We respect freedom of opinion and human rights, so long as they don’t infringe on public order and the rights of others”, the minister explained. Other faiths are banned from building churches and temples in Saudi Arabia because it is ”a land sacred to Islam. Other uses would be unacceptable. It would be like building a mosque in the Vatican: it’s a question of principle”, the minister said. ”But this does not mean people aren’t allowed to profess other religions”.

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Greece pulls statues from Qatar exhibit over nudity dispute

H/T Fjordman


Greece has pulled two ancient statues from an ongoing Olympic Games exhibition in Qatar in a dispute over nudity, a Culture Ministry source said on Tuesday.

“The statues have already returned to Greece,” a Culture Ministry source told AFP, adding: “Organizers in Qatar wanted to cover up the statues’ members with black cloth. So they were never put on display, they went back into storage and returned on April 19.”

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‘God will heal you’: GP ‘told patient to stop taking medication and took her to have an EXORCISM instead’

Talk about hypocrisy. The UK is in a flap about this one while simultaneously their NHS actually PAYS for this. This, being nothing more than the religious medical treatment for secular leftists. It is no more scientific than an exorcism, and probably killed more people due to patients quitting real treatment. This doctor should probably demand to be paid for what he did rather than defend himself. It should be pointed out that ‘homeopathy’ is essentially a form of sympathetic magic much like voodoo, except that voodoo practitioners actually use real drugs.

H/T EDL Buck:

Mail Online:

  • Dr Thomas Gerard O’Brien was working as a locum GP in Staffordshire
  • Woman was prescribed anti-depressant & anti-hypertensive medication
  • Patient ‘stopped taking medication’ after he told her ‘there’s another way’
  • GMC report reveals concerns over Dr O’Brien ‘imposing religious beliefs’

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 08:03 GMT, 15 April 2013 | UPDATED: 11:18 GMT, 15 April 2013A patient claimed a GP told her to stop taking medication and took her to a Pentecostal church where she underwent an exorcism instead, a General Medical Council report has revealed.

Dr Thomas Gerard O’Brien was working as a locum GP in Staffordshire when he treated the woman – who had been prescribed anti-depressant, anti-hypertensive and pain-relief medication.

The patient, who has not been named, claimed she stopped taking medication after Dr O’Brien told her ‘there is another way’.

Reading material: The patient claimed Dr O'Brien sent her books and pamphlets about the church (file picture)Reading material: The patient claimed Dr O’Brien sent her books and pamphlets about the church (file picture)

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Column One: Moral relativism and jihad

H/T Snaphanen,Dk


It is the dominance of moral relativism in liberal institutions like

the New York Times that make even the most apologetic expose of the Muslim Brotherhood a major event.

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) shakes hands with Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) shakes hands with Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo Photo: REUTERS

Two events happened on Wednesday which should send a shiver down the spine of everyone concerned about the future of the American Jewish community. But to understand their importance it is important to consider the context in which they occurred.

On January 13, The New York Times reported on a series of virulently anti-Jewish comments Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made in speeches given in 2010. Among other things, Morsi said, “We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews.” He said that Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue. The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.”

In another speech, he called Jews “bloodsuckers,” and “the descendants of apes and pigs.”

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Interesting contrast between the people of Persia, and the political class of Iran.

Thank you Don L and Shabnam for these two videos. I find them both quite revealing and together they speak volumes.

‘If you could have one wish’. Regular folk in Persia speak out.

Why homosexuals must be killed. It is scientific! All religions demand it!

At the Kennedy School, at Harvard, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former-president of Iran stated that homosexuals are criminals who face a punishment and in this case, it’s execution. English and Farsi.

Disabled Purple Heart veteran, embarassed at local business.

Adventures of a broken soldier:

I am a disabled combat veteran. I served in Iraq and worked in Afghanistan. I took an IED because my country asked me too, and I was injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. I have a Purple Heart and an ARCOM with Valor. I fully expect to be treated differently when I am visiting another country – when I am in America I expect equality and toleration; but what I experienced today is something that I never would have thought I’d have to go through in my own country. The country I fought for!

I am a skydiver with around 300 jumps under my belt. I’ve done jumps from 30,000 feet, helicopters, hot air balloons, wingsuit skydives and so forth. So with that being said I travel around doing this sport quite a bit. Today was my second time at a dropzone called “Florida Skydiving Center / Skydive Lake Wales”.

Coincidentally there are soldiers from the country of Qatar being trained there.

The picture is of the tattoo I have. Here is the definition of said tattoo: “Kafir (Arabic: ????? k?fir, plural ????? kuff?r) is an Arabic term used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as “unbeliever,” “disbeliever,” or “infidel.” The term refers to a person who rejects God or who hides, denies, or covers the “truth.” The Muslim’s from Qatar saw that tattoo and complained to the dropzone. Once they did so I was called to the back office…

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