Daily Mail succumbs to sanitizing the Islam out of terror stories?

Yesterday we posted one of many Daily Mail stories, this one about a man who was stopped on a train because he had an umbrella that had a handle that looked like a Samurai sword.

The article is here and the main photo from the article is below:

An astute reader of this website, KrayThaTruth, had read the story when it was first published and made a comment about the photo, which he screen grabbed. His comment   was not published. But he noticed that when he went back to the story later, they had zoomed in on the photo to crop out the top.

To see the photo as it was before it was changed, click the read more tab please.

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Declaration of Geert Wilders before the Court sitting in Chambers, Tribunal The Hague, November 25, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Mr. President, members of the Chamber,

I have the right to a fair trial. That is why I am here.
Not to ask you a favor. But to ask you what I am entitled to.
A fair trial. And the right to defend myself in the best possible way.
If you do not give me that chance then this trial will be a farce.

During the first meeting the investigative judge told to me, “You should have a fair chance, the law will be interpreted broadly.” But the opposite has happened. All my 39 requests, all the requests from the defendant have been rejected.
Apparently, I am not allowed an adequate defense.

The investigative judge is uncritically following the Public Prosecutor. The Chamber agreed with the Public Prosecutor to reject the first twelve requests. Hopefully, that will not be the case for the 27 rejections that you must decide on now. Because if all reasonable requests are rejected, then I cannot defend myself, and I apparently have to be sentenced at all costs.

I am taken to court for what I have said.
But I have said nothing wrong.
Fewer Moroccans, fewer Syrians, fewer Mexicans, fewer Russians, I do not see why stating that is punishable. However, when Turkish members of the Dutch parliament call me a tumor that must be fought and when they compare me to Hitler, then there is no consternation, no massive complaints on pre-printed forms, no prime minister who speaks shame of it and no Public Prosecutor to come into action.
What kind of country are we living in?!

I speak for millions of Dutch. And I will continue to do so.
That is my duty as a representative of the people.
And that is my right. It is a travesty that I have to stand here before you today.

I have done nothing wrong.
At least, I want to be allowed to defend myself in court.
I want to hear witnesses and experts so that I can defend myself.

The investigative judge promised me a fair chance, but he did not give me such a chance.
I now turn to you: Give me the chance to defend myself.
Give me the chance to a fair trial.


A couple of complimentary examples of media manipulation for leftist effect

This first one is from the new station, Czech Independent News and busts Polish TV doing what Canada’s CBC does daily, especially when it comes to any pro-life marches at Parliament hill. If they report on them at all, they reduce the numbers in attendance often by nine tenths or more.

Below, a TIME reporter claims the number in attendance at a ‘Slut Walk’ is higher than actual by something like 5000%

This goes some way to explaining the gap between male and female representation in STEM subjects: a feminist TIME journalist has claimed that “15,000” people attended a Slut Walk for which, by most estimations, barely 300 showed up.

In an op-ed for the magazine’s website that has since been altered to read “thousands,” which is still inaccurate, journalist Erica Williams Simon heavily implied she was present at the event, writing, “The solidarity was palpable and the energy electric.”

And a bonus example from Australia

The public lynching of a critical voice by Liberty DK

Sweden’s public “media” today

The Stasi-like ugly face of Swedish politically correct media showed itself today in full bloom with the public lynching of a well-known and respected journalist, Julia Caesar (pseudonym).

A Swedish journalist, Julia Caesar, an elderly pensioner of frail health, has in recent years written about a hundred articles critical of the state of Sweden and its slide into chaos. She is, in this writer’s view, one of the most honest, insightful and clear-headed journalists today. Her essays about Swedish politics, political correctness and Sweden’s’ insane out-of-control immigration policy have earned her a loyal readership. She has been, and remains, a very important voice of dissent in the politically correct deranged country of Sweden and her articles are read by the hundreds of thousands. She writes under a pseudonym because, as she explains in the article to follow, her life, and her family’s life would be in danger were she to publish under her real name.

In the following article, published this past Saturday in the Danish website Snaphanen, Julia Caesar wrote the an account of the unscrupulous depths Swedish media will go to in order to silence dissent. It is truly frightening.

“There are people who have taken upon themselves the right to utterly shatter my safe haven and make my life a living hell. I am hunted by people, emissaries of a large media group who want to silence me. They want to stop me writing by harassing and molesting me, scaring me and by making my life as unbearable as possible.”

In relation to this story, the on-line publication Avpixlat writes the following under the headline “Swedish media now a parody of itself”:

Source: http://avpixlat.info/2015/09/02/svensk-media-nu-en-parodi-pa-sig-sjalv/

In Sweden, we have other kinds of punishment than death sentences for the “wrong” views. Precisely as said by the economist Tino Sanandaji on American television, this instead takes place in the form of social stigmatization and branding – thus expressing critical views about Europe and the world’s most extreme and destructive immigration policy – backed by a small and utterly reality-resistant bubble in Stockholm’s inner city, and that has never taken its journalistic mission seriously – becomes an absolute necessity.”

Update: This article was, just today the 2nd of September, countered by an article written by Annika Hamrud, one of the journalists who had stalked Julia. Hamrud’s contempt for Julia shines through in her article where she publishes both the name and the photo of the woman behind the pseudonym, thereby willfully and deliberately putting Julia’s life in danger. http://www.expressen.se/kultur/hon-ar-julia-caesar/

[Editor: The rest of this 3 part piece will be below the fold. Thank you Liberty DK. and Gates of Vienna for the tireless effort to write, translate and edit all this important information. Remember, Europe is tomorrow’s newspaper for Canada and the late afternoon edition it seems, for the United States.

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Laura Boldrini speaks for more immigration, claims it is safe to walk in Rome from behind 24 bodyguards

Article is from this Italian News site 

and is an original translation by Par0 with much thanks.

[Editor: There are a couple of odd sentences we can’t quite figure out which will be marked in red. Once we get what they are, they will be fixed]

Boldrini, Queen of the armored cars

The lady of the House guarded by 2 cars, and a third part-time “I’m not afraid to walk alone.” She also gets protection on the Web

And to think she did not even want to be escorted, the most protected politician in Italy. “I asked not to have guards. I’m not afraid to walk around Rome. I’m not afraid to go from home to office. Anything can happen at any time but this applies to anyone “Thus spoke the House speaker, Laura Boldrini, at the time of her establishment at Montecitorio. Four months later, to accompany her every move, there is the most imposing security apparatus that Casta can recall: two armored cars, BMW 5 series, and a third in charge of inspections (the so-called “advances”), for a total of twelve men per day, 24 over 24 hours. And if that were not enough, the home of the third most important position in the State is monitored also by a fourth unmarked car.

But, you know, prevention is better than cure. And so, according to rumors coming from the offices of the House, the would-be presidentess had installed, in defense of her apartment, an inviolable security system, reinforced by a number of cameras positioned in strategic places, starting with the building next door, where they are renovating. The precautions are never too many.

In addition to the “gorilla” and the carousel drive, to accompany her often there is an officer or director of the Inspectorate of the House. A new entry that has not gone unnoticed in the corridors of power as well as Roman did not go unnoticed to the accountants of the House’ overall spending. Continue Reading →

The Changing Rules of Politically Correct Poker

Not so much that the rules change perhaps, as what constitutes a winning hand. Basically the strong call the wild cards.

First, the video:

Now this article from Nicolai Sennels:

And then this article from Blazing Cat Fur. Don’t skip the comments.

The full video is here.

Thank you Nicolai and Liberty Dk.



Leftists chant threats against specific classical-liberals while carrying signs about love in Sweden

As in the U.S., where the very same people who would have burned Joseph McCarthy alive for his attempts to stop communist subversion in Hollywood are banning Southern U.S. flags and exhuming the bodies of long-dead generals and their wives, Sweden’s leftists are carrying a sign bragging of superior values while threatening to physically beat specific people speaking in favour of  classical civilization.

Three interviews of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Here are a few interviews with one of the most interesting and important voices of our time. Its critical to understand the basics of her background to appreciate the gravitas of her message and the best way to get that is her outstanding book, Infidel. One of the best reads anyone might experience, at least according to the people I spoke to who have read it, including myself.

But I post these interviews more to show the bias of the CBC rather than much about Ayaan who is likely well known to readers of this site.

First, an older interview by a left wing extremist named, Avi Lewis, who I believe left the CBC to go work for Al Jazeera. June 2007

Notice his repugnant treatment of someone who has endured more hardship than Mr. Lewis can fathom in his privileged existence. Because she didn’t fit his culturally marxist narrative of an evil US (as Bush was president at the time) and all cultures other than white European as morally superior to that one, he felt he could show that much derision and contempt on live TV.

Let’s see if things have improved at all now: May 15 – 2015 Wendy Mesley

Its noteworthy that the CBC interviewer lied twice by minute 7. For one thing, Prime Minister Harper did not say Islam was rooted in a culture that was anti woman but that the niqab or face cloth is rooted in a culture that is anti woman. By implication however that could mean islam. But many muslims claim that the face cloth is a tribal or cultural practice like FGM and have nothing to do with islam. So while I agree with Prime Minister Harper in either case, he did not say that. Secondly the interviewer claimed PM Harper was denying the head cloth. This is an outright fabrication. (Pun not intended but allowed to stand in evidence) Stephen Harper objected to the covering of the face with a face cloth during important ceremonies in government buildings. This is significantly different from what the interviewer said, not implied, but stated. Ayaan herself without knowing the facts differentiated between the head cloth and the face cloth.

All in all, it would appear that the CBC has learned to conceal its contempt for all things conservative better than Mr. Lewis did, while still trying to shape the narrative in the same way. When the interviewer tries to trap Ayaan into advocating for Omar Khadr as victim it becomes clear what the agenda of the show is. At least Mr. Lewis’s show, The Agenda, was more honestly named.

Now lets watch Bill Mahar in his most recent interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

He starts out by revealing her bias. This is fair. But the questions allow her to explain her PoV and not his agenda. Even though its safe to say at this point, they may be very similar.

She is of course, wrong about the idea of an Islamic reformation. It is having one now, Its called, Salafism, Wahabism and the Islamic state In fact the problem with islam is the reformation of it into what it always was, instead of the tamed version of it we forced during the colonial years. If we are no longer willing to accept the responsibilities of colonialism, then we should at least protect ourselves from the fallout of abandoning that responsibility.

(The Bill Mahar segment was removed from YT but this small but very good part is working at the moment, even if it doesn’t make the point as well)

VICE News: Another tool for the Obama narrative on Islam

weatFor anyone who remembers VICE when it was an edgy innovative organization that made rapid status for itself by speaking the unvarnished truth about places like Liberia and North Korea and about interesting subjects like Datura, (Scopolamine) the drug that makes people so suggestible they may give away everything they own to strangers after a single unaware dose of it, this article may be painful to read.

Not long ago, VICE did a video on the aftermath of the murders of the Jewish people and attempted murder of free speech advocates in Denmark where they had a woman in tears defending islam and ignoring it’s victims, saying that the real tragedy was the image of islam by Danes. The woman looked so much like she staged the whole thing, as the speech she gave as a ‘woman on the street’ interview was so perfectly delivered yet through spontaneous tears of grief that, at least last time I looked, even VICE felt it was too much and took down the video altogether.

Since then, all kinds of VICE videos dealing with islam have appeared which frequently use common deceptions to sell the narrative of a hijacked islam. And lets not even mention the ‘interview’ they gave Justin Trudeau which has to have been scripted by his own campaign managers. I can’t link to the Danish video because they took it down. But Im sure its out there somewhere should it be needed.

In the 3 part video, ‘The War Against Boko Haram’ they manage a massive amount of ‘lie by omission.’ In part 1 they only interview muslim ‘victims’ of Boko Haram’s outrageous horrors against the Nigerian population and never mention any of the enormous number of Churches and Christian targets of Boko Haram, nor do they interview any Christian victims, nor do they bother to mention the full name of that group, “Group of the People of Sunnah for Preaching and Jihad”. An odd omission for a documentary on this same group.

The narrative runs that this group are not muslims but merely criminals with no agenda other than crime for no particular reason and their actions run contrary to islamic teaching. A point their muslim family of victims makes directly to the VICE reporter, but there is no attribution given to these teachings which Boko Haram is running afoul of. It could also be noticed that his family was allowed to leave because they were muslim. The Christians never seem to get that sort of mercy. Typically if you cannot prove you muslim credentials to one of these monsters you don’t get to give an interview to VICE news. You get killed.

The narrative also runs in part 1 that the problem may be because Christians control the part of the country that has natural resources and the wealth is not distributed to the muslim parts of the country. It fails to mention however whether or not the islamic side of Nigeria actually educates any of its citizens in anything that might generate wealth or whether islamic law forbids such education, which is what the name Boko Haram, specifically means. ‘Western Education is Forbidden’. But the idea is, to create doubt in the viewer as to the fact that Boko Haram is a muslim terrorist group seeking to replace democracy and secular law with the sharia and hudud (Islamic punishments) and that the motives are entirely based on islam and islamic doctrine, as the kidnapping and enslaving of non-muslim women wherever they can, illustrates rather clearly as slavery is a big part of Islamic culture and dogma.

In Part II they manage to interview a soldier who explains that they, Boko Haram, attacked churches, but they are not really muslims but just devils. Still no footage of the attacks on Churches or the stated goals of Boko Haram as creators of an islamic state in Africa, despite the internet being so full of this material you need delouser to avoid seeing it. The message that Christians and muslims are united against BK is repeated like a Buddhist mantra but with no actual evidence to support it.

In part III the soldiers they show at the start use terms like “grace” and “father” and “heart” during prayers, which VICE calls a “toast” while drinking and smoking cigarettes. This leads me to suspect they may not be muslims. A lot of the rest of it is tactical minutia. It does look like the Nigerian Army has some reactive armor on their tanks though. Thats gotta help as well as some serious air power. And if you want to know what happened to your old Ramones T shirt, you get to find out at the end.

But one thing is for sure. VICE is now part of the effort to propagandize the public into the Obama/Cameron plan of reinventing islam with the hope that either muslims will believe it and stop following islamic examples or at least the public will not act up and make their governments uncomfortable as we are all slowly being forced to give up our own rights and freedoms and customs and accept a sharia one.






Counter-jihad French blog responds to legal filing by hypocritical Paris mayor

This is a little complex so I may edit as details become clearer.

As it seems at the moment, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who made a public display of support for Charlie Hebdo, was lampooned in a cartoon over her breaking of French secularism laws to accommodate muslims. She then filed a legal notice against the cartoonist for the precise reasons that she stood up for Charlie Hebdo.

Below, an article translated by Oz-Rita

From Riposte Laique

In July, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, opened the doors of  the Townhall exclusively to Muslims and celebrated with them the Ramadan and so violated the secular principles of France.  In response, Riposte Laique  published a critical article including the caricature of Hidalgo.

On the 11 January,  Hildago threw herself  onto each microphone that would have her, shrieking  “Je suis Charlie” and declaring her eternal vigilance in defence of the Freedom of speech.

And that is the woman who dares filing a complaint for insult against the author of  this caricature.

Yet if you look at the caricatures by Charlie Hebdo whom she declared a “honorary citizen of the city of Paris” you will see her dopple standards to say the least. Continue Reading →

The Hypocrite from Paris

By Carpe Diem


Terror supporter Mahmoud Abbas at the Paris solidarity march


Reuters reports1 that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has ordered an investigation into a cartoon apparently depicting the Prophet Mohammad in an official Palestinian newspaper.

The move came less than a month after Abbas joined world leaders in a march for free speech in Paris following a deadly attack by Islamist gunmen on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which had caricatured Mohammad.

A drawing in the West Bank-based newspaper al-Hayat al-Jadidah on Sunday showed a robed man standing astride Earth and reaching into a heart-shaped pouch to sow seeds of love around the world. The caption reads: “Our Prophet Mohammad”.


The caricature published in Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah

Artist Mohammed Sabanneh, a Muslim, said he meant no harm. The figure was not Mohammad but “a symbol of humanity enlightened by what the Prophet Muhammad brought,” he wrote on Facebook.
Islam frowns on any depictions of its most revered prophet. Strict interpretations of Islamic scripture ban drawing any sentient beings, although court artists in past centuries drew Mohammad in illuminated manuscripts.
In a report late on Monday, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA said Abbas had ordered “an immediate investigation.”

Abbas in France oddly happy