Journalism now leftist-Islamic propaganda in the UK

Check out this article from the Birmingham Mail.

The actual event is that someone drove a car at speed into a crowd of 14 men, apparently targeting them all because they belonged to the EDL but doing a lot of physical harm to one man who is the leader of the Sikh division of the English Defense League.If you read the article however, the entire thing is vilification of the EDL with barely a word about the serious crime that was committed, the attempted murder or injury of 14 people because the driver or whoever he represents does not agree with the message of the EDL.

In the article, it goes on to vilify the EDL thusly:  “The EDL play on the historical animosity that exists between some sections of the Sikh and Muslim community”. The article drips with contempt for the EDL at this point.

However it utterly fails to explain why that ‘historical animosity’ exists. I suspect it has something to do with the Islamic attempts to exterminate Hindus and Sikhs from the face of the earth on numerous occasions. But I would have to look that up to be sure. Something about General Tamerlan perhaps.

The article continues: “No doubt the EDL will use this incident to portray themselves as victims.”

If having a car drive into your group as an attempt to kill or maim you does not make you a victim then the UK has moved from Orwellian to Kafkaesque. Do the authors of this leftist propaganda rag not understand that once they create this kind of targeted attack form of journalism that it can and will be pointed at them as soon as the right variable changes? Ownership, person who funds it, government etc? This kind of ‘reporting’ is an atrocity and a crime on the public no matter who it favors. Human beings, and dogs for that matter, make choices based on available information. When you deceive them, you rob them of the right of free will.

Two men have already been arrested, but not named, that allegedly drove the vehicle. Is it because UK law forbids naming a suspect until formally arraigned? Doubtful as non-Muslims are outed by the press the moment they are suspected if memory serves. Or is it because if the two are muslims it changes the equation of the slant this article shows. Either way, the people of the free world would do well to start learning the basics of determining what and what does not constitute information.

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ABC indulges in a little Reductio ad absurdum when it tries to ‘expose’ the EDL

ABC news last night broadcasted a segment on the EDL with what looks like quite a bit of older footage and which was clearly intended to use Islamic extremists as part of the intellectual shell game of reductio ad absurdum. At least the politically correct version of it.

The scam goes like this:

Yes, there are some muslim extremists who are very distasteful and probably should be ignored with a stiff upper lip but people who oppose them and defend their own thousands of year old culture, heritage, history and legal system must therefore be at least as extreme and at least as big a threat to whatever it is the ideal norm is meant to be.

Notice that the reporter takes every possible opportunity to prove Robinson wrong on the exceptions rather than consider the general truth of anything he says. Her treatment could equally apply to Jews resisting Nazi attempts to obliterate them or any group, for that matter, who wishes to defend the status quo from a hostile invader. ‘If you are fighting a group, you must be the opposite and therefore as bad’

Still, I have to give credit to ABC for showing some of the activities of muslim activists in the UK. It was more than I expected from them. Especially as it was a muslim reporter. I think she was genuinely shocked by what she saw from Muslims in the UK. This likely means she has chosen not to look at what her coreligionists do however, or what her religion in fact demands of its followers.

Below appears to be a related video, possibly a part of the same documentary.

Germany: Unprecedented Series of Violence against Christian Symbols

Article and translation of materials in video and article by Carpe Diem.

Burned crosses, smashed statues – there have been 26 cases reported since September. The German Muensterland region faces a series of violence against Christian symbols that is without precedent in history. Having even climbed over high fences with sharp spikes, offenders acted with complete determination. National media haven’t reported about the incidents so far. Only the local television channel has made it the “topic of the day”. These attacks stand in a line with the recent Allahu akbar-graffiti at four German churches. Fortunately, police was able to get hold of the offender of the islamic graffiti, a Muslim asylum seeker from Jordan. So, unsurprisingly police in Muensterland has said that the attacks there are presumably religiously motivated. Anything more would have probably been “islamophobic”.

By way of comparison, if you remember when five pig heads were found recently on a future building site of a mosque in Leipzig? Member of Parliament Sigmar Gabriel called it an “attack on society”. Guess what he said about the 27 cases of desecration in Muensterland. You’re right – nothing.

Watch this. Brian Lilley and Tarek Fatah expose the media conspiracy to deceive us all on Islamic terror

Article here as well. 

This really is a breath of fresh air considering the staggering amount of scrubbing the MSM has been doing to clean the Islam out of islamic terror.

Scrubbing Islam out of terror DONE-1

Two gay men brutally beaten on way home from movie in NYC.

Amazingly, none of the victims seems to be able to furnish a description of the attackers. They must have been hit very hard indeed. Story here.

Interesting that at the bottom of the article they ask people to call police with information, but without a single descriptor of the perps, well its unlikely anyone would have any. I would wager money that if it was ‘right wing extremists’ or even just a white guy or even just a member of the Republican party we would have a complete description right down to the shoe size.

Counterterror police called in over ‘suspicious’ fire at Islamic center in north London

Notice how even FOX news, now owned by a Saudi Prince, mischaracterizes the EDL as “Anti-Immigrant” while there has never been a single statement or speech by any EDL spokesman saying anything similar. If anything they are pro-multiculturalism and consequently anti-Islam as Islam is the most anti-multicultural ideology in the world today.

FOX News:

LONDON –  Counter-terrorism officers are investigating a suspicious fire at a Somali community center in north London where graffiti spelling out the name of a far-right group was left on the building.

The Metropolitan Police said officers and fire services were called early Wednesday morning to a fire at the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association.

Police say the fire caused extensive damage to the community center, and graffiti reading “EDL” — the anti-immigrant English Defense League — was found on the building.

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A Czech living in Sweden sends us this comment on the events recently and the reporting on them from within Sweden.

The following is a slightly edited version of a comment submitted to this site today by Holubi se sleti who is a Czech living in Sweden.

Thank you very much for this Holubi. It is well researched and well stated.



1) Recent research shows that Sweden is the least racist country in the world and that the people from the countries from where the immigrants in suburbs, such as Husby comes from, are much, much more racist than the Swedes.  And every year, we read reports that the Swedes are becoming more and more tolerant.

2) Research shows that unemployment does not not explain the riots:  And that places with much higher youth unemployment and fewer youth recreation centers (fritidsgårdar), etc, don’t suffer the problems of our immigrant suburbs: 

3) The “dismantling of public services” in areas such as Husby, as it has been dishonestly reported in Swedish media, is a myth, and the reality is that no areas are assigned as much tax money as so called “disadvantaged areas” (higher staffing ratio in schools, many times more money per pupil/student etc).

In fact – never in the history of immigration – has so much been done, and as much resources been spent on immigrants, to help them integrate, get jobs, etc [‘positive’ ethnic discrimination, “instegsjobb” (immigrant only jobs, where the state pays 80% of the employees salary), “nystartszoner” (tax reduction for business started in No Go zones), SFI-bonuses (a reward of 12000 SEK for those immigrants who are approved in their no cost Swedish learning, that was implemented because so many of the immigrants didn’t put any heart to it, and often failed on purpose and went to Swedish For Immigrants for years and years, because it was financially beneficial), etc].

4) A widespread ethnic discrimination against immigrants, has no research support and research doesn’t support the perception that immigrants suffer wage discrimination either, if they do get a job.

5) The increasing resource gap between people in Sweden, is a result of the (in the Western world) unprecedentedly high immigration per capita – since the main reason for the increase, is that the welfare dependency of the population is rapidly increasing, as there are almost no jobs, which the older immigrants are qualified for.

As an example, 85-90% of immigrants from Somalia are illiterate and what jobs can such people get in Sweden with our minimum wages, collective bargaining, etc?

6) While, for example, a newly arrived immigrant mother with three children, can get 21810 SEK per month tax-free in welfare,
many 65 year olds with a 45 year working career behind them, have to realize that they get no more than 11000 SEK. And in this case, that’s BEFORE tax:
And that is in the country with the second highest tax burden in the world, where a person with 25000 SEK in salary, are paying a whopping 17200 SEK in taxes per month, if the ‘hidden’ taxes are counted also.

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Swedish political duplicity hits a whole new level.

This may be the strangest thing I ever said, this politician is lucky he’s already dead.

After a lengthy chat with Tundra Tabloids I have these two points to add to this video.

1. There are probably a lot more duplicitous politicians in Europe and the EU than we previously thought as opposed to ‘true believers’ in the multi-culti narrative who are willing to sell out their countries, their peoples, and their histories for a mediocre career in politics.

2. Europe could learn a lot from the French Revolution.

Cops swoop on vile hate preacher Choudary’s house…to protect him

And Tommy Robinson gets exactly what state protection?

The Sun:

Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007

Links … Choudary with killer Michael Adebolajo in 2007


Published: 8 hrs ago

POLICE yesterday rushed to the home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary — to protect him and his family.

Officers helped them flee their home and go into hiding amid fears they could be attacked by a mob seeking vengeance for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

Choudary’s wife and children were driven away under police escort to a secret address, while officers were left to guard the house.

There was no sign of Choudary himself, and a neighbour said he had been seen slipping out early yesterday morning.

cops at Choudary home
Protection … cops at Choudary home yesterday
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Shaun Tuck: Police probe footballer who encouraged riots and bomb attacks on mosques

It would be nice if just once the police actually arrested and charged the Muslims who both in mosques and out in the open preach hatred of the infidel, genocide of Christians and Jews, sedition of the British government and democracy itself, and the countless other way-over-the-line crimes muslims do as a matter of central dogma as a believer in islam.

And frankly people should not be destroying every mosque in England.

The Government should.

The Mirror:

The non-league striker called for Muslim children to be beheaded in apparent revenge for the street killing of Drummer Lee Rigby

Police probe: Shaun Tuck in action for former club Marine
Police probe: Shaun Tuck in action for former club Marine
Gareth Jones

A footballer who encouraged people to riot and “bomb and gas every mosque in England” following the terrorist beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby could be prosecuted.

Shaun Tuck is being investigated by police following his vile rant on Twitter which saw him calling for Muslim children to be beheaded in apparent revenge for the street killing of the 25-year-old soldier.

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