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Just a quick tribute to that most special time of the year

That special time for muslims of skipping lunch and killing unbelievers and pushing their awkward and unlikely beliefs in everyone’s face all the time, ramadan.

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You have heard of Spanish Fly?

Well this isn’t that. Parts of Spain have launched a few unusual initiatives to get people to pick up after their dogs. This is a video of one of them. H/T Fjordman This one starts the same but moves on … Continue reading

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LATMA: FBI stumped as to motive.

See the thing is, when we live in such post-modernist times as these, ‘jokes of logical extremes’ are nearly impossible to do without either falling short of reality or actually giving data-points to the enemy to know what they can … Continue reading

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Many children converting to Islam because of this video!


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This really is superb.

H/T Jewel

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North Korea. The only place where there are more prizes than cereal

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Its all in the name. Or, to coin a phrase…

Yesterday in Paris, a geopolitically significant event took place, and one for which, there is no popular name to which people can easily refer to this event. The fact was, that 300,000 people descended on Paris like a jove and … Continue reading

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Yusuf al-Qaradawi explains muslim rape gangs in Europe

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French government try new method of controlling large street prayers in Rue des barbers

Special thanks to Tundra Tabloids for helping me with the images

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Toughest job in North Korea

H/T Magic Martin

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The counter-jihad grossly misinterprets many events in the Islamic world

After a protracted meeting with my team of analysts and several Arabic translators I have come to realize that many things which we have misinterpreted as significant geopolitical events, days of rage, rioting and so on across the Muslim world … Continue reading

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Punk-o-saurous or Hijabi Mohawk?

Now this is a brave girl

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This one made my day

Thanks Magic Martin

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RIM technology’s Blackberry finally releases an answer to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III

All kidding aside the reviews of the new Blackberry say its very good.

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New Cell phone operates on X ray bands.

Here is a picture you don’t see every day. For the related story click here:

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