BREAKING: Hungary has sealed shut its border with Croatia

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Hungary’s border with Croatia was closed to migrants at midnight, according to the foreign minister. The decision came after right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with his security cabinet.


Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced that Hungary would seal its border with Croatia at midnight. Barbed-wire fences on the border with Serbia have funneled people through official crossings between the two countries for over a month.

On Thursday, right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that a fence between Hungary and Croatia had been completed and the border could be completely sealed off ” within an hour if necessary .” People without authorization to cross may submit asylum applications in two transit zones between Hungary and Croatia and, if permitted, enter at official crossing points.

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Götz Kubitschek: A Call to Civil Disobedience

This is a speech given at a recent PEGIDA demo in Dresden Germany. Demonstrations of tens of thousands are not uncommon but this one was next level. Regular folk, accountants, professionals, family people are coming out by the thousands to oppose the lunacy of the Merkel government and the degree to which Islam is eroding their orderly and law abiding democracy.

Gates of Vienna has an entire post on it which is well worth the read so click on over. Below is the speech in which an open call to civil disobedience was made, in order to force the government to actually obey the law.

Strange times indeed.

The Shocking Testimony of a Calais Resident Surrounded by 3,000 Illegal Immigrants

August 15, 2015 – Written by Caroline Alamachère and translated for VladTepesBlog by CB Sashenka with much thanks!

From the excellent website from France,

Riposte Laique

This government is the dregs of our country, the shame of our nation!

Hollande (President of France), Valls (French Prime Minister), Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior), Taubira (Justice Minister), and their associates, and all the others who allow the French to live in fear because of your thoughtlessness and your submission to superior diktats from foreign countries not worth mentioning, you submit the people to hordes of barbarians that come from who knows where, individuals whom the media portray as unfortunate victims of war so that they can be fed on the money of those whom they terrorize

The testimony of two Calais residents, a mother and daughter, frightening in its harshness, in its horror, heart-rending in its sincerity, in the traumatic silence of an unfortunate Calais resident found one day holed up in her basement, terrorized by rioting illegals whom even the police are afraid to approach.

Her daughter tells all, bluntly, frantically, in a hurry, in anguish. And she accuses. She accuses these good-for-nothings, these jackasses, these government pieces of garbage for allowing this evil in, destroying everything in its path.

Bastards that you are, bad guys, despicable turds!

This woman courageously tells, in a few minutes, the inconceivable, the extreme poverty of her mother, the security she had to enforce around her house that’s only missing a watchtower, the games of the illegal immigrants who are having a good time forgetting that they were asked to look sad and haggard, the inaction of police officers and their council to do their job for them with the added lawsuit risk on top of everything. Thank you Taubira! (French Justice Minister)

And those French who suffer the reprisal, the aggression, and who are asked to pay, to pay and pay, over and over again, until they bleed, until there is no longer enough to eat, so that others may live high off the fat of the land at our expense and afford the latest smart-phones, so that they can enjoy the space just around the corner from you to play soccer while you’re closing the fourth lock on your armoured door, and firefighters wait for a moment of calm before entering the forbidden city so they don’t risk their lives, with the help of police officers, the same ones who never come when they are called, when an old lady silenced by fear is in danger to the point of having to run to her cellar like a rat, when it’s her daughter who comes at 3:00 am, alone, to help her.

Hollande, Valls, Cazeneuve, Taubira, you’re monsters, hydras. You are not legitimate to govern my country, you are guilty of the daily deaths due to your complacency, your treachery.

And you, the French people, where are you?! Will you finally wake up from your apathy, yes or no? What are you waiting for, for your kid to be killed? How many attacks will it take for you to do something!

Article translation and tip by CB Sashenka, video translation: Oz-Rita with much thanks to both of you for such great work in such a short time.

The next big battlefield is Europe

An original translation by Oz-Rita

From Die Welt



Lorenz Berger’s face is still pale. His week as a captive of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” has left marks. His back hurts from the gun and baton blows he received for the cross pendant on his necklace. The contaminated water which he had to drink still causes him stomach cramps. Berger is not his real name, and he can handle extreme conditions. He is an ex-soldier and has been in the Middle East for a while working for different European secret services, more or less as a freelance agent.

But during those days in Northern Syria, he did not think he would come out alive. Bombs from the dictator Assad’s air force fell on them. Panic broke out among Berger’s tormentors. When he saw one of them dead in the corner, Berger grabbed his rifle, storming off, shooting himself a passage. “I can still see the surprise in the eyes of those men,” he remembers. “But when they saw me, it was too late for them.”

That was ten days ago. Berger is sitting in an airport hotel in Istanbul, waiting for someone from the IS, with whom he gets on a little better. He wants to know who sold him to the men in Syria. Around lunchtime his contact, Raduan, enters the lobby. Berger has not seen him for a long time. Now he learns why: Raduan was in Tanzania, but the authorities have just expelled him.

Islamism is settling in Europe

The reason (for the expulsion) Raduan holds in his hand. It is a Bulgarian passport. He wanted to use it for his flight from Dar es Salaam to a Scandinavian country, and from there on to Germany. “The passport was completely authentic” says Berger. “Only his real owner was dead. And the photo really bore very little resemblance to Raduan” he added with a grin. When he speaks next with Raduan on Skype, Berger is back at home in a peaceful EU country. The Syrian is already back in Bulgaria, in a safe house, set up by allies of the IS, and is waiting for his new passport. Today he might already be in Germany.

And Berger realises that the war, which earns him money far away from home, is gradually following him home. That is why he is telling this story. Because there something has started which frightens him.

Almost exactly one year ago, on 29 June 2014, the IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed his caliphate. He declared himself as the successor of the prophet Muhammad and started a new, highly explosive terrorist project: Instead of attacking their avowed enemy on his territory, the IS was looking for a territory of their own in order to create their own government.

Arab fighters are smuggled in

An Islamist dream empire with brutal punishments and slave markets, beyond the traditional Islam. A heavily armed simulation of a state instead of spectacular terrorist attacks as made by the old star performers of al-Qaida. But now the IS seem to be preparing a new, additional strategy: Numerous indications suggest that IS systematically smuggle Arab fighters into Europe. Overtly, they set up networks. And it is certain that they want war. The IS is expanding the war all over Europe. Continue Reading →

High level asset trained by US and Russian forces, defects to Islamic State and does call to arms video.

Those who know how to download videos, I suggest you may want to grab this one fast. It is clearly a significant video. Lots of news came out about the video but to the best of my knowledge, no one has made the whole thing available in English till now. Thank you GoV., Nina L., SC., D@rLin|{, and frankly a large team of people who worked on this to double check some of the concepts and terms, as this one is too important to get wrong.

The cost of pretending grows daily to the West: links post 2 on Jan. 9 2015

The cost of pretending that Islam is not the problem grows, the cost of pretending islam is the religion of peace grows and the cost of pretending anything you want to be true but is not true will always grow in direct proportion to the degree of divergence from what is true, to what you wish was true. This is a general truism. But applied to islam and multiculturalism, the cost becomes unbearable quickly.

I will add updates to THIS POST for the next few hours. Please refresh your browser and scroll below what you have seen before for the newest items.

1. There have already been many Canadian islamic leaders who have come out in the shadow of the attacks in France to use the blood of actual martyrs, real martyrs like the dead at Charlie Hebdo who died defending our rights, to demand that offensive images to muslims be made illegal. They do it while pretending to condemn the attacks yet capitalizing on them in exactly the way the attackers want. Make no mistake. This man is a classical enemy to our civilization in no way less than or different than Nazis, Soviet communists, North Korea etc. This man seeks to destroy our culture, value and freedoms and is doing it from inside and on our tax dollar.

2. There are two distinctly different hostage events in Paris right now. One at a Kosher grocery, and another at a printing business. We don’t know if the printer is Jewish or not.

3. REPORT: Trocadero Square Evacuated Near EIFFEL TOWER – Reports of Armed Incident

(CFRA RADIO reported something vaguely like this an hour ago as well)

The police are waving people away from Trocadero Square.

View image on Twitter

4. This seems to be a great site for regular live updates.

The mayor’s office in Paris announced the closures Friday of shops along the Rosiers street in Paris’ Marais neighborhood, in the heart of the tourist   district and about a kilometer away from the offices of newspaper Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.

According to @CNN, the French policewoman shot dead yesterday was in the vicinity of the intended target of attack: a Jewish primary school.

5. French police have ordered ALL JEWISH BUSINESSES to close in an area of Paris far from the attack areas. CFRA

5. The hostage takers are threatening to kill the captives if police storm the factory where the Charlie Hebdo killers are holed up.

(Hey France. How’s that gun control working for you?)

Hostage takers holding at least six people at a Paris kosher supermarket are demanding freedom for the cornered brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Gunfire and explosions rang out in Dammartin-en-Goele, on the outskirts of Paris, where the two brothers are holed up with a hostage.

(I guess martyrdom doesn’t look quite as good when you see it out the window)

6. This live stream of events in Paris may not require a VPN

7. Meagan Kelly and Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Paris attacks

8. CFRA is reporting that the AP claims all 3 hostage takers are now dead

Links for that:

Financial Times

USA Today

Thank you Wrath of Khan, WTD, Ox AO., M., more to come

Updates on Paris islamic war on Jews and secularism

According to Rob Snow on CFRA, police have ordered that Jewish people close their stores in part or all of Paris.

Here is a LIVE webcast of events at one or both of the hostage takings by muslims in Paris right now. It does not appear to be available outside the UK or possibly Europe. You will need a VPN

Author Eric Zemmour defends himself against harsh accusations by media, government in France, predicts civil war

Here is a true French hero. Mr. Zemmour has recently published a book in which he predicts with certainty, a civil war within France between muslim immigrants and pretty much everyone else. He was misquoted as calling for mass deportations in another interview and defends himself here, while preserving the essence of his argument.

Thank you Oz-Rita for translating this for us on Christmas Day. Daily Mail article on this renewed issue here.

Oz-Rita wrote this brief explanation about Eric Zemmour:


The TV chain where this interview is aired is RTL , the French BBC.  Eric Zemmour had a daily editorial on this leftist taxpayer funded network. Then, in a heated discussion, roughly 2 years ago, he said, that “most of the inmates in prison are from Arab/sub-saharan background/culture”.  He was factually right. It was a heated discussion, he was taken to court by fake “anti-racist” organisations – 5 main ones of them in France, taxpayer funded – ironically one of these serial litigants agains Islam-Critics is Jewish  (As is Zemmour)  -Recounting from memory, he got condemned for something  but the amount he had to pay was only 100 Euro instead of the thousands they asked for.   After this, this he was more or less sacked from that Channel. He was critique – brilliant on a Saturday night show 3 hours long – sacked)  and the same chain (the one we are now speaking about) also reduced his editorials from 5 a day to 1.

After this new false accusation and witch-hunt against him, he got sacked (affiliated chain, but more conservative) which made some difficulties for Vlad, because we translated one of his discussions from them  “iTele”

ERIC ZEMMOUR  is a brilliant writer (even fiction). He is Jewish, born in the Maghreb, and grew up in the “problematic” areas of Paris which are now exclusively Arab/Muslim. His big sin is :  he is conservative – his Deadly sin is – he sees the islamisation as bad for his country – he is fiercly protective of France he loves  –  he is French first and Jewish second.

Ives Calvy, the interviewer,   whom I ran into a few years ago – when he was still quite objective. I told him : you are good because I dont even know if you are right or left.  His partner whispered to me “He is certainly not of the right wink wink:   –   Today it’s obvious – I have stopped looking at his nightly political round-table discussions, filled with LEFT commentators.

LUC MELANCHON: The Deadly enemy,  –  He is the leader of the Communist Party, says (literally)  his idea of happiness is to live with Arabs/Muslims etc. During the last elections he was the main adversary of Marine LePen, he is a dirty fighter, but she had him for breakfast. He is now a has-been, but tries to influence where he can:   He discovered this interview with Zemmour in Italian – and started this renewed Media Campaign against Zemour.  The hatred by the Left ergo the Government – against Zemour is violent, they want him dead and not only metaphorically – this campaign is gone nation wide  – his latest book  “Le suicide Francais” – although a 500 page doorstopper and not an easy read – is THE bestseller in France, hence the renewed and continued pack-attacks on Zemmour.  Among other insults he gets insulted  (and was physically attacked)  for being Jewish. I dont know how he keeps going.



Islamic extremist shakes Sweden with TV threat

There are several titles missing, some of which repeatedly say, “Kufar” (unbeliever/infidel/hated-other) so I may venture out to find someone to help me translate the missing titles. But as it is, this is quite a video. The view count on the original is in 6 figures already. The story is here.

French Police Discover ‘Arsenal’ on Bus Heading for London


Police in Calais have discovered what French news media are calling un véritable arsenal de guerre – a veritable arsenal of war — on board a London-bound bus.

A Eurolines bus left Amsterdam bound for London via Calais on Tuesday when border police searched baggage and found three loaded automatic pistols, three Smith & Wesson revolvers and a semi-automatic Luger, as well as two Italian-made firearms, a Czech-made firearm, a silencer and almost 500 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Click to continue:

Stunning news report about islamic violence in Trappes France last night.

How is this not like reportage from a war zone? How is this not, in fact, a war zone? Thank you Bear for translating this clip and GoV for the rapid edit. Also, under this video, it appears that the authorities caved in to this tactic and released the muslim arrested for beating on a police officer.

Gallia Watch: Muslim released