Men pretending to be women, handily beats them all at track event

Postmodernism means no one can ever feel a sense of accomplishment. The taxonomy has been made ludicrous.

Does this look like the face of women who lost? Or the face of women who were cheated and they can’t ever say that without being thrown out of their sport?


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11 Replies to “Men pretending to be women, handily beats them all at track event”

  1. You have to be a very sad individual and one of life’s real losers to knowingly cheat real women of the chance to win. On the other hand the snowflakes are true believers in diversity and equality so they only have themselves to blame. Do they think this will go away? It will only get worse for them so they might as well give up now.

  2. This will never end until REAL BIOLOGICALLY BORN women stand up and refuse to participate in any competition with transgenders.

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