Muslims celebrate the killer in Copenhagen as a great man with a heart of gold

If there was ever a video that needs to be sent to every media person, every relative, everyone in denial, and every politician in the damn free world, this may well be it.

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39 Replies to “Muslims celebrate the killer in Copenhagen as a great man with a heart of gold”

  1. i think everyone who insults us should be killed .. that means ‘da’ moose-limbs’ ..
    freakin unreal , we are the terrorists .. ?? eh .., give it a rest. FFS

  2. It doesn’t get any clearer. And yet there is that Danish woman at the start of the video who has not been educated even by murder. Will she learn by seeing the interviews that follow hers on this news report? My guess is no, not yet, at this stage her indoctrination will provide a rationalization for that too.

    Assuming she is not herself a member of the traitor class, that is the effect of a relentless, decades-long barrage of disinformation from media-university-government. How representative is she of Danish public opinion now and more generally of Western understanding of Islam? Whatever percentage it is, it needs to become smaller, to the point at which opinion can unmistakably be seen to have turned, and anti-Islamization becomes a political force no politician at any level can afford not to reckon with.

    So it seems to me that the main thing to be done is still the hard, slow work of education that vladtepesblog has been doing for many years, helping deprogram people and providing tools and resources for people to deprogram others so they can see what is staring them in the face. The good news is that reality is quickly becoming harder to ignore.

    • Immigration may or maynot be beneficial – it depends on the people who are coming in. In the case of Muslims, the result is not going to be pleasant. For Jews, this immigration is a death sentence.

      One of the features of the recent attacks that has not been apparent, is that Jews were singled out.

      1. Mumbai massacre – the Islamic terrorists went out o f their way to kill Jews. Why was this? The attack on India was purportedly for India’s occupation of a part of Kashmir. Yet Jews were deliberately targetted.

      2. The massacre in Paris at Charlie Hebdo. The attack was for blaspheming Islam’s prophet. Yet again, Islamic terrorists went out of their way to target Jews.

      3. Danish massacre – same thing as #2.

      The question is, why go out of the way to kill Jews, far away from the target.

      It seems to me that there is a unstated understanding among the Islam’s suicidal murderers, that they are going to die anyway. Killing a few Infidels or pagans may have some kudos, but killing Jews guarantees them a place in Islam’s paradise.

      Western governments loudly proclaim that they will defend freedom of expression. A laudable aim. But will they pay the price? Even very brave writers will have to think, that excercising their right to free speech, will not just put their lives in jeopardy, but also Jews in the vicinity.

      I see no easy way for politicians. There are a few options
      1. Ban free speech regarding Islam’s prophet under the guise of “hate” speech. The OIC will welcome it.
      2. Unofficially advice Jews that they can’t protected, and its best they leave.
      3. Ban the Koran under the guise of “hate” speech. Geert Wilder’s option

      In any case, the Jews will be blamed, and killed. Bibi Nethanyahu is right. I cant see any future for Jews in Europe.

      • Estatic to some this may be, but claiming the Hebrews Abraham, Issac and Jacob would have worshipped the Virgin Mother is a little bit disingenuous to their religion, and as this is a site for Muslims to unscramble their own hypnosis of linking to the very same three semitic prophets while upholding the right to kill those who reveal their fraud, it is best to jerk off quietly, and not here on this site where you are exposed to the world of information.

        For it is to reason we should appeal, to protect the children from fears and images imprinted into them at their tender age, and not have them grow up to legitamize punching their way out whenever offended as the Pope had taught when insulting mothers.

        So who can decry this call to a Virgin Mother Goddess?:

        Except to say it is not real, but living with unresolved emotions.

        • Far better the this ‘innocent’ call to prayer?

          That slips in the murdering pirate Mohammad?

          Or would you prefer to venerate Abraham who screwed his wife’s maidservant because his wife told him to, and birthed the fatherless nature of Islam controlled by women even in their sleep?

          That’s their highest calling. Even the Buddhists know God better than they do.

          Muslims even spray acid and kill like a bitch.

        • So look at those boys who support their brudda in killing Jews and police, destroying the Welfare they are sponging off, like the Communists of thirty years ago, with another easy-fix of how women should be liberated to serve their carnal needs. And the women go along with it with the promise of veneration. It’s not complicated.

        • And those poor entitlement boys, never having to cook or wash up the dishes, what to the get from the only religion that relies completely on The One True God? Do they find what the Buddhists do when they hack off their right brain hemisphere as it is forced, mesmerized by looking for hours at the candle’s single flame to find Nirvana – the peace of absolute detachment that all life arw sentient beings no matter how small?
          No! This Musselma finds unanswered prayers and turns around and systematically destroys everything of beauty and that is held dear. No one can have anything the right brain desires for their comfort and Allah is the ruler of Hell and appoints his Slaves, and then, in realization in that moment of blind rage and despair, is truely that Mohammad is His Prophet, the Hadiths and taqiyya-Koran connect, the insider-joke is revealed, and now his own purpose of reproduction discovered. The rape, torture, maiming, all come to understanding. To be an Honest Muslim. Not more doubt that plagued their lives. Now like Buddhists that slip to serve to the Dark Force of terror to infect children. For without right-brain of love, music, poetry and art, and loyalty, there is only perpetuation. The dead who do not lie down.

          Best not to dabble in the speculations of the occult.

  3. The woman at the start of the video….what a disgrace she is.What will she say when her daughter is raped,her son sodomized? Shameful,limp wristed,cowards.I’d like to know just how many of the muslim men(a term I use loosely)interviewed are in employment.What the hell is wrong with you Denmark? You can’t love everybody into submission,you have to fight fire with fire,and if you won’t do it now you will be forced to do it later,of that I’m sure.Now you are going to try and educate terrorists,but if they want to carry on being violent you “aren’t going to take that away from them”…..are you mad,have you no balls at all?

  4. I hate to say it, but those young Muslims at the flower-site need to be locked up in POW camps for the rest of their lives – either that or offered one-way tickets to Timbuktu. There won’t be any “education” or convincing that will make those young guys anything other than enemy soldiers. They’re just like young brainwashed Nazis – all brimming with the love of Adolf Hitler…

    • We don’t hold women, sex-medicating, or ethnic majorities to the same standards, so why is the female-centric Menses-Islam excluded? Be fair.

  5. VERY INTERESTING – the hate filled muSSlim wearing a baseball cap with the beard is in both videos!!!!! is he employed or sucking on the bankrupt fiat Dansk welfare system????

    • Given how the culture has degenerated in the UK, I can see how he might be confused. When attitudes of permissiveness are in conflict with the law, you’re going to get lots of “confused” people.

      At this point the Muslims will probably be saying “but he didn’t behead anyone!” and the idiotic left will interpret that as progress. After all, it sounds like he was just being converted to leftism!

      Islam: “raping the infedel slave is halal”
      Left: “what’s the big deal? It’s just sex!”

  6. Douglas Murray – ISIS and Christians in Libya

    ‘…across the Western world, even in the wake of atrocities we see now day in and day out, there is no desire to add these things together…’

  7. One thing to note. Whenever a Islamic terrorist is found to be native born, a great thing is made out of it by the media. To me it seems to be a way of trying to deflect the blame to everyone. Thus the immigrant is absolved, and the blame is shared by everyone.

    What is even more disconcerting is that Muslims now feel confident to honour their heroes, not just in Pakistan or Muslim countries, but right at the scene of the atrocity, in the heart of the West.

    Our politicians and the media have done a wonderful job in brainewashing the people. As for that Danish woman, she is just plain stupid. Looks like the selfi taking PM of Denmark – another clueless woman.
    Here are future headlines after Islamic attacks

    1. Every religion has extremists

    2. Koran taken out of context

    3. Every religion has verses that can be taken out of context

    4. Tiny minority

    5. We condemn all acts of violence

    6. Islam means peace

    7. Nothing to do with Islam

    8. Muslims fear backlash from exteme right wing

    9. Muslims are victims

    10. The only way to destroy extremism is have more sharia.

  8. Malay group in YouTube bomb threat

    KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian police were investigating a video threat to attack courthouses by an apparently local pro-Islamic State group faction, officials said Tuesday.

    The video, posted Sunday on YouTube, showed four masked men with a Malaysian flag behind them. One sat at a table reading a statement in Malay denouncing the country’s judiciary for being a tool to manipulate democracy.

    “Fireworks” would be set off in courthouses late Wednesday in protest, he said. One of the three standing behind him held a bottle with a scrap of cloth in the neck, like a Molotov cocktail.

    One police source told dpa the video appeared to be a hoax, but they were not taking any chances.

  9. Video Shows French Muslims Undisturbed By Charlie Hebdo And Supermarket


  10. Greek talks with euro creditors collapse as ‘disaster’ moves closer

    This is a lose – lose situation, no matter what they do the European economy is going to take a take a very big hit that will pr0bably cause the euro to crash bringing down the EU and probably the worlds economy.

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