The debate goes wide: Islam and the West: Links 1 for Sept. 21 – 2014

Yesterday saw a few technical issues with the site so there was only one, albeit content rich, post. As the issue was addressed I will try and post the missing content from yesterday along with todays. This is however, not a news site. I post news to illustrate the facts of Islam and Islamic practices as well as leftist ones, for which this site was created. As it turns out, a ton of news happens every day across the world which does exemplify this perfectly. More is the pity. Most people posit theories and evidence hoping to be right. I do so wishing I was wrong.

1. Listen to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly bust the subtle deception of an Ahmadiyya spokesman on the matter of free speech and criticism of Islam. Its subtle. You have to pay attention. Robert Spencer’s analysis is here.

(Once again and as many times as I can, it needs to be pointed out that freedom of speech is meant to be about criticism of political and religious authority. Without that, you have none whatsoever)


2. Paul Weston speaks for the EDL at 10 Downing St. “David Cameron is a traitor”

3. Listen to the level of education about islam and its modus operandi by these Australian protestors. It shows us that when people finally admit to themselves what the true nature of islam is, what the clear purpose of mosques are, how can they sleep at night in good conscience without protesting?

4. JIHAD WATCH: Again in UK: Muslim rape gangs targeted girls in Sheffield, care worker kept mum, fearing being called racist

(Perhaps now the question should be, ‘are there any towns not infested by mass child-rape sex slave gangs and if so, why not? Could it be because there are fewer muslims?)

5. EDL Vs. UAF and metro police Yesterday: REALLY WATCH FROM 1:18!!

6. More footage from the Stop the Mosque protest in Australia.

Thank you Don C. M., and all who sent in links. I am sorry, I did lose track because of the quasi chaos yesterday here with the site. But thanks for sending in material. More to come shortly.

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  1. Yemen PM quits as Shiite rebels seize government HQ

    Sanaa (AFP) – Shiite rebels seized the Yemeni government headquarters Sunday and the premier resigned as violence raged despite a UN announcement of a power-sharing deal to end days of fighting, officials said.

    […]A week of fighting has left dozen of people dead on both sides and forced the suspension of all flights into and out of Sanaa airport, which is in the battle zone.

    video – YEMEN – graphic

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