Video: Muslims Kill Most Ferociously in Iraq

This is an original translation by Rembrandt Clancy

From Politically Incorrect News:

12 July 2014

This video is so gruesome that one must under no circumstances show it to children or to highly sensitive adults.  It shows how Muslim ISIS killers kill people.  However, this video is different in one respect: they slowly cut the throat of one “unbeliever” and repeatedly interrupt the excruciating procedure in order to delight at the victim’s stertorous groaning and rolling eyes.  The barbaric Mohammedans place their smart phones in the face of the pitiable individual whose head was already half cut through, and film it.  One of them kicked the dying man in the head as well.  All the while they continually shout “Allahu Akbar”, for Islam provides them with the legitimation for living out their perversely ferocious fantasies.

Urgent warning: Only people with strong nerves should watch this actual horror film.

The video was posted on facebook on 8 July and was shared 1,036 times. 30 people liked it. But nothing more is being added, as the page has been blocked since Friday morning. A small selection

[Translator’s note: the English in the comments below is original.]

8. July about 22:47 – Like 14

Anas Iqbal Farhan Patel

Yesterday about 16:18 Like

Jusst Haris Where is this?

21 hour ago – like -1

Rayhan Khan wt hellll disgustin seriously animals

20 hours ago – edited – like – 3

Itz Haytch dumb fuckers they r no muslims

8 hours ago – like -2

Fahad Marciano These animals r khawarij they are a disease in islam and how no mercy on any human being.

7 hours ago – Like – 10


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5 thoughts on “Video: Muslims Kill Most Ferociously in Iraq

  1. It’s just plain wrong to let these terrible crimes against humanity go unpunished. God damn Hussein Obama for doing nothing when he could have wiped most of these demons out days ago. Just one F-16 would make a real mess out of one of those Toyota convoys. The George Herbert Bush can put 80 state-of-the-art US fighters in the air at any given time. By his inaction, Obama is sending a message to young Muslim psychopaths the world over to pack their bags and head for the Islamic State to serve the brand new Caliphate.

    • It was George W Bush that caused the problem in the first place. NOT that he went back into GWII. His mistake was allowing Sharia law to prevail in a democracy. IDIOCY!

      Clearly we don’t know what we are fighting.

      • No we don’t, the left has worked for generations to dumb down the western educational system so they would have an easier time taking over. An unintended consequence of this is that the Moslems now have an uneducated audience of potential victims to fool with their propaganda. Eventually reality will wake up enough people to fightback and win the war but it is going to take a long time for the people to wake up and then the war will last a long time.

  2. What is going on? Two people, one tied up and the other with a knife.

    They are the mirror of each other.

    The Muslim is the one tied up and suffering in agony. That is the searing brace of Mohammad on his mind. That is the living death all Muslims are under.

    The one on the ground is tortured and will lose his body, and every suffering the Muslim tries to induce to block out his own.

    Know when you have to one day face a Muslim to defend your family, (not the Socialists in power), remember the man in this torture and put him out of his misery.
    Do not give clemency, as near-to-death he might glimmer a sense of sanity, for on release he will be dragged back to hell to carry out Mohammad’s bidding.

    There is no other religion like this on earth besides Communism. Know them by the fruit of their radicals.

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