The House of Lords in the UK, and competing for shared and enforced delusions.

Be warned. This video will make you mad. A house of government, the political class in the UK, reenforcing each other’s multi-faith delusions and competing with each other to see who has the best culturally Marxist credentials. But when you see this, it will become clear as to exactly why this part of the world is imploding as quickly as it is.

It is hard to believe someone like Winston Churchill ever lived there. For Gates of Vienna article on the who, why and so on please click here.

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18 thoughts on “The House of Lords in the UK, and competing for shared and enforced delusions.

  1. Blaming a whole community for a “handful” of people.
    That handful being the 2000 plus potential terrorists that are being tracked around the uk, presumably supported by many thousands more, the hundreds (probably thousands in reality) of musalmaniacs who have gone to Syria and now Iraqi to fight in holy war as mandated by the Koran.
    The many hundreds who whine and march, and cut of heads, at the drop of a beard.
    Those small minority of extremists does he mean?

  2. You’re right. That video does make me angry. And don’t ever think that the “Baroness” doesn’t know exactly what Islam has in store for the rest of us after they win, and don’t ever think she isn’t lying through her teeth with every disingenuous word she speaks.

  3. Chris there is so much wrong in that clip that I just don’t have the energy to deal with it all at the moment. I am hoping when I cool down about it I can do the analysis it deserves. There is so much deception in it that it makes my gorge rise.

  4. It is not an inter-faith marriage if both spouses are Muslim. It is a single faith marriage, and children are raised in a single faith, not both. That Lord is joyful about his faith not being carried on by his children or grandchildren or their descendents.

    Any happiness in his family is due to them rejecting Christianity without problem. Did he not ask why his children could not keep their birth faith and marry a Muslim, or why his grandchildren could not be raised in both Christianity and Islam and left to choose when adults to adhere to one or the other?

    Odd that he can encourage Christians to convert to Islam and raise their children as Muslims as a solution to Islamophobia so cheerfully.

  5. Lordship :Similarity of all religions ? Unparalleled Idiocy.

    Lordship:Media demonising Muslims
    Censoring the media is a possibility.

    My Lord Bishop on Interfaith group – Bishop delusion.

    On Trojan horses – both Houses are now full of Trojan horses. Too late to tackle extremism. Those Trojan horses have bolted. In any case, its unlikely that the caretakers of Trojan horses are going to shoot the said horses.

    Islamophobia- the largest amount of Islamophobia is in Muslim countries. There they are killing Muslims at a rate that no non-Muslim society is doing.

    As for his Lordship whose family have all abandoned their own civilisation in favour of the most barbaric and retrograde culture on this planet, and the idiot proud of it.
    His children’s education has been dumbed down. Poor sod.

  6. Baron of GoV asks: Is the British aristocracy in fact becoming Islamic in anticipation of what lies ahead?

    Worth reading Chesterton’s – The Flying Inn.

    One must not be too despondent. Islam always seems to be on the verge of winning but is eventually defeated. This particular “rise” of Islam post 9/11, is probably its last rise – a last Hurrah, and the gore running in Muslim countries, the flickering embers of a dying cult.

    Historians will conclude that 9/11 was the worst mistake that political Islam made.

      • I tend to think you’re right. Now that Islam is winning a little bit, people can get a look at just how indescribably horrible it truly is. Muslims must see that they are about this far from finding themselves confined behind razor wire and guard towers forever, as the war-weary people of Earth crystallize their collective fear and hatred toward their religion.

        Once they start quitting Islam, the domino effect will be overwhelming… Oh yeah, and there’ll be just buckets of blood (mainly Muslim), of course…

  7. Baroness Warthog must have the least appealing presence in that chamber, amid stiff competition. It goes beyond her overall piggy appearance somehow. But she’s a talented hog, like the last pages of Animal Farm where the pigs have become skillful at balancing on their hind legs.

  8. Bear in mind that all questions, and the answers to these important questions, are scripted and vetted by the PM, and various senior civil servants.The whole thing is a charade, and Warsi is Cameron’s useful idiot.

    Of course there are the genuine idiots in the second House, as in the other place.

  9. Yucki

    I agree with you. Only God, through Jesus Christ, can save us, and the billion or so Muslims trapped in the prison of Islam, and in the 7th century.

    Lord, have mercy on all of us.

  10. “Creating the conditions for
    integration 2012.”

    I had not realized the UK Socialists had drawn a plan for their second-phase of collectivism through diversity and raising opportunities over the indigenous Whites after mass immigration.

    “… this paper on integration is complementary to the wider Government commitments to equalities and social mobility, including the Equality Act 2010, Equality Strategy, and Social Mobility Strategy.”

    “The result is that today, across the country, people from different backgrounds get on well together. Most people feel they belong to their neighbourhood and to this country, and have a sense of pride in the place where they live.”

    So you can see how the Government behaves; avoiding mentioning the ghettos of dependants it has created and how unintegrated they are.

    The resentment of those promoted for their positively discriminated attributes is palpable – worst between themselves as they have acquired the taste for a sense of entitlement!

    It is like “Jesus loves you as you are” and only the perverted remain, thanking the blood and tears of the man for sheltering and nurturing their desires in a unjudgemental way, to normalize them as born with appetites from another tree, using churches as a multifaith communities base where no one has to change.

    A European Regional Zone of balkanized equal-ethnics.

    The British people were attacked by their own government. Hit economically, housing shortage, Judeo-Christian (dad & mom) values thrown to the dogs. Missmanagement of the country.

    Before they get ideas of democide again, after starting on imprisoning young people who send repulsive tweets; there must be history the English can refer too… oh they were not taught their history.

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