Islam and its continuous push for the destruction of all things decent and cooperative links post 3 for July 9 2014

1. Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled, say French police

French police stumbled on terror plans after decrypting coded messages between Algerian butcher living in southern France and high-ranking members of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb

2. Belgian video showing the horrific degree of islamic vulgarity towards women in Belgium results in fascist anti-free speech laws even the video-maker herself objects to. A classic islamic win. Fascism their way, or ours.

Video below:

3. Jonah’s tomb destroyed by religious muslims obeying their precept of destroying everything that is not in accordance with islamic supremacy.

(Video at link)

4. JDL in Toronto to counter an Islamic demonstration against Israel on Friday.

(This would be a great chance to try out your new Kevlar™ vest and Splatter proof GoPro™!)

Bill Warner: Is a good muslim a bad person?

Thank you Snaphanen, M, Richard, Buck, Dr. Warner, and all. More to come.

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10 thoughts on “Islam and its continuous push for the destruction of all things decent and cooperative links post 3 for July 9 2014

  1. Satan Tired Of Hamas Leaving Gates Of Hell Open All The Time (PreOccupied Territory)

    Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip, July 9 – The leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad threatened to “open the gates of Hell” on Israel if the latter continued attacking their fighters launching rockets at Israel, but the chief resident of Hell is not amused, and complains that Hamas is perpetually opening those gates and neglecting to close them after passing through.

    • Even traditional Israeli humor sites are stretching. But it’s already getting better. The last couple weeks most didn’t even try, the tension was palpable.

      Now’s the time to show what you’re made of. You’re tough, you’re resilient. If you’re not, pretend you are, and behave accordingly.

      • Humor is a very good way to fight horror, that is why the military and the police have so many jokes that are based on graveyard humor, jokes that many civilians consider to be insensitive.

  2. Here an op-ed from thealgemeiner, a classy and erudite source. It explains why we should stop using particular phrases when referring to Israel. Makes sense, I’ll try to avoid these expressions in the future.

    Israel’s Supporters Must Stop Using These 13 Phrases

    Mainstream Western media coverage of Israel is laced with expressions intentionally crafted to delegitimize the Jewish State. The good news is that these terms weren’t written in stone 3,300 years ago, but are post-Israel independence creations. By forfeiting this language, we forfeit our history. Here are 13 phrases we must stop repeating.

  3. 2/ Any freedom-loving Belgians remaining had better get on that. I wonder if the law can be tested at state expense? Activists could sue one another over trivial ‘offenses.’

    Meantime the rest of us ‘risk curtailing holiday options’ for using sexist language. So it’s a choice between vacationing in Brussels and writing, Dear Brussels, Duck my sick? That was easy.

  4. #2: Video
    She is naive for ‘believing in multiculturism’, like many people she confuses culture with race or ethnicity. Culture defines a person’s actions, reactions and interactions with other people and other genders.
    Skin colour is irrelevant. If I wanted to live in a 7th century culture, I would move to iraq/iran/sudan/ etc. If I wish to live in a 21st. century culture I have the right to demand that others living in that culture behave according to that culture.
    Multiculturism is a bane on civilization.

  5. #1 Since Obama has refused to fight for the west and the European nations are busy surrendering we can expect more terror attack, some of them will succeed. Remember we need to get lucky every time, they need to get lucky once in a while.

    • Yeah, statistics are killers.
      If Iron Dome gets 85%, 15% can be a problem.
      If 1% of Mohammedans are mad-dog killers, let in millions and …

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