Sri Lanka. Cutting through the spin.

The news has been featuring several bits of mis, dis, and contextually amiss information about events in Sri Lanka where Buddhists and muslims have seen escalating conflict.

US president Obama has even weighed in on it on the side of the muslims as he is wont to do whenever muslims face the consequences of actions they set in motion around the world.

Here are a few of links from just the past 48 hours illustrating the classic media narrative there:

1. TIME: Buddhist Gangs attack muslim businesses 

2. US denies visa to Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk

3. Another report of Buddhists as perpetrators of all problems between communities in Sri Lanka

4. Here is a perfect example of BBC reporting on Sri Lankan religious strife 

This interview I did with one of the leaders of the Buddhist group at the center of much of this conflict spoke with me at length and with great precision on some of what came before the events which the BBC, among others, decided they would report on.

Here is a video which is not in English but the description over at Youtube is at least, and you can see that it is acknowledging the aggression against Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

It should be noted that in the map of the new Caliphate that was released by Al-Qaeda branch, ISIS/ISIL, Sri Lanka is to become a part of it in the near term. Buddhists, who have already lost several entire nations to Islam, Afghanistan to name only one (How did we think the 100 Ft. tall Buddha statues got there in the first place?) in past campaigns to destroy all things on Earth not Islamic, are understandably concerned about how that affects the future of their culture, values and peoples.

Please be warned, this is recorded over the phone from Sri Lanka, the sound is medium, his accent is thick and he is speaking quickly as well as being very diplomatic. But the information is there. If you are looking for some context and counter-spin to the narrative that seems to be the new global standard of, ‘in all things, muslims are the victims’.

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38 thoughts on “Sri Lanka. Cutting through the spin.

  1. Spin in full…

    Curfew imposed after deadly clashes between Buddhists, Muslims in Myanmar (CNN, July 4, 2014)

    “Authorities have imposed a curfew in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city, following nights of deadly communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims.

    Two people have been killed and 14 injured since rioting erupted Tuesday, Col. Aung Kyaw Moe, Mandalay’s Region border affairs and Security Minister tells CNN.

    The rioting began when a mob began attacking a tea shop owned by a Muslim man accused of raping a Buddhist woman, and continued the following night.

    The newspaper said eight separate conflicts took place in the region over two nights, involving gangs of as many as 450 people, some armed with weapons including swords, firearms, knives, rods and “incendiary materials,” citing officials.

    One of the victims was Muslim and one Buddhist, officials said. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, with Muslims estimated to account for about 5% of the population.

    Myanmar has witnessed several outbreaks of violence targeting Muslims in recent years as the country emerges from decades of authoritarian military rule, threatening the country’s fragile political reforms.

    Extremist Buddhist nationalist elements, such as the 969 Movement, have been accused of fanning the flames of hatred, and pushing for discriminatory laws, including a proposed ban on interfaith marriage.

    Fears of new unrest as Myanmar ponders monk-backed interfaith marriage ban
    Radical Buddhist monks, including the 969 Movement’s spiritual leader, Ashin Wirathu, appeared to have played “a pivotal role” in contributing to the latest unrest, said David Mathieson, a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch.

    Anger against the Muslim tea shop owner, a Muslim, had escalated after Wirathu had circulated a report of the alleged rape on his Facebook page, and called for a harsh government response to “jihadist Muslims.”

    There had been a significant monk presence among the mob, said Mathieson.
    “The area where this happened is 5-10 minute drive from where Wirathu’s monastery is,” he said. “This really is his heartland.”

    Activists in Myanmar have campaigned against online hate speech on social media, particularly anti-Muslim rhetoric which they blame for contributing to the violence against the minority.

    Religious violence has left hundreds of people dead and close to 150,000 homeless since unrest broke out in in the western state of Rakhine in June 2012, with the stateless Rohingya Muslim minority bearing the brunt of the violence. Outbreaks of anti-Muslim violence have occurred elsewhere in the country.

    Aung said nine people had been arrested over the violence. Five were Muslim and four Buddhist, he said.”

  2. Sparkbrook disorder: Six more men arrested over death (BBC, July 4, 2014)

    “A further six men have been arrested over the killing of a 28-year-old man in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham. Ikram Ullah Khan – known locally as Ikram Elahi – was stabbed in the neck on Wednesday as violence broke out between two groups of men, police said.

    A 25-year-old man remains in a critical condition with slash wounds, a third is recovering from gunshot injuries. Friday’s arrests take the total number to 10. Six men are suspected of murder and four of attempted murder.

    They are all from Birmingham and are aged between 24 and 34.”

  3. This is gonna be fun Muhammadan style! Guaranteed…

    Al-Maliki hints at another try for Iraqi PM (CNN, July 4, 2014)

    “A defiant Nuri al-Maliki announced Friday that he would not withdraw his name as a candidate for prime minister, a statement that came hours after a leading lawmaker alleged he had agreed not to put his name forward to make it easier to pick a new leader.

    “I will never back down nominating myself as prime minister,” he said, according to the statement read on state-run Iraqiya TV. “No one has the right to place any conditions.”

    Earlier in the day, a spokesman for al-Maliki denied a claim by Parliament’s caretaker speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi, that the Prime Minister had agreed not to seek another term in exchange for concessions from Nujaifi….”

  4. Australia in row over boats carrying Tamil asylum seekers (BBC, July 5, 2014)

    “Australia is refusing to comment on the fate of more than 200 Tamil asylum seekers reportedly intercepted at sea to the north-west of the country. It is believed two boats carrying the asylum seekers were stopped by Australian authorities in the Indian Ocean and that some passengers were handed over to the Sri Lankan navy.

    Refugee campaigners say it is a violation of international law. They say at least 11 of those on board had been tortured in Sri Lanka.

    Australia has been taking a tough approach on asylum seekers who try to reach the country by perilous sea journeys. Hundreds of would-be migrants have died trying to make their way to Australia by boat in recent years.

    The government has made no comment for what it says are “operational reasons” and will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the two boats carrying Tamils from Sri Lanka, says the BBC’s Phil Mercer in Sydney.

    But Australian media say that some have already had their refugee claims rejected and have been transferred to the Sri Lankan navy, he adds.

    Forcing asylum seekers back to their country of origin without properly investigating their claims is a flagrant breach of the Refugee Convention and international law, the Refugee Council of Australia said….”

  5. 400 trucks burn on Afghan roads (CNN, July 5, 2014)

    “More than 400 trucks carrying fuel and oil were burning on roads west of Kabul, Afghanistan, police spokesman Hashmatullah Stanekzai said Saturday.
    Emergency crews tried to contain the damage, he said.

    Residents and local news reporters posted images online of a line of red fire and burning trucks on the night horizon.

    The Taliban claimed in a statement that their fighters had attacked a parking depot used by trucks delivering supplies to NATO.”

  6. “The news has been featuring several bits of mis, dis, and contextually amiss information…”
    The reincarnated Krishna, Buddha and Muhammad were walking to Mecca.
    “You do know it’s just our personalities people keep seeing popping up everywhere, don’t you?” said the loving Krishna.
    The Buddha reflected in silence the essential truth of these words.
    “I’ll see everyone who does not submit Hell first!” Said the one so evil they can’t even be represented.

  7. ISIS destroys shrines, Shiite mosques in Iraq (al-arabiya, July 5, 2014)

    “Jihadists who overran Mosul last month have demolished ancient shrines and mosques in and around the historic northern Iraqi city, residents and social media posts said Saturday.

    At least four shrines to Sunni Arab or Sufi figures have been demolished, while six Shiite mosques, or husseiniyahs, have also been destroyed, across militant-held parts of northern Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

    Pictures posted on the Internet by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) showed the Sunni and Sufi shrines were demolished by bulldozers, while the Shiite mosques and shrines were all destroyed by explosives.

    The photographs were part of an online statement titled “Demolishing shrines and idols in the state of Nineveh.”

    Local residents confirmed that the buildings had been destroyed and that militants had occupied two cathedrals as well….”

    • Filthy idol-worshipers, the both of them!
      (Of course not all idol-worshipers are filthy! Just Tard idol-worship deniers.)

      Go ISIS ==> Straight to Mecca!
      Kill-off that multi-billon dollar tourist industry, that’s the way.

  8. Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi addresses Muslims in Mosul

    Notoriously secretive head of the organisation formerly known as Isis comes out of hiding to lead Friday prayers as “Caliph Ibrahim”

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, emerged from the shadows to lead Friday prayers at Mosul’s Great Mosque this week, the first time the notoriously secretive jihadi has made such a public appearance.

    The head of the jihadist group chose the first Friday prayer service of Ramadan to make an audacious display of power in the city that the Sunni Islamists have now controlled for three weeks.

    Speaking from the balcony of the mosque, al-Baghdadi urged the world’s Muslims to flock to the Islamic caliphate across Syria and Iraq declared by his organisation last week.

    Under his direction, the Islamic world would be returned to “dignity, might, rights and leadership”, announced the self-anointed “Caliph Ibrahim”.

    “I am the wali (leader) who presides over you, though I am not the best of you, so if you see that I am right, assist me,” he said, dressed in a black turban and robe.

    • Iraqi Isis Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘Severely Injured and Flees to Syria’

      According to a report in the Iraqi news network Al Sumaria, the insurgent leader was injured during a raid led by Iraq’s Shiite-led security forces in the west of Anbar.

      “The Iraqi security forces carried out an operation in the city of Qaim on the border with Syria based on accurate intelligence and with the help of the Air Force where the leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was seriously injured,” said Haidar al-Shara, a representative of the international parliament in Iraq.

      However, the report has so far not been independently verified. If confirmed, it will be a severe blow to the militant group which has been marching on several Iraqi cities.

      The Iraqi official said: “After being hit, al-Baghdadi, with a range of elements of his organisation fled into Syrian territory because of its proximity to Qaim,” adding: “al-Baghdadi might be killed as a result of the severity of his injuries.”

      • Iraq says footage purporting to show Islamic State leader is false

        The Iraqi government said on Saturday that a video posted online purporting to show the reclusive leader of the militant group Islamic State praying in the northern city of Mosul was falsified.

        Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan told Reuters that the footage posted on the Internet on Saturday allegedly showing Abu Bakr el-Baghdadi at Mosul’s grand mosque was “indisputably” not him.

        “We have analyzed the footage … and found it is a farce,” he said.

        Maan said government forces had recently wounded Baghdadi in an air strike and that he had been transferred by Islamic State militants to Syria for medical treatment. He declined to give further details and there was no way to confirm the claim independently.


        DAILY MAIL : A senior Iraqi intelligence official said that after an initial analysis the man in the video is believed to indeed be al-Baghdadi.

        The official said the arrival of a large convoy in Mosul around midday Friday coincided with the blocking of mobile networks in the area. He says the mobile signal returned after the convoy departed.

        The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief the media.

        A Mosul resident confirmed that mobile networks were down around the time of Friday prayers, and then returned a few hours later. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of safety fears.

        Another aspect of the rule al-Baghdadi envisions was made clear in a series of images that emerged online late Saturday showing the destruction of at least 10 ancient shrines and Shiite mosques in territory his group controls.

        The 21 photographs posted on a website that frequently carries official statements from the Islamic State extremist group document the destruction in Mosul and the town of Tal Afar.

        Some of the photos show bulldozers ploughing through walls, while others show explosives demolishing the buildings in a cloud of smoke and rubble.

        Residents from both Mosul and Tal Afar confirmed the destruction of the sites.

        Sunni extremists consider Shiites Muslims heretics, and the veneration of saints apostasy.
        video = destruction of a Shia mosque in Mosul

  9. Taliban set hundreds of oil tankers ablaze outside Kabul

    Afghanistan — Attackers set fire to hundreds of fuel tanker trucks in a parking lot on the outskirts of the Afghan capital, witnesses said Saturday, prompting angry drivers to block a major highway to demand reimbursement for their losses.

    Hundreds of other drivers stood by helplessly on Saturday morning, unable to salvage any property as flames and smoke rose from the area and several fire engines rushed to the site.

    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the militants were targeting fuel tankers belonging to NATO forces.

    “We couldn’t tell if the attackers were Taliban or other people,” one of the drivers, 35-year-old Juma Gul said. “They were dressed in uniforms we couldn’t understand what was happening. They were shooting toward the drivers and they were setting the tankers on fire. The gunmen were targeting any of the drivers who wanted to return to their trucks.”

    Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai said about 400 trucks caught fire late Friday and continued to burn through Saturday morning, but he did not confirm the cause or provide other details. The Interior Ministry said it has set up a team to investigate the incident.

    Truck drivers later blocked the main highway between Kabul and the southern city of Kandahar to protest what they said was a slow response by the government and to demand reimbursement for their losses.

  10. Same problem, same blueprint for disaster everywhere and across history. Allowing Muslims in your country wrecks your country. With enough examples, enough people will eventually see the pattern.

  11. Macedonia Protest Unrest Leaves 20 Police Injured

    Police have restored calm after ethnic Albanian protesters clashed with riot squads at a rally against the jailing of alleged extremist Muslims for the ‘terrorist’ murders of ethnic Macedonians.

    Police said they were investigating on Saturday after 20 officers and several protesters sustained injuries in the previous day’s protests, which spokesperson Ivo Kotevski described as “extremely violent”.

    Macedonia : Life sentences for Muslim killers sparks protests in Skopje

  12. From England – European left wing central: Home to the BDS movement.

    England = filthy lying hypocrites. What are the British skunks doing in OCCUPIED GIBRALTAR and FALKLANDS and TCI and the BVI??? ENGLAND = PIRATE ISLAND. FREE FREE GIBRALTAR I AM GIBRALTAR !!!!

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