Ezra Levant at SUN TV covers the events in Toronto yesterday where muslims riot with total impunity

I would try and watch this second video soon in case SUN has to pull it down. If we look at Europe as a vehicle for tomorrow’s news today, we know that this exact situation has been going on for at least 8 years where the police actually arrest the Jews or conservatives and leave rioting violent muslims unmolested, feeling that the best thing in the interest of the public good is to do the easiest thing.

The path of least resistance though, is often also the road to the worst long term consequence.

So I can’t help but wonder if this video will get pulled as it shows the police, if not breaking the law, certainly failing to enforce it and making stupid tactical arrests to solve their problems rather than Canada’s.

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11 thoughts on “Ezra Levant at SUN TV covers the events in Toronto yesterday where muslims riot with total impunity

  1. Ezra looks as close to losing his composure there as I can remember seeing him.

    Instead of our children and grandchildren coping with the violent future we’ve prepared for them, it seems likely we’ll be doing some coping ourselves. That’s fairer at least.

  2. Police in Quebec are either young a/holes for the most part, rude a/holes or fat grey haired bums.

    I see on average 15 cop cars a day offering tickets that are rudely high.

    All they want is their pension and park their fat asses in a car the whole day giving tickets. What a bunch of losers and bastards. They must really hate people to do that. Allow us to carry guns instead and fire these bums.

  3. Ezra is blaming the cops. Says they’re afraid. But they’re probably doing exactly what they’ve been ordered to do.

  4. Ezra is right, this is the SA (Brown Shirts) in action. The SA were folded into the SS after the Night of the Long Knives. The SS-SA were part of the Gestapo and were very nasty.

    isntlam you are right they are following orders, but they are illegal orders and not that far from the police picking up people and sending them to the death camps, illegal orders are meant to be disobeyed.

  5. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s hard for me to believe that police who’ve been so wonderful to me will be driving people to death camps.

    I know there’s police brutality, many more incidents than those reported cases. That bad people join the force like thieves rob banks. But when the time comes, I intend to look for the local beat cop rather than some FEMA tool.

  6. Then again, I live in a nice neighborhood among nice people, so the police can be nice.

    Would it be the same if I lived in Detroit? Not even close.
    That’s where private security forces are mandatory, dogs earn their keep, and a license to carry is more important than a driver’s license.

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