Pigs head thrown at mosque in Polynesia

Recently there have been some events in the Polynesian islands around the issue of Islam. The Islanders, normally a happy and sedate bunch, have been unusually political about the issue of Islam. Its almost like they actually understand what Muslims think, what muslims do, and what effect it will have on their own way of life. Below is a video we did some months ago about a protest of a mosque on their beautiful island:

Oz-Rita has been hard at work translating articles and videos on the most recent event there. Two islanders threw a pig’s head into the mosque along with some blood, presumably from the same animal. I don’t know if a DNA test was done, but if things keep going the way they are, an entire season of CSI will be dedicated to tracking down people who Wilbur mosques.

First, here is a bit of fact about the license of the premises, which doesn’t seem to have much to do with what they are actually doing in them.

Now below, is a news clip about some locals throwing a little of the old Wilbur into the above mentioned mosque. WARNING: At the end of this clip I added a little content of my own that is fairly harsh. So if you want to stop when you see my message for the people of Polynesia, I understand.

Thank you Bear and Oz-Rita for all the hard work and dedication. May the good sense of the Polynesian people prevail. There is more on this. I will post them ASAP.

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5 thoughts on “Pigs head thrown at mosque in Polynesia

  1. “…… At the end of this clip I added a little content of my own that is fairly harsh.”

    You could have added – ‘…. but also pertinent and factual.’

  2. It seems that any people who are not cursed with white skin can just come out and say that they prefer their own way of life and do not want to be taken over by Islam. They can say that they don’t want Muslims in their country and they can say that they don’t want the war and the horror that they know Muslims will bring to them.
    Nobody questions a Polynesian, but just try being white and saying the same thing.

    There is an unseen hand that wants the white people of this world to be marginalized in their own countries and to be too afraid of being called “racist” to dare to do anything about it. Our police are always firmly on the side of the Muslims and our laws make it next to impossible to object to the takeover. And, most importantly, we are still importing thousands upon thousands of Muslims into Canada, all from the most dangerous and anti-Western Islamic nations like Pakistan, Somalia, and Bangladesh. I envy the Polynesians their non-white skin… I also do not want my country taken over by Muslims…

  3. Chris Jones, grow a pair!! That’s what they want you to feel! Be yourself (…) be glad of who you are and stop whining!

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