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17 thoughts on “BBC: Shiia thirsty to fight ISIS

  1. Looks like the party is getting started. Nice of them to tell the BBC they are interested in inclusivity for all Iraq. Who isn’t? It is what social media demands in the modern world.

  2. UK
    Man shot dead in street fight involving 300 rampaging youths is named as Ikram Elahi

    Five held by police over gun murder and other attacks with machete as witnesses tell of bloodshed terror just yards from a primary school

    Witnesses said the second shooting victim refused to drink water offered to him by a passing Good Samaritan because he was fasting for Ramadan.



    • Come on, it’s just a bit of Ramadan fun. No food makes those boys go a bit funny. The next thing you know, they’re stabbing people, shooting them, or battering them with a baseball bat with a four inch nail through the end of it.


  3. Pentagon Official: Situation in Iraq Is ‘So F**ked’

    With the crisis in Iraq worsening by the day, a ranking Pentagon official with knowledge of the situation has shed some light on the Obama administration’s inaction in an exclusive statement to The Daily Caller.

    “The Pentagon is split and the administration is paralyzed,” he said, calling the gridlock “horrendous.”

    “Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey is an asshat yes man,” he continued. “We have congressional authority to use force for the Iraq War, as it never expired, but people are putting targeting packets through unnecessary bureaucracy to slow events to the point that — they hope — the situation is overcome by events. Bad call. So fucked. Reads like another chapter in [Robert] Gates’s book.”

    “The professional staff says ‘Do it’ but State and CIA say ‘No,’ for political reasons,” our source said. “Once again split, like in Libya. Pentagon will never admit it. So fucked up. We should take limited action and generals who have no direct combat experience are making bad calls.”

    “[Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism] Lisa Monaco will waste time and say no if it’s a problem for Obama. We should have acted last week.”


  4. Britain is as vibrant as ever, with democracy reigning supreme. Hey Saudi Arabia go to Britain and learn how multiculti and people from 135 countries live happily ever after the WWII. Success of Britain is due to their atheism.

    • Delusional inbred trying to give advice to the saudi filth, clueless that the rest of the muslim scum in the UK will end up as fertilizer.

  5. Such a celebration of diversity in the comments, the post-Western tapestry can only be richer for having more in the weave. ‘Filthy shia… Shiites are jews… shia filth… shia kaffir… heretics and polytheists… so-called Sunnis… disbelievers… We shall brand him on the snout…’

  6. He said, “The picture of Ayatollah Khomeini is no different the Nelson Mandela or Che Guevara.”

    He got that right.

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