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14 thoughts on “Bomb hidden in truck kills at least 15 in northeast Nigeria and more

  1. It’s natural to want all the Muslims deliberately flooded into The West to now be removed because they are supporters of Nazis. The Identifier for an Immigrant is “do you receive Welfare and/or subsidized housing?” In a country not of your origin everyone’s reply would be “who do you think I am to exploit a people I joined to help? I came here to work”

    But, Nazis brought them here. They are the real evil in our midst.

    And it’s hard to think of someone as a ‘sexualized-person’ where hate brings out their fantasies and sexual desires. National Socialism, Inverts and International Socialist have this in common with one another. Read their dictator’s lives. We also know on the other side are Christians and Buddhists and Jews who don’t have a problem with their identity. Those with souls who are in contrast to those who don’t. Their children from mothers and fathers raised in a loving home and of those socially-engineered to not to have that start in life and become ripe picking.
    Rolf Harris is a show-trial of yet another an weak-heterosexual with the pressures of stardom who can’t say no to emotionally disturbed young women. That groping by dirty old men goes back to Muhammad. That was the 1960’s and 70’s before AIDS gained a personality and produced victims. The pederasts, not one, have turned up. And yet they run the British Establishment and they know the Muslims.
    A kingdom does not divide itself. The good guys being vilified if they fight back.

    A Muslim, Homosexual and Communist decide to work out which lifestyle is superior. The Muslim said Islam is like a rock of the Father to crush Homosexuals. The Homosexual said LBGT are like scissors that slice through every Socialist household and make their mothers happy; and the Communist said, “we’re not socialists, never have been, we only say that to fool you. You did your jobs well. Welcome to our world.” And shot them both dead.

      • “Once the idea that paedophiles have been lawmakers gains wider traction and people start to think political parties have knowingly harboured paedophiles then our parliamentary democracy will suffer an enormous, near fatal blow, the likes of which it will take years to recover from.”
        This is how Gay Marriage from Civil Partners from rent boys from child abuse originated. All in the Home Office. A small cabal of influential, psychologically disturbed boarding-schooled intellectuals with the appetites of Muhammad. ‘We love death (harming others) as much as you love life (helping others).’
        Self-harm projects onto harming others for a kick. Rolf Harris is not one of them but became divided, into two kingdoms because the creature that tempted him – was disturbed – and the creature that disturbed her…

        How far gone Mr Harris is…. there is no evidence that can put him in jail.

        Only the raging at the symptoms and not the cause prevails.
        Precisely why the CPS pushed it forward. A political move.

        These pedophiles that tempted all the women in the UK and The Western world to having free housing in return for whoredom, by consent of law at the impoverishment of morals, solidarity and economy.

        The Muslims were already here. They worked secretly on the European Human Rights Act.

        The Male Self-harm versions came in their millions to complete the partnership as false-fathers to lord over false-mothers to incubate and protect our home-grown false-sons.

        They do not divide from themselves. They will mount anything that is living. The child is literally a beacon they all seek to corrupt – for a sense of pride. As dark is to light.

      • Added to that of course our complete betrayal by the leftist academic class with its hatred of families and contempt for traditional roles, and their herstory and Diversity and ________ Studies and their reduction of philosophy to rationalization for doing what they were going to do anyhow because they felt like it.

      • We are watching self-hatred consuming itself among the feminized; like Muslims are doing to each other everywhere: of accusation from the seducer and from the seduced, intimidator and the dhimmi’d.

        Push comes to shove the homosexual doms (pederasts) will ‘out’ the fems (pedophiles). Pedophiles that have that scrunched facial-muscle look of need. Pederasts plainly wear hats to define a higher calling of office of one above all men.

  2. An up-note about a country we really care about – In Jordan, ISIS hits a wall… for now

    […] Jordan dodged a bullet for now thanks to Amman’s military and special operations forces. The Hashemite Kingdom is also preparing for the next attempted attacks by enlisting clerics and asking for assistance from others, including Chechnya. Importantly, Israel is providing overhead imagery to Jordan to use in its fight against ISIS on its borders.

    But new developments mean that Jordan is not out of ISIS’ sights yet: Reports are circulating that parts of al-Nusra have declared bayat, or allegiance, to ISIS. This development means that ISIS’ ranks could grow to over 30,000 members.In addition, ISIS appears to be targeting Lebanon in order to create a sectarian battle in the Eastern Mediterranean state. […] Jordan is not out of danger yet but seems to a have a good plan in place.


    • The operative words are “for now”, unless more nations in the west wake up and send help Jordan will fall. We are being given a glimpse of what happened when Byzantium fell to the Moslem conquest.

  3. I agree, there is a lot at stake in the fight for Jordan, we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back because of our Moslem President.

  4. Robin:

    Boko Haram, the short form of a name which is much more honest, and therefore the press won’t use, is just doing what islam commands. Until the general public are ready to stop getting high on sanctimony the way a methane addict gets high on its own farts, this won’t change.

    The general public loves to take a morally high handed position against others who might say something true and shout racist and bigot and so on, all the while never having read any of the scripture of Islam.

    Chances are this won’t change until enough people recognize that they have a lot to lose by not opposing this. Sadly, history shows that by then, its generally too late.

    After all, at this stage, we have jailed all the Vlad Tepes’, the Jan Sobieskis, the El Cids and all the other heroes who have tried to protect their own people and cultures from the pirates and their damnable sharia code.

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