Links and news for June 23 2014 – 4. Muslims. They’re back, and now they are mad!

1. City in Nanaimo BC sets out to ban Christians from using public facilities.

(remember, sanctimony remains Canada’s #1 export. And now you know why)

2. Third jihadist in Isis video from Aberdeen

A third British man in a recruitment video for the Islamic militant group, Isis, is from Aberdeen, the BBC has learned.

The man has been named locally as Raqib.

One former acquaintance, who does not want to be named for fear of retribution, said the man had regularly been in trouble as a young teenager.

3. Kurds Fight for Control of Kirkuk: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 3)

4. Christians lose divisive bid to use ‘Allah’ in Malaysia

(As I have stated numerous times in various ways, God should never be called Allah, and its a bad idea to try and conflate the two)

Malaysia’s highest court on Monday dismissed a bid by Christians for the right to use the word “Allah”, ending a years-long legal battle that has escalated religious tensions in the Muslim-majority country.

 The divisive case, in which the Catholic Church challenged a government ban on its long-time use of the Arabic word to refer to God, came amid concern from minorities who feel their rights are under threat by rising Islamisation in the Southeast Asian nation.

5. Africa’s Ebola outbreak ‘out of control’, warns MSF (BBC, June 20, 2014)

(Video at BBC is flakey. Trying to do something about that now. Should probably be seen though)

Director of Operations at MSF, Dr Bart Janssens, warned the epidemic would spread to more countries, unless there was a stronger international response.

6. Australia: Islamists wearing a call to arms on their sleeve: Clothing with fanatical slogans being sold across Sydney 

ISLAMIC fundamentalists in south-western Sydney are wearing propagandist paraphernalia freely available for sale at local markets and online to show their support for jihadi bloodshed.     

Thank you Buck, M, Wrath of Khan and all. Been a hell of a day.

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9 Replies to “Links and news for June 23 2014 – 4. Muslims. They’re back, and now they are mad!”

  1. 1/ Nanaimo city councillors, pampered, self-absorbed and way out of touch, a painfully familiar breed of Canadian who are doing nothing and will never do anything to save the country from the genuine threats facing it and who are hardly worth saving the country for. Just listening to them mimic each other’s bleats around the chamber makes a stronger case for population replacement than any federal propagandist could cook up. Muslims must slaver, watching their neighbors on Vancouver Island.

  2. BBC Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari tells the BBC’s John Simpson that the ”fight” in Iraq with militant groups has regional and global implications.

  3. No God isn’t Allah and shouldn’t be called Allah, the attempt to say the two deities and religions are the same are made either my Moslems trying to confuse the issue or people who have never read the two books and only listen to the MSM.

  4. I asked an-allah-this, allah-that guy,

    “Aren’t you taking the Lord’s name in vain?
    Observant Christians and Jews avoid profane usage. Stub your toe and say ‘jeepers!’ ; ‘gods’ is ok to write, but capitalized in the singular is not.
    So why this empty “allaha-ha-ing?”

    He was speechless.

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