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18 Replies to “Douglas Murray on multiculturalism”

  1. Can I see a ‘BBC’ logo on this report? If that is so, then: sorry mate – my contempt for the BBC for having sneered at every brave “Cassandra”, and for having bum kissed every last muslim and enabled the malicious replacement of the British people by islamic invaders, is irreversible.

    Or could this far too late “awakening” be due to the false believe by the sneering BBC that David Camoron is a “conservative”? That would actually make sense to me, and would serve the faux “conservative” islamophile Camoron right: all this brown-nosing for naught.

    If however, you are not from the BBC, then: good on you!

  2. This was so weak as to be laughable. Is this the BBC idea of appeasement for failing the British public for the past thirty years? One out of ten ,try harder next time.

  3. This is a few years old, from a programme called ‘the daily politics’. Unfortunately, Murray still buys into, and promotes the idea, that there us such a thing as Islamism, and extremists in Islam, and that islam is a peaceful religion that’s been hijacked. Fail, Douglas. Interesting to note that in the years since this was broadcast, the situation has gotten worse.

  4. Multiculturalism was a Fabian Ruse like Multisexualism, Multigenderism and Multiethicism. The Communist preached fairness, while the Socialists made laws that were positive in discriminating to these policies and imprisoning Hate Thought and dissent.

    Under the Kinsey model of sexuality, Pure Heterosexuality was an extremism at one end of a wide range of natural homosexual traits in humanity, where the normal bisexual was in the middle.

    The mixed races too are in the middle of this mindset.

    And the Islamic-British are a blend of the two opposing fascists (UKIP is a Far Right Group we are told) right in the middle to the utopia of a perfect fusion of religious-political citizenship. It is their country; for a country only exists in the mind for those submitted to, to inherit it.

    The Teachers see themselves painted as extremists at one end, (the white faces in American billboards scrawled on for having White Privilege) and so embrace the opposite of the real extremism at the other end for a peaceful compromise for harmony in the middle. They are programmed to appease for “fairness” for all their transgressions.

    These mediocre, hard at work dismantling the “Dead White Men” institutions of The West.

    Phoney offence. On behalf of the Slave Trade….

    Get a self-identified White in power and she will give up all the seats, get a likewise identified Black and you will have the sword for the perfect peace.

    All the Communists then have to do is sit back and wait. There is no multiculturalism in slavery, but only whether you are useful. And a bankrupt country with dependants in every Projects, is not really a deal is it, to not be stripped of its assets.

  5. Just trying to get you to see, when you want to go back to sleep…

    1. God created you and because of Adam’s transgressions, as one of his offspring, you are a condemned person unless you believe.
    2. You offended the honor of my friend’s belief and if you do not submit you will be severely punished.

    Halal and Haram.

    Forgive those who tresspass against us so that they have now power over us at all.

  6. “Forgive those who tresspass against us so that they have now power over us at all.”

    That didn’t come out right.

    Meant to include, so they do not now have power over us.

    To ‘turn the other cheek’, which means do not resent the Mohammad spectre that infects them as a meme of hysteria and fear. And the Communists that stoke it and use it for their memes of ‘mommy gets payback’.

    More on Elliot Rogers later.

  7. Elliot Roger,
    What happened to teenage angst?
    Son of older mother and younger father who divorces him when he was seven, for the child’s mind is divorced of security. No man leaves their children abandoned to the mother. Period. This is why in Africa the child is returned to the father’s family. So only momma is left, and father is pigging into a new female form, and no matter how he tries to fit into momma’s world, it is crazy and it rejects him, for how can the femaled beget female? He could only use intimidation, yet his body was small and puny, and there were no Muslims to show him Mohammad’s method of putting on the Mask of Allah, to copulate the female chickens, from behind.
    So he would destroy their happiness, in his envy.
    An Islamic Saint he should have been, and now a feminist chick’s condemnation to be served at first sign of provocation, he has become.

  8. So, Multiculturalism has made extremism, mainstream. Discernment as racist, Islamophobic, misogynistic.

    I have pointed to the fact that The State and Allah have replaced the father in the home. My sympathy goes to those murdered. The child who became psychotic at an early age, posted from parent to parent, without a feeling of belonging. My ire to those adults who made poor choices and would not stand by them which would have matured into character.


  9. Well, Legitimate, I would prefer people to disagree so that a deeper philosophical point could be made about the emerging child’s mind, because we should all be able to inhibit our emotional behaviors, without rage, because this is what makes us human and objective.

    Therefore I can only speculate. This kid could have been telling lies and all parties are innocent. So my paintbrush here has to be bold, to make a point and not be specific. But as there are many children living in Elliot’s situation, a reflection might wake someone up.

    Elliot’s upbringing, by his account, was bereft of the memorable recollections of his father reading to him books and exploring the universe with a science kit and so on. This is what I expect dad’s to do in forming a loving bond; and not ever let mommy chose a new daddy that turns out 30 years down the line to have been a pedophile. Dads have a duty. To be a rock. Do the crime, make the time. They represent God to a child, until that child develops the mind of God within themselves. Alas, Elliot called his dad, “weak” and therefore did not receive his mantle of manhood. How could he, seeing a Moroccan stranger sexually dominate him?

    Did she fall into the Islamic cultural habit of cruelty to children, I don’t know, but he said her relative did introduce him to the Muhammadan indulgence of porn movies, and the face of Elliot in the car was everything regarding the frustration that blond Western women don’t want them. So they are raped as haughty; their inferiority, to hide. Islam is a psychosis, children get infected easily.

    The father of the young man Elliot murdered blamed the NRA and the politicians who would not take guns off the population.

    However, when you have trash families living next door twisting the developing minds of children, who then enter politics, guns are the least of your problems. Democide will be.

    So you see where I place the blame on a boy without a father, looking at websites on how to be a man? He never grew up, dropped out, and got labelled with the Left’s new fad after creating single parent families and the resulting ADD, to have the blameless Asperger Syndrome. As Alcoholics have a disease. See no evil.

    He thought women had the answer to his anxiety, a heavenly-bonding to repair him… so far from the truth. The world within, was as screwed as the world without. And their rejection to help him became the belief they were trying to harm him. So he would attack, and conceived a world without women.

    Families are important. Yet even Socialists have screwed with that definition, so I have to clarify:

    Two parent families, one male and one female, married without prenuptuals, for better or worse, are normal. Not best, because there is no other to make a child’s mind grow more wholesome than daughters marry their fathers and sons their mothers.

  10. And I’ll rest on this topic of Multiculturalism: that program of divide and rule.

    In Islam, Elliot would not know what blonds to bomb because he would never have seen their hair. His mother would not be divorced because his father would have got the Moroccan as a second wife, and he would keep his status as the eldest-born male and not one of the previous sub-family. He would still have been shown unrequited pornography but he would know that when the time was right he would be given a bride, the younger the better. And the conversation in the car would have been about Socialist’s vulnerable kufar girls, who he and his cousins were going to get that night.

    Peter Rodger, the father, said it like this:
    ‘Kids are the purest form of humans. It’s when the influences around them start affecting them – their parents, their schools, their society, their culture, their country, their belief systems – that they start to become the people they are.

    ‘I find children to be ultimately pure in heart. If you are looking for Godliness surely you are going to find Godliness in children.’

    I think I have made my views regarding one face before the camera and one face behind, clear. If you are ever going to stop Communism or Fascism in a country, in its tracks, you protect your children’s minds. If they experience wounds and traumas of indecent exposure without a parent talking them through it (so know your child), then the entertainment media will distract them until a psychotic-religion comes along to support everything they hated, with justified pride.

    Multiculturalism is the opposite of Ancestor Worship. It presumes the other person has the life they do not have.

    Quite simply, you raise a child knowing stupid is stupid.

  11. The dissociation of affection of boys with women stems from childhood.

    Islam has mothers emotionally separate from the boys put on a pedestal with a political relationship.
    Fathers are absent. Either away, or present in a hypnotically feminized submission.

    An audio interpretation of Elliot’s mindstate from his written testiment.


  12. You are welcome Richard. Protect the children from Islam that is the raging father coming home and finding what Socialism has done to the kids, with Communism waiting for the fallout. The only way to do it, is not abandon your kids.

  13. Sadly way too many parents have fallen for the leftist propaganda that the schools are suppose to be the only place things are taught.

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