German news report on Salafists in Germany, Syria and jihad.

Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this report.

If I am reading it right, parts of it near the start appears to be the most honest reporting I have seen from the MSM in Europe on Islam to date.

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5 Responses to German news report on Salafists in Germany, Syria and jihad.

  1. Chris Jones says:

    The reason these Germans are so concerned about the Salafists among them is that they have seen all this before and they know exactly what it is. To see white German boys ranting about their “faith”, with that blank, brainwashed expression on their faces, scares the living shit out of any German – and for good reason. Perhaps the Germans will be the ones who lead the Western World out of this mess. It sure as heck isn’t going to be the Americans this time around. Not with Hussein as president and Little Miss Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings for 2016.

  2. Oooohh God! says:

    All those who call for the destruction of democracy should be rounded up and kicked the f#@k out of europe……..from a plane!!!!

  3. yucki says:

    Turkey’s the problem and the solution.

    Germany’s best buddy and old stomping grounds for the majority of new Germans. Let’s call on Brother Erdogan to help us protect our youngsters from grievous risk and their families from tragedy.

    In this emergency we must avail ourselves of every mechanism of control short of preventive detention. Ja? Not reverting to nasty old passports within the EU family – heaven forfend!

    Such is the _peculiar_ intimacy between our countries we can limit these short-term emergency measures. And we’re both familiar with this sort of thing. Ja?

    => Dust-off the Stasi protocols.
    They will apply to German citizens between the ages of 15 and 40, entering or leaving Turkey. No more casual travel. Passports, temporary visas, border monitors. Whatever it takes.

  4. Joed says:

    I don’t know where I read this, but it it was something like “the Muslims of Europe forget they are living on a continent where, in living memory, the adherents of a particular religion were almost entirely exterminated on a systematic and industrial scale because they were considered ‘problematic’. They would do well to remember this, as it could happen again.”

  5. Sadly I believe that Europe has already lost the fight. Australia and NZ can expect a massive influx of ethnic European refugees in coming decades…

    The Canadians and Yanks still have a choice but the Yanks must get rid of the Brotherhood ala “Get Emily” first…

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