Bulgarians remember, and they are not about to let it happen again.

In that part of central Europe, many people do remember the heavy toll islam took on the land and the people. The person from whom I took a name to start this site had to pay a tribute of a great deal of the nations wealth as well as 500 boys every year to the Sultan as a kind of extortion racket on a national scale. Something islam does well as it generates no wealth itself.

So consider this the feel good movie of the week. Some people remember, and let it be known that they do.

The building you see being attacked is a mosque. We posted many videos of this demonstration a few days ago. More will appear in the comments Im sure.

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5 Responses to Bulgarians remember, and they are not about to let it happen again.

  1. Wrath0fKhan says:

    Yet another popular leftist myth seems to be under heavy pressure. Is it going to crumble?

    Middle-class British pupils are worse at maths than children of Shanghai cleaners: Youngsters from deprived backgrounds in Chinese city are year ahead of children in the UK (dailymail, Feb 17, 2014)
    “The children of cleaners and catering assistants in some Asian countries are better at maths than those of doctors and lawyers in Britain, research reveals. Youngsters from deprived backgrounds in Shanghai were the equivalent of a year of school ahead of UK children from wealthy homes with well-educated parents….”

  2. DP111 says:

    Vladtepes – great man.

    Its reassuring that Bulgarians have not forgotten the devastation that Muslims Turks caused in Eastern Europe, Germany and even Poland.

    I suppose the EU will be sending in re-education apparatchiks to teach revisionist history. and the New Truth to Bulgarians.

  3. Big Frank says:

    It seems that the Bulgarians have had enough and are not going to take it any more.

  4. LenaN says:

    off the wall and topic
    Swiss jets not scrambled over hijacked plane because ‘airbases closed at night’

  5. Richard says:

    The left wants the west to feel guilt over things our ancestors did but thinks we should forget what the ancestors of the Moslems, even when the modern Moslems are doing the same thing.

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