Quebec muslim beats teen daughter to death for not doing 6:00 prayers.

There is an old joke in the English speaking world which goes like this:

“Did you hear the one about the kid who killed his parents, then begged for mercy from the judge because he was an orphan?”

That joke in some ways is a core cultural staple of islam. You can bet he will receive all kinds of sympathy from his devout muslim buddies and even congratulations for ‘doing the right thing’ as all actions are justified by the sharia if it is for the rigorous enforcement of islamic observance and supremacy.

Thank you Bear for the translation and SK for the tip.

Details and update:

This murder is from 2010. I was sent the link as if it was December 16 2013. However it is back in the news as he is due back in court soon. My apologies for any confusion that results.

The Father plead guilty to manslaughter.  He will be coming back to Court for sentence Feb. 1014

He admitted hitting his daughter in the face three times because, he says, she didn’t mop the kitchen floor properly… coroner can’t confirm 100% cause of death but it was due to extreme violence to the head.

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12 Responses to Quebec muslim beats teen daughter to death for not doing 6:00 prayers.

  1. Big Frank says:

    Sadly there will be more of these culturally based crimes as the number of third world migrants increases. Don’t expect much of an outrage or negative statements from the Police, MSM or the political class. These Politically Correct morons are living in a constant state of denial.

  2. Linked to this from Blazing Cat Fur

    – Frau Katze

  3. Should have added, scheduled for 23:00 Eastern Time

  4. I just have to say that I would skip the trial in this case and just empty a full clip into the bastard….

  5. Big Frank says:

    I agree this dirtbag needs a ‘lead shower’.

  6. yucki says:

    You’ve that right guys. Even a bullet in the head is a mercy for the crime of premeditated murder with a dull knife. Right near a school, so traumatic.

    All this publicity is infuriating. It’s just drawing admirers, those who see these guys as soft spoken gentlemen. Makes me sick.

  7. Dallas says:

    In Islam there is no concept of the sacredness of human life, no concept of being “created in the image of God”. Human life has no value – only the moon-god matters and how closely humans grovel in homage to it.

  8. don c says:

    Where was the condescending anthropologue from Université de Montréal to explain to that misguided woman why 1 + 1 ? 2?

  9. don c says:

    Looks like WordPress doesn’t recognize the symbol for ‘is not equal to’.

  10. Richard says:

    I don’t like torture but this case makes it hard not to recommend it for the criminal.

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