Mosque attacked in Central African Republic.

At last. I wonder when Obama will offer to build a new mosque though. Maybe one that is stick proof.


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4 Responses to Mosque attacked in Central African Republic.

  1. Wrath0fKhan says:

    Kenya police in deadly ambush near Somalia border (BBC, Dec 10, 2013)
    “Gunmen kill eight Kenyans, including five policemen, after ambushing a police patrol near the border with Somalia, police say. Several people were also wounded in the attack close to the north-eastern town of Liboi, police added. Liboi is used by Kenya to send supplies to its troops fighting the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group in Somalia as part of an African Union (AU) force. There are regular attacks along the border from bandits and militants. It is not clear who carried out the attack. Al-Shabab has carried out a string of attacks in Kenya..”

  2. Rita says:

    this video: Praise the Lord and alleluia …I wish I was there (…errr…..not really).

  3. Chris.Curran"Bonnie"Scotland. says:

    Send them all your old Garden tools, picks, sledgehammers and speed up their Demolition work.

  4. Richard says:

    What we need are more preachers of the “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo I think I got him” type, unfortunately our governments are out to imprison all preachers of that type.

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