News links for Oct. 21 2013 – 1

1. EDL blamed for what is now established as the act of a lone Ukrainian student.

2. Exodus: Migration of Jews Out of France Begins

 In Greater Paris, middle-class Jewish families are deserting neighborhoods that have been engulfed by more recent immigrants from Africa and the Near East. These new immigrant populations have proven prone to violence, and as radical Muslims, many entertain negative views about Jews and Judaism. Harassment, arson, and assault are frequent. There have been several murders. Even the liberal-minded Imam Hassan Chalghoumi of Drancy, who advocates friendly relations with Christians and Jews, was threatened and assaulted.

3. Salvatore Cipolletta, whose daughter Cristina married young Yemeni Haidar Rohay Ahmed Al-Tawil, shot dead his son-in-law after seeing him butcher a lamb on the family’s dinner table under his own grandchildren’s eyes

3a. Italian original:

3b. Google Translate:

4. Syrian Children Brainwashed in ISIL-Run School to Hate Non-Wahhabis and Fight Jihad   

5. The ‘German Camp': Jihadists from Germany Set up Base in Syria

A growing number of German jihadists are heading to Syria to join the rebels in their fight against President Bashar Assad. According to German intelligence, some 200 Islamists from across the country have gathered in northern Syria in what’s been dubbed the “German Camp.”

(As usual, the media misses the point. “The fight against Assad” runs a distant second to establishing a sharia state and a nascent caliphate)
Thank you UK Pete, Richard, M, Fjordman and all. Thank you as always for your contributions.

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12 Responses to News links for Oct. 21 2013 – 1

  1. Martin says:

    # 3 – video ( in Italian )

  2. Martin says:

    #5 – German Jihadist back from Syria – video in German

  3. Ox AO says:

    1. “why he had targeted the mosque he replied: “Because they are not white – and I am white.””

    That is clearly racism. I bet if you question him he will say he is a Nazi

  4. Richard says:

    #2 The are better off leaving France altogether, unfortunately most of the places they can go to are growing as dangerous as France.

  5. Questions says:

    “Because they are not white – and I am white.””

    I have never heard that answer before, and it makes me believe “you got me guv, it’s a fair cop” is an accurate gospel.

    “Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale described Lapshyn as a “self-starter” who would have been likely to go on to commit further offences, while in the UK on a year-long visa.”

    And yet Marcus Beale has previous witness experience:

    “Two chief constables are among 14 police officers who could face criminal charges after concerns were raised about witness handling in the investigation of the “execution-style” murder of a 20-year-old man.

    Five men were jailed in 2008 for the murder of amateur footballer Mr Nunes, who was found dead in a country lane in Pattingham, Staffordshire, in 2002, but had their convictions quashed last year amid concerns about the running of the unit.

    Read more:

    It doesn’t add up, all “less than a week after Lapshyn had arrived in the UK.”

  6. Dan says:

    Most rich Frogs are going to London.

    However, the Jewish population there votes socialist. This voting pattern is anti-French anyway, because the Jews were so frightened of white Frenchmen they invited in Arabs to hide behind.

    Bad move for both Frenchman and Jew, the Frank is left holding the bag though.

  7. DP111 says:


    Too true. Most Jews vote socialist or liberal. The late Laurence Auster, an ex-Jew, believed that Jewish fear of Christianity moves them to to dilute Christianity in the West, and thus to welcome Muslim immigration into the West, as a safeguard.

    Pity. It will be too late once the poisoned fruits of such sentiment are really manifest.

  8. DP111 says:


    Pure coincidence

    Jews for Islam in America

    Worth watching, plus comment by Laura.

  9. Ox AO says:

    Questions: Good questions questions. The real problem is getting some more information in order to make even better questions for questions to ask.

    Sorry… :)

  10. Richard says:

    Given the way things seem to be heading to a major war the Jews voting socialism and supporting Islam will probably change once the true evils of socialism and Islam become apparent. Note I said probably, and the change won’t happen suddenly, it will take much more time then we would like.

  11. Ox AO says:


    History is a good guide of how long it takes before people react.

    Bacon’s rebellion seems to be a good gauge on how long it usually takes.
    The “Declaration of the People of Virginia.” was made in 1676 which has a lot of similar issues to the Declaration of Independence of 1776. This assumes the level of devolving liberties and Justice is constant.

    In other words not in our life time. It is debatable if we even had the first Declaration made yet.

    There is one event in the US that might be counted as the first but it failed. It was a Constitutional Convention proposed but failed to limit the US Budget at 6 trillion this was started around the time of the Clinton administration they were only 2 or 3 states short of a 2/3’s state vote requirement.
    They may have even has over 30 states that signed on including California if you can believe that.
    Just to clarify this had nothing to do with the congress of the US. it was the states that was calling for remake of the constitution.

  12. yucki says:

    No, no, no. Forget that fringe of a fringe.

    Let them preach that “twinning” garbage to their brethren in Israel. Some do, for a while. But most learn the sublime art of self-defense.

    The most hardline hawks in Israel are refugees from Muslim countries. They know what they’re up against & they are fierce.

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