The NSA, the IRS and a rapid slide into leftist totalitarianism in the USA

And the greatest democracy in the world abandons some of the most critical and central dogma of democracy itself, and uses illegally obtained private information to use the power of the state to harass ideological opponents of the new-left, and then lie about it to our faces. H/T KitmanTV

2. Google says no right to privacy in email

3. PJ Media on IRS scandal

4. US Judge Napolitano makes the purpose of NSA 4th amendment violations more clear.

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3 Responses to The NSA, the IRS and a rapid slide into leftist totalitarianism in the USA

  1. Big Frank says:

    NSA = National Stasi Agency IRS = IRSS Welcome to the ‘change’ we were all promised.

  2. Richard says:

    #1 all Democracies end up facing this issue, hopefully we will manage to win the struggle to retain our freedom.

    #2 I don’t expect any privacy on any form of electronic communications, and not much in my home.

    #3 The IRS has always been out of control, they are just getting more out of control.

    #4 We need Judge Napolitano on the Supreme Court.

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