How women are treated by muslim police in West Bengal

I would like to thank our new colleague Achintya Das, for all the excellent work he is doing translating these videos for us from some of the languages common in India and Bangladesh. In the West we simply are denied the facts of Islamic treatment of non-muslims and it is critical that we get a sense of the global contiguity of the behaviour of muslims toward the wider world in order to better appreciate that these actions are not criminal, nor are they isolated incidents but in fact reflect a policy set out by islamic organizations and implemented via mosques and islamic centers world wide.

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2 Responses to How women are treated by muslim police in West Bengal

  1. Meanwhile in Bangladesh young Hindu girls are forced to convert Islam ( ) and the Hindu minority has been reduced from 22% to just 2% of the population ( ) .

  2. perfectchild says:

    Which goes to prove Islam is an Equal Opportunities Embracer. Like Socialism, whomever it touches of color, ethnicity, gender, sexual Identity and previous religion, it turns them into empty shells, their souls sucked out of them, and in return for allegiance sets their bodies free into beasts of pleasure of the lowest morals and sexual depravity.

    Their History of millions of innocent unarmed civilians dead, their Present of thousands dead, and their Future Belief of a One World Government shows what destructiveness of these weak-before-the-strong cowards who use submission, deceit and hate-crimes to further their cause; in every self-appointed group of victims they create.

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