If only the Soviets had known…

We have out commied the commies.

I remember I think it was in the 1970s when the Soviets managed to sweep up in women’s olympics because they had been feeding their female athletes  newly discovered synthetic testosterone substances allowing them to gain the strength and attitude of male athletes.

We had no tests for it at the time and if memory serves they got clean away with it and it was a great cold-war victory for them in a propaganda sense.

If only they had known that all they had to do was get their male athletes to claim they were really female inside and were pre operational women in reality. They could have wiped the floor with the American girly girls. Meaning of course that they have two X chromosomes. Maybe they ought to put a Komodo Dragon in the ring with this guy and claim he is really a ballerina inside and just hasn’t completed his surgery yet.

And yes, this man clearly has had mutilation surgery and appears in some ways to be a human female. But he clearly is a man, he has a Y chromosome, and should not be allowed to fight against women. Just another example of the obscene politics of pretending instead of reality.

H/T Bear.

Yahoo News:


However, Fox — who was clearly the bigger, stronger competitor — managed to find her groove in the second round, finally putting Jones on her back. She went right back to her grappling during the third round, grounding Jones once again, forcing the tap with a shin to the throat shortly after.


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3 thoughts on “If only the Soviets had known…

  1. Apart from some men doing anything,a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, to get to fondle a piece of ass and plant a towel over her to place ‘it’s mine for later,’ this mental-aberration of hen-hood is the culmination of Soviet Achievement of Radical Socialism. A woman’s brain in a man’s body. Blacks, Education-System Graduates, Government Employees have been conquered. That’s the Kingdom of the West. The rest, as they say, is easy.

    To do this, you remove fathers, and create gender confusion.

    Any criticism like this a “Hate Crime” against Transgenders and anyone the LGBT decide to embrace. Manboy, manbeast amongst others will await their vote of approval of normalcy from the American Psychiatric Association. Prisons filling up with innocent people.

    Mars may be the only escape for humanity…. before the Mullahs and the Communists again arrive on their shores and make white is black and black is white.

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