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4 thoughts on “7, almost certainly muslims, arrested for trespassing at Boston water reservoir

  1. Is it my imagination or is the mood of the media starting to change ever-so-slightly? The announcer didn’t come right out and say they were Muslim, but she made darn sure you knew it just the same. She said they were from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, I think – and chemical engineers, no less. Those were Jihadis or I’m a purple hippopotamus (I’m all excited over Christi Clark!). Now let’s see, if in the absence of Al-Qaeda membership cards in their pockets, they figure out that this is terrorism, not workplace violence or something equally stupid.

    If the mainstream media stops supporting the Islamists, they are going to find themselves in a whole world of trouble. Like the Nazis before them, they are overconfident because they don’t understand how extreme the West can become when something becomes, “all the rage”, and really catches their attention. It took ages for them to start responding to Hitler, but when they did, well…you know the rest.

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