I have met the Borg. And it is us from the near future.

Google Glass looks like it might be like evil Santa:

‘It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake. It knows what you are looking at so look at good for goodness sake…’

And when you combine google glass with this rapidly rapidly advancing technology you have something truly distopian. Sometimes it appears that the only thing Orwell got wrong, is that people wouldn’t be forced to have this technology, that actually htey would line up and enslave themselves to get it.

From Google Plus:

(The same people who make Google Glass)

Here’s my review after having Google Glass for two weeks:

1. I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It’s that significant.

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Someone better come up with a ‘rooting’ process for them fast. I want to know what permissions these things will have, and who they are telling what to before I attach them to my head.

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5 thoughts on “I have met the Borg. And it is us from the near future.

  1. I read the article in the NP on Google Glass, and the guy who tested them said that, after two weeks, he would probably never take them off again. I think he’s right. I think we will all be wearing these things in such a short time that you won’t believe it.

    The Glass actually boosts the power of the wearer, so in this competitive world few people will allow themselves to be handicapped by not having a heads-up display in front of them. You can just whisper, “Glass…shoot a move”, “Glass, what time is it?”, “Glass, how big were the pterodactyls?” – and suddenly there’s a picture of a pterodactyl in the top-right-hand corner. We will all need these, soon…like shoes and toothbrushes – not optional…

  2. I have massive problems with the new tech, personally the privacy erosion more then destroy any good that it will bring, it will be used for a while but the companies will ban them because of the way unscrupulous competitors will hack them for industrial espionage.

  3. I hear Google are experimenting with USB 4 ports that will be put into the skulls of all newborns so Obamacare can be downloaded directly into their brains.

    The law is going to have to evolve to take care of stuff like this, just as it always has when new technologies arrived on the scene. That’s how we ended up with laws governing what you can and can’t say in print about someone, for example.

    I’m with Chris Jones on this. In ten years, you won’t be able to move for these/competitor devices. They will be just like cell/smartphones now. Over twenty years ago, in Hong Kong, I was impressed by how ubiquitous cell phones were. Everybody had one – old ladies, teenagers, as well as business people. In the UK at the time, it was just really business people that used them. If I walk down a street now, everybody’s staring down at their phone.

    Yeah, you look like a berk in Google Glass, but so did people wearing headphones in public with the first walkmans. I remember people pointing and staring. So did people seemingly talking to themselves on handsfree. So do people walking down the street staring at their screens, with their thumbs gesturing.

    My eight year old son handles a PC/iPad like a monkey handles bananas. Even a couple of years ago, he just presumed every device was networked together. Because that’s how it is in his world. When he’s 18, he’ll be using this device’s descendants like teenagers today use their cell phones.

    I think the technology is quite something in this device. It’s coming, and you will use it.

  4. You can say the same things about TV, Radio, Newspapers and the Internet generally, Eeyore. The law will change, because people will go nuts about what these can be used for, what information they can gather, and what can be done with it. We only have libel laws because of the printing press.

    But that won’t happen until it starts being abused. The local authority will never put a pedestrian crossing on a dangerous road until a child gets killed. Or shall we abandon the Internet and cell phones altogether? because right now, the NSA in the US can gather every email, text and cell phone call in the world in real time at their new facility at the Utah Data Center and analyse them. We’re talking yottabytes of data. We’re still in the early days of the Internet, let alone stuff like Google glass.

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