Youtube once again pulls video exposing hate speech by Muslims.

A few years ago, youtube blocked a video my group had translated and subtitled, which was of a Dutch Muslim-Moroccan ‘rap’ band that did a massively antisemetic quasi-musical video demanding renewed horror upon the Jewish people.

Youtube, as well as removing my translated and titled version, continued to allow the original video in rather poor Dutch to remain online at their site.

So in other words, it would at least appear, if not in fact, that youtube disallows the exposing of hate speech while allowing actual hate speech to remain.

Personally I do not believe this is youtube policy. Personally I think this is either because they have more people who speak English than anything else so that once it is in English they can deal with it, or, the people who make these decisions are far leftists or Muslims who use youtube’s policy guidelines as ways of selectively enforcing for their own goals.

It is also possible that they are sensitive about antisemitic material and knee jerk react to Jew Hatred without realizing the nuanced fact that my video, as well as the PALWATCH one below, were in fact exposing antisemitism and not promoting it.

Like blasphemy laws themselves, it is hard to adjudicate a case where the judge is not fully allowed to look at the material that caused the offense. If you understand the comparison.

Now Palestinian Media Watch is being threatened with losing their channel (as I in fact did although for more than just that one video) because of this video. The full story is worth reading over at their site. The video in question is below.

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