The hardline Buddhists targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslims

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 BBC Asia

After a series of attacks on mosques, wild rumours about animal slaughter and an attempt to outlaw the halal system of classification, the BBC’s Charles Haviland investigates how Sri Lanka’s Muslim minority is being targeted by hardline Buddhists.

On a January morning a crowd of Buddhist monks storm a law college, yelling, chanting and even hitting one or two seemingly random people and pushing back the police. Furiously they shout that the exam results have been distorted to favour Muslims.

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7 Responses to The hardline Buddhists targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslims

  1. Martin says:

    VIDEO -SRI LANKA – Buddhist terrorists call for halal boycott

  2. Richard says:

    The Imam is right, no single religion has been targeted, it is all religions other then Islam that has been targeted.

  3. Our Buddhist friends (the real Religion of Peace) seem to have had enough and are taking action – we should follow suit to support them!

  4. Martin says:

    SRI LANKA VIDEO – Buddhist radical terrorists mocking peaceful Muslims and burning a koran

  5. Gilles Pembroke says:

    Seems to me after the defeat of the Tamils, who brought so much unrest int their nation, the next step is obvious…cut the head of the next snake before it causes problems like it has in every other nation as their numbers expand….Phillipines anyone?

  6. Adam says:

    “Hard line buddhists”? Isn’t that sort of like an extremist pacifist Quaker, or a nazi libertarian? The words used are completely antithetical to eachother. No doubt the person writing the article at the British Brainwashing Channel is a drop out from some peace studies program.

  7. Georgina says:

    As soon as the imam claimed that no muslim had ever destroyed Buddhist statues, I stopped listening – since he was not going to tell the truth, why bother?

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