Kicked to Death in Kirchweyhe

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Last weekend a young man at a bus station in Germany was set upon by a group of high-spirited young “Germans” and severely beaten up. His attackers kicked him in the head viciously, sending him into a coma. On Thursday he died.

Hermes has translated three articles from Bild about the incident and its aftermath. The case currently has a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%, but the names of some of the perpetrators are not as yet public.

The first article was published on March 11:

Tragedy in front of the bus station in Kirchweyhe – Daniel was beaten by a gang of thugs until he fell into a coma

Doctors have almost no hope that he will survive. The first six suspects have been detained.

It happened again. Now in front of the railway station in Kirchweyhe. A gang of thugs beat and kicked a youngster until he fell in a coma. The doctors have almost no hope that he will survive.

The victim was the painter/varnisher Daniel S. (25). Only machines are keeping him alive. The police are under intense pressure, investigating six of the brutal beaters. All of them are “Southern men”. The public prosecutor’s office applied yesterday for an arrest warrant against the main suspect, Cihan A. (20). Coskun A. (19), Shadid A. (20) and three accomplices are free. But there are more perpetrators.

The entire city of Weyhe is shocked, but the Daniel’s friends more than anybody else. They witnessed the brutal attack.

A friend of Daniel, the 25-year-old Tim (name altered) declared to BILD: “Some friends had rented a bus, which at around 04:00 carried us from the “Fun Factory” disco in Wildeshausen to “Maddox” in Kirchweyhe. Everybody paid ten euros. But because the bus was not fully occupied, we took five Turks with us.”

A quarrel broke out along the way. Tim: “The five were drunk, they were insulting me. My friends intervened. Daniel wanted to mediate. Then an enormous brawl arose, and I noticed that the Turks were calling for reinforcements through their mobiles. They called other friends of theirs to the station to meet us.”

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3 thoughts on “Kicked to Death in Kirchweyhe

  1. via Google translate of <a href=",-Hunderte-trauern-um-Daniel-_arid,525451.htmlthis article:

    “Pastor Holger Tietz . . .wished that the vigil will be consequences. People should look more when it comes to violent confrontation. “We must do what we have not done before – becuase we were too scared,” he said.”

    But then, @Gates of Vienna comments Hermes linked Kirchweyhe mayor bans funeral procession

    the first link above clarifies how that prohibition is aimed against . . .you probably guessed it . . .the right.

    “The municipality had Weyhe prohibited on Friday that private vigil. The ban was justified, that in connection with the meeting offenses are likely. To prevent this, the police responded. “We have spoken about 15 square prohibitions against people who can be assigned to the right-wing,” said police spokesman Andrik Hackmann.

  2. via

    Two right rallies, to be held Saturday and Sunday, were banned from the city on Friday. Weyhe Mayor Frank Lemmermann (SPD) calls with the Prevention Council of the municipality, the round table to the right and to the integration council on its own vigil, which will oppose the right propaganda. Even Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) explains the family, “compassion” and condemning the exploitation by right-wing groups.

    No condemnation of the all too obviously invading hoards though.

    However, emphasizes the prosecutor: “not have given rise to the dispute, the nationalities of the parties.” Because the Internet is also the concern turned into hatred. Under online articles are increasing xenophobic comments. Some seek the death penalty, calling for the lynching. Police are investigating not only because of the murder, but has also the calls for violence in sight checks on sedition.

    These ignorant fools, by their misguided caution, intentionally overlook the potention for many similar murders based on readily available quran’ic doctrine as practiced in every location this doctrine is and has been practiced since it’s inception. Sedition squared.

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