Lesbian couple go into hiding with Turkish foster child

Once again, the obvious oxymoronic nature of ‘multiculturalism’ is evident.

Dutch News:

Friday 15 March 2013

A lesbian couple and their nine-year-old foster child have gone into hiding because of the row in Turkey about Muslim children being cared for by gay or Christian couples.

The couple have looked after Yunus since he was five months old but his mother has long campaigned for his return. Last week she made an emotional television appeal, leading to widespread debate in Turkey itself.

Next week, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the Netherlands and some expect him to raise the fostering issue.

A Turkish parliamentary commission is currently researching the fostering of Muslim children by gay or Christian couples, which they say will lead to them becoming estranged from their cultural background.


Child social services in The Hague say they are extremely concerned about the ongoing debate. ‘The situation means Yunus cannot go to school,’ one official told Nos television.

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4 thoughts on “Lesbian couple go into hiding with Turkish foster child

  1. Until I noticed the blurred out face in the photograph, I thought that the lesbian couple were the two sat down facing each other. I noticed the one on the left and thought “my, I’ve seen some butch lesbians in my time but that one really takes the biscuit.!”

  2. Some time ago Mehdi Hassan argued that Leftists should oppose abortion, as Leftists. Kenan Malik became very angry.

    Anyway this case of reverse devshirme is telling. Turks on internet use Anti-Semitism and fear of child molestation to rile up WNs against child protection services.

  3. Here is the best article on this:
    Turkey, the North Korea of the Mideast: AKP: Take Turkish children back from gavurs and gays

    “At issue is that the AKP regime feels sacred values[Islam, Turkishness] that uphold Turkish identity are being violated. One of the few Turkish colonists in Europe who actually fostered children, Nejla Buran, sums up the concern: “I think [children] are way happier if they are placed in Turkish families, who speak their language, cook meals like their mother does.”[6] This whole fiasco is because in the bigoted Turkish mind, the issue is not over who is a better parent than the abusive Turkish families, but who is a more Turkish parent. According to a poll by the Reputation Institute, Turks have the biggest gap between their self reported, self-image and their global score(what other parties think of their nation).[7] Within their own sociology Turks associate Turkishness with goodness. A famous slogan of their eternal, fascist leader, Ataturk, that is oft repeated goes: “A Turk is equal to all the world.””[8]

    Basically none of the unprofessional Turkish media or their AKP bigot politicians seem to care much about the treatment of the actual child, Yunus. It is just pure bigotry from their side. The reporting is narrowly focused on the alleged crime of raising him without Turks or Islam, by a Haraam lesbian couple!

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