Why Americans Should Know and Care About South Africa

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Front Page Mag:

Front Page Magazine recently published a particularly important article, Arnold Ahlert’s, “The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa.”  In painstaking detail, Ahlert goes where angels fear to tread in exposing the murderous, borderline genocidal, conditions under which white South Africans are systematically forced to labor.

The very same Western media that campaigned tirelessly against the apartheid of the old South Africa now refuse to utter a syllable about the cruelty and injustices that plague the new.  In light of the ubiquity of this cowardice, Ahlert’s courage is that much more salient—and that much more commendable.

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6 Responses to Why Americans Should Know and Care About South Africa

  1. John says:

    There is much bad with Islam.

    Yet there are things I like.

    There use to be an Islamic institution in Baghdad, which had a building with a few wings. Each wing was devoted to a segment of Islam, Sunni, Shia, etc. The scholars of the various schools would debate amicably. If they cause a problem the Turks would have dis-invited them form the Ottoman empire.

    I just don’t see this happening anymore. It is much better to go ape on jihadis and so much so that the jihadis will think that Richard Pearl got a good deal.

  2. Richard says:

    South Africa is a forgotten outpost of civilization that fell to the barbarians of the left, the media in the west ignore it because to report on the daily atrocities would show how their reporting on the previous government was seriously flawed.

    For more information about South Africa and the race war being waged there go to:


    I remember reading some reports in the early part of this century about how there are suppose to be plans to kill all whites after Bishop Tutu dies.

  3. BayouCoyote says:

    Richard, just about all sites showing the truth about the genocide being committed against the Boers is being hit by a DoS attack or blocked outright.

  4. Richard says:

    I was up on it when I got the URL, of course they may have hit them since.

  5. johnjoe says:

    It’s bad enough now in SA, but when Mandela dies, the gloves will come off. It will be game over for white people in SA.

  6. Richard says:

    Yup, that is why so many are moving out, they want to ensure they and their kids survive.

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