North Korea enters capitalist world of comedy television

I have to say, North Korea does things well when it decides to. It appears that the new well-fed dictator of North Korea has decided to compete with Saturday Night Live, the Carol Burnett show, Second City and other great sketch comedy programs with its first episode of what must be its first comedy release which I predict will be a big hit across the Korean peninsula and around the Yellow Sea.

Well done North Korea! I can’t wait to see next week’s episode. Here is hoping my ribs stop aching in time to bruise them again laughing at the next installment.

The North Korean style of documentary making seems to be showing a colonoscopy of a super-model and claiming she looks like snake full of intestinal fluid. Makes one wonder if they did a video workshop with Michael Moore.

Meanwhile, here is a rather more factual documentary about the DPRK I hope you al enjoy as much as I did.

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5 thoughts on “North Korea enters capitalist world of comedy television

  1. Unbelievable. Its funny and at the same time so sad.

    24 million people who lives in some kind of limbo, we cant even begin understand.

  2. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un ‘was target of assassination attempt’ in November of last year.

    Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, was the target of an assassination attempt linked to a power struggle within one of the nation’s military bureaus, according to reports.
    South Korean intelligence sources were quoted as saying that “disgruntled people inside the North” moved ahead of the demotion of Kim Yong-chol, director of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, in November.

    Authorities were paying special attention because the attempt was made in downtown Pyongyang, not during one of Kim’s regional trips outside the capital city, the intelligence officer told the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper on Thursday.

    The precise timing of the attack has not been accurately established, although there were rumours of a skirmish involving an exchange of gunfire in Pyongyang in November of last year.

    It has also proved difficult to identify who was behind the incident, with the intelligence official suggesting it was linked to the punishment meted out to General Kim.

    VIDEO North Korea Mass Games :

  3. Truly the Twilight Zone. A perversion of civilization existing for the sole purpose of edifying “Dear Leader” and his predecessors. North Korea has brought the concept of personality cult to it’s highest possible development. Under the Kim dynasty, North Korea has successfully merged a Stalinist communist regime with absolute monarchy in all but name only. How pathetically sad for the people who have to live in such misery. Bush had it right when he named North Korea as part of an “Axis of Evil.” This is sick beyond all reason.

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