More Finish dhimmitude

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Finnish female ministers cover up for Saudi Arabia missions

The Finnish government has acquired loose black robes, or abayas, for ministers and female officials to wear during visits to Saudi Arabia. The garb was purportedly purchased to foster good relationships and show respect for Saudi culture.

Kaksi afganistanilaista hunnutettua naista.
Unlike the Saudi style abaya, the chadari covers the entire body, with a mesh grille concealing the face. Image: AP Graphics Bank

Finland is strengthening its ties to Saudi Arabia, despite large differences in the culture of the two nations, especially those experienced by women travellers.

Only the face, palms of the hands and feet are visible when a woman wears the abaya in accordance with Saudi custom. Director of the Middle Eastern and North African unit of the Foreign Ministry, Helena Tuuri, says that the abayas have been provided to aid good relations. According to her, Finnish women need not over up at all times, but can use the traditional Muslim women’s clothing as the situation dictates.

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  1. They should send a load of Saudi women to visit Finland, strip them naked and stick them in a sauna.
    Respect for culture!

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