Totalitarian Australian left want to control the media and the message

Funny how that works. Leftists want to use freedom of speech to get control, then of course, want to eliminate it for everyone else. Much like gun control for revolutionaries.

“Watch my show now while you can”

Approved by communications minister:

unapproved by the communications minister

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2 Responses to Totalitarian Australian left want to control the media and the message

  1. wtd2 says:

    The all too apparent ‘hesitation’ to outright disagree, each guest carefully hedging every response which may question the ‘warmist’ narrative is very telling.
    Watch the Bolt Report video clip carefully to hear Professor Garth Paltridge, Atmospheric Physicist explain the reasoning behind this uniformly guarded approach to scientific opinion… fast forward to 8:10:

    Paltridge: It’s, well, it’s . . .again, rather overstating the case. There are vast quantities of scientists who at least question the concept of man-made global warming. It is true, that the ones that go public are usually scientists that have retired or who come from other disciplines.
    Andrew Bolt adds: “Nothing to lose”.
    Paltridge: “Nothing to lose, but in this day and age it can be fairly dangerous to ones career if you are a climate scientist and express some vociferous objection to the concept of the dangers of global warming caused by man.

    Insideous, deceitful political agenda again threatens fact. Insanity rules.

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