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5 thoughts on “SUN News thrown out of “All media” David Suzuki event

  1. David did way too much LSD way back when he was doing research in the area, and years ago when I met him once, speaking a convention, I observed a megalomaniac in the making, pompous, egocentric, narcissistic, and sure enough, with that and the ancient brain traces of lots of drugs, his personality has taken its predicted course…He is a real asshole…who has done some good work in the past, but he like most brainwashed leftist environmentalists, is totally rigid in his inablity to think beyond the erroneous paradigms that he has based all his previous knowledge upon, and consequently unable to open his mind to new ideas.

    These are the characteristics of rigid personalities that grow old, get arthritis, and shrivel up into ugly crippled shapes, unable to be in touch with the present and a changing world.

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