Links and news for Feb 27 2013

1. Gay groups accuse Israel of decent treatment for gays, making it harder to attack the Jewish state for its racism of whatever. Quite a good article.

2. 60 anti tank missiles stopped by Egyptians being smuggled from Libya to Palestinian groups.

3. UK plans new legislation to make criticism of Islam a more punishable criminal offense. I hope they are planning to build lots of prisons. Between Muslim rape gangs in some and those of us who point out the ideology behind those crimes in others, they will have to outsource prison guards to Poland.

4.  Toronto School board famous for its Mosqueterias also enjoys dalliances with communism.

5. Manchester students taught that gay people should be killed. 

I am currently working on cleaning up the audio and/or subtitling this and hope to have it ready tonight. It is also amusing that gay groups and publications still seem more intent on protesting Israel, you know, that country where all the homosexual Palestinians move to. Please see top article in this post.



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4 thoughts on “Links and news for Feb 27 2013

  1. Parliamentary group to look into the misrepresentation of Islam ………well blow me! If it is claimed that Islam has different interpretations then surely criticism of it is also open to interpretation. Here is one for you. Islam sucks because it says in the Koran that Jews are the greatest of liars, do not be friends with the infidel blah blah etc etc etc.Maybe by more criticism and more prosecutions the truth will be out. It is an awful religion that promotes violence and intolerance. discuss.

  2. How new ‘breathable’ nail polish for Muslim women is flying off shelves – but the death of its creator means he will never live to see its success

    […]Though the Muslim holy book, the koran, does not specifically address the issue of nail polish, some crazy Islamic scholars have said that water must touch the surface of the nail for the washing ritual to be done correctly.–death-creator-means-live-success.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

  3. IRAN Baby steps? Toddlers in Iran taught chastity, hijab lessons

    Islamic dress and notions of chastity will be taught to toddlers in Iran, as part of a move by the country to instill Islamic teachings into the younger generation, a report on Wednesday revealed.

    The governor of Tehran, Morteza Tamadon, has recently stressed the importance of “popularizing” chastity and hijab among Iranians, advising that kindergarteners be taught, “before reaching those in higher education,” the Guardian reported.

    “We cannot expect to see hijab and chastity exist in society without proper cultural work,” he said. “Our goal in the social transformation plan devised by the government is institutionalizing chastity and hijab as a natural [demand] in society,” he said.

    Islamist rulers in Iran have recently ordered stricter enforcement measures from the Iranian Moral Police and the Revolutionary Guards.

    Recently, Iranian police have bolstered the enforcement of modesty laws. Women wearing mandatory headscarves improperly or in “vulgar” dress are usually warned before being fined or detained in police stations.

    As for a program targeting toddlers, the welfare office of the Iranian city of Qom is reportedly “training 400 experts on hijab and chastity who will be sent to kindergartens across the city,” according to the Guardian.

    The report added that 1,530 kindergartens under the jurisdiction of a north-eastern province have already held “chastity and hijab exhibitions” in recent months.

    “Research has found that indirect methods have more effect on kids,” welfare officer Tahereh Bakhtiyari said in comments to the newspaper. “Using art expression is one of these methods.”
    A rose by any other name…

    During the spring and summer months, Iran’s morality police scour the country’s streets in search for inappropriately dressed women.

    In July 2012, a new initiative was set out to praise women who had been dressing modestly in the high temperature months. In a northern Iranian province, “modesty squads,” gave out rose to women they deemed to be conservatively dressed.

    According to Iranian police Chief Ismael Ahmadi Moqadam last June, Iran now wants to intensify its struggle against women who it believes dress in an un-Islamic way.

    But some critics had branded the rose “gifts” to modestly dressed women as patronizing.

    “Just who is the Iranian government to intervene and distinguish between ‘good and bad’ women?” Alireza Nourizadeh, the director of the Center for Arab & Iranian Studies in London, told Al Arabiya English.

    According to Nourizadeh, the rose-giving was perhaps an attempt by the government to change tact over how to advise women to dress modestly.

    “Some of the moderately dressed women would complain that the regime would harshly tell ladies on the street what to wear. They said that Islam-related advice should be said in a calmer, advisory way, and so now they are doing this.”

    “But this method shows no respect for women. It shows that women are a tool,” Nourizadeh said, adding that this was another way women in Iran are being judged.

  4. Terrorism More About ‘Bloods and Crips’ than ‘Koran and Hadith’

    Former CIA director cautions against misinterpreting new study of al Qaeda recruitment

    A new, unprecedented study of the demographics of terrorists reveals that America’s enemies are not coming from a distant land with foreign beliefs, but are created within a U.S. society that makes them prime targets for al Qaeda recruitment.

    […]Islamic terrorism has more to do with social alienation, a propensity for crime, and gang culture than any one religion, Hayden said.

    “This isn’t about communities. It’s not about large monotheistic religious groups,” said Hayden. “It’s about individuals who, for one reason or another in a small group, are attracted to the symbol of 9/11 rather than repelled.”

    “I’m willing to accept the possibility that this has a lot more to do with the Crips and the Bloods than it does with the Koran and the Hadith,” he added.

    Simcox warned against the federal government becoming too involved.

    “It would be interesting to know as American counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization policy develops, to what extent America as a state is willing to take on the ideological,” he said. “You have to defeat the ideology. I’m just not sure that the government is the right place to do it.”

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